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List of e-books subscribed 2014 : SprinkerLink - ebooks

  1. (Dys-)Functionalities of Corruption
  2. (In)visible Presence
  3. (Re)Constructing Memory
  4. (Re)Teaching Trayvon
  5. .NET IL Assembler
  6. ‘Cadjan – Kiduhu’
  7. ‘Time-Out’ in the Land of Apu
  8. 10 Don’ts on Your Digital Devices
  9. 100 Chemical Myths
  10. 3D Future Internet Media
  11. 3D Multiscale Physiological Human
  12. 3D Research Challenges in Cultural Heritage
  13. 4G: Deployment Strategies and Operational Implications
  14. 50 Years of Brown Dwarfs
  15. 5th International Munich Chassis Symposium 2014
  16. 8th Congress on Electronic Structure: Principles and Applications (ESPA 2012)
  17. 8th International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (PACBB 2014)
  18. A Beginner's Guide to Scala, Object Orientation and Functional Programming
  19. A Brief History of String Theory
  20. A Brief Introduction to Continuous Evolutionary Optimization
  21. A Buyer's and User's Guide to Astronomical Telescopes and Binoculars
  22. A Century of Homeopaths
  23. A Chronicle of Permutation Statistical Methods
  24. A Clinician’s Guide to ADHD
  25. A Comet of the Enlightenment
  26. A Companion to Research in Education
  27. A Comparative Analysis of Higher Education Systems
  28. A Comparative Geography of China and the U.S.
  29. A Concise Guide to Chaotic Electronic Circuits
  30. A Concise Guide to Market Research
  31. A Contrario Line Segment Detection
  32. A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings VI
  33. A Course in In-Memory Data Management
  34. A Course in Lens Design
  35. A Course in Point Set Topology
  36. A Course on Integration Theory
  37. A Course on Rough Paths
  38. A Cp-Theory Problem Book
  39. A Critical Appraisal of Karl Olivecrona's Legal Philosophy
  40. A Critique of Creativity and Complexity
  41. A Defeasible Logic Programming-Based Framework to Support Argumentation in Semantic Web Applications
  42. A Developer’s Guide to the Semantic Web
  43. A Differential Approach to Geometry
  44. A Direct Method for Parabolic PDE Constrained Optimization Problems
  45. A DXA Primer for the Practicing Clinician
  46. A Few of Our Favorite Things
  47. A First Course in Ordinary Differential Equations
  48. A Guide to Integrative Pediatrics for the Healthcare Professional
  49. A Guide to Third Generation Coaching
  50. A History of the Work Concept
  51. A Kaizen Approach to Food Safety
  52. A Law of Blood-ties - The 'Right' to Access Genetic Ancestry
  53. A Learning Profession?
  54. A Living Systems Theory of Vocational Behavior and Development
  55. A Mathematical Approach to Research Problems of Science and Technology
  56. A Mathematical Odyssey
  57. A Mathematical Prelude to the Philosophy of Mathematics
  58. A Measure Theoretical Approach to Quantum Stochastic Processes
  59. A Modern History of German Criminal Law
  60. A New Approach for Disruption Management in Airline Operations Control
  61. A New Foundation for Representation in Cognitive and Brain Science
  62. A New Perspective on Human Mobility in the South
  63. A New-Generation Density Functional
  64. A Panorama of Discrepancy Theory
  65. A Petrographic Atlas of Ophiolite
  66. A Pipelined Multi-core MIPS Machine
  67. A Practical Guide to Arts-related Research
  68. A Practical Guide to Drug Development in Academia
  69. A Practical Guide to Human Cancer Genetics
  70. A Practical Guide to the Eustachian Tube
  71. A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python
  72. A Probability Path
  73. A Qualitative Approach to Inverse Scattering Theory
  74. A Quick Guide to Cancer Epidemiology
  75. A Readable Introduction to Real Mathematics
  76. A Reference Architecture for Real-Time Performance Measurement
  77. A Remote Integrated Testbed for Cooperating Objects
  78. A Rigorous Semantics for BPMN 2.0 Process Diagrams
  79. A Short Course in Computational Geometry and Topology
  80. A Short Course in Ordinary Differential Equations
  81. A Short History of Copyright
  82. A Simple Introduction to the Mixed Finite Element Method
  83. A Systems Biology Approach to Blood
  84. A Systems Biology Approach to Study Metabolic Syndrome
  85. A Systems Theoretic Approach to Systems and Synthetic Biology I: Models and System Characterizations
  86. A Systems Theoretic Approach to Systems and Synthetic Biology II: Analysis and Design of Cellular Systems
  87. A Textbook on Ordinary Differential Equations
  88. A Theory of Contestation
  89. A Topological Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis
  90. A Trajectory Description of Quantum Processes. II. Applications
  91. A Variational Approach to Fracture and Other Inelastic Phenomena
  92. A Visual Guide to Scleroderma and Approach to Treatment
  93. A World After Climate Change and Culture-Shift
  94. Abdomen and Thoracic Imaging
  95. Abdominal Imaging. Computational and Clinical Applications
  96. Abdominal Ultrasound for Surgeons
  97. Abraham Lincoln’s Cyphering Book and Ten other Extraordinary Cyphering Books
  98. Abscisic Acid: Metabolism, Transport and Signaling
  99. Abstract Algebra
  100. Abstract State Machines, Alloy, B, TLA, VDM, and Z
  101. Abstracting Geographic Information in a Data Rich World
  102. ABZ 2014: The Landing Gear Case Study
  103. Academic Migration, Discipline Knowledge and Pedagogical Practice
  104. Academic Skepticism in Seventeenth-Century French Philosophy
  105. Accelerated Cosmic Expansion
  106. Accelerated Lattice Boltzmann Model for Colloidal Suspensions
  107. Accelerator Physics at the Tevatron Collider
  108. Access to Education in Europe
  109. Accounting and Regulation
  110. Accounting for the Public Interest
  111. Accounting Information and Equity Valuation
  112. Accuracy Verification Methods
  113. Accurate Calibration of Raman Systems
  114. Achievements, History and Challenges in Geophysics
  115. Acneiform Eruptions in Dermatology
  116. Action-Based Quality Management
  117. Activating the Tools of Social Media for Innovative Collaboration in the Enterprise
  118. Active and Passive Vibration Control of Structures
  119. Active Media Technology
  120. Active Perception in the History of Philosophy
  121. Activist Science and Technology Education
  122. Activity Monitoring by Multiple Distributed Sensing
  123. Acupuncture for Pain Management
  124. Acute Abdomen During Pregnancy
  125. Acute and Critical Care Formulas and Laboratory Values
  126. Acute Care for Elders
  127. Acute Muscle Injuries
  128. Acute Pediatric Neurology
  129. Ad Hoc Networks - 5th International ICST Conference, ADHOCNETS 2013, Barcelona, Spain, October 2013
  130. Ad Hoc Networks - 6th International ICST Conference, ADHOCNETS 2014, Rhodes, Greece, August 18-19, 2014
  131. Adapting to an Uncertain Climate
  132. Adapting to Climate Change
  133. Adapting to Teaching and Learning in Open-Plan Schools
  134. Adaptive and Intelligent Systems
  135. Adaptive Control of Solar Energy Collector Systems
  136. Adaptive Logics for Defeasible Reasoning
  137. Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval: Semantics, Context, and Adaptation
  138. Adaptive Resource Management and Scheduling for Cloud Computing
  139. Adaptivity as a Transformative Disposition
  140. Adherence to Antipsychotics in Schizophrenia
  141. Adhesive Interactions of Mussel Foot Proteins
  142. Ad-hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks
  143. Adipose Tissue and Adipokines in Health and Disease
  144. Adolescent Identity Treatment
  145. Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  146. Adsorption, Aggregation and Structure Formation in Systems of Charged Particles
  147. Adult and Pluripotent Stem Cells
  148. Adult Stem Cell Therapies: Alternatives to Plasticity
  149. Adult Stem Cells
  150. Advance Directives
  151. Advance Trends in Soft Computing
  152. Advanced and Intelligent Control in Power Electronics and Drives
  153. Advanced API Security
  154. Advanced Approaches to Intelligent Information and Database Systems
  155. Advanced C and C++ Compiling
  156. Advanced Calculus
  157. Advanced Colonoscopy
  158. Advanced Computational Approaches to Biomedical Engineering
  159. Advanced Computational Methods for Knowledge Engineering
  160. Advanced Computer Architecture
  161. Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics- Volume 1
  162. Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics- Volume 2
  163. Advanced Data Mining and Applications
  164. Advanced Disassembly Planning
  165. Advanced Excel Essentials
  166. Advanced Experimental and Numerical Techniques for Cavitation Erosion Prediction
  167. Advanced Field-Solver Techniques for RC Extraction of Integrated Circuits
  168. Advanced H∞ Control
  169. Advanced Information Systems Engineering
  170. Advanced Information Systems Engineering Workshops
  171. Advanced Intelligent Computational Technologies and Decision Support Systems
  172. Advanced Intelligent Systems
  173. Advanced Interferometers and the Search for Gravitational Waves
  174. Advanced Machine Learning Technologies and Applications
  175. Advanced Male Urethral and Genital Reconstructive Surgery
  176. Advanced Materials
  177. Advanced Materials for Integrated Optical Waveguides
  178. Advanced Methods and Applications in Computational Intelligence
  179. Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2014
  180. Advanced Modeling of Management Processes in Information Technology
  181. Advanced Neural Network-Based Computational Schemes for Robust Fault Diagnosis
  182. Advanced Real-Time Manipulation of Video Streams
  183. Advanced Separation Techniques for Polyolefins
  184. Advanced SOA Tools and Applications
  185. Advanced Symbolic Analysis for VLSI Systems
  186. Advanced Takagi‒Sugeno Fuzzy Systems
  187. Advanced Techniques for Modelling Maternal and Child Health in Africa
  188. Advanced Technologies in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
  189. Advanced Technologies, Embedded and Multimedia for Human-centric Computing
  190. Advanced Topics in Java
  191. Advanced Transport Systems
  192. Advanced Video Coding Systems
  193. Advanced Web Services
  194. Advancement of Optical Methods in Experimental Mechanics, Volume 3
  195. Advancements of Mass Spectrometry in Biomedical Research
  196. Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery
  197. Advances in Applied Mathematics
  198. Advances in Artificial Intelligence
  199. Advances in Artificial Intelligence -- IBERAMIA 2014
  200. Advances in Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation
  201. Advances in Autonomous Robotics Systems
  202. Advances in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  203. Advances in Bio-inspired Computing for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
  204. Advances in Biotechnology
  205. Advances in Business ICT
  206. Advances in Calcium Phosphate Biomaterials
  207. Advances in Chemical Bioanalysis
  208. Advances in Communication Networking
  209. Advances in Computational Biology
  210. Advances in Computational Social Science
  211. Advances in Computer Science and its Applications
  212. Advances in Conceptual Modeling - ER 2013 Workshops, LSAWM, MoBiD, RIGiM, SeCoGIS, WISM, DaSeM, SCME, and PhD Symposium, Hong Kong, China, November 11-13, 2013
  213. Advances in Conceptual Modeling - ER 2014 Workshops, ENMO, MoBiD, MReBA, QMMQ, SeCoGIS, WISM, and ER Demos, Atlanta, GA, USA, October 27-29, 2014
  214. Advances in Condition Monitoring of Machinery in Non-Stationary Operations
  215. Advances in Cryptology – ASIACRYPT 2014, Part I
  216. Advances in Cryptology – ASIACRYPT 2014, Part II
  217. Advances in Cryptology – CRYPTO 2014, Part I
  218. Advances in Cryptology – CRYPTO 2014, Part II
  219. Advances in Cryptology – EUROCRYPT 2014
  220. Advances in Data Mining. Applications and Theoretical Aspects
  221. Advances in Databases and Information Systems
  222. Advances in Diagnosis and Management of Ovarian Cancer
  223. Advances in Differential Equations and Applications
  224. Advances in Digital Forensics X
  225. Advances in Embedded Computer Vision
  226. Advances in Endophytic Research
  227. Advances in Enterprise Engineering VIII
  228. Advances in Fetal and Neonatal Physiology
  229. Advances in Hydroinformatics
  230. Advances in Image and Graphics Technologies
  231. Advances in Information and Computer Security
  232. Advances in Information Retrieval
  233. Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis XIII
  234. Advances in Intravital Microscopy
  235. Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Part I
  236. Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Part II
  237. Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Management
  238. Advances in Laparoscopy of the Abdominal Wall Hernia
  239. Advances in Lie Superalgebras
  240. Advances in Low-Level Color Image Processing
  241. Advances in Mathematical Economics Volume 18
  242. Advances in Medical and Surgical Cornea
  243. Advances in Medical Diagnostic Technology
  244. Advances in Metaheuristic Algorithms for Optimal Design of Structures
  245. Advances in Multimedia Information Processing – PCM 2014
  246. Advances in Natural Deduction
  247. Advances in Natural Language Processing
  248. Advances in Neural Networks – ISNN 2014
  249. Advances in Non-linear Economic Modeling
  250. Advances in Numerical Simulation in Physics and Engineering
  251. Advances in Nutrition and Cancer
  252. Advances in One-Dimensional Wave Mechanics
  253. Advances in Physiological Computing
  254. Advances in Plant Biopesticides
  255. Advances in Practical Applications of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems. The PAAMS Collection
  256. Advances in Product Family and Product Platform Design
  257. Advances in Production Management Systems. Innovative and Knowledge-Based Production Management in a Global-Local World, Part I
  258. Advances in Production Management Systems. Innovative and Knowledge-Based Production Management in a Global-Local World, Part II
  259. Advances in Production Management Systems. Innovative and Knowledge-Based Production Management in a Global-Local World, Part III
  260. Advances in Psoriasis
  261. Advances in Research Methods for Information Systems Research
  262. Advances in Robot Kinematics
  263. Advances in Self-Organizing Maps and Learning Vector Quantization
  264. Advances in Sequence Analysis: Theory, Method, Applications
  265. Advances in Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition Systems
  266. Advances in Social Simulation
  267. Advances in Soft Computing, Intelligent Robotics and Control
  268. Advances in Solar Sailing
  269. Advances in Speech and Language Technologies for Iberian Languages
  270. Advances in Swarm Intelligence, Part I
  271. Advances in Swarm Intelligence, Part II
  272. Advances in Systems Science
  273. Advances in Transport Phenomena 2011
  274. Advances in Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy
  275. Advances in Virtual Reality and Anxiety Disorders
  276. Advances in Visual Computing, Part I
  277. Advances in Visual Computing, Part II
  278. Advances in Web-Based Learning – ICWL 2014
  279. Advances in Wireless Sensor Networks
  280. Advances on Theory and Practice of Robots and Manipulators
  281. Advances onto the Internet of Things
  282. Advancing Big Data Benchmarks
  283. Advancing the Impact of Design Science: Moving from Theory to Practice
  284. Adverse Cutaneous Drug Reactions to Cardiovascular Drugs
  285. Adverse Events with Biomedicines
  286. Aerodynamic Data of Space Vehicles
  287. Aerospace Marketing Management
  288. Aesthetics and Business Ethics
  289. AETA 2013: Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering and Related Sciences
  290. Affect Regulation Training
  291. Afforestation, Reforestation and Forest Restoration in Arid and Semi-arid Tropics
  292. Africa and the International Criminal Court
  293. African Indigenous Ethics in Global Bioethics
  294. African Indigenous Knowledge and the Disciplines
  295. African Legal Theory and Contemporary Problems
  296. African Traditional Medicine: Autonomy and Informed Consent
  297. After the Destruction of Giant Buddha Statues in Bamiyan (Afghanistan) in 2001
  298. After–sales Service of Engineering Industrial Assets
  299. Against the Hypothesis of the End of Privacy
  300. Against Typological Tyranny in Archaeology
  301. Agency and Media Reception
  302. Agent and Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies and Applications
  303. Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce. Designing Trading Strategies and Mechanisms for Electronic Markets
  304. Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
  305. Agents and Artificial Intelligence
  306. Agents and Data Mining Interaction
  307. Agile Anywhere
  308. Agile Kaizen
  309. Agile Methods. Large-Scale Development, Refactoring, Testing, and Estimation
  310. Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming
  311. Agile Risk Management
  312. Agile!
  313. Aging and Heart Failure
  314. Aging and Money
  315. Agricultural Bioinformatics
  316. Agricultural Cooperative Management and Policy
  317. Agriculture and Public Goods
  318. Agrimonde – Scenarios and Challenges for Feeding the World in 2050
  319. Agroforestry Systems in India: Livelihood Security & Ecosystem Services
  320. AI Approaches to the Complexity of Legal Systems
  321. Aided Augmentative Communication for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  322. Aiming Big with Small Cars
  323. Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases
  324. Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXII
  325. Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXIII
  326. Air Quality Management
  327. Air Traffic Management and Systems
  328. Airway Management
  329. Alcohol Use Disorders and the Lung
  330. ALERT - Adverse Late Effects of Cancer Treatment Volume 1: General Concepts and Specific Precepts
  331. ALERT • Adverse Late Effects of Cancer Treatment Volume 2: Normal Tissue Specific Sites and Systems
  332. Alexia
  333. Alfred Tarski
  334. Algal Biorefineries
  335. Algebra Teaching around the World
  336. Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics
  337. Algebraic and Algorithmic Aspects of Differential and Integral Operators
  338. Algebraic and Complex Geometry
  339. Algebraic Circuits
  340. Algebraic K-theory of Crystallographic Groups
  341. Algebraic Methods in Functional Analysis
  342. Algebraic Monoids, Group Embeddings, and Algebraic Combinatorics
  343. Algebraic Number Theory
  344. Algorithm & SoC Design for Automotive Vision Systems
  345. Algorithm Theory – SWAT 2014
  346. Algorithmic Aspects in Information and Management
  347. Algorithmic Differentiation of Pragma-Defined Parallel Regions
  348. Algorithmic Game Theory
  349. Algorithmic Learning Theory
  350. Algorithms - ESA 2014
  351. Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, Part I
  352. Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, Part II
  353. Algorithms and Computation - 25th International Symposium, ISAAC 2014, Jeonju, Korea, December 15-17, 2014, Proceedings
  354. Algorithms and Computation - 8th International Workshop, WALCOM 2014, Chennai, India, February 13-15, 2014, Proceedings
  355. Algorithms and Dynamical Models for Communities and Reputation in Social Networks
  356. Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph
  357. Algorithms for Computational Biology
  358. Algorithms for Sensor Systems
  359. Algorithms for Sparsity-Constrained Optimization
  360. Algorithms in Bioinformatics
  361. Alien Encounter
  362. Alien Gene Transfer in Crop Plants, Volume 1
  363. Alien Gene Transfer in Crop Plants, Volume 2
  364. Alien Skies
  365. Aligning Business Processes and Information Systems
  366. Aligning Organizations Through Measurement
  367. Alkali Activated Materials
  368. Alliances for Advancing Academic Women
  369. Alternative Dispute Resolution in European Administrative Law
  370. Alternative Investments in Wealth Management
  371. Alternative Solvents for Natural Products Extraction
  372. Ambient Assisted Living - 6. AAL-Kongress 2013 Berlin, Germany, January 22. - 23. , 2013
  373. Ambient Assisted Living - Italian Forum 2013
  374. Ambient Assisted Living and Daily Activities
  375. Ambient Intelligence - European Conference, AmI 2014, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, November 11-13, 2014.
  376. Ambient Intelligence - Software and Applications
  377. American Black Women and Interpersonal Leadership Styles
  378. American Jewish Year Book 2013
  379. Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases in Biology and Medicine
  380. Amorphous Solid Dispersions
  381. An Algebraic Approach to Geometry
  382. An Anthology of Theories and Models of Design
  383. An Archaeology of the Margins
  384. An Axiomatic Approach to Geometry
  385. An Easy Guide to Care for Sculpture and Antique Art Collections
  386. An Evaluation Framework for Multimodal Interaction
  387. An Expedition to Continuum Theory
  388. An Historical Geography of Peiping
  389. An Illustrated Guide to Pediatric Surgery
  390. An Indomitable Beast
  391. An Introduction to Bartlett Correction and Bias Reduction
  392. An Introduction to Ceramics
  393. An Introduction to Compactness Results in Symplectic Field Theory
  394. An Introduction to Design Science
  395. An Introduction to Laplace Transforms and Fourier Series
  396. An Introduction to Markov Processes
  397. An Introduction to Markov State Models and Their Application to Long Timescale Molecular Simulation
  398. An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography
  399. An Introduction to Mathematical Population Dynamics
  400. An Introduction to Medical Teaching
  401. An Introduction to Mine Hydrogeology
  402. An Introduction to Modelling of Power System Components
  403. An Introduction to Phytoplanktons: Diversity and Ecology
  404. An Introduction to Random Interlacements
  405. An Introduction to Relativistic Processes and the Standard Model of Electroweak Interactions
  406. An Introduction to Riemannian Geometry
  407. An Introduction to Surface Alloying of Metals
  408. An Introduction to the Physical Chemistry of Food
  409. An Introduction to Toxicology
  410. An Introduction to Traffic Flow Theory
  411. An Introduction to Ultrametric Summability Theory
  412. An Introductory Course in Functional Analysis
  413. An Investigation of Women’s and Men’s Perceptions and Meanings Associated with Food Risks
  414. An Invitation to Hypoelliptic Operators and Hörmander's Vector Fields
  415. Anaesthesia, Pharmacology, Intensive Care and Emergency A.P.I.C.E.
  416. Anal Fistula
  417. Analisi Matematica I
  418. Analisi Matematica II
  419. Analog Filters in Nanometer CMOS
  420. Analysing China's Population
  421. Analysis and Control of Underactuated Mechanical Systems
  422. Analysis and Design of Machine Learning Techniques
  423. Analysis and Geometry of Markov Diffusion Operators
  424. Analysis and Modeling of Complex Data in Behavioral and Social Sciences
  425. Analysis and Modelling of Water Supply and Demand Under Climate Change, Land Use Transformation and Socio-Economic Development
  426. Analysis and Topology in Nonlinear Differential Equations
  427. Analysis of Engineering Drawings and Raster Map Images
  428. Analysis of Finite Difference Schemes
  429. Analysis of Fracture Toughness Mechanism in Ultra-fine-grained Steels
  430. Analysis of Images, Social Networks and Texts
  431. Analysis of Kinetic Reaction Mechanisms
  432. Analysis of Neural Data
  433. Analysis of TCP Performance in Data Center Networks
  434. Analysis of the Electric Dipole Moment in the R-parity Violating Supersymmetric Standard Model
  435. Analytic and Probabilistic Approaches to Dynamics in Negative Curvature
  436. Analytic Capacity, the Cauchy Transform, and Non-homogeneous Calderón–Zygmund Theory
  437. Analytic Number Theory, Approximation Theory, and Special Functions
  438. Analytical and Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Applications
  439. Analytical Autoethnodrama
  440. Analytical Decision-Making Methods for Evaluating Sustainable Transport in European Corridors
  441. Analytical Issues in Trade, Development and Finance
  442. Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy
  443. Analyzing Discourse and Text Complexity for Learning and Collaborating
  444. Anatomic Study of the Clitoris and the Bulbo-Clitoral Organ
  445. Anatomy and Physiology of the Circulatory and Ventilatory Systems
  446. Ancient Egyptian Beads
  447. And Yet It Is Heard - Musical, Multilingual and Multicultural History of the Mathematical Sciences - Volume 1
  448. And Yet It Is Heard - Musical, Multilingual and Multicultural History of the Mathematical Sciences - Volume 2
  449. André-Louis Cholesky
  450. Android Application Development for the Intel® Platform
  451. Android Apps for Absolute Beginners
  452. Android Best Practices
  453. Android Fragments
  454. Android Recipes
  455. Anecdotes and Afterthoughts
  456. Anesthesia for Trauma
  457. Anesthesia for Urologic Surgery
  458. Anesthesia of the Upper Limb
  459. Angiogenesis and Anti-Angiogenesis in Hematological Malignancies
  460. Anhedonia: A Comprehensive Handbook Volume I
  461. Anhedonia: A Comprehensive Handbook Volume II
  462. Ankle Arthroscopy
  463. Annals of Industrial Engineering 2012
  464. Annual Update in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 2014
  465. Annual, Lunar, and Tidal Clocks
  466. Antarctic Futures
  467. Antarctic Terrestrial Microbiology
  468. Antenna Design by Simulation-Driven Optimization
  469. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
  470. Antibiofilm Agents
  471. Anticancer Genes
  472. Antimicrobial Compounds
  473. Antimicrobials
  474. Antitrust for Small and Middle Size Undertakings and Image Protection from Non-Competitors
  475. Antitrust: The Person-centred Approach
  476. Anus: Surgical Treatment and Pathology
  477. APOS Theory
  478. Application and Theory of Petri Nets and Concurrency
  479. Application of Computational Techniques in Pharmacy and Medicine
  480. Application of Hydrothermal Reactions to Biomass Conversion
  481. Application of Light Scattering to Coatings
  482. Application of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Quality of Selected Vegetables
  483. Application of Soil Physics in Environmental Analyses
  484. Application of Threshold Concepts in Natural Resource Decision Making
  485. Application of Time-Synchronized Measurements in Power System Transmission Networks
  486. Application of Wavelets in Speech Processing
  487. Applications and Markets for Cooperating Objects
  488. Applications and Techniques in Information Security
  489. Applications in Electronics Pervading Industry, Environment and Society
  490. Applications of Biotechnology in Oncology
  491. Applications of EPR in Radiation Research
  492. Applications of Evolutionary Computation
  493. Applications of Flow in Human Development and Education
  494. Applications of Graphene
  495. Applications of Mathematics and Informatics in Science and Engineering
  496. Applications of Membrane Computing in Systems and Synthetic Biology
  497. Applications of Metaheuristics in Process Engineering
  498. Applications of Monolithic Column and Isotope Dimethylation Labeling in Shotgun Proteome Analysis
  499. Applications of Multi-Criteria and Game Theory Approaches
  500. Applications of Porphyrinoids
  501. Applied Algorithms
  502. Applied Computing and Information Technology
  503. Applied Conjoint Analysis
  504. Applied Corporate Finance
  505. Applied Cryptography and Network Security
  506. Applied Cyber-Physical Systems
  507. Applied Data-Centric Social Sciences
  508. Applied Dynamics
  509. Applied Ecology and Human Dimensions in Biological Conservation
  510. Applied Evolutionary Anthropology
  511. Applied Geothermics
  512. Applied Hydraulic Transients
  513. Applied Information Science, Engineering and Technology
  514. Applied Limnology
  515. Applied Manure and Nutrient Chemistry for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment
  516. Applied Methods and Techniques for Mechatronic Systems
  517. Applied Non-Linear Dynamical Systems
