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Rajvithi Campus Library

6th-7th Fl. Anekprasong Bldg.
420/1 Rajavithi Rd., Ratchathewi District, Bkk. 10400.Thailand.
Tel: 02-640-9843, 02-643-5533 ext. 611-612
Fax: 02-643-5613   lirv@mahidol.ac.th
About Library
       Rajvithi Campus Library was set up in May 2001 and it comprises three libraries which are Dental Library, Public Health Library and Tropical Medicine Library. The library occupies the 6th, and 7th floors of Anekprasong building with a total area of 4,800 sq.m. and a seating capacity of 500.

       The library resources cover pure science, applied science, medicine, tropical medicine, dentistry, public health and related subjects. The book collection is consisted of Thai and foreign books which arranged according to the National Library of Medicine Classification Number (NLM) for medical books and the Library of Congress Classification Number (LC) for non-medical books. The journal collection consists of current journals and bound journals arranged alphabetically by title.


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The Rajvithi Campus Library consists of the following materials in different collections :
Material type
Reference books Reference Collection
General textbooks General stack collection
Mahidol University Theses Theses Collection
Journals Journals Collection
Special Projects Special Project Collection
Audiovisual materials Audiovisual Collection

Collection Size (no. of volumes)
    Material type Thai English Total  
Reference books 704 311 1,015  
General textbooks 24,077 23,535 47,612  
หนังสือจอง 64 166 230  
Mahidol University Theses 7,695 9,966 17,661  
Journals 54 194 248  
วารสารเย็บเล่ม 3,803 19,518 23,321  
Special Projects 3,668 287 3,955  
ผลงานวิชาการบุคลากรวิทยาเขตราชวิถี 404 155 559  
นวนิยายและพอคเก็ตบุ๊ค 2,516 47 2,563  
Audiovisual materials 587 104 691  
Tobacco Control Information Center 835 508 1,343  
Rural Health Train & Research 1,168 65 1,233  
( Collected : 30 June 2014 )

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updated : july 21, 2014