Dear Secretariat and Fellow Members,

You are cordially invited to attend the 13th AUNILO Meeting from 7-9 August 2017 and workshop 10-11 August 2017 to be held at Mahidol University. The theme for this meeting is “ASEAN Digital Economy: Challenges and Opportunities for Academic Libraries.”

“Digital economy” is an economy that is based on information and communication technologies (ICTs) which affect all the sectors of economic and social activities including education. As we can see, the number of internet users equipped with smartphones has grown rapidly over the past decade. Daily life goes digital. The way people accessing and using information are changing. The volume of information is increasing exponentially along with the growth of social networking, internet of things, cloud computing, and big data. In the digital economy, universities play a significant role in shaping economies and societies. Universities generate and disseminate knowledge, develop human capital through teaching and learning activities, drive technological progress and economic growth through research and innovation. What are the commitments of academic libraries in the digital economy? What are our challenges and opportunities?

In the 13thAUNILO Meeting, we will discuss about library activities that support ASEAN’s digital economy strategy e.g. digital society, lifelong learning space, universal design, digital literacy, digital library, digital creation and preservation, open educational resources (OER), massive open online courses (MOOCs), social media applications, intellectual property and copyright issues, digital skill development, library as a place for incubating community innovation and entrepreneurship, etc.

We look forward to welcoming you and seeing you in Thailand in August 2017.

Yours Sincerely,


Ruchareka Wittayawuttikul, Ph.D.
Mahidol University Library and Knowledge Center


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