  518. Applied Pharmacometrics
  519. Applied Plant Cell Biology
  520. Applied Regional Growth and Innovation Models
  521. Applied Statistical Inference
  522. Applied Statistical Methods in Agriculture, Health and Life Sciences
  523. Applied Summability Methods
  524. Applying International Humanitarian Law in Judicial and Quasi-Judicial Bodies
  525. Appointment Planning in Outpatient Clinics and Diagnostic Facilities
  526. Apprendre et maîtriser LabVIEW par ses applications
  527. Approaches in Integrative Bioinformatics
  528. Approaches to Plant Stress and their Management
  529. Approaches to Study Living Foraminifera
  530. Approaching Human Performance
  531. Approximation and Online Algorithms
  532. Approximation Theory XIV: San Antonio 2013
  533. Archaeological Dimension of World Heritage
  534. Archaeological Human Remains
  535. Archaeometallurgy in Global Perspective
  536. Archetypes of Crowdfunding Platforms
  537. Architecting User-Centric Privacy-as-a-Set-of-Services
  538. Architectural Tourism
  539. Architecture of Computing Systems – ARCS 2014
  540. Architectures for Baseband Signal Processing
  541. Architectures of Small-Cell Networks and Interference Management
  542. Arctic Marine Governance
  543. Areas of Vocational Education Research
  544. Argus Developer in Practice
  545. Aristotle's Theory of Abstraction
  546. Arithmetic Geometry over Global Function Fields
  547. Arrestins - Pharmacology and Therapeutic Potential
  548. Art and Archaeology
  549. Art Meets Mathematics in the Fourth Dimension
  550. Art, Cultural Heritage and the Market
  551. Artefact Kinds
  552. Artemisia annua - Pharmacology and Biotechnology
  553. Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects
  554. Artificial Cognition Architectures
  555. Artificial Economics and Self Organization
  556. Artificial Evolution
  557. Artificial General Intelligence
  558. Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing
  559. Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, Part I
  560. Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, Part II
  561. Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation
  562. Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations - 10th IFIP WG 12.5 International Conference, AIAI 2014, Rhodes, Greece, September 19-21, 2014. Proceedings
  563. Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations - AIAI 2014 Workshops: CoPA, MHDW, IIVC, and MT4BD, Rhodes, Greece, September 19-21, 2014. Proceedings
  564. Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management
  565. Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Rational Decision Making
  566. Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems, and Applications
  567. Artificial Intelligence: Methods and Applications
  568. Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning – ICANN 2014
  569. Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition
  570. Artificial Organic Networks
  571. Arts-Based Research, Autoethnography, and Music Education
  572. ASA S3/SC1.4 TR-2014 Sound Exposure Guidelines for Fishes and Sea Turtles: A Technical Report prepared by ANSI-Accredited Standards Committee S3/SC1 and registered with ANSI
  573. Asia Pacific Business Process Management
  574. Asian Immigrants in North America with HIV/AIDS
  575. Asia-Pacific Disaster Management
  576. AsiaSim 2014
  577. ASP.NET Web API 2 Recipes
  578. ASP.NET Web API 2: Building a REST Service from Start to Finish
  579. Assemblages of Health
  580. Assembly Line Planning and Control
  581. Assessing Climate Change
  582. Assessing Quality in European Educational Research
  583. Assessing Schools for Generation R (Responsibility)
  584. Assessment of Carbon Footprint in Different Industrial Sectors, Volume 1
  585. Assessment of Carbon Footprint in Different Industrial Sectors, Volume 2
  586. Assessment of Environmental Impact by Grocery Shopping Bags
  587. Assessment of Population Health Risks of Policies
  588. Assessment of Total Evacuation Systems for Tall Buildings
  589. Asset Price Response to New Information
  590. Assistive Technologies for People with Diverse Abilities
  591. Assistive Technologies for the Interaction of the Elderly
  592. Astronomical Measurement
  593. Astronomy and Big Data
  594. Astronomy in India: A Historical Perspective
  595. Asymmetric Continuum
  596. Asymmetries between Language Production and Comprehension
  597. Asymptotic Chaos Expansions in Finance
  598. Atlantic Water in the Nordic Seas
  599. Atlas of Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease
  600. Atlas of CT Angiography
  601. Atlas of Digestive Endoscopic Resection
  602. Atlas of Endocrine Pathology
  603. Atlas of Esophagus and Stomach Pathology
  604. Atlas of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology
  605. Atlas of Geriatric Dermatology
  606. Atlas of Gynecologic Oncology Imaging
  607. Atlas of Heart Anatomy and Development
  608. Atlas of Liver Pathology
  609. Atlas of Musculoskeletal Tumors and Tumorlike Lesions
  610. Atlas of Neuromuscular Diseases
  611. Atlas of Operative Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery
  612. Atlas of Osteoarthritis
  613. Atlas of PET/CT in Pediatric Patients
  614. Atlas of Plant Cell Structure
  615. Atlas of Robotic Cardiac Surgery
  616. Atlas of Shear Zone Structures in Meso-scale
  617. Atlas of Single-Port, Laparoscopic, and Robotic Surgery
  618. Atlas of the Huai River Basin Water Environment: Digestive Cancer Mortality
  619. Atlas of Toxicological Pathology
  620. Atlas of Ultrasound Guided Musculoskeletal Injections
  621. Atmospheric and Aerosol Chemistry
  622. Atmospheric Circulation Dynamics and General Circulation Models
  623. Atmospheric Research From Different Perspectives
  624. Atoll Island States and International Law
  625. Atomic Layer Deposition for Semiconductors
  626. Atomic Spectroscopy and Radiative Processes
  627. Atom-Probe Tomography
  628. Atrial Fibrillation Therapy
  629. Attachment Transmission in Wireless Networks
  630. Attention Disorders After Right Brain Damage
  631. Attractive Ellipsoids in Robust Control
  632. Auction Design for the Wireless Spectrum Market
  633. Audit Quality
  634. Augmented and Virtual Reality
  635. Augmented Environments for Computer-Assisted Interventions
  636. Augmented Marked Graphs
  637. Augmented Reality Art
  638. Authentic Governance
  639. Authentication in Insecure Environments
  640. Autoimmune Liver Diseases
  641. Automata, Languages, and Programming
  642. Automata, Languages, and Programming
  643. Automated Design of Analog and High-frequency Circuits
  644. Automated Firewall Analytics
  645. Automated Reasoning
  646. Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis
  647. Automatic Generation of Combinatorial Test Data
  648. Automation through Chef Opscode
  649. Automation, Communication and Cybernetics in Science and Engineering 2013/2014
  650. Automation: The Future of Weed Control in Cropping Systems
  651. Automorphic Forms
  652. Automorphisms in Birational and Affine Geometry
  653. Automotive Battery Technology
  654. Autonomic Computing Enabled Cooperative Networked Design
  655. Autonomic Nervous System Dynamics for Mood and Emotional-State Recognition
  656. Autonomous Military Robotics
  657. Autonomous Robotics and Deep Learning
  658. Autonomous Tracked Robots in Planar Off-Road Conditions
  659. Autonomy Requirements Engineering for Space Missions
  660. Auxin and Its Role in Plant Development
  661. Availability, Reliability, and Security in Information Systems
  662. Aviation and Climate Change
  663. Aviation Risk and Safety Management
  664. Awareness in Action
  665. Axiomatic Method and Category Theory
  666. Ayurvedic Science of Food and Nutrition
  667. Background and Future Prospects in Life Cycle Assessment
  668. Background Processes in the Electrostatic Spectrometers of the KATRIN Experiment
  669. Bacterial Activation of Type I Interferons
  670. Bacterial Diversity in Sustainable Agriculture
  671. Balanced and Cyclical Growth in Models of Decentralized Economy
  672. Balances
  673. Bank Management and Control
  674. Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
  675. Bas van Fraassen’s Approach to Representation and Models in Science
  676. Basic and Applied Aspects of Biopesticides
  677. Basic and Clinical Environmental Approaches in Landscape Planning
  678. Basic and Clinical Toxicology of Organophosphorus Compounds
  679. Basic Concepts in Computational Physics
  680. Basic Concepts in Physics
  681. Basic Earthquake Engineering
  682. Basic Modern Algebra with Applications
  683. Basic Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences
  684. Basic Radiotherapy Physics and Biology
  685. Basic Real Analysis
  686. Basic Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering
  687. Basics of Functional Analysis with Bicomplex Scalars, and Bicomplex Schur Analysis
  688. Basics of Modern Mathematical Statistics
  689. Bats (Chiroptera) as Vectors of Diseases and Parasites
  690. Bayesian and grAphical Models for Biomedical Imaging
  691. Bayesian Essentials with R
  692. Becoming an Entrepreneur
  693. Beekeeping for Poverty Alleviation and Livelihood Security
  694. Beginning Android 3D Game Development
  695. Beginning AngularJS
  696. Beginning Apache Cassandra Development
  697. Beginning Application Lifecycle Management
  698. Beginning C++
  699. Beginning COBOL for Programmers
  700. Beginning Data Science with R
  701. Beginning Fedora Desktop
  702. Beginning Google Glass Development
  703. Beginning Haskell
  704. Beginning Hibernate
  705. Beginning HTML5 Games with CreateJS
  706. Beginning iOS 7 Development
  707. Beginning iOS Cloud and Database Development
  708. Beginning iOS Media App Development
  709. Beginning iPhone Development
  710. Beginning iPhone Development with Swift
  711. Beginning Java 8 APIs, Extensions and Libraries
  712. Beginning Java 8 Fundamentals
  713. Beginning Java 8 Games Development
  714. Beginning Java 8 Language Features
  715. Beginning LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3
  716. Beginning Node.js
  717. Beginning Oracle SQL
  718. Beginning Photo Retouching and Restoration Using GIMP
  719. Beginning Power BI with Excel 2013
  720. Beginning PowerShell for SharePoint 2013
  721. Beginning Python Visualization
  722. Beginning Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3
  723. Beginning RPG Maker VX Ace
  724. Beginning T-SQL
  725. Beginning Xcode
  726. Beginning Xcode
  727. Behavior Genetics of Cognition Across the Lifespan
  728. Behavior Genetics of Psychopathology
  729. Behavioral Decision Theory
  730. Behavioral Neurobiology of Chronic Pain
  731. Behavioral Neurobiology of Stress-related Disorders
  732. Behavioural Oncology
  733. Behçet's Syndrome
  734. Being “In and Out”
  735. Being Shaken: Ontology and the Event
  736. Belief Functions: Theory and Applications
  737. Benchmarking Transaction and Analytical Processing Systems
  738. Beneficial Ownership
  739. Benign Breast Diseases
  740. Bernoulli Numbers and Zeta Functions
  741. Better Business Decisions from Data
  742. Between the Devil and the Deep
  743. Beyond Databases, Architectures, and Structures
  744. Beyond Human
  745. Beyond Pedagogy
  746. Beyond Standard Model Phenomenology at the LHC
  747. Beyond the Limits to Growth
  748. Beyond the North-South Culture Wars
  749. Beyond the Second Law
  750. Bias Temperature Instability for Devices and Circuits
  751. Bidding for Development
  752. Bifurcation Theory for Hexagonal Agglomeration in Economic Geography
  753. Big Data
  754. Big Data Analytics
  755. Big Data and Internet of Things: A Roadmap for Smart Environments
  756. Big Data Benchmarks, Performance Optimization, and Emerging Hardware
  757. Big Data Bootcamp
  758. Big Data Integration Theory
  759. Biliary Tract and Gallbladder Cancer
  760. Binocular Astronomy
  761. Bioaerosol Detection Technologies
  762. Bioarchaeology of Climate Change and Violence
  763. Biocommunication of Animals
  764. Biocultural Landscapes
  765. Biodegradative Bacteria
  766. Biodiversity in Aquatic Systems and Environments
  767. Biodiversity in the Marine Environment
  768. Bioelectronic Nose
  769. Bioenergy from Wood
  770. Bioengineering Case Studies
  771. Biofuels and Food Security
  772. Biofuels in Brazil
  773. Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers
  774. Bio-Imaging and Visualization for Patient-Customized Simulations
  775. Bioinformatics Research and Applications
  776. Bioinspired Approaches for Human-Centric Technologies
  777. Bio-inspired Computation in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  778. Bio-Inspired Computing - Theories and Applications
  779. Bio-Inspired Models of Network, Information, and Computing Systems
  780. Bio-Inspired Nanotechnology
  781. Bio-Inspired Silicon-Based Materials
  782. Bio-inspiring Cyber Security and Cloud Services: Trends and Innovations
  783. Biointensive Integrated Pest Management in Horticultural Ecosystems
  784. Biological Odour Treatment
  785. Biological Remediation of Explosive Residues
  786. Biologically Inspired Design
  787. Bioluminescence: Fundamentals and Applications in Biotechnology - Volume 1
  788. Bioluminescence: Fundamentals and Applications in Biotechnology - Volume 2
  789. Biomass and Bioenergy: Applications
  790. Biomass and Bioenergy: Processing and Properties
  791. Biomechanics of Cycling
  792. Biomechanics of the Human Body
  793. Biomedical Advances in HIV Prevention
  794. Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies
  795. Biomedical Image Registration
  796. Biomedical Informatics and Technology
  797. Biomedical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine
  798. Biomedical Informatics: Discovering Knowledge in Big Data
  799. Biomedical Simulation
  800. Biometric Authentication
  801. Biometric Recognition
  802. Biometrics in the New World
  803. Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems
  804. Biomolecular Imaging at High Spatial and Temporal Resolution In Vitro and In Vivo
  805. Biopatent Law: European vs. US Patent Law
  806. Biophysical Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing
  807. Biophysical Effects of Cold Atmospheric Plasma on Glial Tumor Cells
  808. Biopolymers
  809. Biopsychosocial Perspectives on Arab Americans
  810. Bioremediation in Latin America
  811. Biosensors Based on Aptamers and Enzymes
  812. Biosensors: Essentials
  813. Biosonar
  814. Biosynthesis and Molecular Genetics of Fungal Secondary Metabolites
  815. Biosystems Engineering: Biofactories for Food Production in the Century XXI
  816. Biotechnological Applications of the Yeast Yarrowia lipolytica
  817. Biotechnological Approaches to Barley Improvement
  818. Biotechnology and Biodiversity
  819. Biotechnology in Africa
  820. Biotechnology of Food and Feed Additives
  821. Biotechnology of Lignocellulose
  822. Biotechnology of Silk
  823. Biotransformation of Waste Biomass into High Value Biochemicals
  824. BizTalk 2013 EDI for Health Care
  825. Blackboards and Bootstraps
  826. Bladder Dysfunction in the Adult
  827. Blast Mitigation
  828. Blazing a Ghostly Trail
  829. Blind Image Deconvolution
  830. Blind Source Separation
  831. Blocks of Finite Groups and Their Invariants
  832. Blood Pressure and Arterial Wall Mechanics in Cardiovascular Diseases
  833. Blue Urbanism
  834. Board Governance in Bank Foundations
  835. Body Sculpting with Silicone Implants
  836. Body Sensor Networks
  837. Bond Valences
  838. Bone and Joint Injuries
  839. Bone Drugs in Pediatrics
  840. Bone Metastases
  841. Bone-Implant Interface in Orthopedic Surgery
  842. Book of Extremes
  843. Boosted Statistical Relational Learners
  844. Bosch Automotive Electrics and Automotive Electronics
  845. Bounds on the Effective Theory of Gravity in Models of Particle Physics and Cosmology
  846. Boys will be boys?
  847. Brain Informatics and Health
  848. Brain, Mind and Consciousness in the History of Neuroscience
  849. Brain, Self and Consciousness
  850. Brain-Computer Interface Research: A State-of-the-Art Summary -2
  851. Brain-Computer Interface Research: A State-of-the-Art Summary 3
  852. Brain-Computer-Interfaces in their ethical, social and cultural contexts
  853. Brain-Inspired Computing
  854. Brakes, Brake Control and Driver Assistance Systems
  855. Break-Glass
  856. Breaking of Supersymmetry and Ultraviolet Divergences in Extended Supergravity
  857. Breast Cancer
  858. Breast Imaging
  859. Breast, Endocrine and Surgical Oncology
  860. Breeding and Biotechnology of Tea and its Wild Species
  861. Bridging Algebra, Geometry, and Topology
  862. Bridging Between Cultural Heritage Institutions
  863. Bridging Between Information Retrieval and Databases
  864. Bridging between Research and Practice
  865. Bridging Literacies with Videogames
  866. Bridging Occupational, Organizational and Public Health
  867. Bringing Leadership to Life in Health: LEADS in a Caring Environment
  868. Britannia 1066-1884
  869. Broadband as a Video Platform
  870. Broadband Direct RF Digitization Receivers
  871. Broadcast Design in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
  872. Broadening the Genetic Base of Grain Legumes
  873. Brooklyn’s Bushwick - Urban Renewal in New York, USA
  874. Brownian Motion and its Applications to Mathematical Analysis
  875. Building Bridges: HCI, Visualization, and Non-formal Modeling
  876. Building JavaScript Games
  877. Building Refurbishment for Energy Performance
  878. Building Telecom Markets
  879. Building the Infrastructure for Cloud Security
  880. Building Virtual Communities of Practice for Distance Educators
  881. Business and Sustainability
  882. Business Ethics
  883. Business Ethics and Risk Management
  884. Business Ethics in the Social Context
  885. Business Information Systems
  886. Business Information Systems Workshops
  887. Business Intelligence
  888. Business Journalism
  889. Business Modeling and Software Design
  890. Business Models in the Software Industry
  891. Business Partnerships and Organizational Performance
  892. Business Process Blueprinting
  893. Business Process Management
  894. Business Process Management within Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  895. Business Process Management Workshops
  896. Business Process Maturity
  897. Business Research Methods
  898. C# Deconstructed
  899. C++ 2013 for C# Developers
  900. C++ Game Development Primer
  901. Cage-based Performance Capture
  902. Calcium Signaling In Airway Smooth Muscle Cells
  903. Calculation of Demographic Parameters in Tropical Livestock Herds
  904. Calculus With Applications
  905. Calculus with Vectors
  906. Calibration and Parameterization Methods for the Libor Market Model
  907. Camera-Based Document Analysis and Recognition
  908. Cancer Bioinformatics
  909. Cancer Biology and the Nuclear Envelope
  910. Cancer Immunotherapy Meets Oncology
  911. Cancers in People with HIV and AIDS
  912. Candy Bites
  913. Capacity Analysis of Vehicular Communication Networks
  914. Capacity and Inventory Planning for Make-to-Order Production Systems
  915. Capitalism and the Social Relationship
  916. Capsaicin as a Therapeutic Molecule
  917. Capturing Connectivity and Causality in Complex Industrial Processes
  918. Carbohydrates as Drugs
  919. Carbonic Anhydrase: Mechanism, Regulation, Links to Disease, and Industrial Applications
  920. Carbon-Ion Radiotherapy
  921. Cardiac Arrhythmias
  922. Cardiac CT
  923. Cardiac CT and MR for Adult Congenital Heart Disease
  924. Cardiac Drugs in Pregnancy
  925. Cardiac Energy Metabolism in Health and Disease
  926. Cardinal Invariants on Boolean Algebras
  927. Cardio-Thoracic, Vascular, Renal and Transplant Surgery
  928. Cardiovascular and Cardiac Therapeutic Devices
  929. Career Development and Systems Theory
  930. Career Moves
  931. Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker: Major Texts in Philosophy
  932. Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker: Major Texts in Physics
  933. Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker: Major Texts on Religion
  934. Cartilage Restoration
  935. Cartography from Pole to Pole
  936. Case Studies of Postoperative Complications after Digestive Surgery
  937. Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development
  938. Catalogue of Meteorites from South America
  939. Catalysis with Supported Size-selected Pt Clusters
  940. Cataract Surgery: Maximizing Outcomes Through Research
  941. Categories and Types in Logic, Language, and Physics
  942. Cavity Optomechanics
  943. Cavity-Enhanced Spectroscopy and Sensing
  944. C-C Bond Activation
  945. Celestial Sleuth
  946. Celiac Disease
  947. Cell Adhesion Molecules
  948. Cell Aging: Molecular Mechanisms and Implications for Disease
  949. Cell Death
  950. Cell-Based Microarrays
  951. Cellular and Molecular Control of Neuronal Migration
  952. Cellular Automata
  953. Cellular Automata in Image Processing and Geometry
  954. Cellular Pathology of Glandular Lesions and Uncommon Neoplasms of the Cervix
  955. Cement and Concrete Chemistry
  956. Cement Replacement Materials
  957. Central Functions of the Ghrelin Receptor
  958. Central Nervous System Intraoperative Cytopathology
  959. Centrifugal Pumps
  960. Cephalopod Culture
  961. Cerebral Angiography
  962. Chadwick F. Alger
  963. Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural Intensification of the Humid Highland Systems of Sub-Saharan Africa
  964. Challenges and Opportunities for the World's Forests in the 21st Century
  965. Challenges for Human Security Engineering
  966. Challenges In Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials and Processes in Conventional and Multifunctional Materials, Volume 2
  967. Challenges of Information Management Beyond the Cloud
  968. Challenges to Democratic Governance in Developing Countries
  969. Challenging the 'European Area of Lifelong Learning'
  970. Challenging the Orthodoxy
  971. Changes in Production Efficiency in China
  972. Changing Perspectives on the Social Sciences in Ghana
  973. Changing Practices, Changing Education
  974. Channel Estimation for Physical Layer Network Coding Systems
  975. Channeling and Radiation in Periodically Bent Crystals
  976. Chaos Theory in Politics
  977. Chaos, Complexity and Leadership 2012
  978. Chaotic Dynamics in Nonlinear Theory
  979. Chaotic Harmony
  980. Characterisation of Ferroelectric Bulk Materials and Thin Films
  981. Charge Dynamics in 122 Iron-Based Superconductors
  982. Charles-Edouard Brown-Séquard
  983. Chasing the Red Queen
  984. Chasing Water
  985. Chassin's Operative Strategy in General Surgery
  986. Chatter and Machine Tools
  987. Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids
  988. Chemical Diagnostics
  989. Chemical Kinetics, Stochastic Processes, and Irreversible Thermodynamics
  990. Chemical Optimization Algorithm for Fuzzy Controller Design
  991. Chemical Reactor Modeling
  992. Chemical Skin Injury
  993. Chemical Vapour Deposition of Diamond for Dental Tools and Burs
  994. Chemistry and Technology of Yoghurt Fermentation
  995. Chemistry of Foods: EU Legal and Regulatory Approaches
  996. Chemistry: The Key to our Sustainable Future
  997. Child Law
  998. Children’s Rights and the Capability Approach
  999. China 2030
  1000. China and International Human Rights
  1001. China Cloud Rising
  1002. China Cultural and Creative Industries Reports 2013
  1003. China Green Development Index Report 2012
  1004. China in Global Finance
  1005. China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) 2014 Proceedings: Volume I
  1006. China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) 2014 Proceedings: Volume II
  1007. China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) 2014 Proceedings: Volume III
  1008. China: Innovative Green Development
  1009. China’s Collective Presidency
  1010. China’s Macroeconomic Outlook
  1011. China’s Road Ahead
  1012. China-Russia Relations in Central Asia
  1013. China's Macroeconomic Outlook
  1014. Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong
  1015. Chinese Business
  1016. Chinese Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing Based on Naturally Annotated Big Data
  1017. Chinese Criminal Trials
  1018. Chinese Economy in Disequilibrium
  1019. Chinese Encyclopaedias of New Global Knowledge (1870-1930)
  1020. Chinese Lawmaking: From Non-communicative to Communicative
  1021. Chinese Lexical Semantics
  1022. Chlorinated Solvent Source Zone Remediation
  1023. Chlorophyll Biosynthesis and Technological Applications
  1024. Cholera Outbreaks
  1025. Cholestatic Liver Disease
  1026. Cholesterol Transporters of the START Domain Protein Family in Health and Disease
  1027. Chorea
  1028. Christian Ethics and Corporate Culture
  1029. Chronic Postsurgical Pain
  1030. Chronic Radiation Syndrome
  1031. Circular Cylinders and Pressure Vessels
  1032. CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering
  1033. Citation-based Plagiarism Detection
  1034. Cities for Smart Environmental and Energy Futures
  1035. Citizen in Sensor Networks
  1036. Citizenship and Democracy in Further and Adult Education
  1037. Citric Acid
  1038. City Imaging: Regeneration, Renewal and Decay
  1039. Civic Learning, Democratic Citizenship and the Public Sphere
  1040. Civil Litigation in China and Europe
  1041. Civil Society Organization and Disaster Risk Reduction
  1042. Classic Papers in Orthopaedics
  1043. Classical and Spatial Stochastic Processes
  1044. Classical and Stochastic Laplacian Growth
  1045. Classical Fourier Analysis
  1046. Classical Trajectory Perspective of Atomic Ionization in Strong Laser Fields
  1047. Classroom-oriented Research
  1048. Cleveland Clinic Manual of Vascular Surgery
  1049. Climate Adaptation Santiago
  1050. Climate Change and Biodiversity
  1051. Climate Change and Energy Supply and Use
  1052. Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples in the United States
  1053. Climate Change and Infrastructure, Urban Systems, and Vulnerabilities
  1054. Climate Change and United States Forests
  1055. Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Water Resources and Water Use Sectors
  1056. Climate Change in North America
  1057. Climate Change Loss and Damage
  1058. Climate Change Vulnerability in Southern African Cities
  1059. Climate Change, Energy, Sustainability and Pavements
  1060. Climate in Asia and the Pacific
  1061. Climate Time Series Analysis
  1062. Climatic and Environmental History of Isla de los Estados, Argentina
  1063. Clinical Anesthesiology
  1064. Clinical Applications of Botulinum Neurotoxin
  1065. Clinical Applications of SPECT-CT
  1066. Clinical Atlas of Skin Tumors
  1067. Clinical Care Pathways in Andrology
  1068. Clinical Cases in Psychocutaneous Disease
  1069. Clinical Echocardiography and Other Imaging Techniques in Cardiomyopathies
  1070. Clinical Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
  1071. Clinical Glaucoma Care
  1072. Clinical Image-Based Procedures. Translational Research in Medical Imaging - Second International Workshop
  1073. Clinical Image-Based Procedures. Translational Research in Medical Imaging - Third International Workshop
  1074. Clinical Learning and Teaching Innovations in Nursing
  1075. Clinical Neuroembryology
  1076. Clinical Ophthalmic Echography
  1077. Clinical Ophthalmic Oncology: Basic Principles and Diagnostic Techniques
  1078. Clinical Ophthalmic Oncology: Eyelid and Conjunctival Tumors
  1079. Clinical Ophthalmic Oncology: Orbital Tumors
  1080. Clinical Ophthalmic Oncology: Retinal Tumors
  1081. Clinical Ophthalmic Oncology: Uveal Tumors
  1082. Clinical Review of Vascular Trauma
  1083. Clinical Strategies in the Management of Diabetic Retinopathy
  1084. Clinical Trials in Latin America: Where Ethics and Business Clash
  1085. Clinician’s Manual on Axial Spondyloarthritis
  1086. Clinician's Guide to Diagnostic Imaging
  1087. Clinician's Guide to the Diagnosis and Management of Tooth Sensitivity
  1088. Closing the Achievement Gap from an International Perspective
  1089. Cloud Computing - 4th International Conference, CloudComp 2013, Wuhan, China, October 17-19, 2013, Revised Selected Papers
  1090. Cloud Computing and ROI
  1091. Cloud Computing and Services Science
  1092. Cloud Computing Basics
  1093. Cloud Computing for Data-Intensive Applications
  1094. Cloud Computing Patterns
  1095. Cloud Computing: Challenges, Limitations and R&D Solutions
  1096. Cloud Data Management
  1097. Cloud-Based Design and Manufacturing (CBDM)
  1098. Clusters as an instrument to bridge institutional voids in transition economies
  1099. Clusters in Nuclei, Volume 3
  1100. Clusters, Orders, and Trees: Methods and Applications
  1101. CMOS IC Design for Wireless Medical and Health Care
  1102. CNS Infections
  1103. Coabsorbent and Thermal Recovery Compression Heat Pumping Technologies
  1104. Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science
  1105. Coastal Saline Soil Rehabilitation and Utilization Based on Forestry Approaches in China
  1106. Code Breaking in the Pacific
  1107. Codification in East Asia
  1108. Codification in International Perspective
  1109. Cognitive Communication and Cooperative HetNet Coexistence
  1110. Cognitive Informatics in Health and Biomedicine
  1111. Cognitive MAC Designs for OSA Networks
  1112. Cognitive Networked Sensing and Big Data
  1113. Cognitive Radio Networks: Dynamic Resource Allocation Schemes
  1114. Cognitive Radio Networks: Medium Access Control for Coexistence of Wireless Systems
  1115. Cognitive Radio Policy and Regulation
  1116. Cognitive Radio Receiver Front-Ends
  1117. Cognitive Resource Management for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
  1118. Coherent Control of Nuclei and X-Rays
  1119. Coherent States, Wavelets, and Their Generalizations
  1120. Cohesion and Dissolution
  1121. Cohomological Aspects in Complex Non-Kähler Geometry
  1122. Cold-adapted Yeasts
  1123. Colitis
  1124. Collaboration and Technology
  1125. Collaboration for Sustainability and Innovation: A Role For Sustainability Driven by the Global South?
  1126. Collaboration in the Australian and Chinese Mobile Telecommunication Markets
  1127. Collaboration Technologies and Social Computing
  1128. Collaboration with Potential Users for Discontinuous Innovation
  1129. Collaboration, Learning and Innovation Across Outsourced Services Value Networks
  1130. Collaborative Design for Embedded Systems
  1131. Collaborative Systems for Smart Networked Environments
  1132. Collaborative Web Hosting
  1133. Collateralized Debt Obligations
  1134. Collective Atom–Light Interactions in Dense Atomic Vapours
  1135. Collective Dynamics from Bacteria to Crowds
  1136. Color Atlas of Thyroid Surgery
  1137. Color Revolutions in Eurasia
  1138. Combating Water Scarcity in Southern Africa
  1139. Combinatorial Algebra: Syntax and Semantics
  1140. Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry
  1141. Combinatorial and Additive Number Theory
  1142. Combinatorial Image Analysis
  1143. Combinatorial Optimization
  1144. Combinatorial Optimization and Applications
  1145. Combinatorial Pattern Matching
  1146. Combined Forces for Social Impact
  1147. Combined Parametric-Nonparametric Identification of Block-Oriented Systems
  1148. Comfort Control in Buildings
  1149. Commercial Plant-Produced Recombinant Protein Products
  1150. Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
  1151. Commingled and Disarticulated Human Remains
  1152. Communicating Science to the Public
  1153. Communication and Economic Theory
  1154. Communication and Popularization of Science and Technology in China
  1155. Communication Challenges and Solutions in the Smart Grid
  1156. Communication Networks for Smart Grids
  1157. Communication Strategies of Governments and NGOs
  1158. Communication Technologies for Vehicles
  1159. Communication Technologies, Information Security and Sustainable Development
  1160. Communications and Multimedia Security
  1161. Communicative Action
  1162. Communities and Livelihood Strategies in Developing Countries
  1163. Communities of Practice and Vintage Innovation
  1164. Community Based System Dynamics
  1165. Community Education for Social Justice
  1166. Community Intervention
  1167. Community Practices for Disaster Risk Reduction in Japan
  1168. Community Resilience to Sectarian Violence in Baghdad
  1169. Community-Based Education for Students with Developmental Disabilities in Tanzania
  1170. Community-Based Interventions
  1171. Commutative Algebra
  1172. Companion Modelling
  1173. Companion to European Heritage Revivals
  1174. Comparative Education Research
  1175. Comparative Medicine
  1176. Comparative Study of Child Soldiering on Myanmar-China Border
  1177. Compendium to Radiation Physics for Medical Physicists
  1178. Competencies in Sleep Medicine
  1179. Competitive Differentiation within the Shipbuilding Industry
  1180. Compiler Construction
  1181. Complementary & Alternative Medicine for Prostate and Urologic Health
  1182. Complex Fractures of the Limbs
  1183. Complex Networks V
  1184. Complex Numbers from A to ... Z
  1185. Complex Plasmas
  1186. Complex Systems Design & Management
  1187. Complex Terrain Mapping
  1188. Complexities in Colorectal Surgery
  1189. Complexity in Economics: Cutting Edge Research
  1190. Complexity in Financial Markets
  1191. Compliance Management in Financial Industries
  1192. Complications and Mishaps in Anesthesia
  1193. Complications During and After Cataract Surgery
  1194. Complications in Endodontic Surgery
  1195. Composting for Sustainable Agriculture
  1196. Comprehensive Anatomy of Motor Functions
  1197. Comprehensive Approach to Adult Congenital Heart Disease
  1198. Comprehensive Guide to Autism
  1199. Comprehensive Guide to Education in Anesthesia
  1200. Compressed Data Structures for Strings
  1201. Compressed Sensing & Sparse Filtering
  1202. Compressive Force-Path Method
  1203. Computational and Experimental Fluid Mechanics with Applications to Physics, Engineering and the Environment
  1204. Computational Approaches to Analogical Reasoning: Current Trends
  1205. Computational Biomechanics for Medicine
  1206. Computational Biomechanics of the Hip Joint
  1207. Computational Collective Intelligence. Technologies and Applications
  1208. Computational Diffusion MRI
  1209. Computational Diffusion MRI and Brain Connectivity
  1210. Computational Electromagnetics
  1211. Computational Engineering
  1212. Computational Experiment Approach to Advanced Secondary Mathematics Curriculum
  1213. Computational Finance
  1214. Computational Intelligence for Decision Support in Cyber-Physical Systems
  1215. Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Imaging
  1216. Computational Intelligence in Digital Forensics: Forensic Investigation and Applications
  1217. Computational Intelligence in Multi-Feature Visual Pattern Recognition
  1218. Computational Intelligence Methods for Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
  1219. Computational Intelligence Techniques in Earth and Environmental Sciences
  1220. Computational Intelligence, Cyber Security and Computational Models
  1221. Computational Intelligence, Networked Systems and Their Applications
  1222. Computational Kinematics
  1223. Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing, Part I
  1224. Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing, Part II
  1225. Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems
  1226. Computational Logistics
  1227. Computational Methods and Clinical Applications for Spine Imaging
  1228. Computational Methods for Corpus Annotation and Analysis
  1229. Computational Methods for Three-Dimensional Microscopy Reconstruction
  1230. Computational Methods in Power System Analysis
  1231. Computational Methods in Systems Biology
  1232. Computational Methods to Study the Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules and Biomolecular Processes
  1233. Computational Modeling of Objects Presented in Images
  1234. Computational Modeling of Objects Presented in Images. Fundamentals, Methods, and Applications
  1235. Computational Models of Complex Systems
  1236. Computational Movement Analysis
  1237. Computational Musicology in Hindustani Music
  1238. Computational Problems in Engineering
  1239. Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language
  1240. Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2014, Part I
  1241. Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2014, Part II
  1242. Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2014, Part III
  1243. Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2014, Part IV
  1244. Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2014, Part V
  1245. Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2014, Part VI
  1246. Computational Simulation in Architectural and Environmental Acoustics
  1247. Computational Structural Analysis and Finite Element Methods
  1248. Computational Surgery and Dual Training
  1249. Computationally Efficient Model Predictive Control Algorithms
  1250. Computations with Modular Forms
  1251. Computer Aided Verification
  1252. Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing
  1253. Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture VII, Part I
  1254. Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture VII, Part II
  1255. Computer Assisted Assessment. Research into E-Assessment
  1256. Computer Engineering and Networking
  1257. Computer Games - Third Workshop on Computer Games, CGW 2014, Held in Conjunction with the 21st European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, ECAI 2014, Prague, Czech Republic, August 18, 2014
  1258. Computer Games - Workshop on Computer Games, CGW 2013, Held in Conjunction with the 23rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI 2013, Beijing, China, August 3, 2013
  1259. Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management
  1260. Computer Mathematics
  1261. Computer Networks
  1262. Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
  1263. Computer Performance Engineering
  1264. Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security - 33rd International Conference, SAFECOMP 2014, Florence, Italy, September 10-12, 2014. Proceedings
  1265. Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security - SAFECOMP 2014 Workshops: ASCoMS, DECSoS, DEVVARTS, ISSE, ReSA4CI, SASSUR. Florence, Italy, September 8-9, 2014. Proceedings
  1266. Computer Science - Theory and Applications
  1267. Computer Security - ESORICS 2014, Part I
  1268. Computer Security - ESORICS 2014, Part II
  1269. Computer Vision – ECCV 2014, Part I
  1270. Computer Vision – ECCV 2014, Part II
  1271. Computer Vision – ECCV 2014, Part III
  1272. Computer Vision – ECCV 2014, Part IV
  1273. Computer Vision – ECCV 2014, Part V
  1274. Computer Vision – ECCV 2014, Part VI
  1275. Computer Vision – ECCV 2014, Part VII
  1276. Computer Vision Analysis of Image Motion by Variational Methods
  1277. Computer Vision and Graphics
  1278. Computer Vision and Machine Learning with RGB-D Sensors
  1279. Computer Vision in Sports
  1280. Computer Vision Metrics
  1281. Computer Vision Techniques for the Diagnosis of Skin Cancer
  1282. Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics -- Theory and Applications
  1283. Computer Vision: A Reference Guide
  1284. Computer-Assisted and Robotic Endoscopy
  1285. Computer-based Modelling and Optimization in Transportation
  1286. Computers and Games
  1287. Computers Helping People with Special Needs, Part I
  1288. Computers Helping People with Special Needs, Part II
  1289. Computing and Combinatorics
  1290. Computing Meaning
  1291. Computing with Memory for Energy-Efficient Robust Systems
  1292. Computing with New Resources
  1293. Conception and Characteristics of Expert Mathematics Teachers in China
  1294. Concepts and Trends in Healthcare Information Systems
  1295. Conceptual Modeling
  1296. Conceptual Profiles
  1297. Concise Catalog of Deep-Sky Objects
  1298. Concise Chinese Tort Laws
  1299. Concise Computer Vision
  1300. Concise Dictionary of Engineering
  1301. Concrete Operators, Spectral Theory, Operators in Harmonic Analysis and Approximation
  1302. Concrete Semantics
  1303. CONCUR 2014 – Concurrency Theory
  1304. Concurrent Objects and Beyond
  1305. Concussions in Athletics
  1306. Condenser Capacities and Symmetrization in Geometric Function Theory
  1307. Cone Beam CT and 3D imaging
  1308. Confidentiality and Integrity in Crowdsourcing Systems
  1309. Confirming Dividend Changes and the Non-Monotonic Investor Revision of Earnings Persistence
  1310. Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine
  1311. Conflict Law
  1312. Conflict Resolution and its Context
  1313. Conformal Field Theories and Tensor Categories
  1314. Conformal Field Theory, Automorphic Forms and Related Topics
  1315. Confronting Emerging Zoonoses
  1316. Congenital Hand Anomalies and Associated Syndromes
  1317. Congenital Hip Disease in Adults
  1318. Congenital Malformations of the Head and Neck
  1319. Conjunctions of Mind, Soul and Body from Plato to the Enlightenment
  1320. Connecting a Digital Europe Through Location and Place
  1321. Connections Between Algebra, Combinatorics, and Geometry
  1322. Connexins: The Gap Junction Proteins
  1323. Consciousness
  1324. Consciousness Inside and Out: Phenomenology, Neuroscience, and the Nature of Experience
  1325. Consequences of Combinatorial Studies of Positive Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries
  1326. Constipation
  1327. Constitutive Relations under Impact Loadings
  1328. Constrained Control of Uncertain, Time-Varying, Discrete-Time Systems
  1329. Constraint Programming and Decision Making
  1330. Constraints Meet Concurrency
  1331. Construction and Analysis of Cryptographic Functions
  1332. Construction and Building Research
  1333. Construction Dispute Research
  1334. Constructive Nonsmooth Analysis and Related Topics
  1335. Constructive Side-Channel Analysis and Secure Design
  1336. Constructivity and Computability in Historical and Philosophical Perspective
  1337. Consumer Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid
  1338. Consumption and Well-Being in the Material World
  1339. Contact and Symplectic Topology
  1340. Contaminant Geochemistry
  1341. Contemporary Developments in Statistical Theory
  1342. Contemporary Logistics in China: Assimilation and Innovation
  1343. Contemporary Logistics in China: Consolidation and Deepening
  1344. Contemporary Sensorimotor Theory
  1345. Contemporary Slovenian Timber Architecture for Sustainability
  1346. Contemporary Socio-Cultural and Political Perspectives in Thailand
  1347. Contemporary Turkey at a Glance
  1348. Context in Computing
  1349. Context-Aware Systems and Applications
  1350. Contingency Table Analysis
  1351. Continued Rise of the Cloud
  1352. Continuous and Distributed Systems
  1353. Continuous Software Engineering
  1354. Continuous-Time Digital Front-Ends for Multistandard Wireless Transmission
  1355. Continuum Analysis of Biological Systems
  1356. Continuum Mechanics Through the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
  1357. Continuum Mechanics using Mathematica®
  1358. Contraception and Pregnancy in Patients with Rheumatic Disease
  1359. Contraception for Adolescent and Young Adult Women
  1360. Contraception for the Medically Challenging Patient
  1361. Contrast Media
  1362. Contributions to Sampling Statistics
  1363. Control and Estimation Methods over Communication Networks
  1364. Control Design and Analysis for Underactuated Robotic Systems
  1365. Control of Nonholonomic Systems: from Sub-Riemannian Geometry to Motion Planning
  1366. Control Theory of Digitally Networked Dynamic Systems
  1367. Controllability, Identification, and Randomness in Distributed Systems
  1368. Controlled Natural Language
  1369. Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design
  1370. Controls and Art
  1371. Controversies in Aortic Dissection and Aneurysmal Disease
  1372. Controversies in Obesity
  1373. Controversies in the Management of Gynecological Cancers
  1374. Convention on International Civil Aviation
  1375. Convergence Estimates in Approximation Theory
  1376. Convergence Methods for Double Sequences and Applications
  1377. Convergence of Food Security, Energy Security and Sustainable Agriculture
  1378. Conversational Informatics
  1379. COOP 2014 - Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems, 27-30 May 2014, Nice (France)
  1380. Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems
  1381. Cooperative Design, Visualization, and Engineering
  1382. Cooperative Device-to-Device Communication in Cognitive Radio Cellular Networks
  1383. Cooperative Robots and Sensor Networks
  1384. Cooperative Robots and Sensor Networks 2014
  1385. Coopetition for Regional Competitiveness
  1386. Coordination Models and Languages
  1387. Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Agent Systems IX
  1388. Coping with Demographic Change in the Alpine Regions
  1389. Copper Electrodeposition for Nanofabrication of Electronics Devices
  1390. Copper Wire Bonding
  1391. Core Concepts in Parenchymal Kidney Disease
  1392. Core Knowledge in Critical Care Medicine
  1393. Coronal Magnetometry
  1394. Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction
  1395. Corporate Governance
  1396. Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets
  1397. Corporate Governance, Capital Markets, and Capital Budgeting
  1398. Corporate Identity and Crisis Response Strategies
  1399. Corporate Plasticity
  1400. Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia
  1401. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Business World
  1402. Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in China
  1403. Corporate Sustainability in International Comparison
  1404. Correct-by-Construction Approaches for SoC Design
  1405. Correlation-based network analysis of cancer metabolism
  1406. Corrosion in Systems for Storage and Transportation of Petroleum Products and Biofuels
  1407. Corynebacterium diphtheriae and Related Toxigenic Species
  1408. Covering Walks in Graphs
  1409. Crafting Creativity & Creating Craft
  1410. Create Web Charts with D3
  1411. Create Web Charts With jqPlot
  1412. Creating Conditions for Promising Collaboration
  1413. Creating Shared Value
  1414. Creating Value for All Through IT
  1415. Creation of New Metal Nanoparticles and Their Hydrogen-Storage and Catalytic Properties
  1416. Creative Engineering Design Assessment
  1417. Creative Industry Districts
  1418. Creative Practitioner Inquiry in the Helping Professions
  1419. Creators of Mathematical and Computational Sciences
  1420. Crib Death - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  1421. Criminal Proceedings, Languages and the European Union
  1422. Critical Infrastructure Protection VIII
  1423. Critical Issues in Reproductive Health
  1424. Critical Pedagogy for a Polymodal World
  1425. Critical Perspectives in Happiness Research
  1426. Critical Perspectives on Language Education
  1427. Critical Plays
  1428. Critical Success Factors of Change Management
  1429. Critical Topics in Family Therapy
  1430. Cross-Cultural Design
  1431. Cross-cultural Dialogue on the Virtues
  1432. Cross-Strait Relations and International Organizations
  1433. Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems – CHES 2014
  1434. Cryptography and Security Systems
  1435. Cryptography in Constant Parallel Time
  1436. Cryptology and Network Security
  1437. Cryptosporidium as a Foodborne Pathogen
  1438. Cryptosporidium: parasite and disease
  1439. Crystalline State Photoreactions
  1440. Crystallographic Texture of Materials
  1441. CSR 2.0: Transforming Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility
  1442. CSR in Private Enterprises in Developing Countries
  1443. CSS Quick Syntax Reference Guide
  1444. CT Imaging of Myocardial Perfusion and Viability
  1445. CT of the Retroperitoneum
  1446. CT Virtual Hysterosalpingography
  1447. Cuckoo Search and Firefly Algorithm
  1448. Cultural Consultation
  1449. Cultural Diversity for Virtual Characters
  1450. Cultural Psychology of Coping with Disasters
  1451. Cultural Synergy in Information Institutions
  1452. Culture and Health Disparities
  1453. Culture, Growth and Economic Policy
  1454. Cultures of Memory in South Asia
  1455. Currency Cooperation in East Asia
  1456. Currency Speculation in Fixed Exchange Rate Regimes
  1457. Current Advances in Osteosarcoma
  1458. Current and Future Reproductive Technologies and World Food Production
  1459. Current Challenges in Stability Issues for Numerical Differential Equations
  1460. Current Environmental Issues and Challenges
  1461. Current Laboratory Methods in Neuroscience Research
  1462. Current Topics in Pure and Computational Complex Analysis
  1463. Current Trends in Eye Tracking Research
  1464. Current Trends of Surface Science and Catalysis
  1465. Curriculum Models for the 21st Century
  1466. Customer Knowledge Management
  1467. Cutaneous Flaps in Head and Neck Reconstruction
  1468. Cutaneous Hematopathology
  1469. CVs, Resumes, and LinkedIn
  1470. Cyber Defense and Situational Awareness
  1471. Cyber Security and Privacy
  1472. Cyber-Development, Cyber-Democracy and Cyber-Defense
  1473. Cybernics
  1474. Cyberpatterns
  1475. Cybersecurity in Switzerland
  1476. Cybersecurity Systems for Human Cognition Augmentation
  1477. Cyberspace and International Relations
  1478. Cyberterrorism
  1479. Cyclometalation Reactions
  1480. Cyclostationarity: Theory and Methods
  1481. Cylindrical Liner Z-pinches as Drivers for Converging Strong Shock Experiments
  1482. Cysticercosis of the Human Nervous System
  1483. Cytokine Frontiers
  1484. Cytopathology in Oncology
  1485. Dao Companion to Classical Confucian Philosophy
  1486. Dao Companion to Japanese Confucian Philosophy
  1487. Dao Companion to the Analects
  1488. Dart for Absolute Beginners
  1489. Data Analysis
  1490. Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition in Multiple Databases
  1491. Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery
  1492. Data Analytics for Renewable Energy Integration
  1493. Data Analytics for Traditional Chinese Medicine Research
  1494. Data and Applications Security and Privacy XXVIII
  1495. Data Envelopment Analysis
  1496. Data Integration in the Life Sciences
  1497. Data Management in Cloud, Grid and P2P Systems
  1498. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery for Big Data
  1499. Data Mining for Geoinformatics
  1500. Data Mining for Service
  1501. Data Mining Techniques in Sensor Networks
  1502. Data Privacy Management and Autonomous Spontaneous Security
  1503. Data Scientists at Work
  1504. Data Warehouse Systems
  1505. Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery
  1506. Data you need to know about China
  1507. Database and Expert Systems Applications
  1508. Database and Expert Systems Applications
  1509. Database Systems
  1510. Database Systems for Advanced Applications - 19th International Conference, DASFAA 2014, International Workshops: BDMA, DaMEN, SIM³, UnCrowd; Bali, Indonesia, April 21--24, 2014, Revised Selected Papers
  1511. Database Systems for Advanced Applications, Part I
  1512. Database Systems for Advanced Applications, Part II
  1513. Data-Based Child Advocacy
  1514. Databases in Networked Information Systems
  1515. Databases Theory and Applications
  1516. Data-driven Design of Fault Diagnosis and Fault-tolerant Control Systems
  1517. Data-Driven Design of Fault Diagnosis Systems
  1518. Data-driven Generation of Policies
  1519. Data-driven Modeling for Diabetes
  1520. Data-Driven Modeling: Using MATLAB® in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  1521. David Makinson on Classical Methods for Non-Classical Problems
  1522. Dead Sea Transform Fault System: Reviews
  1523. Dealing with Wars and Dictatorships
  1524. Debugging Systems-on-Chip
  1525. Debye Screening Length
  1526. Decay of the Fourier Transform
  1527. Decentralizing Health Services
  1528. Decision and Game Theory for Security
  1529. Decision and Game Theory in Management With Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
  1530. Decision Support Systems III - Impact of Decision Support Systems for Global Environments
  1531. Decision Tools for Radiation Oncology
  1532. Decision-Making in Private Equity Firms
  1533. Declarative Programming and Knowledge Management
  1534. Deep Marine Mineral Resources
  1535. Defining Prevention Science
  1536. Deformation and Flow of Polymeric Materials
  1537. Deformity Correction in Total Knee Arthroplasty
  1538. Deictic Imaginings: Semiosis at Work and at Play
  1539. Delay Systems
  1540. Demand for Communications Services – Insights and Perspectives
  1541. Demand Fulfillment in Multi-Stage Customer Hierarchies
  1542. Dementia in Clinical Practice: A Neurological Perspective
  1543. Democracy and Judicial Reforms in South-East Europe
  1544. Density Functional Theory in Quantum Chemistry
  1545. Deontic Logic and Normative Systems
  1546. Dependability of Self-Optimizing Mechatronic Systems
  1547. Dependencies and Mechanisms of Unemployment and Social Involvement
  1548. Deregulation and Efficiency of Indian Banks
  1549. Dermatology Atlas for Skin of Color
  1550. Dermatopathology
  1551. Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems
  1552. Descriptive Topology and Functional Analysis
  1553. Desert Truffles
  1554. Desiccant-Assisted Cooling
  1555. Design Alchemy
  1556. Design and Analysis of Spiral Inductors
  1557. Design and Applications of Nanomaterials for Sensors
  1558. Design and Computation of Modern Engineering Materials
  1559. Design and Control of Hybrid Active Power Filters
  1560. Design and Development of Knowledge Management for Manufacturing
  1561. Design and Management of Energy-Efficient Hybrid Electrical Energy Storage Systems
  1562. Design and Precise Synthesis of Thermoresponsive Polyacrylamides
  1563. Design Computing and Cognition '12
  1564. Design Concepts for a Virtualizable Embedded MPSoC Architecture
  1565. Design Exploration of Emerging Nano-scale Non-volatile Memory
  1566. Design for Manufacturability
  1567. Design in Educational Technology
  1568. Design Methodology for Intelligent Technical Systems
  1569. Design of Artificial Human Joints & Organs
  1570. Design of Special Planar Linkages
  1571. Design of Ultra-Low Power Impulse Radios
  1572. Design Science Methodology for Information Systems and Software Engineering
  1573. Design Science: Perspectives from Europe
  1574. Design Thinking Research
  1575. Design, Analysis, and Interpretation of Genome-Wide Association Scans
  1576. Design, Modeling and Control of Nanopositioning Systems
  1577. Design, Modeling and Testing of Data Converters
  1578. Design, User Experience, and Usability. Theories, Methods, and Tools for Designing the User Experience
  1579. Design, User Experience, and Usability. User Experience Design for Diverse Interaction Platforms and Environments
  1580. Design, User Experience, and Usability. User Experience Design for Everyday Life Applications and Services
  1581. Design, User Experience, and Usability. User Experience Design Practice
  1582. Design-for-Test and Test Optimization Techniques for TSV-based 3D Stacked ICs
  1583. Designing 2D and 3D Network-on-Chip Architectures
  1584. Designing Assessment for Quality Learning
  1585. Designing Learning for Tablet Classrooms
  1586. Designing Low Carbon Societies in Landscapes
  1587. Detection and Diagnostics of Plant Pathogens
  1588. Detection of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Agents for the Prevention of Terrorism
  1589. Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment
  1590. Determination of Atmospheric Parameters of B-, A-, F- and G-Type Stars
  1591. Determining Self-Preservation Capability in Pre-School Children
  1592. Deterministic Abelian Sandpile Models and Patterns
  1593. Deterministic Nonlinear Systems
  1594. Detournement as Pedagogical Praxis
  1595. Developing a Virtue-Imbued Casuistry for Business Ethics
  1596. Developing Biomedical Devices
  1597. Developing Chinese EFL Learners' Generic Competence
  1598. Developing Entrepreneurial Life Skills
  1599. Developing Insights in Cartilage Repair
  1600. Development of Innovative Drugs via Modeling with MATLAB
  1601. Development of New Catalytic Performance of Nanoporous Metals for Organic Reactions
  1602. Development of New Radical Cascades and Multi-Component Reactions
  1603. Development Patterns of Material Productivity
  1604. Developmental Aspects of the Lymphatic Vascular System
  1605. Developments and Retrospectives in Lie Theory: Algebraic Methods
  1606. Developments and Retrospectives in Lie Theory: Geometric and Analytic Methods
  1607. Developments in Foundation Law in Europe
  1608. Developments in Language Theory
  1609. Developments in Statistical Evaluation of Clinical Trials
  1610. Developments of International Trade Theory
  1611. Device-Free Object Tracking Using Passive Tags
  1612. Dhaka Megacity
  1613. Diabetes and Kidney Disease
  1614. Diabetes Management in Clinical Practice
  1615. Diabetic Cardiomyopathy
  1616. Diagnostic Assessment of Learning Disabilities in Childhood
  1617. Diagnostic Endosonography
  1618. Diagnostic Techniques in Urology
  1619. Diagrammatic Representation and Inference
  1620. Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering/Wörterbuch GeoTechnik
  1621. Dielectric Properties of Isolated Clusters
  1622. Diesel Engine Management
  1623. Differential Characters
  1624. Differential Diagnosis of Movement Disorders in Clinical Practice
  1625. Differential Equations of My Young Years
  1626. Differential Geometry
  1627. Difficult Decisions in Thoracic Surgery
  1628. Difficult Psychiatric Consultations
  1629. Digenetic Trematodes
  1630. Digital and Discrete Geometry
  1631. Digital Asset Management
  1632. Digital Communication
  1633. Digital Da Vinci: Computers in Music
  1634. Digital Da Vinci: Computers in the Arts and Sciences
  1635. Digital Enterprise Design & Management
  1636. Digital Fabrication in Architecture, Engineering and Construction
  1637. Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime
  1638. Digital Heritage. Progress in Cultural Heritage: Documentation, Preservation, and Protection
  1639. Digital Human Modeling. Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management
  1640. Digital Image Quality in Medicine
  1641. Digital Knowledge Maps in Education
  1642. Digital Media
  1643. Digital Pathology
  1644. Digital Services and Information Intelligence
  1645. Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays
  1646. Digital Speech Processing Using Matlab
  1647. Digital Systems for Open Access to Formal and Informal Learning
  1648. Digital Video Concepts, Methods, and Metrics
  1649. Digital VLSI Design with Verilog
  1650. Digital Wine
  1651. Digital-Forensics and Watermarking
  1652. Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells
  1653. Direct Methods for Limit States in Structures and Materials
  1654. Directed Information Measures in Neuroscience
  1655. Direction of Time
  1656. Disadvantaged Workers
  1657. Disaster and Development
  1658. Disaster Bioethics: Normative Issues When Nothing is Normal
  1659. Disaster Education and Management
  1660. Disaster Preparedness for Seniors
  1661. Disaster Recovery, Crisis Response, and Business Continuity
  1662. Disaster Recovery: Used or Misused Development Opportunity
  1663. Disaster Resilience from a Sociological Perspective
  1664. Discontinuity and Complexity in Nonlinear Physical Systems
  1665. Discourses on Professional Learning
  1666. Discovery Science
  1667. Discrete and Computational Geometry and Graphs
  1668. Discrete and Topological Models in Molecular Biology
  1669. Discrete Control Systems
  1670. Discrete Dynamical Models
  1671. Discrete Event Systems
  1672. Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
  1673. Discrete-Time Control System Design with Applications
  1674. Diseases of the Abdomen and Pelvis 2014–2017
  1675. Diseases of the Liver in Children
  1676. Diseases of the Sinuses
  1677. Diseases of the Vitreo-Macular Interface
  1678. Disentangling Participation
  1679. Dispersion Stability, Microstructure and Phase Transition of Anisotropic Nanodiscs
  1680. Dispersive Equations and Nonlinear Waves
  1681. Disposable Bioreactors II
  1682. Disruption by Design
  1683. Dissecting Regulatory Interactions of RNA and Protein
  1684. Distal Radius Fractures
  1685. Distances and Similarities in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
  1686. Distinguished Figures in Mechanism and Machine Science
  1687. Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems
  1688. Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems
  1689. Distributed Computer and Communication Networks
  1690. Distributed Computing
  1691. Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence, 11th International Conference
  1692. Distributed Computing and Internet Technology
  1693. Distributed Computing and Networking
  1694. Distributed Context-Aware Systems
  1695. Distributed Creativity
  1696. Distributed Denial of Service Attack and Defense
  1697. Distributed Embedded Smart Cameras
  1698. Distributed Model Predictive Control Made Easy
  1699. Distributed Systems and Applications of Information Filtering and Retrieval
  1700. Distributed Systems with Persistent Memory
  1701. Distributed, Ambient, and Pervasive Interactions
  1702. Disturbance Attenuation for Uncertain Control Systems
  1703. Diversification, Industry Dynamism, and Economic Performance
  1704. Divided Languages?
  1705. DNA Computing and Molecular Programming
  1706. Does Multi-stage Marketing Pay?
  1707. Doing Ethnography in Teams
  1708. Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XXI
  1709. Domestic Dog Cognition and Behavior
  1710. Dream Consciousness
  1711. Dressed Photons
  1712. Drinking Water: Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  1713. Driver Drowsiness Detection
  1714. Drivers and Barriers to Achieving Quality in Higher Education
  1715. Driving Demand for Broadband Networks and Services
  1716. Driving Service Productivity
  1717. Droplets and Sprays
  1718. Dropwise Condensation on Inclined Textured Surfaces
  1719. Drowning: Prevention, Rescue, Treatment
  1720. Drug Delivery to the Brain
  1721. Drug Delivery: Materials Design and Clinical Perspective
  1722. Drugs Targeting B-Cells in Autoimmune Diseases
  1723. Drying and Wetting of Building Materials and Components
  1724. Dual Phase Evolution
  1725. Duality Theories for Boolean Algebras with Operators
  1726. Dune Worlds: How Windblown Sand Shapes Planetary Landscapes
  1727. Duplex Ultrasound of Superficial Leg Veins
  1728. Durability of Composites in a Marine Environment
  1729. Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Volume 1
  1730. Dynamic Ecologies: A Relational Perspective on Languages Education in the Asia-Pacific Region
  1731. Dynamic Fracture of Piezoelectric Materials
  1732. Dynamic Games in Economics
  1733. Dynamic Inequalities On Time Scales
  1734. Dynamic Optimization in Environmental Economics
  1735. Dynamic Pulsed-Field-Gradient NMR
  1736. Dynamic Quality Management for Cloud Labor Services
  1737. Dynamic Response and Deformation Characteristic of Saturated Soft Clay under Subway Vehicle Loading
  1738. Dynamic Secrets in Communication Security
  1739. Dynamic Studies Through Control of Relaxation in NMR Spectroscopy
  1740. Dynamic Thermal Analysis of Machines in Running State
  1741. Dynamical Systems Generated by Linear Maps
  1742. Dynamical Systems with Applications using MATLAB®
  1743. Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems in Offshore Engineering
  1744. Dynamics and Control of Trajectory Tubes
  1745. Dynamics and Vibrations
  1746. Dynamics in Geometrical Confinement
  1747. Dynamics of Civil Structures, Volume 4
  1748. Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems
  1749. Dynamics of Coupled Structures, Volume 1
  1750. Dynamics of Information Systems
  1751. Dynamics of Learning in Neanderthals and Modern Humans Volume 2
  1752. Dynamics of Magnetically Trapped Particles
  1753. Dynamics of Mechanical Systems with Variable Mass
  1754. Dynamics of Quantum Dot Lasers
  1755. Dynamics of Underactuated Multibody Systems
  1756. Dynamics of Vortex Structures in a Stratified Rotating Fluid
  1757. Dyslipidemias in Kidney Disease
  1758. Early Evolutionary History of the Synapsida
  1759. Early Gastrointestinal Cancers II: Rectal Cancer
  1760. Early Life Conditions and Rapid Demographic Changes in the Developing World
  1761. Early Mathematics Learning
  1762. Early Neoplasias of the Gastrointestinal Tract
  1763. Early Warning for Geological Disasters
  1764. Earnings Accruals and Real Activities Management around Initial Public Offerings
  1765. Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet
  1766. Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering Design
  1767. Earthquake Hazard Impact and Urban Planning
  1768. Earthquake Phenomenology from the Field
  1769. Eating Disorders, Addictions and Substance Use Disorders
  1770. E-Business and Telecommunications - International Joint Conference, ICETE 2012, Rome, Italy, July 24--27, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
  1771. E-Business and Telecommunications - International Joint Conference, ICETE 2013, Reykjavik, Iceland, July 29-31, 2013, Revised Selected Papers
  1772. ECG Acquisition and Automated Remote Processing
  1773. Echoes: Ethics and Issues of Voice in Education Research
  1774. ECMO-Extracorporeal Life Support in Adults
  1775. Eco-immunology: Evolutive Aspects and Future Perspectives
  1776. Eco-Innovation and the Development of Business Models
  1777. Eco-Library Design
  1778. Ecological Emergy Accounting for a Limited System: General Principles and a Case Study of Macao
  1779. Ecological Genomics
  1780. Ecological Modelling Applied to Entomology
  1781. Ecological Research at the Offshore Windfarm alpha ventus
  1782. Ecological Risk Assessment for Chlorpyrifos in Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems in the United States
  1783. Ecology and the Environment
  1784. Ecology, Systematics, and the Natural History of Predaceous Diving Beetles (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae)
  1785. E-Commerce and Web Technologies
  1786. E-commerce Platform Acceptance
  1787. E-Commerce Strategy
  1788. Economic Crisis and Political Economy
  1789. Economic Crisis in Europe and the Balkans
  1790. Economic Dynamics of All Members of the United Nations
  1791. Economic Growth
  1792. Economic Growth
  1793. Economics and Power-intensive Industries
  1794. Economics and Price Risks in International Pellet Supply Chains
  1795. Economics and the Interpretation and Application of U.S. and E.U. Antitrust Law - Volume I Basic Concepts and Economics-Based Legal Analyses of Oligopolistic and Predatory Conduct
  1796. Economics and the Interpretation and Application of U.S. and E.U. Antitrust Law - Volume II Economics-Based Legal Analyses of Mergers, Vertical Practices, and Joint Ventures
  1797. Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems, and Services
  1798. Economics of Wildfire Management
  1799. Econophysics of Agent-Based Models
  1800. ECOOP 2014 – Object-Oriented Programming
  1801. Ecopsychology, Phenomenology, and the Environment
  1802. Ecoregions: The Ecosystem Geography of the Oceans and Continents
  1803. Ecosystem Assessment and Fuzzy Systems Management
  1804. Ecosystem Services and Management Strategy in China
  1805. ECUMICT 2014
  1806. E-Democracy, Security, Privacy and Trust in a Digital World
  1807. Edgar Rubin and Psychology in Denmark
  1808. Edible Medicinal And Non Medicinal Plants - Volume 8, Flowers
  1809. Edible Medicinal And Non-Medicinal Plants - Volume 7, Flowers
  1810. Education for Sustainable Development and Disaster Risk Reduction
  1811. Education Reform: The Unwinding of Intelligence and Creativity
  1812. Educational Data Mining
  1813. Educational Media and Technology Yearbook
  1814. Educational Policy Innovations
  1815. Educational Research: Material Culture and Its Representation
  1816. Eels and Humans
  1817. E-Expertise: Modern Collective Intelligence
  1818. Effective Group Work in Primary School Classrooms
  1819. Effective Interventions in the Lives of Criminal Offenders
  1820. Effective Parameters of Hydrogeological Models
  1821. Effectiveness of Time Investments in Education
  1822. Effects of Insurance on Maritime Liability Law
  1823. Efficiency and Innovation in Logistics
  1824. Efficient Algorithms for Global Optimization Methods in Computer Vision
  1825. Efficient Implementation of High-Order Accurate Numerical Methods on Unstructured Grids
  1826. e-Government and Employment Services
  1827. eHealth, Care and Quality of Life
  1828. e-Infrastructure and e-Services for Developing Countries
  1829. Elasticity for Geotechnicians
  1830. Elasto-Plasticity of Frame Structure Elements
  1831. Elastoplasticity Theory
  1832. E-Learning Paradigms and Applications
  1833. E-Learning, E-Education, and Online Training
  1834. Electrical Design of Through Silicon Via
  1835. Electrical Properties of Graphite Nanoparticles in Silicone
  1836. Electrical, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Solids
  1837. Electric-Field Control of Magnetization and Electronic Transport in Ferromagnetic/Ferroelectric Heterostructures
  1838. Electricity and Magnetism
  1839. Electrocaloric Materials
  1840. Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and its Applications
  1841. Electrodeposition and Surface Finishing
  1842. Electrodialysis and Water Reuse
  1843. Electrolytes for Lithium and Lithium-Ion Batteries
  1844. Electromagnetic Field Theories for Engineering
  1845. Electromagnetic Foundations of Solar Radiation Collection
  1846. Electromagnetic Wave Scattering on Nonspherical Particles
  1847. Electronic Beam Steering and Polarization Agile Planar Antennas in Liquid Crystal Technology
  1848. Electronic Design Automation of Analog ICs combining Gradient Models with Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms
  1849. Electronic Effects in Organic Chemistry
  1850. Electronic Government
  1851. Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective
  1852. Electronic Identity
  1853. Electronic Participation
  1854. Electronic Properties of Graphene Heterostructures with Hexagonal Crystals
  1855. Electronic Structure of Metal Phthalocyanines on Ag(100)
  1856. Electronic Structure of Quantum Confined Atoms and Molecules
  1857. Electrophosphorescent Polymers Based on Polyarylether Hosts
  1858. Electrophysiology and Psychophysiology in Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology
  1859. Electrospun Nanofibers for Energy and Environmental Applications
  1860. Electrostatic and Stereoelectronic Effects in Carbohydrate Chemistry
  1861. Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
  1862. Elementi di Analisi Complessa
  1863. Elementi di risonanza magnetica
  1864. Elements of Neo-Walrasian Economics
  1865. Elephants in Space
  1866. Elettrodinamica classica
  1867. Eliminating Waste in Business
  1868. Ellipsometry of Functional Organic Surfaces and Films
  1869. Elliptic Boundary Value Problems and Construction of Lp-Strong Feller Processes with Singular Drift and Reflection
  1870. Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
  1871. Email and Commercial Correspondence
  1872. Embedded and Real Time System Development: A Software Engineering Perspective
  1873. Embedded Memory Design for Multi-Core and Systems on Chip
  1874. Embedded Operating Systems
  1875. Embedded Random Matrix Ensembles in Quantum Physics
  1876. Embedded Systems Development
  1877. Embolization
  1878. Emergency Musculoskeletal Imaging in Children
  1879. Emergency Orthopedics
  1880. Emergent Interfaces for Feature Modularization
  1881. Emerging International Dimensions in East Asian Higher Education
  1882. Emerging Memory Technologies
  1883. Emerging Methods in Family Research
  1884. Emerging Non-Volatile Memories
  1885. Emerging Pervasive Information and Communication Technologies (PICT)
  1886. Emerging Research Directions in Social Entrepreneurship
  1887. Emerging Research in Electronics, Computer Science and Technology
  1888. Emerging Therapies in Neurorehabilitation
  1889. Emerging Trends in Communication Networks
  1890. Emerging Trends in Computing and Communication
  1891. Emerging Trends in Drug Use and Distribution
  1892. Emil Artin and Helmut Hasse
  1893. EMI-Resilient Amplifier Circuits
  1894. Emission Factors of Carbonaceous Particulate Matter and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Residential Solid Fuel Combustions
  1895. Emotion Modeling
  1896. Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse
  1897. Empires, Post-Coloniality and Interculturality
  1898. Empirical Agent-Based Modelling - Challenges and Solutions
  1899. Empirical Views on European Gambling Law and Addiction
  1900. Empirically Informed Ethics: Morality between Facts and Norms
  1901. Enabling Content Distribution in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  1902. Enabling Manufacturing Competitiveness and Economic Sustainability
  1903. Enabling Secure and Privacy Preserving Communications in Smart Grids
  1904. Enabling the Iranian Gas Export Options
  1905. Encyclopedia of Applied Electrochemistry
  1906. Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice
  1907. Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology
  1908. Encyclopedia of Distances
  1909. Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics
  1910. Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology
  1911. Encyclopedia of Lubricants and Lubrication
  1912. Encyclopedia of Mathematics Education
  1913. Encyclopedia of Medical Immunology: Allergic Diseases
  1914. Encyclopedia of Medical Immunology: Autoimmune Diseases
  1915. Encyclopedia of Primary Prevention and Health Promotion
  1916. Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion
  1917. Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research
  1918. Encyclopedia of Remote Sensing
  1919. Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining
  1920. Encyclopedia of Thermal Stresses
  1921. Endemism in Vascular Plants
  1922. Endocrine Emergencies
  1923. Endocrinology and Diabetes
  1924. Endodontic Pain
  1925. Endogenous Stem Cell-Based Brain Remodeling in Mammals
  1926. Endometriosis
  1927. Endoscopic Follow-up of Digestive Anastomosis
  1928. Endoscopy in the Diagnosis of Small Intestine Diseases
  1929. Endosymbiosis
  1930. Endovascular Interventions
  1931. Energy and Environment in Saudi Arabia: Concerns & Opportunities
  1932. Energy Conversion and Management
  1933. Energy Detection for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
  1934. Energy in Australia
  1935. Energy Methods in Dynamics
  1936. Energy Technologies and Economics
  1937. Energy-Based Economic Development
  1938. Energy-Efficient Area Coverage for Intruder Detection in Sensor Networks
  1939. Energy-Efficient Data Centers
  1940. Energy-Efficient Fault-Tolerant Systems
  1941. Energy-Efficient HVAC Design
  1942. Engaging University Students
  1943. Engine Modeling and Control
  1944. Engineered Cell Manipulation for Biomedical Application
  1945. Engineering and Management of IT-based Service Systems
  1946. Engineering and Science of Biomass Feedstock Production and Provision
  1947. Engineering Applications of Neural Networks
  1948. Engineering Asset Management 2011
  1949. Engineering Ethics
  1950. Engineering Flow and Heat Exchange
  1951. Engineering for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation
  1952. Engineering General Intelligence, Part 1
  1953. Engineering General Intelligence, Part 2
  1954. Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 4
  1955. Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 7
  1956. Engineering Geology for Underground Works
  1957. Engineering Haptic Devices
  1958. Engineering in Translational Medicine
  1959. Engineering Mechanics 3
  1960. Engineering Multi-Agent Systems
  1961. Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics
  1962. Engineering Secure Future Internet Services and Systems
  1963. Engineering Secure Software and Systems
  1964. Engineering Viscoelasticity
  1965. English for Academic Purposes (EAP) in Asia
  1966. English Language Education and Assessment
  1967. Englishes in Multilingual Contexts
  1968. Enhancing the Internet with the CONVERGENCE System
  1969. ENT Board Prep
  1970. Entangled Histories
  1971. Entangled Life
  1972. Enterprise and Organizational Modeling and Simulation
  1973. Enterprise Content Management in Information Systems Research
  1974. Enterprise Governance
  1975. Enterprise Information Systems
  1976. Enterprise Information Systems Engineering
  1977. Enterprise Interoperability VI
  1978. Enterprise Management Control Systems in China
  1979. Enterprise Modeling
  1980. Enterprise Resource Planning
  1981. Enterprise, Business-Process and Information Systems Modeling
  1982. Entertaining the Whole World
  1983. Entertainment Computing – ICEC 2014
  1984. Entransy in Phase-Change Systems
  1985. Entrepreneurship in Family Business
  1986. Entrepreneurship Networks in Italy
  1987. Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Crisis
  1988. Environment and Sustainable Development
  1989. Environmental Analysis by Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors
  1990. Environmental Cost and Face of Agriculture in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries
  1991. Environmental Deterioration and Human Health
  1992. Environmental Issues in Automotive Industry
  1993. Environmental Perspectives
  1994. Environmental Sustainability Issues in the South Texas–Mexico Border Region
  1995. Environmentally Friendly Alkylphosphonate Herbicides
  1996. Epidemiology of Human Congenital Malformations
  1997. Epigenetic Therapy of Cancer
  1998. Epigenetics in Plants of Agronomic Importance: Fundamentals and Applications
  1999. Epilepsy Case Studies
  2000. Epistemology, Context, and Formalism
  2001. Equality in Education
  2002. Ergodic Theory, Open Dynamics, and Coherent Structures
  2003. Erich Fromm’s Revolutionary Hope
  2004. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker
  2005. Error Correction in the Foreign Language Classroom
  2006. eScience on Distributed Computing Infrastructure
  2007. Esophageal Diseases
  2008. Essays in Production, Project Planning and Scheduling
  2009. Essays on the Frontiers of Modern Astrophysics and Cosmology
  2010. Essential Linear Algebra with Applications
  2011. Essential Oils as Reagents in Green Chemistry
  2012. Essential Topics in Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism
  2013. Essential US for Trauma: E-FAST
  2014. Essentials In Elbow Surgery
  2015. Essentials of Applied Dynamic Analysis
  2016. Essentials of Atrial Fibrillation
  2017. Essentials of Autopsy Practice
  2018. Essentials of Clinical Research
  2019. Essentials of Food Science
  2020. Esseri Umani 2.0
  2021. ESSKA Instructional Course Lecture Book
  2022. Establishing Corporate Innovation Communities
  2023. Ester Boserup’s Legacy on Sustainability
  2024. Estuaries of Australia in 2050 and beyond
  2025. Ethics and Technology Assessment: A Participatory Approach
  2026. Ethics and the Arts
  2027. Ethics in Medicine
  2028. Ethics of Human Rights
  2029. Ethics or Moral Philosophy
  2030. Ethnoarchaeology of the Kel Tadrart Tuareg
  2031. Ethnobotany and Biocultural Diversities in the Balkans
  2032. Ethnobotany of Tuberculosis in Laos
  2033. Ethnographic Worldviews
  2034. EU Bilateral Trade Agreements and Intellectual Property: For Better or Worse?
  2035. EU Competition Law, the Consumer Interest and Data Protection
  2036. EU Law on Indications of Geographical Origin
  2037. Euclid Vindicated from Every Blemish
  2038. Euro-Par 2013: Parallel Processing Workshops
  2039. Euro-Par 2014 Parallel Processing - 20th International Conference, Porto, Portugal, August 25-29, 2014. Proceedings
  2040. Euro-Par 2014: Parallel Processing Workshops, Part I
  2041. Euro-Par 2014: Parallel Processing Workshops, Part II
  2042. European and Latin American Higher Education Between Mirrors
  2043. European Critical Infrastructure Protection
  2044. European Instructional Lectures
  2045. European Metropolitan Commercial Real Estate Markets
  2046. European Philosophy of Science – Philosophy of Science in Europe and the Viennese Heritage
  2047. European Regulation of Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals
  2048. European Retail Research
  2049. European Sports Law
  2050. European Surgical Orthopaedics and Traumatology
  2051. Eutrophication: Causes, Consequences and Control
  2052. Evaluating Investments in Health Care Systems
  2053. Evaluation of Online Higher Education
  2054. Everyday Youth Literacies
  2055. Evidence-Based Approaches for the Treatment of Maltreated Children
  2056. Evidence-Based Cardiology Consult
  2057. Evidence-Based Interventions for Children with Challenging Behavior
  2058. Evidence-Based Practice in Juvenile Justice
  2059. Evolution in the Dark
  2060. Evolution of Archean Crust and Early Life
  2061. Evolution of Dam Policies
  2062. Evolution of the Atmosphere, Fire and the Anthropocene Climate Event Horizon
  2063. Evolution of Visual and Non-visual Pigments
  2064. Evolution, Complexity and Artificial Life
  2065. Evolutionary and Biologically Inspired Music, Sound, Art and Design
  2066. Evolutionary Biology: Genome Evolution, Speciation, Coevolution and Origin of Life
  2067. Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimisation
  2068. Evolutionary Governance Theory
  2069. Evolutionary Optimisation of Façade Design
  2070. Evolutionary Paths Towards the Mobility Patterns of the Future
  2071. Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Sexual Psychology and Behavior
  2072. EVOLVE - A Bridge between Probability, Set Oriented Numerics, and Evolutionary Computation III
  2073. EVOLVE - A Bridge between Probability, Set Oriented Numerics, and Evolutionary Computation V
  2074. Evolving Software Systems
  2075. Excel 2010 for Engineering Statistics
  2076. Excel 2010 for Health Services Management Statistics
  2077. Excel 2010 for Human Resource Management Statistics
  2078. Excitation Energies and Properties of Open-Shell Singlet Molecules
  2079. Exercise and Physical Functioning in Osteoarthritis
  2080. Exercises in Analysis
  2081. Exercises in Computational Mathematics with MATLAB
  2082. Expanding Peace Ecology: Peace, Security, Sustainability, Equity and Gender
  2083. Experience with Technology
  2084. Experiment and Exploration: Forms of World-Disclosure
  2085. Experimental Algorithms
  2086. Experimental and Computational Fluid Mechanics
  2087. Experimental Approaches to Understanding Fossil Organisms
  2088. Experimental Mechanics of Composite, Hybrid, and Multifunctional Materials, Volume 6
  2089. Experimental Robotics
  2090. Experimenting with AVR Microcontrollers
  2091. Experimenting with Raspberry Pi
  2092. Experiments and Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Combustion of Diluted Sprays
  2093. Expert ASP.NET Web API 2 for MVC Developers
  2094. Expert Oracle Database Architecture
  2095. Expert Oracle RAC Performance Diagnostics and Tuning
  2096. Expert Oracle SQL
  2097. Experts and Consensus in Social Science
  2098. Explaining Beauty in Mathematics: An Aesthetic Theory of Mathematics
  2099. Explaining Monetary and Financial Innovation
  2100. Explanation in the Special Sciences
  2101. Exploratory Data Analysis in Business and Economics
  2102. Exploring Image Binarization Techniques
  2103. Exploring Memory Hierarchy Design with Emerging Memory Technologies
  2104. Exploring Science Through Science Fiction
  2105. Exploring Services Science
  2106. Explosive Percolation in Random Networks
  2107. Exporting Culture
  2108. Exporting Essentials
  2109. Express.js Deep API Reference
  2110. Extended Abstracts Fall 2012
  2111. Extended Abstracts Spring 2013
  2112. Extended Warranties, Maintenance Service and Lease Contracts
  2113. Extraction of Quantifiable Information from Complex Systems
  2114. Extrasynaptic GABAA Receptors
  2115. Extraterrestrial Altruism
  2116. Extreme Explosions
  2117. Extreme Learning Machines 2013: Algorithms and Applications
  2118. Eyelid Tumors
  2119. Facebook Nation
  2120. Facilitating Conceptual Change in Students’ Understanding of the Periodic Table
  2121. Factor X : Policy, Strategies and Instruments for a Sustainable Resource Use
  2122. Factors Influencing Individual Taxpayer Compliance Behaviour
  2123. Faculty Development in the Health Professions
  2124. Failure Analysis
  2125. Fair Trial and Judicial Independence
  2126. False Feathers
  2127. Family Care and Social Capital: Transitions in Informal Care
  2128. Family Firms and Private Equity
  2129. Family Stories, Poetry and Women’s Work
  2130. Fashion Branding and Consumer Behaviors
  2131. Fast Software Encryption
  2132. Faster than Nyquist Signaling
  2133. Faulkner and the Native Keystone
  2134. Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Nonlinear Systems
  2135. Fault Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control and Guidance for Aerospace Vehicles
  2136. Fault Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control Strategies for Non-Linear Systems
  2137. Fc Receptors
  2138. FDA Bioequivalence Standards
  2139. Feature Coding for Image Representation and Recognition
  2140. Feature Profile Evolution in Plasma Processing Using On-wafer Monitoring System
  2141. Febrile Neutropenia
  2142. Federalism and Legal Unification
  2143. Feedback Strategies for Wireless Communication
  2144. FEFLOW
  2145. Felix Kaufmann's Theory and Method in the Social Sciences
  2146. Female Puberty
  2147. Femtosecond Laser 3D Micromachining for Microfluidic and Optofluidic Applications
  2148. Ferroelectric Crystals for Photonic Applications
  2149. Ferroelectric Domain Walls
  2150. Ferroelectricity at the Nanoscale
  2151. Festschrift in Honor of Peter Schmidt
  2152. Fiat: The Secrets of an Epoch
  2153. Fiber Fuse
  2154. Field and Service Robotics
  2155. Field Free Line Magnetic Particle Imaging
  2156. Field-Coupled Nanocomputing
  2157. Fifty Years of Cytochrome P450 Research
  2158. Filaggrin
  2159. Film, Television and the Psychology of the Social Dream
  2160. Finance for Food
  2161. Financial Crimes and Existential Philosophy
  2162. Financial Cryptography and Data Security - 18th International Conference, FC 2014, Christ Church, Barbados, March 3-7, 2014, Revised Selected Papers
  2163. Financial Cryptography and Data Security - FC 2014 Workshops, BITCOIN and WAHC 2014, Christ Church, Barbados, March 7, 2014, Revised Selected Papers
  2164. Financial Stability Policy in the Euro Zone
  2165. Finite Elements Methods in Mechanics
  2166. Finite Sample Analysis in Quantum Estimation
  2167. Finite Volumes for Complex Applications VII-Elliptic, Parabolic and Hyperbolic Problems
  2168. Finite Volumes for Complex Applications VII-Methods and Theoretical Aspects
  2169. Finiteness Properties of Arithmetic Groups Acting on Twin Buildings
  2170. Finite-Time Stability and Control
  2171. Finnish Innovations and Technologies in Schools
  2172. Fire Behavior and Fire Protection in Timber Buildings
  2173. First Principles Approaches to Spectroscopic Properties of Complex Materials
  2174. First Settlement of Remote Oceania
  2175. Fisheries Management of Mexican and Central American Estuaries
  2176. Five Decades of Tackling Models for Stiff Fluid Dynamics Problems
  2177. Five Legal Revolutions Since the 17th Century
  2178. Fixed Point of the Parabolic Renormalization Operator
  2179. Fixed Point Theory in Distance Spaces
  2180. Flags of the Night Sky
  2181. Flammability of Cartoned Lithium Ion Batteries
  2182. Flash Memories
  2183. Flexible Approaches in Data, Information and Knowledge Management
  2184. Flexible Global Ocean-Atmosphere-Land System Model
  2185. Flexural Testing of Weld Site and HVOF Coating Characteristics
  2186. Float Glass Innovation in the Flat Glass Industry
  2187. Flourishing Children
  2188. Flow and Heat and Mass Transfer in Laminar and Turbulent Mist Gas-Droplets Stream over a Flat Plate
  2189. Flow and the Foundations of Positive Psychology
  2190. Flow Boiling in Microgap Channels
  2191. Flow Sensing in Air and Water
  2192. Flowering Plants. Eudicots
  2193. Fluctuations of Lévy Processes with Applications
  2194. Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Disorders
  2195. Fluid-Structure Interaction and Biomedical Applications
  2196. Fluid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control
  2197. Fluorescent Methods for Molecular Motors
  2198. Fluorine in Heterocyclic Chemistry Volume 1
  2199. Fluorine in Heterocyclic Chemistry Volume 2
  2200. Fluvial Depositional Systems
  2201. Fluvial Hydrodynamics
  2202. Flux Pinning in Superconductors
  2203. FM 2014: Formal Methods
  2204. Focal Controlled Drug Delivery
  2205. Foliations: Dynamics, Geometry and Topology
  2206. Food Allergens
  2207. Food Biopreservation
  2208. Food Freezing and Thawing Calculations
  2209. Food Processing: Strategies for Quality Assessment
  2210. Food Security Among Small-Scale Agricultural Producers in Southern Africa
  2211. Foodinformatics
  2212. Football, Gambling, and Money Laundering
  2213. Footprints in Micrometeorology and Ecology
  2214. For What Child
  2215. Foregrounds
  2216. Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries
  2217. Foreign Direct Investment in South Asia
  2218. Foreign Market Subsidiary Mandates
  2219. Forensic and Legal Dentistry
  2220. Forensic GIS
  2221. Forensic Medicine
  2222. Forensic Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Violent Offender
  2223. Forensic Pathology of Infancy and Childhood
  2224. Foresighted Leading
  2225. Forest conservation in protected areas of Bangladesh
  2226. Forest Context and Policies in Portugal
  2227. Forest Landscapes and Global Change
  2228. Forestry Applications of Airborne Laser Scanning
  2229. Forests and Rural Development
  2230. Forests in Our Changing World
  2231. Forests of Iran
  2232. Forging a Rewarding Career in the Humanities
  2233. Formal Algorithmic Elimination for PDEs
  2234. Formal and Informal Approaches to Food Policy
  2235. Formal and Informal Strategic Planning
  2236. Formal Approaches to Semantics and Pragmatics
  2237. Formal Aspects of Component Software
  2238. Formal Concept Analysis
  2239. Formal Grammar
  2240. Formal Methods and Software Engineering
  2241. Formal Methods for Executable Software Models
  2242. Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems
  2243. Formal Methods in Macro-Biology
  2244. Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems
  2245. Formal Techniques for Distributed Objects, Components, and Systems
  2246. Formal Techniques for Safety-Critical Systems
  2247. Formulation of Uncertainty Relation Between Error and Disturbance in Quantum Measurement by Using Quantum Estimation Theory
  2248. Forward Error Correction Based On Algebraic-Geometric Theory
  2249. Foundation ActionScript 3
  2250. Foundational and Practical Aspects of Resource Analysis
  2251. Foundations and Applications of Intelligent Systems
  2252. Foundations and Practical Applications of Cognitive Systems and Information Processing
  2253. Foundations and Practice of Security
  2254. Foundations for Designing User-Centered Systems
  2255. Foundations for Innovative Application of Airborne Radars
  2256. Foundations of a Pure Cost Theory
  2257. Foundations of Applied Statistical Methods
  2258. Foundations of Augmented Cognition. Advancing Human Performance and Decision-Making through Adaptive Systems
  2259. Foundations of Bilingual Memory
  2260. Foundations of Computational Linguistics
  2261. Foundations of Digital Government
  2262. Foundations of Health Information Engineering and Systems
  2263. Foundations of Information and Knowledge Systems
  2264. Foundations of Intelligent Systems
  2265. Foundations of Intelligent Systems
  2266. Foundations of Programming Languages
  2267. Foundations of Python Network Programming
  2268. Foundations of Real Estate Development Financing
  2269. Foundations of Security Analysis and Design VII
  2270. Foundations of Software Science and Computation Structures
  2271. Foundations of the Complex Variable Boundary Element Method
  2272. Founder mutations in inherited cardiac diseases in the Netherlands
  2273. Fourier Analysis
  2274. Fourier Analysis and Stochastic Processes
  2275. Fractal Apertures in Waveguides, Conducting Screens and Cavities
  2276. Fractals, Wavelets, and their Applications
  2277. Fracture and Fatigue, Volume 7
  2278. Fracture Phenomena in Nature and Technology
  2279. Frames and Concept Types
  2280. Frederic W. Harmer: A Scientific Biography
  2281. Freedom 7
  2282. Freedom, Recognition and Non-Domination
  2283. Freedom, Security and Justice in the European Union
  2284. Free-Electron Lasers in the Ultraviolet and X-Ray Regime
  2285. French Philosophy and Social Theory
  2286. Frequency References, Power Management for SoC, and Smart Wireless Interfaces
  2287. Frequent Pattern Mining
  2288. Friction Stir Welding and Processing
  2289. Friction Welding
  2290. Fringe 2013
  2291. From Alexandria, Through Baghdad
  2292. From Animals to Animats 13
  2293. From Animals to Robots and Back: Reflections on Hard Problems in the Study of Cognition
  2294. From Aristotle to Schrödinger
  2295. From Casual Stargazer to Amateur Astronomer
  2296. From Particle Systems to Partial Differential Equations
  2297. From Programs to Systems. The Systems perspective in Computing
  2298. From Real to Complex Analysis
  2299. From Rechtsstaat to Universal Law-State
  2300. From Robot to Human Grasping Simulation
  2301. From Single Molecules to Nanoscopically Structured Materials
  2302. From Sources to Solution
  2303. Front Line Extremity and Orthopaedic Surgery
  2304. Frontier and Future Development of Information Technology in Medicine and Education
  2305. Frontier and Innovation in Future Computing and Communications
  2306. Frontiers and Challenges in Warm Dense Matter
  2307. Frontiers and Progress in Multiphase Flow I
  2308. Frontiers in Algorithmics
  2309. Frontiers in Gaming Simulation
  2310. Frontiers in Gynecological Endocrinology
  2311. Frontiers in Optical Methods
  2312. Frontiers of Fundamental Physics and Physics Education Research
  2313. Frozen Section Library: Endocrine Organs
  2314. Fructose, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sucrose and Health
  2315. Fullerenes and Other Carbon-Rich Nanostructures
  2316. Fully Nonlinear PDEs in Real and Complex Geometry and Optics
  2317. Fun with Algorithms
  2318. Functional Analysis
  2319. Functional Analysis and Applied Optimization in Banach Spaces
  2320. Functional and Logic Programming
  2321. Functional and Phylogenetic Ecology in R
  2322. Functional Bladder Reconstruction Following Spinal Cord Injury via Neural Approaches
  2323. Functional Brain Tumor Imaging
  2324. Functional Characterization of Arabidopsis Phosphatidylinositol Monophosphate 5-kinase 2 in Lateral Root Development, Gravitropism and Salt Tolerance
  2325. Functional Imaging in Oncology: Biophysical Basis and Technical Approaches - Volume 1
  2326. Functional Imaging in Oncology: Clinical Applications - Volume 2
  2327. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Processing
  2328. Functional Materials in Amperometric Sensing
  2329. Functional Molecular Silicon Compounds I
  2330. Functional Molecular Silicon Compounds II
  2331. Functional Nanomaterials and Devices for Electronics, Sensors and Energy Harvesting
  2332. Functional Nanostructures Fabricated by Focused Electron/Ion Beam Induced Deposition
  2333. Functional Ophthalmic Disorders
  2334. Functional Symptoms in Pediatric Disease
  2335. Fundamental Algorithms in Computational Fluid Dynamics
  2336. Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering
  2337. Fundamental Physics in Particle Traps
  2338. Fundamentals of Air Cleaning Technology and Its Application in Cleanrooms
  2339. Fundamentals of Algebraic Topology
  2340. Fundamentals of Antimicrobial Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
  2341. Fundamentals of Automotive and Engine Technology
  2342. Fundamentals of Cancer Prevention
  2343. Fundamentals of Chromatin
  2344. Fundamentals of Evidence Based Medicine
  2345. Fundamentals of Evidence-Based Health Care and Translational Science
  2346. Fundamentals of Fiber Lasers and Fiber Amplifiers
  2347. Fundamentals of Fluorescence Microscopy
  2348. Fundamentals of Laser-Assisted Micro- and Nanotechnologies
  2349. Fundamentals of Matrix-Analytic Methods
  2350. Fundamentals of Multimedia
  2351. Fundamentals of Physical Geology
  2352. Fundamentals of Renal Pathology
  2353. Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems
  2354. Fundamentals of Sketch-Based Passwords
  2355. Fundamentals of Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control
  2356. Fungal Genomics
  2357. Fungal RNA Biology
  2358. Fusion in Computer Vision
  2359. Future Business Software
  2360. Future Challenges in Crop Protection Against Fungal Pathogens
  2361. Future Data and Security Engineering
  2362. Future Information Technology: FutureTech 2013
  2363. Future Information Technology: FutureTech 2014
  2364. Future Internet Testing
  2365. Future Vision and Trends on Shapes, Geometry and Algebra
  2366. Fuzziness, Democracy, Control and Collective Decision-choice System: A Theory on Political Economy of Rent-Seeking and Profit-Harvesting
  2367. Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Applied Sciences and Engineering
  2368. Fuzzy Data Warehousing for Performance Measurement
  2369. Fuzzy Information & Engineering and Operations Research & Management
  2370. Fuzzy Knowledge Management for the Semantic Web
  2371. Fuzzy Modeling and Control: Theory and Applications
  2372. Fuzzy Portfolio Optimization
  2373. Fuzzy Social Choice Models
  2374. Fuzzy Social Choice Theory
  2375. Fuzzy XML Data Management
  2376. Fuzzy-Like Multiple Objective Multistage Decision Making
  2377. G Protein Signaling Mechanisms in the Retina
  2378. G Protein-Coupled Receptors - Modeling and Simulation
  2379. Gambling Dynamism
  2380. Game Development Tool Essentials
  2381. Game Theoretic Approaches for Spectrum Redistribution
  2382. Game Theory and Business Applications
  2383. Games and Learning Alliance
  2384. Games for Health 2014
  2385. Games for Training, Education, Health and Sports
  2386. Gamete and Embryo Selection
  2387. Gamete and Embryo-fetal Origins of Adult Diseases
  2388. Gas Sensing Fundamentals
  2389. Gas Transport in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  2390. Gastrointestinal Physiology
  2391. Gearing up and accelerating cross‐fertilization between academic and industrial robotics research in Europe:
  2392. Gearing Up and Accelerating Cross‐fertilization between Academic and Industrial Robotics Research in Europe:
  2393. Gelled Bicontinuous Microemulsions
  2394. Gender & Pop Culture
  2395. Gender and Sexual Identity
  2396. Gender Dysphoria and Disorders of Sex Development
  2397. Gender in Agriculture
  2398. Gender, Feminism, and Queer Theory in the Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices
  2399. Gender, Lifespan and Quality of Life
  2400. Gene Therapy for Cartilage and Bone Tissue Engineering
  2401. Gene Therapy for HIV
  2402. General Pontryagin-Type Stochastic Maximum Principle and Backward Stochastic Evolution Equations in Infinite Dimensions
  2403. General Relativity, Cosmology and Astrophysics
  2404. General Surgery Risk Reduction
  2405. General Trauma Care and Related Aspects
  2406. Generalized Hyperbolic Secant Distributions
  2407. Generalized Perturbations in Modified Gravity and Dark Energy
  2408. Generalized Weibull Distributions
  2409. Genericity in Nonlinear Analysis
  2410. Genes and the Motivation to Use Substances
  2411. Genetic and Evolutionary Computing
  2412. Genetic Damage in Human Spermatozoa
  2413. Genetic Neuromuscular Disorders
  2414. Genetic Programming
  2415. Genetic Programming Theory and Practice XI
  2416. Genetically Engineered Plants as a Source of Vaccines Against Wide Spread Diseases
  2417. Genetics and Genomics of Papaya
  2418. Genomics and Proteomics for Clinical Discovery and Development
  2419. Genomics of Plant Genetic Resources - Volume 1. Managing, sequencing and mining genetic resources
  2420. Genomics of Plant Genetic Resources - Volume 2. Crop productivity, food security and nutritional quality
  2421. Genomics of Plant-Associated Bacteria
  2422. Genomics of Plant-Associated Fungi and Oomycetes: Dicot Pathogens
  2423. Genomics of Plant-Associated Fungi: Monocot Pathogens
  2424. Geobiotechnology I
  2425. Geobiotechnology II
  2426. Geochemistry at the Earth’s Surface
  2427. Geodesign by Integrating Design and Geospatial Sciences
  2428. Geodesy: Introduction to Geodetic Datum and Geodetic Systems
  2429. Geo-disaster Modeling and Analysis: An SPH-based Approach
  2430. Geographic Information Science
  2431. Geography of Religion in Japan
  2432. Geoinformation for Informed Decisions
  2433. Geomathematics: Theoretical Foundations, Applications and Future Developments
  2434. Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis
  2435. Geometric Control Theory and Sub-Riemannian Geometry
  2436. Geometric Invariant Theory for Polarized Curves
  2437. Geometric Measure Theory and Real Analysis
  2438. Geometric Methods in Physics
  2439. Geometric Modeling in Probability and Statistics
  2440. Geometric Theory of Information
  2441. Geometrical Multiresolution Adaptive Transforms
  2442. Geometrical Objects
  2443. Geometrically Constructed Markov Chain Monte Carlo Study of Quantum Spin-phonon Complex Systems
  2444. Geometry and Analysis of Fractals
  2445. Geometry and its Applications
  2446. Geometry of Manifolds with Non-negative Sectional Curvature
  2447. Geometry with Applications and Proofs
  2448. Geometry, Structure and Randomness in Combinatorics
  2449. Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry
  2450. Geoscience Research and Education
  2451. Geoscience Research and Outreach
  2452. Geospatial Technologies and Climate Change
  2453. Geostationary Satellites Collocation
  2454. Geothermics
  2455. Geriatric Trauma and Critical Care
  2456. Geriatric Urology
  2457. German Covered Bonds
  2458. German-Japanese Interchange of Data Analysis Results
  2459. Germany's New Security Demographics
  2460. Getting Started in Radio Astronomy
  2461. Gigaseal Formation in Patch Clamping
  2462. GIS-based Analysis of Coastal Lidar Time-Series
  2463. Giving Space to African Voices
  2464. Glaciers of the Karakoram Himalaya
  2465. Glioma Cell Biology
  2466. Global and Asian Perspectives on International Migration
  2467. Global Challenges, Local Responses in Higher Education
  2468. Global Citizen – Challenges and Responsibility in an Interconnected World
  2469. Global Climate Change and Public Health
  2470. Global Comparative Analysis of CBL-CIPK Gene Families in Plants
  2471. Global Cooperation Among G20 Countries
  2472. Global Diasporas and Development
  2473. Global Energy Demand and 2-degree Target, Report 2014
  2474. Global Environmental Change
  2475. Global Land Ice Measurements from Space
  2476. Global LAnd Surface Satellite (GLASS) Products
  2477. Global Opportunities and Challenges for Higher Education Leaders
  2478. Global Orthopedics
  2479. Global Perspectives on Subsidiarity
  2480. Global Perspectives on the Health of Seeds and Plant Propagation Material
  2481. Global Perspectives on Well-Being in Immigrant Families
  2482. Global Poverty Alleviation: A Case Book
  2483. Global Purchasing Processes in the Business Sector Automotive Aftermarket
  2484. Global Talent Management
  2485. Global Teachers, Australian Perspectives
  2486. Global to Local Curriculum Policy Processes
  2487. Globalization and Its Impacts on the Quality of PhD Education
  2488. Globalization and Standards
  2489. Globalization of Financial Institutions
  2490. Globalized Poverty and Environment
  2491. Globalized Water
  2492. Glutamate and ATP at the Interface of Metabolism and Signaling in the Brain
  2493. Glycobiology of the Nervous System
  2494. GNSS Remote Sensing
  2495. Goals of Civil Justice and Civil Procedure in Contemporary Judicial Systems
  2496. Gold Clusters, Colloids and Nanoparticles I
  2497. Gold Clusters, Colloids and Nanoparticles II
  2498. Gold-Catalyzed Cycloisomerization Reactions Through Activation of Alkynes
  2499. Gondwana Landscapes in southern South America
  2500. Good Laboratory Practices for Forensic Chemistry
  2501. Gottlieb and Whitehead Center Groups of Spheres, Projective and Moore Spaces
  2502. Governance and Performance of Water Utility Firms
  2503. Governance Arrangements for IT Project Portfolio Management
  2504. Governance Ethics: Global value creation, economic organization and normativity
  2505. Governare i processi per governare l’impresa: Lean Six Sigma
  2506. Governing Sourcing Relationships. A Collection of Studies at the Country, Sector and Firm Level
  2507. Government e-Strategic Planning and Management
  2508. Governments’ Responses to Climate Change: Selected Examples From Asia Pacific
  2509. Grab 'n' Go Astronomy
  2510. Gradually-varied Flow Profiles in Open Channels
  2511. GRAIL: Mapping the Moon’s Interior
  2512. Grand Challenges in Technology Enhanced Learning
  2513. Graph Drawing
  2514. Graph Structures for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  2515. Graph Transformation
  2516. Graph-Based Representation and Reasoning
  2517. Graphene Quantum Dots
  2518. Graphic Texts
  2519. Graphics Recognition. Current Trends and Challenges
  2520. Graphs and Matrices
  2521. Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science
  2522. Gratitude and the Good Life
  2523. Gravità, Stringhe e Particelle
  2524. Gravitational Wave Detection and Data Analysis for Pulsar Timing Arrays
  2525. Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems
  2526. Gravity, Strings and Particles
  2527. Green Chemistry: Synthesis of Bioactive Heterocycles
  2528. Green Chromatographic Techniques
  2529. Green Leadership in China
  2530. Green’s Functions in the Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations
  2531. Greening in the Red Zone
  2532. Ground-Based Aerosol Optical Depth Measurement Using Sunphotometers
  2533. Groundwater as a Key for Adaptation to Changing Climate and Society
  2534. Group Decision and Negotiation. A Process-Oriented View
  2535. Groups of Exceptional Type, Coxeter Groups and Related Geometries
  2536. Growing Adaptive Machines
  2537. Growing as a Teacher
  2538. Growing Plantation Forests
  2539. Growth Mechanisms and Novel Properties of Silicon Nanostructures from Quantum-Mechanical Calculations
  2540. Growth Through Innovation
  2541. GUI Design for Android Apps
  2542. Guida tascabile di traumatologia
  2543. Guide to Assessment Scales in Major Depressive Disorder
  2544. Guide to Assessment Scales in Parkinson’s Disease
  2545. Guide to Brain-Computer Music Interfacing
  2546. Guide to Java
  2547. Guide to OSI and TCP/IP Models
  2548. Guide to Psychological Assessment with Asians
  2549. Guide to Targeted Therapies: EGFR mutations in NSCLC
  2550. Guide to Teaching Computer Science
  2551. Guide to Teaching Puzzle-based Learning
  2552. Guided Self-Organization: Inception
  2553. H2Karst Research in Limestone Hydrogeology
  2554. Haar Wavelets
  2555. Hacking Europe
  2556. Hadron Therapy Physics and Simulations
  2557. Hadronic Transport Coefficients from Effective Field Theories
  2558. Halophytes: An Integrative Anatomical Study
  2559. Hamstring and Quadriceps Injuries in Athletes
  2560. Hand Function
  2561. Handbook for a Sustainable Economy
  2562. Handbook for Teacher Educators
  2563. Handbook of Anticancer Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
  2564. Handbook of Arabic Literacy
  2565. Handbook of Argumentation Theory
  2566. Handbook of Autism and Anxiety
  2567. Handbook of Biometric Anti-Spoofing
  2568. Handbook of Borderline Personality Disorder in Children and Adolescents
  2569. Handbook of Capsule Endoscopy
  2570. Handbook of Career Development
  2571. Handbook of Child Maltreatment
  2572. Handbook of Child Well-Being
  2573. Handbook of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
  2574. Handbook of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings
  2575. Handbook of Depression
  2576. Handbook of Dermatologic Surgery
  2577. Handbook of Developmental Psychopathology
  2578. Handbook of Document Image Processing and Recognition
  2579. Handbook of Early Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders
  2580. Handbook of EOQ Inventory Problems
  2581. Handbook of Epidemiology
  2582. Handbook of Executive Functioning
  2583. Handbook of Family Policies Across the Globe
  2584. Handbook of Forensic Sociology and Psychology
  2585. Handbook of Functional Equations: Functional Inequalities
  2586. Handbook of Functional Equations: Stability Theory
  2587. Handbook of Gas Sensor Materials
  2588. Handbook of Global Bioethics
  2589. Handbook of Glycosyltransferases and Related Genes
  2590. Handbook of Human Centric Visualization
  2591. Handbook of Insomnia
  2592. Handbook of Lasers in Dermatology
  2593. Handbook of LGBT Communities, Crime, and Justice
  2594. Handbook of Musculoskeletal Pain and Disability Disorders in the Workplace
  2595. Handbook of Nanomaterials Properties
  2596. Handbook of Neurotoxicity
  2597. Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology
  2598. Handbook of Pediatric Cardiovascular Drugs
  2599. Handbook of Philosophical Logic
  2600. Handbook of Polymernanocomposites. Processing, Performance and Application
  2601. Handbook of Porous Silicon
  2602. Handbook of Psychopathology in Intellectual Disability
  2603. Handbook of Race-Ethnicity and Gender in Psychology
  2604. Handbook of Regional Science
  2605. Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology
  2606. Handbook of Satellite Orbits
  2607. Handbook of School Mental Health
  2608. Handbook of Strategic e-Business Management
  2609. Handbook of Sustainable Travel
  2610. Handbook of the Social Psychology of Inequality
  2611. Handbook of the Sociology of Emotions: Volume II
  2612. Handbook on Agent-Oriented Design Processes
  2613. Handbook on the History of Mathematics Education
  2614. Handbook on the Neuropsychology of Traumatic Brain Injury
  2615. Haptic Rendering for Simulation of Fine Manipulation
  2616. Haptics: Neuroscience, Devices, Modeling, and Applications, Part I
  2617. Haptics: Neuroscience, Devices, Modeling, and Applications, Part II
  2618. Hardware and Software: Verification and Testing
  2619. Hardware for Soft Computing and Soft Computing for Hardware
  2620. Harmonic and Complex Analysis and its Applications
  2621. Harmonising Demographic and Socio-Economic Variables for Cross-National Comparative Survey Research
  2622. Harnessing Solar Heat
  2623. Harvesting Space for a Greener Earth
  2624. Haunting and the Educational Imagination
  2625. HCI in Business
  2626. HCI International 2014 - Posters’ Extended Abstracts, Part I
  2627. HCI International 2014 - Posters’ Extended Abstracts, Part II
  2628. Healing Traditions of the Northwestern Himalayas
  2629. Health and Cognition in Old Age
  2630. Health and Well-Being in Islamic Societies
  2631. Health Care Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation
  2632. Health Care Provision and Patient Mobility
  2633. Health Care Utilization in Germany
  2634. Health Impact Assessment in the United States
  2635. Health Information Science
  2636. Health Insurance
  2637. Health Practice Relationships
  2638. Healthcare and Biomedical Technology in the 21st Century
  2639. Healthcare Information Privacy and Security
  2640. Heart Rate Variability
  2641. Heartland
  2642. Heat Shock Proteins and Whole Body Adaptation to Extreme Environments
  2643. Heat Shock Proteins of Malaria
  2644. Heavy Neutral Particle Decays to Tau Pairs
  2645. Heidegger et le problème de la mort
  2646. Heidegger, Žižek and Revolution
  2647. Helminth Infections and their Impact on Global Public Health
  2648. Helmut Schmidt
  2649. Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation in Children with Cancer
  2650. Hemorrhoids
  2651. Hepatitis C Virus and Liver Transplantation
  2652. Hepatocellular Carcinoma
  2653. Herrera's 'Plasmogenia' and Other Collected Works
  2654. Hesitant Fuzzy Sets Theory
  2655. Heterogeneity in Asthma
  2656. Heterogeneous Photocatalysis Using Inorganic Semiconductor Solids
  2657. Heteroglossia as Practice and Pedagogy
  2658. Heuristic Strategies in the Speeches of Cicero
  2659. Hidden Markov Models in Finance
  2660. High Altitude
  2661. High Altitude Primates
  2662. High Definition Body Sculpting
  2663. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
  2664. High Impact Data Visualization with Power View, Power Map, and Power BI
  2665. High Order Nonlinear Numerical Schemes for Evolutionary PDEs
  2666. High Performance Cloud Auditing and Applications
  2667. High Performance Computing
  2668. High Performance Computing Systems. Performance Modeling, Benchmarking and Simulation
  2669. High Performance Multi-Channel High-Speed I/O Circuits
  2670. High Speed and Wide Bandwidth Delta-Sigma ADCs
  2671. High Temperature Gas Dynamics
  2672. High-Bandwidth Memory Interface
  2673. High-Dimensional Single Cell Analysis
  2674. High-Efficiency Solar Cells
  2675. Higher Education in Societies
  2676. Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research
  2677. High-level Political Appointments in the Philippines
  2678. Highlights of Practical Applications of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems. The PAAMS Collection
  2679. Highly Luminescent Lanthanide Complexes with Specific Coordination Structures
  2680. High-Performance Computational Solutions in Protein Bioinformatics
  2681. High-Performance Computing Infrastructure for South East Europe's Research Communities
  2682. High-Performance Computing on the Intel® Xeon Phi™
  2683. High-Performance In-Memory Genome Data Analysis
  2684. High-Voltage Test and Measuring Techniques
  2685. Hip Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  2686. Hiroshima to Fukushima
  2687. Histological Diagnosis of Nevi and Melanoma
  2688. Histopathology of the Salivary Glands
  2689. Historical Developments in Singular Perturbations
  2690. Historical Evolution Toward Achieving Ultrahigh Vacuum in JEOL Electron Microscopes
  2691. Historical Perspectives of Fisheries Exploitation in the Indo-Pacific
  2692. Historical Variability of Rainfall in the African East Sahel of Sudan
  2693. History and Evolution of Concepts in Physics
  2694. History of Artificial Cold, Scientific, Technological and Cultural Issues
  2695. History of Cartography
  2696. History of Monetary Policy in India Since Independence
  2697. History of Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand
  2698. History of Social Law in Germany
  2699. HIV glycans in infection and immunity
  2700. HL7 for BizTalk
  2701. Holocene Sea-level Scenarios in Bangladesh
  2702. Holoscopy
  2703. Holy Sci-Fi!
  2704. Home Energy Information
  2705. Home Fire Sprinkler Cost Assessment
  2706. Homeostasis - Tumor - Metastasis
  2707. Homological Mirror Symmetry and Tropical Geometry
  2708. Homomorphic Encryption and Applications
  2709. Honeybee Nests
  2710. Horizons of the Mind. A Tribute to Prakash Panangaden
  2711. Hormones, Intrauterine Health and Programming
  2712. Horticultural Nematology
  2713. Horticulture: Plants for People and Places, Volume 1
  2714. Horticulture: Plants for People and Places, Volume 2
  2715. Horticulture: Plants for People and Places, Volume 3
  2716. Hospital Infection Prevention
  2717. Host Plants of World Agrilus (Coleoptera, Buprestidae)
  2718. Household and Living Arrangement Projections
  2719. Houses in Transformation
  2720. Housing Affordability and Housing Policy in Urban China
  2721. How Black and Working Class Children Are Deprived of Basic Education in Canada
  2722. How Financial Slack Affects Corporate Performance
  2723. How Helminths Alter Immunity to Infection
  2724. How Mechanics Shaped the Modern World
  2725. How Nature Works
  2726. How Parents Deal with the Education of their Child on the Autism Spectrum
  2727. How to Find the Apollo Landing Sites
  2728. How to Speak Tech
  2729. How to Write a Better Thesis
  2730. How World-Class Universities Affect Global Higher Education
  2731. HTML5 Game Development Insights
  2732. Human Action Recognition with Depth Cameras
  2733. Human and Mediated Communication around the World
  2734. Human Aspects of Information Security, Privacy, and Trust
  2735. Human Behavior Understanding
  2736. Human Behavior Understanding in Networked Sensing
  2737. Human Computer Interaction Using Hand Gestures
  2738. Human Environment Interactions - Volume 2
  2739. Human Footprints: Fossilised Locomotion?
  2740. Human Fungal Pathogens
  2741. Human Green Development Report 2014
  2742. Human Interface and the Management of Information. Information and Knowledge Design and Evaluation
  2743. Human Interface and the Management of Information. Information and Knowledge in Applications and Services
  2744. Human Language Technology Challenges for Computer Science and Linguistics
  2745. Human Migration to Space
  2746. Human Motivation and Interpersonal Relationships
  2747. Human Nature in an Age of Biotechnology
  2748. Human Reliability, Error, and Human Factors in Power Generation
  2749. Human Resource Management and Technological Challenges
  2750. Human Resource Management Systems in New Business Creation
  2751. Human Resources and Payroll in China
  2752. Human Rights and Civil Liberties in the 21st Century
  2753. Human Rights and Human Nature
  2754. Human Rights Protection System in China
  2755. Human Subjects Research after the Holocaust
  2756. Human Suffering and Quality of Life
  2757. Human-Centered Social Media Analytics
  2758. Human-Centered Software Engineering
  2759. Human-Centric Decision-Making Models for Social Sciences
  2760. Human-Computer Interaction. Advanced Interaction Modalities and Techniques
  2761. Human-Computer Interaction. Applications and Services
  2762. Human-Computer Interaction. Theories, Methods, and Tools
  2763. Human-Computer Systems Interaction: Backgrounds and Applications 3
  2764. Human-Inspired Computing and Its Applications
  2765. Humanitarian Assistance for Displaced Persons from Myanmar
  2766. Humanized Mice for HIV Research
  2767. Hume's Critique of Religion: 'Sick Men's Dreams'
  2768. Humor, Laughter and Human Flourishing
  2769. Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems
  2770. Hybrid Classifiers
  2771. Hybrid Fault Tolerance Techniques to Detect Transient Faults in Embedded Processors
  2772. Hybrid Learning. Theory and Practice
  2773. Hybrid Metaheuristics
  2774. Hydatidosis of the Central Nervous System: Diagnosis and Treatment
  2775. Hydraulically Actuated Hexapod Robots
  2776. Hydrodynamics and Stellar Winds
  2777. Hydrophilic Matrix Tablets for Oral Controlled Release
  2778. Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine Retinopathy
  2779. Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Related Analysis with Applications
  2780. Hyperbolic Systems with Analytic Coefficients
  2781. Hypercomplex Analysis: New Perspectives and Applications
  2782. Hypergeometric Summation
  2783. Hypoxia and Cancer
  2784. Hysteresis Phenomena in Biology
  2785. I Domain Integrins
  2786. I Long for Normality
  2787. IAENG Transactions on Engineering Technologies
  2788. ICREGA’14 - Renewable Energy: Generation and Applications
  2789. ICT and Critical Infrastructure: Proceedings of the 48th Annual Convention of Computer Society of India- Vol I
  2790. ICT and Critical Infrastructure: Proceedings of the 48th Annual Convention of Computer Society of India- Vol II
  2791. ICT and Society
  2792. ICT in Education in Global Context
  2793. ICT Innovations 2013
  2794. ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection
  2795. ICTs and the Millennium Development Goals
  2796. Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Bipolar Disorder at School
  2797. Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
  2798. IgG4-Related Disease
  2799. Il campione per l’analisi chimica
  2800. Illuminating How Identities, Stereotypes and Inequalities Matter through Gender Studies
  2801. Image Analysis and Recognition, Part I
  2802. Image Analysis and Recognition, Part II
  2803. Image Analysis in Earth Sciences
  2804. Image and Signal Processing
  2805. Image and Video Technology
  2806. Image and Video Technology – PSIVT 2013 Workshops
  2807. Image Blending Techniques and their Application in Underwater Mosaicing
  2808. Image Guided Prostate Cancer Treatments
  2809. Image Processing and Communications Challenges 5
  2810. Imaging Coronary Atherosclerosis
  2811. Imaging in Clinical Oncology
  2812. Imaging of Foreign Bodies
  2813. Imaging of Prosthetic Joints
  2814. Imaging of Small Bowel, Colon and Rectum
  2815. Imaging of Ulcerative Colitis
  2816. Imaging of Urinary Tract Diverticula
  2817. Imaging Spine After Treatment
  2818. Imaging the ICU Patient
  2819. Imaging with Electromagnetic Spectrum
  2820. Immigration Regulation in Federal States
  2821. Imminent Science
  2822. Immune Modulation and Anti-Inflammatory Therapy in Ocular Disorders
  2823. Immunological Mechanisms and Therapies in Brain Injuries and Stroke
  2824. Immunology of Aging
  2825. Immunology of the Female Genital Tract
  2826. Impact of Energy Balance on Cancer Disparities
  2827. Impact of Organized Crime on Murder of Law Enforcement Personnel at the U.S.-Mexican Border
  2828. Impact of Sleep and Sleep Disturbances on Obesity and Cancer
  2829. Impacts of Cyberbullying, Building Social and Emotional Resilience in Schools
  2830. Impacts of Selenium on the Biogeochemical Cycles of Mercury in Terrestrial Ecosystems in Mercury Mining Areas
  2831. Implantable Hearing Devices other than Cochlear Implants
  2832. Implementation and Application of Automata
  2833. Implementing Adaptation Strategies by Legal, Economic and Planning Instruments on Climate Change
  2834. Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility
  2835. Implementing Cross-Culture Pedagogies
  2836. Implications of Pyrite Oxidation for Engineering Works
  2837. Implicit Functions and Solution Mappings
  2838. Important Figures of Analytical Chemistry from Germany in Brief Biographies
  2839. Impossibility in Modern Private Law
  2840. Improvement of Crops in the Era of Climatic Changes - Volume 1
  2841. Improvement of Crops in the Era of Climatic Changes - Volume 2
  2842. Improving Disaster Resilience and Mitigation - IT Means and Tools
  2843. Improving GIS-based Wildlife-Habitat Analysis
  2844. Improving Societal Resilience to Disasters
  2845. In Pursuit of Nanoethics
  2846. InCIEC 2013
  2847. Inclusive Designing
  2848. Inclusive Human Machine Interaction for India
  2849. Inclusive Special Education
  2850. Incoming Asteroid!
  2851. Incompressible Bipolar and Non-Newtonian Viscous Fluid Flow
  2852. Increasing Perceptual Skills of Robots Through Proximal Force/Torque Sensors
  2853. Increasing Psychological Well-being in Clinical and Educational Settings
  2854. Indacaterol
  2855. Independent Component Analysis of Edge Information for Face Recognition
  2856. Independent Variables for Optical Surfacing Systems
  2857. Index Matrices: Towards an Augmented Matrix Calculus
  2858. Indian Herbal Drug Microscopy
  2859. Indian Skilled Migration and Development
  2860. Indian Stock Market
  2861. Indigenist African Development and Related Issues
  2862. Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property Rights
  2863. Indigenous Peoples' Cultural Property Claims
  2864. Indonesia’s Delimited Maritime Boundaries
  2865. Indoor Location-Based Services
  2866. Inductive Fuzzy Classification in Marketing Analytics
  2867. Inductive Logic Programming
  2868. Industrial Applications of Affective Engineering
  2869. Industrial Cloud-Based Cyber-Physical Systems
  2870. Industrial Management- Control and Profit
  2871. Industrial Problem Solving Simplified
  2872. Inequalities
  2873. Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) Fusion
  2874. Infectious Complications in Cancer Patients
  2875. Infectious Diseases and Nanomedicine I
  2876. Infectious Diseases and Nanomedicine II
  2877. Infectious Microecology
  2878. Inference on the Hurst Parameter and the Variance of Diffusions Driven by Fractional Brownian Motion
  2879. Infinite Regress Arguments
  2880. Infinite-Horizon Optimal Control in the Discrete-Time Framework
  2881. Inflammation and Cancer
  2882. Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Neurological Disorders
  2883. Inflammation in Parkinson's Disease
  2884. Influenza Pathogenesis and Control - Volume I
  2885. Informal Urban Agriculture
  2886. Informatics Education in Healthcare
  2887. Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics
  2888. Informatics in Schools. Teaching and Learning Perspectives
  2889. Information Access Evaluation. Multilinguality, Multimodality, and Interaction
  2890. Information and Communication Technologies in Education, Research, and Industrial Applications
  2891. Information and Communication Technology
  2892. Information and Control in Networks
  2893. Information and Life
  2894. Information and Software Technologies
  2895. Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems (IF AND GIS 2013)
  2896. Information Literacy. Lifelong Learning and Digital Citizenship in the 21st Century
  2897. Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems, Part I
  2898. Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems, Part II
  2899. Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems, Part III
  2900. Information Processing in Computer-Assisted Interventions
  2901. Information Retrieval Technology
  2902. Information Sciences and Systems 2014
  2903. Information Search, Integration, and Personalization
  2904. Information Security
  2905. Information Security and Cryptology
  2906. Information Security and Cryptology -- ICISC 2013
  2907. Information Security and Privacy
  2908. Information Security Applications
  2909. Information Security Practice and Experience
  2910. Information Security Theory and Practice. Securing the Internet of Things
  2911. Information System Development
  2912. Information Systems and Global Assemblages. (Re)Configuring Actors, Artefacts, Organizations
  2913. Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management in Mediterranean Countries
  2914. Information Systems for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  2915. Information Systems Management in the Big Data Era
  2916. Information Systems Outsourcing
  2917. Information Systems Security
  2918. Information Systems, Management, Organization and Control
  2919. Information Systems: Education, Applications, Research
  2920. Information Technologies and Mathematical Modelling
  2921. Information Technologies in Biomedicine, Volume 3
  2922. Information Technologies in Biomedicine, Volume 4
  2923. Information Technology and Open Source: Applications for Education, Innovation, and Sustainability
  2924. Information Technology in Bio- and Medical Informatics
  2925. Information Technology in Environmental Engineering
  2926. Information Theoretic Security
  2927. Information Visualization
  2928. Information-Theoretic Evaluation for Computational Biomedical Ontologies
  2929. Infostorms
  2930. Infranomics
  2931. Infrared spectra of mineral species
  2932. Inherited Chorioretinal Dystrophies
  2933. Injectable Fillers in Aesthetic Medicine
  2934. Injection Technologies for the Repair of Damaged Concrete Structures
  2935. Injections in Aesthetic Medicine
  2936. Innovating in a Learning Community
  2937. Innovation Acceptance
  2938. Innovation and Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  2939. Innovation and Teaching Technologies
  2940. Innovation in a High Technology B2B Context
  2941. Innovation Network Functionality
  2942. Innovation Processes in Business Networks
  2943. Innovation Through Cooperation
  2944. Innovation, Human Capital and Trade Competitiveness
  2945. Innovations in 3D Geo-Information Sciences
  2946. Innovations in Bio-inspired Computing and Applications
  2947. Innovations in HIV Prevention Research and Practice through Community Engagement
  2948. Innovations in Intelligent Machines-4
  2949. Innovations in Intelligent Machines-5
  2950. Innovative Advisory Services in the Virtual World
  2951. Innovative and Creative Developments in Multimodal Interaction Systems
  2952. Innovative Approaches Towards Low Carbon Economics
  2953. Innovative Computational Intelligence: A Rough Guide to 134 Clever Algorithms
  2954. Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms
  2955. Innovative Design, Analysis and Development Practices in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering
  2956. Innovative Hand Exoskeleton Design for Extravehicular Activities in Space
  2957. Innovative Management in Information and Production
  2958. Innovative Practices in Teaching Information Sciences and Technology
  2959. Innovative Strategies for Teaching in the Plant Sciences
  2960. Innovative Technologies in Urban Mapping
  2961. Inorganic Metal Oxide Nanocrystal Photocatalysts for Solar Fuel Generation from Water
  2962. In-Phase and Quadrature Imbalance
  2963. Input Modeling with Phase-Type Distributions and Markov Models
  2964. Inquiry into the Singapore Science Classroom
  2965. InSAR Imaging of Aleutian Volcanoes
  2966. Insect Hearing and Acoustic Communication
  2967. Insects, Fire and Conservation
  2968. Insight into Influenza Viruses of Animals and Humans
  2969. Insights from Comparative Hearing Research
  2970. Insights on Environmental Changes
  2971. In-situ Materials Characterization
  2972. In-situ Structure Characterization of Elastomers during Deformation and Fracture
  2973. In-situ Studies with Photons, Neutrons and Electrons Scattering II
  2974. Insolvency Timing and Managerial Decision-Making
  2975. Inspired by Finance
  2976. Instance-Specific Algorithm Configuration
  2977. Instant Controlled Pressure Drop (D.I.C.) in Food Processing
  2978. Institutional Competition between Common Law and Civil Law
  2979. Institutional Competition between Optional Codes in European Contract Law
  2980. Institutions, Emotions, and Group Agents
  2981. Insulation Measurement and Supervision in Live AC and DC Unearthed Systems
  2982. Integer Programming
  2983. Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization
  2984. Integral Geometry and Valuations
  2985. Integral Transform Techniques for Green's Function
  2986. Integrated Care in Psychiatry
  2987. Integrated Circuit Authentication
  2988. Integrated Devices for Quantum Information with Polarization Encoded Qubits
  2989. Integrated Formal Methods
  2990. Integrated Maintenance Planning in Manufacturing Systems
  2991. Integrated Pest Management - Experiences with Implementation, Global Overview, Vol.4
  2992. Integrated Pest Management - Pesticide Problems, Vol.3
  2993. Integrated Project Management and Control
  2994. Integrated Risk Management of Non-Maturing Accounts
  2995. Integrated River Basin Management
  2996. Integrated Scheduling of Continuous Casters and Hot Strip Mills
  2997. Integrated Seismic Design of Structure and Control Systems
  2998. Integrated Studies of Social and Natural Environmental Transition in Laos
  2999. Integrating 3D Modeling, Photogrammetry and Design
  3000. Integrating Renewables in Electricity Markets
  3001. Integrating Routing Decisions in Public Transportation Problems
  3002. Integration of AI and OR Techniques in Constraint Programming
  3003. Integration of Combined Transport into Supply Chain Concepts
  3004. Integration of Functional Oxides with Semiconductors
  3005. Integration of Reusable Systems
  3006. Integrative Clinical Social Work Practice
  3007. Integrative Observations and Assessments
  3008. Integrative Weight Management
  3009. Intel® Galileo and Intel® Galileo Gen 2
  3010. Intellectual Property and Health Technologies
  3011. Intellectual Property in Consumer Electronics, Software and Technology Startups
  3012. Intellectual Property Protection of Traditional Cultural Expressions
  3013. Intellectual Property Theory and Practice
  3014. Intelligence and Security Informatics
  3015. Intelligence for Embedded Systems
  3016. Intelligent Computer Mathematics
  3017. Intelligent Computing in Bioinformatics
  3018. Intelligent Computing in Smart Grid and Electrical Vehicles
  3019. Intelligent Computing Methodologies
  3020. Intelligent Computing Theory
  3021. Intelligent Computing, Networking, and Informatics
  3022. Intelligent Control
  3023. Intelligent Data analysis and its Applications, Volume I
  3024. Intelligent Data analysis and its Applications, Volume II
  3025. Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning – IDEAL 2014
  3026. Intelligent Distributed Computing VII
  3027. Intelligent Fashion Forecasting Systems: Models and Applications
  3028. Intelligent Information and Database Systems, Part I
  3029. Intelligent Information and Database Systems, Part II
  3030. Intelligent Information Processing VII
  3031. Intelligent Robotics and Applications, Part I
  3032. Intelligent Robotics and Applications, Part II
  3033. Intelligent Routines II
  3034. Intelligent Strategies for Pathway Mining
  3035. Intelligent Systems for Science and Information
  3036. Intelligent Systems in Technical and Medical Diagnostics
  3037. Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment
  3038. Intelligent Tools for Building a Scientific Information Platform: From Research to Implementation
  3039. Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  3040. Intelligent Virtual Agents
  3041. Intensive Variable and Its Application
  3042. Interaction of Immune and Cancer Cells
  3043. Interactions in Soil: Promoting Plant Growth
  3044. Interactive Experience in the Digital Age
  3045. Interactive Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in Biomedical Informatics
  3046. Interactive Segmentation Techniques
  3047. Interactive Storytelling
  3048. Interactive Theorem Proving
  3049. Inter-cooperative Collective Intelligence: Techniques and Applications
  3050. Interdisciplinary Concepts in Cardiovascular Health
  3051. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Consciousness and the Self
  3052. Interdisciplinary Works in Logic, Epistemology, Psychology and Linguistics
  3053. Interleukin-10 in Health and Disease
  3054. Internal Brand Management in an International Context
  3055. International Bioenergy Trade
  3056. International Conference on Advancements of Medicine and Health Care through Technology; 5th – 7th June 2014, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  3057. International Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Statistics 2013
  3058. International Conference on Science Education 2012 Proceedings
  3059. International Conference on Theory and Application in Nonlinear Dynamics (ICAND 2012)
  3060. International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Energy Related Materials (ENEFM2013)
  3061. International Education Hubs
  3062. International Governance of the Arctic Marine Environment
  3063. International Handbook of Adolescent Pregnancy
  3064. International Handbook of Educational Leadership and Social (In)Justice
  3065. International Handbook of Learning, Teaching and Leading in Faith-Based Schools
  3066. International Handbook of Research in History, Philosophy and Science Teaching
  3067. International Handbook of Research in Professional and Practice-based Learning
  3068. International Joint Conference SOCO’13-CISIS’13-ICEUTE’13
  3069. International Joint Conference SOCO’14-CISIS’14-ICEUTE’14
  3070. International Multidisciplinary Microscopy Congress
  3071. International Operations Networks
  3072. International Perspectives on Accounting and Corporate Behavior
  3073. International Perspectives on Climate Change
  3074. International Perspectives on Teacher Knowledge, Beliefs and Opportunities to Learn
  3075. International Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  3076. International Sourcing
  3077. International Technology Robotics Applications
  3078. International Trade and Global Macropolicy
  3079. International Trade Policy and European Industry
  3080. International Trade Theory and Policy
  3081. Internationalization of Japanese Firms
  3082. Internationalization of Law
  3083. Internationalizing the Curriculum in Organizational Psychology
  3084. Internet and Distributed Computing Systems
  3085. Internet of Things
  3086. Internet of Things Based on Smart Objects
  3087. Internet of Things, Smart Spaces, and Next Generation Networks and Systems
  3088. Internet of Vehicles – Technologies and Services
  3089. Internet Resource Pricing Models
  3090. Interpersonal Relationships in Education
  3091. Intersecting Interregionalism
  3092. Interventional Management of Head and Face Pain
  3093. Interventional Nephrology
  3094. Interventional Neuroradiology
  3095. Intimate Violence Across the Lifespan
  3096. Intracellular Delivery II
  3097. Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm of the Pancreas
  3098. Intraoperative Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy
  3099. Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
  3100. Introducing Maven
  3101. Introducing Spring Framework
  3102. Introduction to Autonomous Manipulation
  3103. Introduction to Black Hole Astrophysics
  3104. Introduction to Computational Mass Transfer
  3105. Introduction to Computational Social Science
  3106. Introduction to Data Analysis and Graphical Presentation in Biostatistics with R
  3107. Introduction to Embedded Systems
  3108. Introduction to Humanoid Robotics
  3109. Introduction to Law
  3110. Introduction to Mathematica® for Physicists
  3111. Introduction to Matrix Analysis and Applications
  3112. Introduction to Noncommutative Algebra
  3113. Introduction to Nonsmooth Optimization
  3114. Introduction to Optimization Analysis in Hydrosystem Engineering
  3115. Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
  3116. Introduction to Printed Electronics
  3117. Introduction to Quasi-Monte Carlo Integration and Applications
  3118. Introduction to Semiconductor Lasers for Optical Communications
  3119. Introduction to Singularities
  3120. Introduction to Software Quality
  3121. Introduction to Solid Mechanics
  3122. Introduction to Solid State Physics and Crystalline Nanostructures
  3123. Introduction to Stochastic Analysis and Malliavin Calculus
  3124. Introduction to Stochastic Integration
  3125. Introduction to Supergravity
  3126. Introduction to the Physics of Matter
  3127. Introduction to the Qualitative Theory of Differential Systems
  3128. Introduction to the Thermodynamically Constrained Averaging Theory for Porous Medium Systems
  3129. Introduction to Time-Delay Systems
  3130. Introduction to Transportation Analysis, Modeling and Simulation
  3131. Introduction to Vortex Filaments in Equilibrium
  3132. Introduction to Wind Turbine Aerodynamics
  3133. Introductory Notes on Valuation Rings and Function Fields in One Variable
  3134. Introductory Statistical Inference with the Likelihood Function
  3135. Introduzione al Laboratorio di Fisica
  3136. Intuitionistic Preference Modeling and Interactive Decision Making
  3137. Invariant Probabilities of Transition Functions
  3138. Invasive Fungal Rhinosinusitis
  3139. Inverse M-Matrices and Ultrametric Matrices
  3140. Investigative Interviewing
  3141. Investing in Information
  3142. Investor Expectations in Value Based Management
  3143. Invitation to Didactique
  3144. Ion acceleration and extreme light field generation based on ultra-short and ultra–intense lasers
  3145. Ionospheric Prediction and Forecasting
  3146. Iris Analysis for Biometric Recognition Systems
  3147. Iris Image Recognition
  3148. Iron-Catalyzed Synthesis of Fused Aromatic Compounds via C–H Bond Activation
  3149. Irresistible Apps
  3150. Irreversibility and Dissipation in Microscopic Systems
  3151. Is Local Beautiful?
  3152. ISAC and ARIEL: The TRIUMF Radioactive Beam Facilities and the Scientific Program
  3153. ISCS 2013: Interdisciplinary Symposium on Complex Systems
  3154. Islamic Philosophy and Occidental Phenomenology in Dialogue
  3155. Isospectral Transformations
  3156. ISSE 2014 Securing Electronic Business Processes
  3157. Issues and Challenges in Artificial Intelligence
  3158. Issues and Challenges of Intelligent Systems and Computational Intelligence
  3159. Issues in Clinical Epileptology: A View from the Bench
  3160. Issues in Contemporary Oil Paint
  3161. Issues in Supply Chain Scheduling and Contracting
  3162. Issues of Gender and Sexual Orientation in Humanitarian Emergencies
  3163. IT Quality Management
  3164. Italian Regionalism: Between Unitary Traditions and Federal Processes
  3165. Italy and Japan: How Similar Are They?
  3166. Iwasawa Theory 2012
  3167. Jacob Sigismund Beck’s Standpunctslehre and the Kantian Thing-in-itself Debate
  3168. James Baldwin
  3169. Janus-Faced Probability
  3170. Java 8 Recipes
  3171. JavaFX 8
  3172. JavaScript Creativity
  3173. JavaServer Faces
  3174. Jellyfish Blooms
  3175. Jet Quenching in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC
  3176. JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, Volume 13
  3177. JIMD Reports - Volume 12
  3178. JIMD Reports Volume 16
  3179. JIMD Reports, Volume 14
  3180. JIMD Reports, Volume 17
  3181. Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing
  3182. Johan van Benthem on Logic and Information Dynamics
  3183. John Dewey
  3184. Joining Decisions in Open Collaborative Innovation Communities
  3185. Joint Development of Hydrocarbon Deposits in the Law of the Sea
  3186. Jonathan Dean
  3187. jQuery 2 Recipes
  3188. JRuby Rails Web Application Development
  3189. Judicial Discretion within Adjudicative Committee Proceedings in China
  3190. Jurisprudence and Theology
  3191. Justice and Economic Violence in Transition
  3192. Justice, Conflict and Wellbeing
  3193. Kant on Proper Science
  3194. Karl Jaspers’ Philosophy and Psychopathology
  3195. Karl Marx
  3196. Keeping the Wild
  3197. Kernel Learning Algorithms for Face Recognition
  3198. Key Competencies in ICT and Informatics. Implications and Issues for Educational Professionals and Management
  3199. Key Concepts in Energy
  3200. Khazan Ecosystems of Goa
  3201. KI 2014: Advances in Artificial Intelligence
  3202. Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases in the Newborn
  3203. Kidney Development in Renal Pathology
  3204. Kidney Transplantation
  3205. Kinetics of Complex Plasmas
  3206. Kinetics of Heterogeneous Solid State Processes
  3207. Klaus von Beyme
  3208. Knee Joint Arthroplasty
  3209. Knee Ligament Injuries
  3210. Knowledge and Rural Development
  3211. Knowledge and Systems Engineering - Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference KSE 2013, Volume 1
  3212. Knowledge and Systems Engineering - Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference KSE 2013, Volume 2
  3213. Knowledge as a Driver of Regional Growth in the Russian Federation
  3214. Knowledge Cartography
  3215. Knowledge Creation in Education
  3216. Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management
  3217. Knowledge Engineering and Management (ISKE 2012)
  3218. Knowledge Engineering and Management (ISKE 2013)
  3219. Knowledge Engineering and the Semantic Web
  3220. Knowledge Management
  3221. Knowledge Management and Acquisition for Smart Systems and Services
  3222. Knowledge Management for Development
  3223. Knowledge Management in Organizations
  3224. Knowledge Representation for Health Care
  3225. Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management
  3226. Knowledge-Based Driver Assistance Systems
  3227. Knowledge-Based Software Engineering
  3228. Korean Education in Changing Economic and Demographic Contexts
  3229. Kripke’s Worlds
  3230. Krister Segerberg on Logic of Actions
  3231. k-Schur Functions and Affine Schubert Calculus
  3232. K-Taping
  3233. La fisioterapia nella paralisi cerebrale infantile
  3234. La psicologia dinamica e Sigmund Freud
  3235. La Recherche Écosanté en pratique
  3236. Labor and Employment Relations in a Globalized World
  3237. Labor in a Globalizing City
  3238. Laboratories of Art
  3239. Laboratory Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  3240. LACAME 2012
  3241. Lactic Acid Bacteria
  3242. Lake Kinneret
  3243. Land Use and Land Cover Mapping in Europe
  3244. Land Use and Society
  3245. Land Use Impacts on Climate
  3246. Landmarks
  3247. Landscape Ecology and Water Management
  3248. Landscape of Peace
  3249. Landscape Planning and Rural Development
  3250. Landscapes and Landforms of France
  3251. Landscapes and Landforms of India
  3252. Landscapes and Landforms of Spain
  3253. Landslide Science for a Safer Geoenvironment - Vol.1: The International Programme on Landslides (IPL)
  3254. Landslide Science for a Safer Geoenvironment - Volume 2: Methods of Landslide Studies
  3255. Landslide Science for a Safer Geoenvironment - Volume 3: Targeted Landslides
  3256. Landslides in Cold Regions in the Context of Climate Change
  3257. Landslides in Sensitive Clays
  3258. Language and Automata Theory and Applications
  3259. Language and Recursion
  3260. Language and the Right to Fair Hearing in International Criminal Trials
  3261. Language Learning, Discourse and Communication
  3262. Language Policy Challenges in Multi-Ethnic Malaysia
  3263. Language Processing with Perl and Prolog
  3264. Language Teacher Education in a Multilingual Context
  3265. Language, Culture, Computation. Computational Linguistics and Linguistics
  3266. Language, Culture, Computation. Computing - Theory and Technology
  3267. Language, Culture, Computation. Computing of the Humanities, Law, and Narratives
  3268. Language, Life, Limits
  3269. Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing
  3270. Languages for Specific Purposes in the Digital Era
  3271. Lanthanide-Doped Luminescent Nanomaterials
  3272. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  3273. Large Dams in Asia
  3274. Large Deviations in Physics
  3275. Large Scale Renewable Power Generation
  3276. Large-Scale Data Analytics
  3277. Large-Scale Networks in Engineering and Life Sciences
  3278. Large-Scale Scientific Computing
  3279. Laser - Surface Interactions
  3280. Laser Interaction with Biological Material
  3281. Laser Physics
  3282. Laser Pulse Heating of Surfaces and Thermal Stress Analysis
  3283. Laser Spectroscopy 1
  3284. Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
  3285. Lasers in Materials Science
  3286. Late Cenozoic Climate Change in Asia
  3287. Late Modernity
  3288. Lateral Power Transistors in Integrated Circuits
  3289. LATIN 2014: Theoretical Informatics
  3290. Lattice Theory: Special Topics and Applications
  3291. Launching IFMBE into the 21st Century: 50 Years and Counting
  3292. Law and Economics in Europe
  3293. Law and Regulation of Aerodromes
  3294. Law and Religious Cultural Heritage in Europe
  3295. Law and the Transition to Business Sustainability
  3296. Law, Culture and Visual Studies
  3297. Law, Economics and Finance of the Real Estate Market
  3298. Lazare and Sadi Carnot
  3299. Le basi della dermatologia
  3300. Leaders in Educational Research
  3301. Leaders in Mathematics Education
  3302. Leaders in Philosophy of Education
  3303. Leaders in Social Education
  3304. Leadership and Communication
  3305. Leadership Strategies for Women
  3306. Leadership, Coaching and Followership
  3307. Leading For Educational Lives
  3308. Lean Construction Management
  3309. Lean Manufacturing in the Developing World
  3310. Lean Six Sigma Case Studies in the Healthcare Enterprise
  3311. Lean Software Development in Action
  3312. Lean Thinking for Healthcare
  3313. Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development
  3314. Learn C++ for Game Development
  3315. Learn Design for iOS Development
  3316. Learn iOS 8 App Development
  3317. Learn Java for Android Development
  3318. Learn Java for Web Development
  3319. Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python
  3320. Learn Sprite Kit for iOS Game Development
  3321. Learn SpriteBuilder for iOS Game Development
  3322. Learn Unity 3D Programming with UnityScript
  3323. Learning across Generations in Europe
  3324. Learning Analytics
  3325. Learning and Collaboration Technologies. Designing and Developing Novel Learning Experiences
  3326. Learning and Collaboration Technologies. Technology-Rich Environments for Learning and Collaboration
  3327. Learning and Intelligent Optimization
  3328. Learning Motor Skills
  3329. Learning Organizations
  3330. Learning Regression Analysis by Simulation
  3331. Learning Technology for Education in Cloud. MOOC and Big Data
  3332. Learning with Mothers
  3333. Learning with Understanding in the Chemistry Classroom
  3334. Lecture Notes on Diophantine Analysis
  3335. Lectures in Meteorology
  3336. Lectures on Complex Integration
  3337. Lectures on Formal and Rigid Geometry
  3338. Lectures on Mappings of Finite Distortion
  3339. Lectures on Several Complex Variables
  3340. Lee's Ophthalmic Histopathology
  3341. Legacies of Occupation
  3342. Legacy, Sustainability and CSR at Mega Sport Events
  3343. Legal Principles for Combatting Cyberlaundering
  3344. Legumes in the Omic Era
  3345. Lending Behavior toward Family Firms
  3346. Length-Scale Dependent Phonon Interactions
  3347. Lens Epithelium and Posterior Capsular Opacification
  3348. Leo Esakia on Duality in Modal and Intuitionistic Logics
  3349. Leonid Isaakovich Mandelstam
  3350. Leśniewski's Systems of Logic and Foundations of Mathematics
  3351. Leveraging
  3352. Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation. Specialized Techniques and Applications
  3353. Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation. Technologies for Mastering Change
  3354. Leveraging Flexibility
  3355. Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesia in Parkinson's Disease
  3356. Lévy Processes and Their Applications in Reliability and Storage
  3357. Lexical Availability in English and Spanish as a Second Language
  3358. Liberating Energy from Carbon: Introduction to Decarbonization
  3359. Liberty Bell 7
  3360. Library and Information Sciences
  3361. Lichens to Biomonitor the Environment
  3362. Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics
  3363. Life and Death of the Stars
  3364. Life System Modeling and Simulation
  3365. Lifetime Environmental Impact of Buildings
  3366. Limb Malformations
  3367. Limit Theorems for Multi-Indexed Sums of Random Variables
  3368. Linear CMOS RF Power Amplifiers
  3369. Linear Integral Equations
  3370. Linear Models in Matrix Form
  3371. Linear Network Error Correction Coding
  3372. Linear Programming
  3373. Linear Programming Computation
  3374. Linear Systems
  3375. Linguistic Ideologies of Native American Language Revitalization
  3376. Linked Open Data -- Creating Knowledge Out of Interlinked Data
  3377. Linking Local and Global Sustainability
  3378. Linking Sustainable Livelihoods to Natural Resources and Governance
  3379. Linux Kernel Networking
  3380. Lip Cancer
  3381. Lipid Hydroperoxide-Derived Modification of Biomolecules
  3382. Lipoproteins in Diabetes Mellitus
  3383. Liquid Biofuels: Emergence, Development and Prospects
  3384. List of Substances of the Competent Federal Government and Federal State Authorities
  3385. Literacy and Language in East Asia
  3386. Literacy in the Arts
  3387. Lithium-ion Battery Materials and Engineering
  3388. Litigation Communication
  3389. Lived Spaces of Infant-Toddler Education and Care
  3390. Livelihood Security in Northwestern Himalaya
  3391. Liver Immunology
  3392. Liver Radioembolization with 90Y Microspheres
  3393. Living Donor Advocacy
  3394. Living with Transformation
  3395. Lobachevsky Geometry and Modern Nonlinear Problems
  3396. Local Binary Patterns: New Variants and Applications
  3397. Local Minimization, Variational Evolution and Γ-Convergence
  3398. Localized Excitations in Nonlinear Complex Systems
  3399. Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Nanobiosensors
  3400. Locally Convex Spaces
  3401. Locating Publics
  3402. Location Privacy Preservation in Cognitive Radio Networks
  3403. Logic Synthesis for Genetic Diseases
  3404. Logic, Language, Information, and Computation
  3405. Logic, Reasoning, and Rationality
  3406. Logica - Volume 1 Dimostrazioni e modelli al primo ordine
  3407. Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics
  3408. Logic-Based Program Synthesis and Transformation
  3409. Logics and Falsifications
  3410. Logics in Artificial Intelligence
  3411. Logistics Operations, Supply Chain Management and Sustainability
  3412. Long Island Sound
  3413. Longitudinal Categorical Data Analysis
  3414. Longitudinal Double-Spin Asymmetry of Electrons from Heavy Flavor Decays in Polarized p + p Collisions at √s = 200 GeV
  3415. Looking at Numbers
  3416. Lost in Practice
  3417. Lourdes Arizpe
  3418. Low Complexity MIMO Receivers
  3419. Low Threshold Organic Semiconductor Lasers
  3420. Low-Complexity Controllers for Time-Delay Systems
  3421. Low-cost Nanomaterials
  3422. Low-Cost Solar Electric Power
  3423. Lower Abdominal and Perineal Surgery
  3424. Low-Oxygen Stress in Plants
  3425. Low-Rank and Sparse Modeling for Visual Analysis
  3426. Lyotard, Literature and the Trauma of the differend
  3427. M² Models and Methodologies for Community Engagement
  3428. Machine Learning and Cybernetics
  3429. Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition
  3430. Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Part I
  3431. Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Part II
  3432. Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Part III
  3433. Machine Learning in Healthcare Informatics
  3434. Machine Learning in Medical Imaging
  3435. Machine Learning in Medicine - Cookbook
  3436. Machine Learning in Medicine - Cookbook Three
  3437. Machine Learning in Medicine - Cookbook Two
  3438. Machine Translation
  3439. Machining of Titanium Alloys
  3440. MacLeod's Introduction to Medicine
  3441. MACPF/CDC Proteins - Agents of Defence, Attack and Invasion
  3442. Macro Attractiveness and Micro Decisions in the Mutual Fund Industry
  3443. Macroeconomics
  3444. Macrophages: Biology and Role in the Pathology of Diseases
  3445. Macroscopic Matter Wave Interferometry
  3446. Mafic-ultramafic Intrusions in Beishan and Eastern Tianshan at Southern CAOB: Petrogenesis, Mineralization and Tectonic Implication
  3447. Magnesium Biomaterials
  3448. Magnetic Order and Coupling Phenomena
  3449. Magnetic Resonance and Its Applications
  3450. Magnetic Resonance Detection of Explosives and Illicit Materials
  3451. Magnetic Resonance Elastography
  3452. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Skeletal Musculature
  3453. Magnetic Stochasticity in Magnetically Confined Fusion Plasmas
  3454. Magnetoencephalography
  3455. Mainstream Polygamy
  3456. Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your 3D Printer
  3457. Maize: Nutrition Dynamics and Novel Uses
  3458. Making and Exploiting Fullerenes, Graphene, and Carbon Nanotubes
  3459. Making Transparent Environmental Management Decisions
  3460. Male Alopecia
  3461. Male Infertility
  3462. Male LUTS/BPH Made Easy
  3463. Malingering, Feigning, and Response Bias in Psychiatric/ Psychological Injury
  3464. Mammalian Cell Cultures for Biologics Manufacturing
  3465. Mammalian Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Cation Channels - Volume I
  3466. Mammalian Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Cation Channels - Volume II
  3467. Managed Realignment : A Viable Long-Term Coastal Management Strategy?
  3468. Management and Valuation of Heritage Assets
  3469. Management Ethics and Talmudic Dialectics
  3470. Management in Latin America
  3471. Management Innovation
  3472. Management of Cardiovascular Disease in Women
  3473. Management of Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer
  3474. Management of Chronic Kidney Disease
  3475. Management of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders in Children
  3476. Management of Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Trauma Patient
  3477. Management of Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Pancreas and Digestive Tract
  3478. Management of Penile Cancer
  3479. Management of Pericardial Disease
  3480. Management of Speech and Video Telephony Quality in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
  3481. Management of the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation
  3482. Management of Water Quality in Moldova
  3483. Managerial Issues in Finance and Banking
  3484. Managing and Breeding Wheat for Organic Systems
  3485. Managing Breathlessness in Clinical Practice
  3486. Managing Common Interventional Radiology Complications
  3487. Managing Complexity
  3488. Managing Complexity, Reducing Perplexity
  3489. Managing Consumer Services
  3490. Managing Democracies in Turbulent Times
  3491. Managing Derivatives Contracts
  3492. Managing Digital Enterprise
  3493. Managing Geo-Based Challenges
  3494. Managing Gout in Primary Care
  3495. Managing Process Innovation through Exploitation and Exploration
  3496. Managing Projects in the Real World
  3497. Managing Protected Areas in Central and Eastern Europe Under Climate Change
  3498. Managing Renal Injury in the Elderly Patient
  3499. Managing Service Productivity
  3500. Managing the Public's Trust in Non-profit Organizations
  3501. Managing, Using, and Interpreting Hadrian's Wall as World Heritage
  3502. Mangrove Ecosystems of Asia
  3503. Manis Valuations and Prüfer Extensions II
  3504. Man-Machine Interactions 3
  3505. Manual of Head and Neck Imaging
  3506. Manual of Operative Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery
  3507. Manual of Pediatric Nephrology
  3508. Manufacturing and Service Enterprise with Risks II
  3509. Manufacturing Scheduling Systems
  3510. Many-Electron Approaches in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  3511. Map Projections
  3512. Mapping Antarctica
  3513. Mapping Financial Stability
  3514. Mapping Spatial Relations, Their Perceptions and Dynamics
  3515. Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimento
  3516. Marginal Donors
  3517. Marginal Space Learning for Medical Image Analysis
  3518. Marginality
  3519. Marine Renewable Energy Technology and Environmental Interactions
  3520. Maritime Wideband Communication Networks
  3521. Market Microstructure and Nonlinear Dynamics
  3522. Market, Regulations and Finance
  3523. Marketing Cases from Emerging Markets
  3524. Markov Models for Pattern Recognition
  3525. Masculinities in a Global Era
  3526. Mashups
  3527. Mastering 3D Printing
  3528. Mastering Data-Intensive Collaboration and Decision Making
  3529. Mastering Scientific and Medical Writing
  3530. Mastering the Raspberry Pi
  3531. Matematica Numerica
  3532. Materials and Joints in Timber Structures
  3533. Materials and Processes for Solar Fuel Production
  3534. Materials Challenges and Testing for Manufacturing, Mobility, Biomedical Applications and Climate
  3535. Materials Management
  3536. Materials that Change Color
  3537. Mathematical Adventures in Performance Analysis
  3538. Mathematical Analysis of Environmental System
  3539. Mathematical and Computational Analyses of Cracking Formation
  3540. Mathematical and Computational Modeling of Tonality
  3541. Mathematical and Engineering Methods in Computer Science
  3542. Mathematical and Numerical Foundations of Turbulence Models and Applications
  3543. Mathematical and Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
  3544. Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Sciences and Finance
  3545. Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Sciences and Finance
  3546. Mathematical Aspects of Pattern Formation in Biological Systems
  3547. Mathematical Biophysics
  3548. Mathematical Cardiac Electrophysiology
  3549. Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2014, Part I
  3550. Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2014, Part II
  3551. Mathematical Logic
  3552. Mathematical Methods for Curves and Surfaces
  3553. Mathematical Methods for Elastic Plates
  3554. Mathematical Methods in Biology and Neurobiology
  3555. Mathematical Methods in Economics and Social Choice
  3556. Mathematical Methods in Engineering
  3557. Mathematical Model of Spontaneous Potential Well-Logging and Its Numerical Solutions
  3558. Mathematical Modeling and Signal Processing in Speech and Hearing Sciences
  3559. Mathematical Modeling in Renal Physiology
  3560. Mathematical Modeling of Biological Processes
  3561. Mathematical Modelling of the Cell Cycle Stress Response
  3562. Mathematical Models and Methods for Planet Earth
  3563. Mathematical Models and Methods for Plasma Physics, Volume 1
  3564. Mathematical Models and Numerical Simulation in Electromagnetism
  3565. Mathematical Models for Eddy Currents and Magnetostatics
  3566. Mathematical Models for Poroelastic Flows
  3567. Mathematical Models of Tumor-Immune System Dynamics
  3568. Mathematical Oncology 2013
  3569. Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis I
  3570. Mathematical Software – ICMS 2014
  3571. Mathematical Theories of Distributed Sensor Networks
  3572. Mathematical Theory of Democracy
  3573. Mathematical Tools for Data Mining
  3574. Mathematical Writing
  3575. Mathematics & Mathematics Education: Searching for Common Ground
  3576. Mathematics and Computing 2013
  3577. Mathematics as a Laboratory Tool
  3578. Mathematics Curriculum in School Education
  3579. Mathematics for Computer Graphics
  3580. Mathematics for Physicists and Engineers
  3581. Mathematics of Planet Earth
  3582. Mathematics Without Boundaries: Surveys in Interdisciplinary Research
  3583. Mathematics Without Boundaries: Surveys in Pure Mathematics
  3584. MATLAB Control Systems Engineering
  3585. MATLAB Differential and Integral Calculus
  3586. MATLAB Differential Equations
  3587. MATLAB Graphical Programming
  3588. MATLAB Linear Algebra
  3589. MATLAB Mathematical Analysis
  3590. MATLAB Matrix Algebra
  3591. MATLAB Numerical Calculations
  3592. MATLAB Optimization Techniques
  3593. MATLAB Programming for Numerical Analysis
  3594. MATLAB Symbolic Algebra and Calculus Tools
  3595. Maturing Megacities
  3596. MDCT and MRI of the Heart
  3597. Meaning in Positive and Existential Psychology
  3598. Measurement and Probability
  3599. Measurement of the Inclusive Electron Cross-Section from Heavy-Flavour Decays and Search for Compressed Supersymmetric Scenarios with the ATLAS Experiment
  3600. Measurement Uncertainties in Science and Technology
  3601. Measurement, Modelling, and Evaluation of Computing Systems and Dependability and Fault Tolerance
  3602. Measurements of Spin-Orbit Angles for Transiting Systems
  3603. Measures for Innovating Business Models
  3604. Measuring E-government Efficiency
  3605. Measuring National Innovation Performance
  3606. Measuring Quality of Undergraduate Education in Japan
  3607. Measuring Scholarly Impact
  3608. Measuring Signal Generators
  3609. Meccanica Razionale
  3610. Mechanical Properties of Ceramics
  3611. Mechanical Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete
  3612. Mechanics and Model-Based Control of Advanced Engineering Systems
  3613. Mechanics of Biological Systems and Materials, Volume 4
  3614. Mechanics of Breathing
  3615. Mechanics of Localized Slippage in Tactile Sensing
  3616. Mechanics of Masonry Structures
  3617. Mechanics of Moving Materials
  3618. Mechanism of Muscular Contraction
  3619. Mechanisms in Ancient Chinese Books with Illustrations
  3620. Mechanisms of Atrial Arrhythmias
  3621. Mechanisms of Gene Regulation
  3622. Mechatronic Systems: Theory and Applications
  3623. Mechatronics 2013
  3624. Mechatronics and Automatic Control Systems
  3625. Medical Computer Vision. Large Data in Medical Imaging
  3626. Medical Computer Vision: Algorithms for Big Data
  3627. Medical Family Therapy
  3628. Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2014, Part I
  3629. Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2014, Part II
  3630. Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2014, Part III
  3631. Medical Imaging in Clinical Trials
  3632. Medical Informatics, e-Health
  3633. Medical Leadership and Management
  3634. Medical Radiation Dosimetry
  3635. Medical Sociology in Africa
  3636. Medical Therapy of Ulcerative Colitis
  3637. Medicina delle dipendenze
  3638. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the Middle-East
  3639. Medicine and Business
  3640. Medicine of the Future
  3641. Meditation – Neuroscientific Approaches and Philosophical Implications
  3642. Mediterranean Urbanism
  3643. Meeting the Needs of Older Adults with Serious Illness
  3644. Meetings, Negotiations, and Socializing
  3645. Megacities
  3646. Meiobenthos in the Sub-equatorial Pacific Abyss
  3647. Melanocytic Lesions
  3648. Melatonin and Melatonergic Drugs in Clinical Practice
  3649. Membrane Computing - 14th International Conference, CMC 2013, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova, August 20-23, 2013, Revised Selected Papers
  3650. Membrane Computing - 15th International Conference, CMC 2014, Prague, Czech Republic, August 20-22, 2014, Revised Selected Papers
  3651. Membrane Proteins Production for Structural Analysis
  3652. Membrane Transport Mechanism
  3653. Memristor Networks
  3654. Memristors and Memristive Systems
  3655. MEMS and Nanotechnology, Volume 5
  3656. MEMS Product Engineering
  3657. Menahem Max Schiffer: Selected Papers Volume 2
  3658. Mendel's Ark
  3659. Meniscal Injuries
  3660. Men's Sexual Health and Fertility
  3661. Mental Disorders in Ancient Philosophy
  3662. Mental Health and Pain
  3663. Mental Health Informatics
  3664. Mercury
  3665. Mereology and the Sciences
  3666. Meshless Methods in Biomechanics
  3667. Mesoscopic Phenomena in Multifunctional Materials
  3668. Metabolism of Human Diseases
  3669. Metadata and Semantics Research
  3670. Metal Free C-H Functionalization of Aromatics
  3671. Meta-Learning in Decision Tree Induction
  3672. Metal-on-Metal Bearings
  3673. Metal-Organic Frameworks for Photonics Applications
  3674. Metaphorical Signs in Computed Tomography of Chest and Abdomen
  3675. Meteor Showers
  3676. Meteorological Satellite Systems
  3677. Methanol: The Basic Chemical and Energy Feedstock of the Future
  3678. Methodological Challenges When Exploring Digital Learning Spaces in Education
  3679. Methodological Misconceptions in the Social Sciences
  3680. Methodologies and Intelligent Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning
  3681. Methods and Experimental Techniques in Computer Engineering
  3682. Methods of Demographic Analysis
  3683. Methods of Small Parameter in Mathematical Biology
  3684. Metronomic Chemotherapy
  3685. MFG-E8 and Inflammation
  3686. MGH Cardiology Board Review
  3687. mHealth
  3688. Micro and Nanophotonics for Semiconductor Infrared Detectors
  3689. Micro and Smart Devices and Systems
  3690. Microbial Biochemistry
  3691. Microbial BioEnergy: Hydrogen Production
  3692. Microbial Diversity and Biotechnology in Food Security
  3693. Microbial Endocrinology: The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis in Health and Disease
  3694. Microbial Production
  3695. Microbicides for Prevention of HIV Infection
  3696. Microcirculation in Fractal Branching Networks
  3697. Microeconomics
  3698. Microfinance, Risk-taking Behaviour and Rural Livelihood
  3699. Microfluidic Fuel Cells and Batteries
  3700. Microglia in Health and Disease
  3701. Microperimetry and Multimodal Retinal Imaging
  3702. Microphysics of Cosmic Plasmas
  3703. MicroRNA in Development and in the Progression of Cancer
  3704. MicroRNA Targeted Cancer Therapy
  3705. MicroRNAs: Key Regulators of Oncogenesis
  3706. Micro-scaled Products Development via Microforming
  3707. Micro-Segmented Flow
  3708. Microwave Systems Design
  3709. Microwave Tomography
  3710. Migrating to Android for iOS Developers
  3711. Migrating to Swift from Android
  3712. Migration in China and Asia
  3713. Migration, Diaspora and Identity
  3714. Migration, Gender and Social Justice
  3715. Migration, Women and Social Development
  3716. Military Deployment and its Consequences for Families
  3717. Millimeter-Wave Gyrotron Traveling-Wave Tube Amplifiers
  3718. Mimetic Learning at Work
  3719. Mind, Values, and Metaphysics - Philosophical Essays in Honor of Kevin Mulligan - Volume 1
  3720. Mind, Values, and Metaphysics - Philosophical Essays in Honor of Kevin Mulligan - Volume 2
  3721. Mindful Change in Times of Permanent Reorganization
  3722. Mindful Parenting
  3723. Minding Minors Wandering the Web: Regulating Online Child Safety
  3724. Mine Planning and Equipment Selection
  3725. Mineral Dust
  3726. Mineral Resource Estimation
  3727. Mineral Trioxide Aggregate in Dentistry
  3728. Minerals and Lipids Profiles in Cardiovascular Disorders in South Asia
  3729. Mini-Grids for Rural Electrification of Developing Countries
  3730. Mini-Invasive Surgery of the Hip
  3731. Minimally Invasive and Robotic Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery
  3732. Minimally Invasive Spinal Deformity Surgery
  3733. Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  3734. Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Lumbar Spine
  3735. Minimally Invasive Therapy for Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  3736. Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration
  3737. Minority Languages and Multilingual Education
  3738. miRNAs and Target Genes in Breast Cancer Metastasis
  3739. Mission Mars
  3740. Mitochondria: The Anti- cancer Target for the Third Millennium
  3741. Mitochondrial Function in Lung Health and Disease
  3742. Mittag-Leffler Functions, Related Topics and Applications
  3743. Mixed Method Research Design
  3744. Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking, and Services
  3745. Mobile as a Mainstream – Towards Future Challenges in Mobile Learning
  3746. Mobile Computer Usability
  3747. Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services
  3748. Mobile Social Networking
  3749. Mobile Social Signal Processing
  3750. Mobile Teachers, Teacher Identity and International Schooling
  3751. Mobile Web Browsing Using the Cloud
  3752. Mobile Web Information Systems
  3753. Mobile, Ubiquitous, and Intelligent Computing
  3754. Mobility Data Management and Exploration
  3755. Mod Two Homology and Cohomology
  3756. Modal Analysis of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems
  3757. Modal Interval Analysis
  3758. Model and Data Engineering
  3759. Model Systems to Study the Excretory Function of Higher Plants
  3760. Model Theory in Algebra, Analysis and Arithmetic
  3761. Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification, Volume 3
  3762. Model-Based Control of Networked Systems
  3763. Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology
  3764. Model-Based Safety and Assessment
  3765. Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems
  3766. Model-Driven Software Migration: A Methodology
  3767. Modèles et méthodes stochastiques
  3768. Modeling and Analysis of Voice and Data in Cognitive Radio Networks
  3769. Modeling and Simulation
  3770. Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems
  3771. Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence
  3772. Modeling Dependence in Econometrics
  3773. Modeling Dynamic Biological Systems
  3774. Modeling of Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and their Composites
  3775. Modeling of Magnetoelectric Effects in Composites
  3776. Modeling School Leadership across Europe
  3777. Modeling, Dynamics, Optimization and Bioeconomics I
  3778. Modeling, Simulation and Optimization for Science and Technology
  3779. Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes - HPSC 2012
  3780. Modelli Dinamici Discreti
  3781. Modelling and Observation of Exhaust Gas Concentrations for Diesel Engine Control
  3782. Modelling and Simulation for Autonomous Systems
  3783. Modelling and Simulation of Diffusive Processes
  3784. Modelling Foundations and Applications
  3785. Modelling Norms
  3786. Modelling of Magmatic and Allied Processes
  3787. Modelling of Plasmonic and Graphene Nanodevices
  3788. Modelling Population Dynamics
  3789. Modelling Potential Malaria Spread in Germany by Use of Climate Change Projections
  3790. Modelling Rock Fracturing Processes
  3791. Modelling the Dissociation Dynamics and Threshold Photoelectron Spectra of Small Halogenated Molecules
  3792. Modelling the Short QT Syndrome Gene Mutations
  3793. Models and Methods in Economics and Management Science
  3794. Models for Practical Routing Problems in Logistics
  3795. Models of Psychopathology
  3796. Models, Algorithms and Technologies for Network Analysis
  3797. Models, Methods, and Tools for Complex Chip Design
  3798. Models@run.time
  3799. Modern Advances in Applied Intelligence, Part I
  3800. Modern Advances in Applied Intelligence, Part II
  3801. Modern Fourier Analysis
  3802. Modern Mechanical Engineering
  3803. Modern Methods of Construction Design
  3804. Modern Optimization with R
  3805. Modern Oriental Corporate Culture
  3806. Modern Phylogenetic Comparative Methods and Their Application in Evolutionary Biology
  3807. Modern Problems in Insurance Mathematics
  3808. Modern Stochastics and Applications
  3809. Modern Trends and Techniques in Computer Science
  3810. Modern Turkey and the Armenian Genocide
  3811. Modern Water Resources Engineering
  3812. Modern X86 Assembly Language Programming
  3813. Modernizing Democracy
  3814. Molecular Aspects of Botulinum Neurotoxin
  3815. Molecular Biology
  3816. Molecular Biology of Valvular Heart Disease
  3817. Molecular Communications and Nanonetworks
  3818. Molecular Computing: Origins and Promises
  3819. Molecular Computing: Towards a Novel Computing Architecture for Complex Problem Solving
  3820. Molecular Design in Inorganic Biochemistry
  3821. Molecular Determinants of Head and Neck Cancer
  3822. Molecular Diagnostics
  3823. Molecular Diagnostics for Dermatology
  3824. Molecular Genetics of Dysregulated pH Homeostasis
  3825. Molecular Imaging of Small Animals
  3826. Molecular Machines and Motors
  3827. Molecular Machines Involved in Peroxisome Biogenesis and Maintenance
  3828. Molecular Magnets
  3829. Molecular mechanisms and physiology of disease
  3830. Molecular Mechanisms in Legionella Pathogenesis
  3831. Molecular Mechanisms in Yeast Carbon Metabolism
  3832. Molecular Mechanisms of Angiogenesis
  3833. Molecular Mechanisms Underpinning the Development of Obesity
  3834. Molecular Origins of Brain and Body Geometry
  3835. Molecular Pathology and Diagnostics of Cancer
  3836. Molecular Quantum Dynamics
  3837. Molecular Testing in Cancer
  3838. Molecular Vaccines
  3839. Molluscan Shellfish Safety
  3840. Mollusk shells as bio-geo-archives
  3841. Mom the Chemistry Professor
  3842. Monetary Policy under Uncertainty
  3843. MongoDB Basics
  3844. Monitoring and Prediction of Tropical Cyclones in the Indian Ocean and Climate Change
  3845. Monitoring and Securing Virtualized Networks and Services
  3846. Monitoring Technologies in Acute Care Environments
  3847. Monitoring, Control and Protection of Interconnected Power Systems
  3848. Moral Contract Theory and Social Cognition
  3849. Moral Strata
  3850. More Calculus of a Single Variable
  3851. Morphological Aspects of Inner Ear Disease
  3852. Morphological Modeling of Terrains and Volume Data
  3853. Morse Theory and Floer Homology
  3854. Mortality in an International Perspective
  3855. MoS2
  3856. Mosaicism in Human Skin
  3857. MOSFET Technologies for Double-Pole Four-Throw Radio-Frequency Switch
  3858. Most-Cited Scholars in Criminology and Criminal Justice, 1986-2010
  3859. Motherhood, Mental Illness and Recovery
  3860. Motion and Knowledge in the Changing Early Modern World
  3861. Mountain Risks: From Prediction to Management and Governance
  3862. Movement Disorders in Dementias
  3863. Moving Object Detection Using Background Subtraction
  3864. Moving Objects Management
  3865. Moving Toward a Just Peace
  3866. MR Enterography
  3867. MRI in Psychiatry
  3868. MRI of Rheumatic Spine
  3869. Mucosal Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals
  3870. Multi Tenancy for Cloud-Based In-Memory Column Databases
  3871. Multiagent Scheduling
  3872. Multiagent System Technologies
  3873. Multi-Agent-Based Simulation XIV
  3874. Multi-Band Effective Mass Approximations
  3875. Multibody Dynamics
  3876. Multicriteria Analysis in Finance
  3877. Multicultural Science Education
  3878. Multidimensional Particle Swarm Optimization for Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
  3879. Multidimensional Queueing Models in Telecommunication Networks
  3880. Multidisciplinary Coordinated Caregiving
  3881. Multidisciplinary Information Retrieval
  3882. Multidisciplinary Management of Prostate Cancer
  3883. Multidisciplinary Social Networks Research
  3884. Multi-disciplinary Trends in Artificial Intelligence
  3885. Multifocal Intraocular Lenses
  3886. Multi-indicator Systems and Modelling in Partial Order
  3887. Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering
  3888. Multimedia Communications, Services and Security
  3889. Multimedia Database Retrieval
  3890. MultiMedia Modeling, Part I
  3891. MultiMedia Modeling, Part II
  3892. Multi-Modality Atherosclerosis Imaging and Diagnosis
  3893. Multimodality Imaging for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
  3894. Multipath TCP for User Cooperation in Wireless Networks
  3895. Multiphysics Simulation
  3896. Multiple Access Communications
  3897. Multiple Impacts in Dissipative Granular Chains
  3898. Multiple Myeloma
  3899. Multiple System Atrophy
  3900. Multiple Wiener-Itô Integrals
  3901. Multi-scale Analysis for Random Quantum Systems with Interaction
  3902. Multiscale Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification of Materials and Structures
  3903. Multiscale Modeling of Complex Materials
  3904. Multiscale Modeling of Pedestrian Dynamics
  3905. Multiscale Modelling of Organic and Hybrid Photovoltaics
  3906. Multisensory Softness
  3907. Multistage Stochastic Optimization
  3908. Multistate Analysis of Life Histories with R
  3909. Multivariate Calculus and Geometry
  3910. Multivariate Network Visualization
  3911. Municipal Solid Waste Management in Asia and the Pacific Islands
  3912. Musculoskeletal Health in Women
  3913. Music and Political Youth Organizations in Russia
  3914. Mutant p53 and MDM2 in Cancer
  3915. Mutual Sustainability of Tubewell Farming and Aquifers
  3916. Mycorrhizal Fungi: Use in Sustainable Agriculture and Land Restoration
  3917. Mycorrhizas: Novel Dimensions in the Changing World
  3918. Myth and Rhetoric of the Turkish Model
  3919. Nail Disorders
  3920. Nail Psoriasis
  3921. Name Reactions
  3922. Names, Ethnicity and Populations
  3923. Naming the Unnamable
  3924. Nanofins
  3925. Nanofluidics
  3926. Nanomaterial
  3927. Nanomechanical Analysis of High Performance Materials
  3928. Nanomedicine
  3929. Nanomicrobiology
  3930. Nano-Oncologicals
  3931. Nanoparticles
  3932. Nanophotonic Information Physics
  3933. Nano-photonics in III-V Semiconductors for Integrated Quantum Optical Circuits
  3934. Nanoscale Technology for Advanced Lithium Batteries
  3935. Nanoscale Thermoelectrics
  3936. Nanoscience with Liquid Crystals
  3937. Nanostructured Materials Preparation via Condensation Ways
  3938. Nanostructured Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters
  3939. Nanotechnology and Neuroscience: Nano-electronic, Photonic and Mechanical Neuronal Interfacing
  3940. Nanotechnology for Sustainable Development
  3941. Nanotechnology for Water Treatment and Purification
  3942. Nanotechnology in a Nutshell
  3943. Nanotoxicology
  3944. Nanowire Field Effect Transistors: Principles and Applications
  3945. Narratives of Justice In and Out of the Courtroom
  3946. Narratives of Social Justice Educators
  3947. NASA Formal Methods
  3948. National Brands and Private Labels in Retailing
  3949. National Football League Strategies
  3950. National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela
  3951. National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States
  3952. National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland
  3953. National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Poland
  3954. National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden
  3955. National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom
  3956. National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Thailand
  3957. National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in Israel, Jordan, South Africa, and Turkey
  3958. Nation-building and Identity Conflicts
  3959. Natural and Artificial Reasoning
  3960. Natural Convection from Circular Cylinders
  3961. Natural Convection in Superposed Fluid-Porous Layers
  3962. Natural Convective Heat Transfer from Short Inclined Cylinders
  3963. Natural Disasters and Climate Change
  3964. Natural Gas Engineering and Safety Challenges
  3965. Natural Hazard Zonation of Bihar (India) Using Geoinformatics
  3966. Natural Interaction with Robots, Knowbots and Smartphones
  3967. Natural Language Processing and Chinese Computing
  3968. Natural Language Processing and Information Systems
  3969. Natural Language Processing of Semitic Languages
  3970. Natural Products in the Chemical Industry
  3971. Natural Science Education, Indigenous Knowledge, and Sustainable Development in Rural and Urban Schools in Kenya
  3972. Nature Inspired Cooperative Strategies for Optimization (NICSO 2013)
  3973. Nature-Based Tourism in Mallorca’s Natural Areas
  3974. Nature-Inspired Computation and Machine Learning
  3975. Navigating Intellectual Capital After the Financial Crisis
  3976. Navigating International Academia
  3977. Near-critical and Supercritical Water and Their Applications for Biorefineries
  3978. Near-Death Experiences
  3979. Necrotic Cell Death
  3980. Neglected Tropical Diseases - Middle East and North Africa
  3981. Neglected Tropical Diseases and Conditions of the Nervous System
  3982. Negotiating multiple identities
  3983. Nematode-Trapping Fungi
  3984. Neotropical Insect Galls
  3985. Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2013
  3986. Network and Parallel Computing
  3987. Network and System Security
  3988. Network Hardening
  3989. Network Models in Economics and Finance
  3990. Network Science and Cybersecurity
  3991. Networked Governance, Transnational Business and the Law
  3992. Networked Systems
  3993. Networking of Theories as a Research Practice in Mathematics Education
  3994. Networking the International System
  3995. Networks and Communications (NetCom2013)
  3996. Networks and Network Analysis for Defence and Security
  3997. Networks of Echoes
  3998. Networks of Networks: The Last Frontier of Complexity
  3999. Neural Computation, Neural Devices, and Neural Prosthesis
  4000. Neural Fields
  4001. Neural Information Processing, Part I
  4002. Neural Information Processing, Part II
  4003. Neural Information Processing, Part III
  4004. Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence
  4005. Neural Networks and Statistical Learning
  4006. Neural Networks with Discontinuous/Impact Activations
  4007. Neurobiological Bases of Abnormal Aggression and Violent Behaviour
  4008. Neurobiological Studies of Addiction in Chronic Pain States
  4009. Neurobiology of Interval Timing
  4010. Neurocognitive Risk Assessment for the Early Detection of Violent Extremists
  4011. Neurodegenerative Diseases
  4012. Neuroendoscopy
  4013. Neuroimaging of Traumatic Brain Injury
  4014. Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration
  4015. Neurological Disorders in the Arab World
  4016. Neurology at the Bedside
  4017. Neuromathematics of Vision
  4018. Neuromuscular Disorders in Clinical Practice
  4019. Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration for Retinal Diseases
  4020. Neuroprotection and Regeneration of the Spinal Cord
  4021. Neuropsychology of Asians and Asian-Americans
  4022. Neuro-Robotics
  4023. Neuroscience of Aggression
  4024. Neuroscienze e teoria psicoanalitica
  4025. Neurosonological Evaluation of Cerebral Venous Outflow
  4026. Neurosurgery for Spasticity
  4027. Neurosurgical Ethics in Practice: Value-based Medicine
  4028. Neurotrophic Factors
  4029. Nevanlinna Theory in Several Complex Variables and Diophantine Approximation
  4030. New Advances in Mechanisms, Transmissions and Applications
  4031. New Advances in Statistical Modeling and Applications
  4032. New Business Creation
  4033. New Cohesion Policy of the European Union in Poland
  4034. New Composite Materials
  4035. New Computation Methods for Geometrical Optics
  4036. New Determinants of Analysts’ Earnings Forecast Accuracy
  4037. New Directions in the Philosophy of Science
  4038. New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence
  4039. New Frontiers in Mining Complex Patterns
  4040. New Frontiers in Social Neuroscience
  4041. New Frontiers of Multidisciplinary Research in STEAM-H (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Mathematics, and Health)
  4042. New Horizons in Web Based Learning - ICWL 2011 International Workshops, KMEL, ELSM, and SPeL, Hong Kong, December 8-10, 2011, ICWL 2012 International Workshops, KMEL, SciLearn, and CCSTED,Sinaia, Romania, September 2-4, 2012. Revised Selected Papers
  4043. New Horizons in Web Based Learning - ICWL 2014 International Workshops, SPeL, PRASAE, IWMPL, OBIE, and KMEL, FET, Tallinn, Estonia, August 14-17, 2014, Revised Selected Papers
  4044. New Insights on Vitamin C and Cancer
  4045. New Perspectives in Information Systems and Technologies, Volume 1
  4046. New Perspectives in Information Systems and Technologies, Volume 2
  4047. New Perspectives on Approximation and Sampling Theory
  4048. New Principles in Developmental Processes
  4049. New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry
  4050. New Prospects in Direct, Inverse and Control Problems for Evolution Equations
  4051. New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics IX
  4052. New Technologies and the Law of Armed Conflict
  4053. New Trends in Databases and Information Systems
  4054. New Trends in Earth-Science Outreach and Engagement
  4055. New Trends in Educational Activity in the Field of Mechanism and Machine Theory
  4056. New Trends in Emission Control in the European Union
  4057. New Trends in Medical and Service Robots: Challenges and Solutions
  4058. New Trends in Medical and Service Robots: Theory and Integrated Applications
  4059. New Visions of Collective Achievement
  4060. Newton-Type Methods for Optimization and Variational Problems
  4061. Next Generation Infrastructure
  4062. Next Generation Sequencing Technologies and Challenges in Sequence Assembly
  4063. Nicotinic Receptors
  4064. Nile River Basin
  4065. Nitric Oxide in Plants: Metabolism and Role in Stress Physiology
  4066. Nitrogen Deposition, Critical Loads and Biodiversity
  4067. Nitrosyl Complexes in Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Medicine I
  4068. Nitrosyl Complexes in Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Medicine II
  4069. NMR-Bioassay Guided Isolation of the Natural 20S Proteasome Inhibitors from Photorhabdus Luminescens
  4070. No More Free Lunch
  4071. Noise-Driven Phenomena in Hysteretic Systems
  4072. Noise-Shaping All-Digital Phase-Locked Loops
  4073. Non Invasive Artificial Ventilation
  4074. Non Invasive Diagnostic Techniques in Clinical Dermatology
  4075. Non-Additive Measures
  4076. Non-coding RNAs and Cancer
  4077. Non-commutative Multiple-Valued Logic Algebras
  4078. Nonequilibrium and Irreversibility
  4079. Non-equilibrium Energy Transformation Processes
  4080. Noninvasive Ventilation in High-Risk Infections and Mass Casualty Events
  4081. Nonlinear Analysis
  4082. Nonlinear Analysis and Prediction of Time Series in Multiphase Reactors
  4083. Nonlinear Analysis of Gas-Water/Oil-Water Two-Phase Flow in Complex Networks
  4084. Nonlinear Approaches in Engineering Applications 2
  4085. Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaotic Phenomena: An Introduction
  4086. Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity
  4087. Nonlinear Dynamics and Quantum Chaos
  4088. Nonlinear Dynamics of Electronic Systems
  4089. Nonlinear Dynamics of Structures
  4090. Nonlinear Dynamics, Volume 2
  4091. Nonlinear Economic Dynamics and Financial Modelling
  4092. Nonlinear Elastic Waves in Materials
  4093. Nonlinear Estimation and Control of Automotive Drivetrains
  4094. Non-Linear Feedback Neural Networks
  4095. Nonlinear Hamiltonian Mechanics Applied to Molecular Dynamics
  4096. Nonlinear Maps and their Applications
  4097. Nonlinear Mechanics of Thin-Walled Structures
  4098. Non-Linear Optical Response in Atoms, Molecules and Clusters
  4099. Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems: From Nano to Macro Scale
  4100. Nonlinear Theory of Electroelastic and Magnetoelastic Interactions
  4101. Non-Linear Time Series
  4102. Non-Linear Viscoelasticity of Rubber Composites and Nanocomposites
  4103. Non-metrisable Manifolds
  4104. Non-minimal Higgs Inflation and Frame Dependence in Cosmology
  4105. Nonparametric Estimation of Educational Production and Costs using Data Envelopment Analysis
  4106. Nonparametric Statistics for Applied Research
  4107. Non-Photochemical Quenching and Energy Dissipation in Plants, Algae and Cyanobacteria
  4108. Non-Pulmonary Complications of Critical Care
  4109. Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Eating Disorders
  4110. Nonsurgical Peri-orbital Rejuvenation
  4111. Non-technological Innovations for Sustainable Transport
  4112. Nordic Contributions in IS Research
  4113. Normal and Student´s t Distributions and Their Applications
  4114. North-East India: Land, People and Economy
  4115. Nostradamus 2014: Prediction, Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems
  4116. Notes of a Radiology Watcher
  4117. Novel Approaches for Single Molecule Activation and Detection
  4118. Novel Combustion Concepts for Sustainable Energy Development
  4119. Novel Insights in Agent-based Complex Automated Negotiation
  4120. Novel Macromolecular Architectures via a Combination of Cyclodextrin Host/Guest Complexation and RAFT Polymerization
  4121. Novel Measurement and Assessment Tools for Monitoring and Management of Land and Water Resources in Agricultural Landscapes of Central Asia
  4122. Novel Methods and Technologies for Enterprise Information Systems
  4123. Novel Optical Nanoprobes for Chemical and Biological Analysis
  4124. Novel Optical Technologies for Nanofabrication
  4125. Novel Sensors for Food Inspection: Modelling, Fabrication and Experimentation
  4126. Novel Technologies for Vaccine Development
  4127. Novel Three-state Quantum Dot Gate Field Effect Transistor
  4128. Nuclear Cardiology Study Guide
  4129. Nuclear Medicine
  4130. Nuclear Non-Proliferation in International Law - Volume I
  4131. Nuclear Physics
  4132. Nuclear Reactions
  4133. Nuclear Reactor Design
  4134. Nuclear Signaling Pathways and Targeting Transcription in Cancer
  4135. Nucleation Theory and Growth of Nanostructures
  4136. Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology
  4137. Nucleic Acid Polymerases
  4138. Nucleic Acids in the Gas Phase
  4139. Nuel Belnap on Indeterminism and Free Action
  4140. Nulling Interferometers for Space-based High-Contrast Visible Imaging and Measurement of Exoplanetary Environments
  4141. Numerical Computations with GPUs
  4142. Numerical Methods and Optimization
  4143. Numerical Methods using MATLAB
  4144. Numerical Modeling of Materials Under Extreme Conditions
  4145. Numerical Modelling of Astrophysical Turbulence
  4146. Numerical Models for Differential Problems
  4147. Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics
  4148. Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Behavior of Composite Materials
  4149. Numerical Simulations of Coupled Problems in Engineering
  4150. Nutrient Use Efficiency in Plants
  4151. Nutrition and Oral Medicine
  4152. Nutrition in Kidney Disease
  4153. Nutrition in Pediatric Pulmonary Disease
  4154. Obesity and Breast Cancer
  4155. Obesity During Pregnancy in Clinical Practice
  4156. Object-Oriented User Interfaces for Personalized Mobile Learning
  4157. Observation of CP Violation in B± → DK± Decays
  4158. Observation of the System Earth from Space - CHAMP, GRACE, GOCE and future missions
  4159. Occupational Cancers
  4160. Occupying Niches: Interculturality, Cross-culturality and Aculturality in Academic Research
  4161. Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions of Gases and Particles
  4162. October Birds
  4163. Ocular and Adnexal Lymphoma
  4164. Ocular Infections
  4165. Of Ants and Men
  4166. Offshore Energy Structures
  4167. Offshore Risk Assessment vol 1.
  4168. Offshore Risk Assessment vol 2.
  4169. Oil Pollution in the Baltic Sea
  4170. Old World and New World Perspectives in Environmental Philosophy
  4171. Omics Approaches in Breast Cancer
  4172. On (Writing) Families
  4173. On China's Trade Surplus
  4174. On Collective Goods, Voluntary Contributions, and Fundraising
  4175. On Political Culture, Cultural Policy, Art and Politics
  4176. On Some Applications of Diophantine Approximations
  4177. On the Device-Independent Approach to Quantum Physics
  4178. On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2014 Conferences
  4179. On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2014 Workshops
  4180. On the Nature of Distributed Organizing
  4181. On the Origin of Autonomy
  4182. Oncofertility Communication
  4183. Oncologic Breast Surgery
  4184. Online Channel Integration
  4185. Online Collective Action
  4186. Online Damage Detection in Structural Systems
  4187. Online Location of Faults on AC Cables in Underground Transmission Systems
  4188. Online Social Media Analysis and Visualization
  4189. On-Orbit Operations Optimization
  4190. Opacity
  4191. Open Government
  4192. Open Learning and Teaching in Educational Communities
  4193. Open Problems in Mathematics and Computational Science
  4194. Open Problems in Spectral Dimensionality Reduction
  4195. Open Quantum Systems Far from Equilibrium
  4196. Open Source Software: Mobile Open Source Technologies
  4197. Opening Markets for Foreign Skills: How Can the WTO Help?
  4198. Opening Science
  4199. Openness, Economic Growth and Regional Disparities
  4200. OpenSHMEM and Related Technologies. Experiences, Implementations, and Tools
  4201. Operational Modal Analysis of Civil Engineering Structures
  4202. Operations Management in Automotive Industries
  4203. Operations Research Problems
  4204. Operations Research Proceedings 2012
  4205. Operations Research Proceedings 2013
  4206. Operator Theory in Harmonic and Non-commutative Analysis
  4207. Operator Theory, Operator Algebras and Applications
  4208. Optic Nerve Disorders
  4209. Optical Coatings
  4210. Optical Network Design and Planning
  4211. Optical Properties of Bismuth-Based Topological Insulators
  4212. Optical Spectroscopy and Computational Methods in Biology and Medicine
  4213. Optimal Control of Switched Systems Arising in Fermentation Processes
  4214. Optimal Control with Aerospace Applications
  4215. Optimal Design of Distributed Control and Embedded Systems
  4216. Optimal Mixture Experiments
  4217. Optimal Stochastic Scheduling
  4218. Optimal Thinning within the Faustmann Approach
  4219. Optimization and Control Methods in Industrial Engineering and Construction
  4220. Optimization and Control Techniques and Applications
  4221. Optimization and Optimal Control in Automotive Systems
  4222. Optimization in Science and Engineering
  4223. Optimization Models in a Transition Economy
  4224. Optimization with PDE Constraints
  4225. Optimizing Firm Performance
  4226. Optimizing Hospital-wide Patient Scheduling
  4227. Optimizing HPC Applications with Intel® Cluster Tools
  4228. Optimum Cooling of Data Centers
  4229. Oracle Database Transactions and Locking Revealed
  4230. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Command-Line Interface
  4231. Oracle RMAN for Absolute Beginners
  4232. Ordinary Differential Equations
  4233. Ordinary Differential Equations and Mechanical Systems
  4234. Organic and Hybrid Solar Cells
  4235. Organic Farming, Prototype for Sustainable Agricultures
  4236. Organic Solar Cells
  4237. Organisational Flexibility and Competitiveness
  4238. Organizational Culture and Absorptive Capacity
  4239. Organizational Psychology for Managers
  4240. Organizational Trust
  4241. Organized Crime, Corruption and Crime Prevention
  4242. Organo-di-Metallic Compounds (or Reagents)
  4243. Organometallic Reactions and Polymerization
  4244. Origin, Evolution and Biogeographic History of South American Turtles
  4245. Origins: A Sustainable Concept in Education
  4246. Orofacial Pain
  4247. Orrery: A Story of Mechanical Solar Systems, Clocks, and English Nobility
  4248. Orthopaedic Oncology
  4249. Oscillation and Stability of Delay Models in Biology
  4250. Osteonecrosis
  4251. Our Beautiful Moon and its Mysterious Magnetism
  4252. Our National River Ganga
  4253. Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs as Organized Crime Groups
  4254. Over-Exploitation of Forests
  4255. Ovulation Induction and Controlled Ovarian Stimulation
  4256. Oxidative Stress and Hormesis in Evolutionary Ecology and Physiology
  4257. Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Non-communicable Diseases - Molecular Mechanisms and Perspectives in Therapeutics
  4258. Oxidative Stress Mechanisms and their Modulation
  4259. Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXVI
  4260. Ozone in the Atmosphere
  4261. P3HT Revisited – From Molecular Scale to Solar Cell Devices
  4262. Paediatric Patient and Family-Centred Care: Ethical and Legal Issues
  4263. Pain Management
  4264. Pairing-Based Cryptography – Pairing 2013
  4265. Paleogene larger rotaliid foraminifera from the western and central Neotethys
  4266. Palliative Surgery
  4267. PAMP Signals in Plant Innate Immunity
  4268. Paradigms in Cartography
  4269. Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics
  4270. Parallel Kinematics
  4271. Parallel Problem Solving from Nature – PPSN XIII
  4272. Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics, Part I
  4273. Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics, Part II
  4274. Parameterized and Exact Computation
  4275. Parametric Packet-based Audiovisual Quality Model for IPTV services
  4276. Parasitic Antenna Arrays for Wireless MIMO Systems
  4277. Parenting Across Cultures
  4278. Partial Differential Equations: Theory, Control and Approximation
  4279. Particle Penetration and Radiation Effects Volume 2
  4280. Particle Physics
  4281. Particulate Products
  4282. Partnership in Space
  4283. Passing the General Surgery Oral Board Exam
  4284. Passive and Active Measurement
  4285. Patch Testing Tips
  4286. Pathogenesis and Treatment of Acne and Rosacea
  4287. Pathogenesis of Leishmaniasis
  4288. Pathologic Myopia
  4289. Pathological Potential of Neuroglia
  4290. Pathologies of Calcium Channels
  4291. Pathology of Asbestos-Associated Diseases
  4292. Pathology of Melanocytic Nevi and Melanoma
  4293. Pathology of Pediatric Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease
  4294. Pathology of the Ovary, Fallopian Tube and Peritoneum
  4295. Paths to Career and Success for Women in Science
  4296. Pathways Through Applied and Computational Physics
  4297. Pathways to Environmental Sustainability
  4298. Pathways to Gang Involvement and Drug Distribution
  4299. Patient Preparation for Bariatric Surgery
  4300. Patient Safety
  4301. Patient Safety in Surgery
  4302. Patient-Centred Medicine in Transition
  4303. Patologia e avversità dell’alveare
  4304. Pattern Recognition - 36th German Conference, GCPR 2014, Münster, Germany, September 2-5, 2014, Proceedings
  4305. Pattern Recognition - 6th Chinese Conference, CCPR 2014, Changsha, China, November 17-19, 2014. Proceedings, Part I
  4306. Pattern Recognition - 6th Chinese Conference, CCPR 2014, Changsha, China, November 17-19, 2014. Proceedings, Part II
  4307. Pattern Recognition - 6th Mexican Conference, MCPR 2014, Cancun, Mexico, June 25-28, 2014. Proceedings
  4308. Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics
  4309. Patterns of Land Degradation in Drylands
  4310. Paul Lévy and Maurice Fréchet
  4311. Peace Research and Peacebuilding
  4312. Peak Oil, Economic Growth, and Wildlife Conservation
  4313. Peak-to-Peak Output Current Ripple Analysis in Multiphase and Multilevel Inverters
  4314. Pedagogy and Edusemiotics
  4315. Pedagogy Out of Bounds
  4316. Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2012
  4317. Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Traumatology
  4318. Pediatric and Adolescent Urologic Imaging
  4319. Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Intensive Care
  4320. Pediatric Cardiology and Pulmonology
  4321. Pediatric Chest Imaging
  4322. Pediatric Craniovertebral Junction Diseases
  4323. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine - Volume 1: Care of the Critically Ill or Injured Child
  4324. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine - Volume 2: Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Central Nervous Systems
  4325. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine - Volume 3: Gastroenterological, Endocrine, Renal, Hematologic, Oncologic and Immune Systems
  4326. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine - Volume 4: Peri-operative Care of the Critically Ill or Injured Child
  4327. Pediatric Development and Neonatology
  4328. Pediatric Endourology Techniques
  4329. Pediatric Formulations
  4330. Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
  4331. Pediatric Genetics and Inborn Errors of Metabolism
  4332. Pediatric Germ Cell Tumors
  4333. Pediatric Head and Neck Tumors
  4334. Pediatric Hematology-Oncology in Countries with Limited Resources
  4335. Pediatric Interventional Radiology
  4336. Pediatric Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
  4337. Pediatric Oncology
  4338. Pediatric Orthopedics
  4339. Pediatric Surgery
  4340. Pediatric Surgery: Diagnosis and Treatment
  4341. Pediatric Ultrasound
  4342. Pediatric Urology for the Primary Care Physician
  4343. Peer Review of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  4344. Peirce and Biosemiotics
  4345. Pell and Pell–Lucas Numbers with Applications
  4346. Pelvic Floor Disorders: Surgical Approach
  4347. Penalty, Shrinkage and Pretest Strategies
  4348. People Living with HIV in the USA and Germany
  4349. People on the Move in a Changing Climate
  4350. Peptide and Protein Interaction with Membrane Systems
  4351. Percolation Theory for Flow in Porous Media
  4352. Percutaneous Absorption of UV Filters Contained in Sunscreen Cosmetic Products
  4353. Percutaneous Image-Guided Biopsy
  4354. Performance Characterization and Benchmarking
  4355. Performance Control in Buyer-Supplier Relationships
  4356. Performance Management Systems
  4357. Performance Measurement and Incentive Systems in Purchasing
  4358. Performance Measurement with Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis
  4359. Performance-Based Contracts for Road Projects
  4360. Performance-Based Seismic Engineering: Vision for an Earthquake Resilient Society
  4361. Peridynamic Theory and Its Applications
  4362. Perinatal and Prenatal Disorders
  4363. Perinatal Depression among Spanish-Speaking and Latin American Women
  4364. Perinatal Stem Cells
  4365. Periodic Solutions of First-Order Functional Differential Equations in Population Dynamics
  4366. Perioperative Care of the Orthopedic Patient
  4367. Peripheral, Head and Neck Surgery
  4368. Peripherally Inserted Central Venous Catheters
  4369. Periprosthetic Joint Infection of the Hip and Knee
  4370. Persisting Undernutrition in India
  4371. Person Re-Identification
  4372. Personal Peacefulness
  4373. Personality Capture and Emulation
  4374. Person-Centered Methods
  4375. Persons, Identity, and Political Theory
  4376. Perspectives in Business Informatics Research
  4377. Perspectives in Cancer Prevention-Translational Cancer Research
  4378. Perspectives in Computational Complexity
  4379. Perspectives in inflammation biology
  4380. Perspectives in Regenerative Medicine
  4381. Perspectives on Auditory Research
  4382. Perspectives on Culture and Agent-based Simulations
  4383. Perspectives on Energy Risk
  4384. Perspectives on European Earthquake Engineering and Seismology
  4385. Perspectives on Organisms
  4386. Perspectives on Social Ontology and Social Cognition
  4387. Perspectives on Social Sustainability and Interior Architecture
  4388. Perspectives on the Intersection of Multiculturalism and Positive Psychology
  4389. Perspectives on the Restoration of the Mississippi Delta
  4390. Perspectives on Theory of Controversies and the Ethics of Communication
  4391. Perspectives on Traditional Settlements and Communities
  4392. Persuasive Technology
  4393. Pervasive Computing and the Networked World
  4394. Pervasive Computing Paradigms for Mental Health
  4395. Pervasive Health
  4396. Pervasive Wireless Environments: Detecting and Localizing User Spoofing
  4397. PET and SPECT in Neurology
  4398. PET and SPECT in Psychiatry
  4399. PET and SPECT of Neurobiological Systems
  4400. PET/MRI
  4401. Petrology
  4402. PGD-Based Modeling of Materials, Structures and Processes
  4403. Pharmaco-Imaging in Drug and Biologics Development
  4404. Pharmacological Treatment of Acute Coronary Syndromes
  4405. Pharma-Nutrition
  4406. Phase Diagrams for Geoscientists
  4407. Phase Separation Coupled with Damage Processes
  4408. Phase Transformation of Kaolinite Clay
  4409. Phase Transition Dynamics
  4410. Phenomena and Computational Models of Non-Proportional Fatigue of Materials
  4411. Phenomenology in French Philosophy: Early Encounters
  4412. Phenomenology of Space and Time: The Forces of the Cosmos and the Ontopoietic Genesis of Life: Book One
  4413. Phenomenology of Space and Time: The Forces of the Cosmos and the Ontopoietic Genesis of Life: Book Two
  4414. PHEs, Environment and Human Health
  4415. Philosophical Biology in Aristotle's Parts of Animals
  4416. Philosophical Perspectives on Compulsory Education
  4417. Philosophical Perspectives on Democracy in the 21st Century
  4418. Philosophical, Logical and Scientific Perspectives in Engineering
  4419. Phlebology, Vein Surgery and Ultrasonography
  4420. Phoneme-Based Speech Segmentation using Hybrid Soft Computing Framework
  4421. Phosphate Solubilizing Microorganisms
  4422. Phospholipases in Health and Disease
  4423. Phospholipases in Plant Signaling
  4424. Photodynamic Therapy
  4425. Photoelectron Spectroscopy
  4426. Photofunctionalization of Molecular Switch Based on Pyrimidine Ring Rotation in Copper Complexes
  4427. Photonic Network-on-Chip Design
  4428. Photonics
  4429. Photosynthesis in Bryophytes and Early Land Plants
  4430. Photosynthetic Microorganisms
  4431. PHP for Absolute Beginners
  4432. PHP Solutions
  4433. Physical and Chemical Dissolution Front Instability in Porous Media
  4434. Physical and Statistical Models for Steam Generator Clogging Diagnosis
  4435. Physical Computation and Cognitive Science
  4436. Physical Implementation of Quantum Walks
  4437. Physical Models of Semiconductor Quantum Devices
  4438. Physicalism and the Mind
  4439. Physician's Guide to the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Follow-Up of Inherited Metabolic Diseases
  4440. Physics and Applications of Terahertz Radiation
  4441. Physics for JavaScript Games, Animation, and Simulations
  4442. Physics of Graphene
  4443. Physics of Lakes
  4444. Physics of Quantum Rings
  4445. Physics of Semiconductor Devices
  4446. Physics of Societal Issues
  4447. Physics of Wurtzite Nitrides and Oxides
  4448. Physics, Nature and Society
  4449. Physiological Computing Systems
  4450. Physiological Mechanisms and Adaptation Strategies in Plants Under Changing Environment - Volume 1
  4451. Physiological Mechanisms and Adaptation Strategies in Plants Under Changing Environment - Volume 2
  4452. Physiological, Developmental and Behavioral Effects of Marine Pollution
  4453. Phytochemicals – Biosynthesis, Function and Application
  4454. Phytohormones: A Window to Metabolism, Signaling and Biotechnological Applications
  4455. Piezo-Active Composites
  4456. Piezo-Electric Electro-Acoustic Transducers
  4457. Pilates − A Teachers’ Manual
  4458. Pipelined Multiprocessor System-on-Chip for Multimedia
  4459. Piracy and surreptitious activities in the Malay Archipelago and adjacent seas, 1600-1840
  4460. Pituitary Apoplexy
  4461. Placebo
  4462. Planar Metamaterial Based Microwave Sensor Arrays for Biomedical Analysis and Treatment
  4463. Planning and Decision Making for Aerial Robots
  4464. Planning and Designing Sustainable and Resilient Landscapes
  4465. Planning and Roadmapping Technological Innovations
  4466. Planning for Community Resilience
  4467. Plant ABC Transporters
  4468. Plant Biotechnology
  4469. Plant Biotechnology for Health
  4470. Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria for Horticultural Crop Protection
  4471. Plant Life of the Dolomites
  4472. Plant Litter
  4473. Plant Phenology as a Biomonitor for Climate Change in Germany
  4474. Plant signaling: Understanding the molecular crosstalk
  4475. Plant Viral Vectors
  4476. Plant Virus and Viroid Diseases in the Tropics
  4477. Plant-Plant Allelopathic Interactions II
  4478. Plants and BioEnergy
  4479. Plasticity and Beyond
  4480. Plasticity in Plant-Growth-Promoting and Phytopathogenic Bacteria
  4481. Plasticity of Pressure-Sensitive Materials
  4482. Plastics in Dentistry and Estrogenicity
  4483. Plastid Biology
  4484. Platelet-Rich Plasma
  4485. Platform Embedded Security Technology Revealed
  4486. Playful User Interfaces
  4487. Pluralism in Mathematics: A New Position in Philosophy of Mathematics
  4488. PNF in Practice
  4489. Pocket Data Mining
  4490. Poincaré, Philosopher of Science
  4491. Polarization and CP Violation Measurements
  4492. Polarization Bremsstrahlung
  4493. Polarized Light and Polarization Vision in Animal Sciences
  4494. Police Pursuit Driving
  4495. Policing Terrorism, Crime Control, and Police-Community Relations
  4496. Political, Economic and Financial Country Risk
  4497. Politics of Anti-Racism Education: In Search of Strategies for Transformative Learning
  4498. Pollutant Discharge and Water Quality in Urbanisation
  4499. Pollutants Generated by the Combustion of Solid Biomass Fuels
  4500. Pollution Control in Oil, Gas and Chemical Plants
  4501. Polyarenes I
  4502. Polyarenes II
  4503. Polycondensation
  4504. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  4505. Polyelectrolyte Complexes in the Dispersed and Solid State I
  4506. Polyelectrolyte Complexes in the Dispersed and Solid State II
  4507. Polyelectrolytes
  4508. Polymer Blends Handbook
  4509. Polymer Science from 1935-1953
  4510. Polymeric Cryogels
  4511. Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS Sensors
  4512. Popper and His Popular Critics
  4513. Popular Culture, Piracy, and Outlaw Pedagogy
  4514. Population and Health in Developing Countries
  4515. Porous Materials for Carbon Dioxide Capture
  4516. Port State Jurisdiction and the Regulation of International Merchant Shipping
  4517. Portrait of Gunnar Källén
  4518. Positional Games
  4519. Positional Plagiocephaly
  4520. Positive Nations and Communities
  4521. Positive Psychology in Latin America
  4522. Post-harvest Pathology
  4523. Postoperative Critical Care for Cardiac Surgical Patients
  4524. Post-Optimal Analysis in Linear Semi-Infinite Optimization
  4525. Post-Quantum Cryptography
  4526. Posttranslational Protein Modifications in the Reproductive System
  4527. Potable Water
  4528. Potential Theory
  4529. Potsdamer Platz
  4530. Poverty Alleviation Investment and Private Economy in China
  4531. Power Converters for Medium Voltage Networks
  4532. Power Electronic Converters Modeling and Control
  4533. Power Query for Power BI and Excel
  4534. PowerFactory Applications for Power System Analysis
  4535. Power-to-Gas: Technology and Business Models
  4536. Practical Analysis of Algorithms
  4537. Practical Applications of Intelligent Systems
  4538. Practical Aspects of Computational Chemistry III
  4539. Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages
  4540. Practical Chemoinformatics
  4541. Practical Considerations for Adaptive Trial Design and Implementation
  4542. Practical Controversies in Medical Management of Stone Disease
  4543. Practical Design Patterns for Teaching and Learning with Technology
  4544. Practical Gas Chromatography
  4545. Practical Guide to Geo-Engineering
  4546. Practical Guide to Neurovascular Emergencies
  4547. Practical Hadoop Security
  4548. Practical Informatics for Cytopathology
  4549. Practical IPv6 for Windows Administrators
  4550. Practical Issues in Anesthesia and Intensive Care 2013
  4551. Practical Iterative Learning Control with Frequency Domain Design and Sampled Data Implementation
  4552. Practical LaTeX
  4553. Practical Manual of Interventional Cardiology
  4554. Practical Materials Characterization
  4555. Practical Methods of Financial Engineering and Risk Management
  4556. Practical Neo4j
  4557. Practical Nephrology
  4558. Practical Node.js
  4559. Practical Opto-Electronics
  4560. Practical Oracle Database Appliance
  4561. Practical Pelvic Floor Ultrasonography
  4562. Practical Software Development Techniques
  4563. Practitioner’s Guide to Curriculum-Based Evaluation in Reading
  4564. Practitioner's Guide to Empirically Supported Measures of Anger, Aggression, and Violence
  4565. Practitioner's Knowledge Representation
  4566. Pragmatic Disorders
  4567. Precision Assembly Technologies and Systems
  4568. Precision Interferometry in a New Shape
  4569. Predicting Real World Behaviors from Virtual World Data
  4570. Prediction and Calculation of Crystal Structures
  4571. Prediction and Classification of Respiratory Motion
  4572. Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
  4573. Prehistoric Archaeology on the Continental Shelf
  4574. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in Clinical Practice
  4575. Preparing for Life in a Digital Age
  4576. Presentations, Demos, and Training Sessions
  4577. Pressure Ulcers in the Aging Population
  4578. Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions in AB2X4 Chalcogenide Compounds
  4579. Preventing Adolescent Depression and Suicide Among Latinas
  4580. Preventing Corporate Corruption
  4581. Preventing Terrorism and Controlling Risk
  4582. Preventive Mental Health at School
  4583. PRICAI 2014: Trends in Artificial Intelligence
  4584. Pricing Urban Water
  4585. PRIMA 2014: Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems
  4586. Primary Aldosteronism
  4587. Primary Care Sleep Medicine
  4588. Primates and Cetaceans
  4589. Primer on Client-Side Web Security
  4590. Primer on Prostate Cancer
  4591. Principle and Application Progress in Location-Based Services
  4592. Principles and Applications of Magnetic Particle Imaging
  4593. Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming
  4594. Principles of Astrophysics
  4595. Principles of Distributed Systems
  4596. Principles of Harmonic Analysis
  4597. Principles of Mathematical Economics
  4598. Principles of Neurophysiological Assessment, Mapping, and Monitoring
  4599. Principles of Security and Trust
  4600. Pristine Perspectives on Logic, Language, and Computation
  4601. Privacy and Identity Management for Emerging Services and Technologies
  4602. Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  4603. Privacy in Statistical Databases
  4604. Privacy Technologies and Policy
  4605. Privacy Technologies and Policy
  4606. Privacy vs. Security
  4607. Privacy-Invading Technologies and Privacy by Design
  4608. Private Placement of Public Equity in China
  4609. Private Sector Development in West Africa
  4610. Pro Android UI
  4611. Pro AngularJS
  4612. Pro Apache Hadoop
  4613. Pro ASP.NET MVC 5 Platform
  4614. Pro ASP.NET SignalR
  4615. Pro Couchbase Server
  4616. Pro Exchange 2013 SP1 PowerShell Administration
  4617. Pro Exchange Server 2013 Administration
  4618. Pro Express.js
  4619. Pro Git
  4620. Pro iOS Continuous Integration
  4621. Pro iOS Persistence
  4622. Pro JavaFX 8
  4623. Pro JavaScript Development
  4624. Pro Linux High Availability Clustering
  4625. Pro Microsoft HDInsight
  4626. Pro Office 365 Development
  4627. Pro Office for iPad
  4628. Pro Powershell for Amazon Web Services
  4629. Pro Python
  4630. Pro Python System Administration
  4631. Pro Single Page Application Development
  4632. Pro Spring
  4633. Pro SQL Server Internals
  4634. Pro TypeScript
  4635. Pro Unity Game Development with C#
  4636. Pro Vim
  4637. Pro Windows 8.1 Development with XAML and C#
  4638. Proactive Data Mining with Decision Trees
  4639. Probabilistic Approaches to Robotic Perception
  4640. Probabilistic Diophantine Approximation
  4641. Probabilistic Graphical Models
  4642. Probabilistic Safety Assessment of WWER440 Reactors
  4643. Probabilistic Thinking
  4644. Probability on Compact Lie Groups
  4645. Probability Theory
  4646. Probability with Applications in Engineering, Science, and Technology
  4647. Probing Correlated Quantum Many-Body Systems at the Single-Particle Level
  4648. Problems from the Discrete to the Continuous
  4649. Procedural Justice and Legitimacy in Policing
  4650. Proceedings of 2013 4th International Asia Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Innovation (IEMI2013)
  4651. Proceedings of 2013 World Agricultural Outlook Conference
  4652. Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Tribology and Engineering Systems
  4653. Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology
  4654. Proceedings of International Conference on Internet Computing and Information Communications
  4655. Proceedings of International Conference on Soft Computing Techniques and Engineering Application
  4656. Proceedings of Ninth International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks
  4657. Proceedings of Selected Articles of 2013 World Agricultural Outlook Conference
  4658. Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Thermoelectrics
  4659. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering
  4660. Proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate
  4661. Proceedings of the 18th International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate
  4662. Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Applied Biotechnology (ICAB 2012) - Volume 1
  4663. Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Applied Biotechnology (ICAB 2012) - Volume 2
  4664. Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Applied Biotechnology (ICAB 2012) - Volume 3
  4665. Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Cybernetics and Informatics
  4666. Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Electrical and Information Technologies for Rail Transportation (EITRT2013)-Volume I
  4667. Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Electrical and Information Technologies for Rail Transportation (EITRT2013)-Volume II
  4668. Proceedings of the 22nd International Meshing Roundtable
  4669. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Technologies and Engineering Systems (ICITES2013)
  4670. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Multimedia Technology (ICMT 2013)
  4671. Proceedings of the 7th World Conference on Mass Customization, Personalization, and Co-Creation (MCPC 2014), Aalborg, Denmark, February 4th - 7th, 2014
  4672. Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning - Volume 1
  4673. Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning - Volume 2
  4674. Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning - Volume 3
  4675. Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management - Focused on Computing and Engineering Management
  4676. Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management - Focused on Intelligent System and Management Science
  4677. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Innovations in Bio-Inspired Computing and Applications IBICA 2014
  4678. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Advanced Data and Information Engineering (DaEng-2013)
  4679. Proceedings of the First Symposium on Aviation Maintenance and Management-Volume I
  4680. Proceedings of the First Symposium on Aviation Maintenance and Management-Volume II
  4681. Proceedings of the International Colloquium in Textile Engineering, Fashion, Apparel and Design 2014 (ICTEFAD 2014)
  4682. Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Sports Science, Exercise, Engineering and Technology 2014 (ICoSSEET 2014)
  4683. Proceedings of the International Conference on Frontiers of Intelligent Computing: Theory and Applications (FICTA) 2013
  4684. Proceedings of the International Conference on Health Care Systems Engineering
  4685. Proceedings of the International Conference on Research and Innovations in Mechanical Engineering
  4686. Proceedings of the International Conference on Science, Technology and Social Sciences (ICSTSS) 2012
  4687. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Dependability and Complex Systems DepCoS-RELCOMEX. June 30 – July 4, 2014, Brunów, Poland
  4688. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving (SocProS 2012), December 28-30, 2012
  4689. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management - Volume I
  4690. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management - Volume II
  4691. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving - SocProS 2013, Volume 1
  4692. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving - SocProS 2013, Volume 2
  4693. Process Analytical Technology for the Food Industry
  4694. Process Control for Sheet-Metal Stamping
  4695. Process Design for Natural Scientists
  4696. Process Intensification Technologies for Biodiesel Production
  4697. Process Management
  4698. Process Simulation and Optimization in Sustainable Logistics and Manufacturing
  4699. Process-Driven Applications with BPMN
  4700. Processes, Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments
  4701. Process-Oriented Dynamic Capabilities
  4702. Product Development in the Socio-sphere
  4703. Product Information Management
  4704. Product Lifecycle Management for a Global Market
  4705. Product Variety in Automotive Industry
  4706. Product-Focused Software Process Improvement
  4707. Production of Biofuels and Chemicals with Ionic Liquids
  4708. Production of Biomass and Bioactive Compounds Using Bioreactor Technology
  4709. Production of Ethanol from Sugarcane in Brazil
  4710. Productive Biofilms
  4711. Professional Search in the Modern World
  4712. Programming Heterogeneous MPSoCs
  4713. Programming Languages
  4714. Programming Languages and Operational Semantics
  4715. Programming Languages and Systems - 12th Asian Symposium, APLAS 2014, Singapore, Singapore, November 17-19, 2014, Proceedings
  4716. Programming Languages and Systems - 23rd European Symposium on Programming, ESOP 2014, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2014, Grenoble, France, April 5-13, 2014, Proceedings
  4717. Progress in Botany
  4718. Progress in Cryptology – AFRICACRYPT 2014
  4719. Progress in Cryptology -- INDOCRYPT 2014
  4720. Progress in Differential-Algebraic Equations
  4721. Progress in Exergy, Energy, and the Environment
  4722. Progress in Heritable Soft Connective Tissue Diseases
  4723. Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2012
  4724. Progress in Mathematical Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology
  4725. Progress in Motor Control
  4726. Progress in Optomechatronic Technologies
  4727. Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis, Computer Vision, and Applications
  4728. Progress in Sustainable Energy Technologies Vol II
  4729. Progress in Sustainable Energy Technologies: Generating Renewable Energy
  4730. Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products 99
  4731. Progress in Turbulence V
  4732. Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science
  4733. Progress of Nuclear Safety for Symbiosis and Sustainability
  4734. Prohibition, Religious Freedom, and Human Rights: Regulating Traditional Drug Use
  4735. Project Communication Management in Complex Environments
  4736. Project Planning and Management for Ecological Restoration
  4737. Project Quality Management
  4738. Project-Based Knowledge in Organizing Open Innovation
  4739. Project-Based Writing in Science
  4740. Promoting Aboriginal Health
  4741. Promoting Change through Action Research
  4742. Promoting, Assessing, Recognizing and Certifying Lifelong Learning
  4743. Proofs from THE BOOK
  4744. Propagation of SLF/ELF Electromagnetic Waves
  4745. Proportional Representation
  4746. Proselytizing and the Limits of Religious Pluralism in Contemporary Asia
  4747. Prosopagnosia
  4748. Prospective Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge of Algebra
  4749. Prostate Cancer Prevention
  4750. Prostitution
  4751. Protecting Chips Against Hold Time Violations Due to Variability
  4752. Protecting Human Rights in the EU
  4753. Protecting Oracle Database 12c
  4754. Protection of Information and the Right to Privacy - A New Equilibrium?
  4755. Protein Conformational Dynamics
  4756. Protein Deimination in Human Health and Disease
  4757. Protein Modelling
  4758. Proteins and Proteomics of Leishmania and Trypanosoma
  4759. Provable Security
  4760. Psychiatric Drugs in Children and Adolescents
  4761. Psychoanalysis of Evil
  4762. Psycholinguistic Approaches to Meaning and Understanding across Languages
  4763. Psychological Health Effects of Musical Experiences
  4764. Psychological, Educational, and Sociological Perspectives on Success and Well-Being in Career Development
  4765. Psychology in Education
  4766. Psychology, Development and Social Policy in India
  4767. Psycho-Oncology
  4768. Psychopharmacology and Pregnancy
  4769. Psychopharmacology in Oncology and Palliative Care
  4770. Psycho-Social Analysis of the Indian Mindset
  4771. Psychosocial Approaches to Peace-Building in Colombia
  4772. Psycho-social Career Meta-capacities
  4773. Psychosocial Factors at Work in the Asia Pacific
  4774. Psychosocial Impact of Polygamy in the Middle East
  4775. Psychosomatic Medicine
  4776. Psychosurgery
  4777. Psychotherapy for Families after Brain Injury
  4778. Public and Private Enforcement of Competition Law in Europe
  4779. Public Attitudes towards Family Policies in Europe
  4780. Public Health Informatics and Information Systems
  4781. Public Key Infrastructures, Services and Applications
  4782. Public Procurement, Innovation and Policy
  4783. Public Produce
  4784. Public Prosecutors in the United States and Europe
  4785. Public Sector Enterprises in India
  4786. Public Shared Service Centers
  4787. Public Transport Passengers’ Behavioural Intentions
  4788. Public-Key Cryptography – PKC 2014
  4789. Pulmonary Cytopathology
  4790. Pulmonary Manifestations of Rheumatic Disease
  4791. Pulmonary Sarcoidosis
  4792. Pulsed Laser Ablation of Solids
  4793. Purpose in Life
  4794. Python Algorithms
  4795. Python for Signal Processing
  4796. Python Programming Fundamentals
  4797. Q’eqchi’ Maya Reproductive Ethnomedicine
  4798. QC-LDPC Code-Based Cryptography
  4799. Qualities of Education in a Globalised World
  4800. Quality of Experience
  4801. Quantitative Energy Finance
  4802. Quantitative Evaluation of Systems
  4803. Quantitative Models for Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking
  4804. Quantitative Reasoning in the Context of Energy and Environment
  4805. Quantitative Recombination and Transport Properties in Silicon from Dynamic Luminescence
  4806. Quantitative Remote Sensing in Thermal Infrared
  4807. Quantitative Traits Breeding for Multifunctional Grasslands and Turf
  4808. Quantum Black Holes
  4809. Quantum Chance
  4810. Quantum Dot Molecules
  4811. Quantum Dot Solar Cells
  4812. Quantum Dynamics of a Particle in a Tracking Chamber
  4813. Quantum Information and Coherence
  4814. Quantum Interaction
  4815. Quantum Mechanics for Pedestrians 1: Fundamentals
  4816. Quantum Mechanics for Pedestrians 2: Applications and Extensions
  4817. Quantum Objects
  4818. Quantum Physics of Light and Matter
  4819. Quantum Potential: Physics, Geometry and Algebra
  4820. Quantum Radiation in Ultra-Intense Laser Pulses
  4821. Quantum State Transfer and Network Engineering
  4822. Quantum Theory of Many-Body Systems
  4823. Quantum Theory: A Two-Time Success Story
  4824. Quantum Variational Calculus
  4825. Quasi-Dimensional Simulation of Spark Ignition Engines
  4826. Querying over Encrypted Data in Smart Grids
  4827. Queuing Theory and Telecommunications
  4828. Quirky Quantum Concepts
  4829. Quiver Representations
  4830. Quo Vadis: Evolution of Modern Navigation
  4831. Quṭb al-Dīn Shīrāzī and the Configuration of the Heavens
  4832. R for Cloud Computing
  4833. R Quick Syntax Reference
  4834. R Recipes
  4835. R&D Management
  4836. Rabies in Man and Animals
  4837. Rabindranath Tagore
  4838. Radar for Meteorological and Atmospheric Observations
  4839. Radiation Disaster Medicine
  4840. Radiation Monitoring and Dose Estimation of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
  4841. Radical Prostatectomy
  4842. Radio Frequency Identification: Security and Privacy Issues
  4843. Radio Resource Management Using Geometric Water-Filling
  4844. Radiological Anatomy for FRCR Part 1
  4845. Radiological Imaging of the Kidney
  4846. Radiological Interventions in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  4847. Radiological Safety and Quality
  4848. Radiology for PET/CT Reporting
  4849. Radiology Illustrated: Chest Radiology
  4850. Radiology Illustrated: Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Radiology
  4851. Radiology Illustrated: Pediatric Radiology
  4852. Radiology Illustrated: Spine
  4853. Radiology in Global Health
  4854. Radiology of HIV/AIDS
  4855. Radionuclide Contamination and Remediation Through Plants
  4856. Raman Spectroscopy of Conformational Rearrangements at Low Temperatures
  4857. Random Maintenance Policies
  4858. Random Sets and Random Fuzzy Sets as Ill-Perceived Random Variables
  4859. Random Walks on Disordered Media and their Scaling Limits
  4860. Rare Diseases in the Age of Health 2.0
  4861. Rare Lymphomas
  4862. Ras Superfamily Small G Proteins: Biology and Mechanisms 1
  4863. Ras Superfamily Small G Proteins: Biology and Mechanisms 2
  4864. Rasch Analysis in the Human Sciences
  4865. Raspberry Pi Hardware Reference
  4866. Raspberry Pi System Software Reference
  4867. Rationality and Emotion
  4868. Rationality, Virtue, and Liberation
  4869. Reachability Problems
  4870. Reading Development and Difficulties in Monolingual and Bilingual Chinese Children
  4871. Real Analysis for the Undergraduate
  4872. Real Analysis on Intervals
  4873. Real and Complex Submanifolds
  4874. Real Quaternionic Calculus Handbook
  4875. Realizing Business Model Innovation
  4876. Real-Time 3D Interventional Echocardiography
  4877. Real-Time Heterogeneous Video Transcoding for Low-Power Applications
  4878. Real-time Security Extensions for EPCglobal Networks
  4879. Real-Time Stability in Power Systems
  4880. Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks
  4881. Reasoning Web. Reasoning on the Web in the Big Data Era
  4882. Recent Advances in Automation, Robotics and Measuring Techniques
  4883. Recent Advances in Delay Differential and Difference Equations
  4884. Recent Advances in Estimating Nonlinear Models
  4885. Recent Advances in Information and Communication Technology
  4886. Recent Advances in Information Technology
  4887. Recent Advances in Intelligent Informatics
  4888. Recent Advances in Knowledge-based Paradigms and Applications
  4889. Recent Advances in Radial Basis Function Collocation Methods
  4890. Recent Advances in Redox Active Plant and Microbial Products
  4891. Recent Advances in the Theory and Application of Fitness Landscapes
  4892. Recent Advances in Weed Management
  4893. Recent Advances of Neural Network Models and Applications
  4894. Recent Advances on Hybrid Approaches for Designing Intelligent Systems
  4895. Recent Advances on Soft Computing and Data Mining
  4896. Recent Developments and New Directions in Soft Computing
  4897. Recent Developments in Computational Collective Intelligence
  4898. Recent Developments in Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Partial Differential Equations
  4899. Recent Developments in the Regulation of Kinins
  4900. Recent Progress in General Topology III
  4901. Recent Trends in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems Security
  4902. Recent Trends in Modelling of Environmental Contaminants
  4903. Recent Trends in Nanotechnology and Materials Science
  4904. Recent Trends in Philosophical Logic
  4905. Reclaiming the Sane Society
  4906. Recommendation Systems in Software Engineering
  4907. Recommender Systems for Location-based Social Networks
  4908. Recommender Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning
  4909. Reconceptualizing the Nature of Science for Science Education
  4910. Reconfigurable Computing: Architectures, Tools, and Applications
  4911. Reconstructing Mobility
  4912. Recovery Management in Business-to-Business Markets
  4913. Recursion: Complexity in Cognition
  4914. Reduced Order Methods for Modeling and Computational Reduction
  4915. Reduced Port Laparoscopic Surgery
  4916. Reducing Disaster: Early Warning Systems For Climate Change
  4917. Reducing Drug Attrition
  4918. Reducing Mortality in the Perioperative Period
  4919. Reductionism, Emergence and Levels of Reality
  4920. Refinement in Z and Object-Z
  4921. Reflections on the History of Computers in Education
  4922. Reform of the International Monetary System
  4923. Reforming Higher Education
  4924. Reforming the Common European Asylum System — Legislative developments and judicial activism of the European Courts
  4925. Reframing Information Architecture
  4926. Reframing the Transitional Justice Paradigm
  4927. Reframing Transformational Leadership
  4928. Refuge and Resilience
  4929. Refugee Health Care
  4930. Regenerative Biology of the Eye
  4931. Regenerative Medicine Ethics
  4932. Regenerative Medicine for the Inner Ear
  4933. Regional Economic Integration in West Africa
  4934. Regional Fisheries Oceanography of the California Current System
  4935. Regional Perspectives on Policy Evaluation
  4936. Registration and Recognition in Images and Videos
  4937. Registration Methods for Pulmonary Image Analysis
  4938. Regularity of Difference Equations on Banach Spaces
  4939. Regulated Grammars and Automata
  4940. Regulating Corporate Criminal Liability
  4941. Regulating eTechnologies in the European Union
  4942. Regulating Municipal Water Supply Concessions
  4943. Regulating the Takeover of Chinese Listed Companies
  4944. Regulation of Air Transport
  4945. Regulatory Nascent Polypeptides
  4946. Regulatory Toxicology
  4947. Re-imaging the City
  4948. Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science
  4949. Relational Autonomy and Family Law
  4950. Relational Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations
  4951. Relativistic Dissipative Hydrodynamic Description of the Quark-Gluon Plasma
  4952. Relativity and Gravitation
  4953. Relaxation of the Chemical Bond
  4954. Reliability Engineering
  4955. Reliability Modeling and Analysis of Smart Power Systems
  4956. Reliability of High Mobility SiGe Channel MOSFETs for Future CMOS Applications
  4957. Reliable Software Technologies – Ada-Europe 2014
  4958. Reliance on Foreign Markets: Multinationality and Performance
  4959. Religion and Spirituality Across Cultures
  4960. Religions and Extraterrestrial Life
  4961. Religious Perspectives on Human Vulnerability in Bioethics
  4962. Religious Pluralism
  4963. Reloading Data Protection
  4964. Remapping Africa in the Global Space
  4965. Remarkable Natural Material Surfaces and Their Engineering Potential
  4966. Remediation in Medical Education
  4967. Remote Sensing and Modeling
  4968. Remote Sensing Applications in Environmental Research
  4969. Remote Sensing of the African Seas
  4970. Renal Neoplasms
  4971. Renal Tumors of Childhood
  4972. Renal Vascular Disease
  4973. Renewable Energy Integration
  4974. Renewables in Future Power Systems
  4975. Renewal Processes
  4976. Renormalization Group Analysis of Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Charged Systems
  4977. Repatriation to France and Germany
  4978. Replace, Repair, Restore, Relieve – Bridging Clinical and Engineering Solutions in Neurorehabilitation
  4979. Report on Global Environmental Competitiveness (2013)
  4980. Representation Theory
  4981. Reproductive Ecology of Flowering Plants: A Manual
  4982. Reproductive Sciences in Animal Conservation
  4983. Requirements Engineering
  4984. Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality
  4985. Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XXXI
  4986. Research and Research Education in Music Performance and Pedagogy
  4987. Research Collaboration and Team Science
  4988. Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses
  4989. Research in Computational Molecular Biology
  4990. Research on e-Learning and ICT in Education
  4991. Research Trends in Mathematics Teacher Education
  4992. Resetting the Political Culture Agenda: From Polis to International Organization
  4993. Resettlement of Displaced Persons on the Thai-Myanmar Border
  4994. Residential Relocations and their Consequences
  4995. Residual Stress, Thermomechanics & Infrared Imaging, Hybrid Techniques and Inverse Problems, Volume 8
  4996. Resilience and Sustainability in Relation to Natural Disasters: A Challenge for Future Cities
  4997. Resilience Interventions for Youth in Diverse Populations
  4998. Resilient Controls for Ordering Uncertain Prospects
  4999. Resistance to Proteasome Inhibitors in Cancer
  5000. Resolving Strong Field Dynamics in Cation States of CO_2 via Optimised Molecular Alignment
  5001. Resorbable Fiber-Forming Polymers for Biotextile Applications
  5002. Resource Allocation and MIMO for 4G and Beyond
  5003. Resource Curse or Cure ?
  5004. Resource Management for Device-to-Device Underlay Communication
  5005. Resource Management for Heterogeneous Networks in LTE Systems
  5006. Resource Management in Mobile Computing Environments
  5007. Responsibility in Nanotechnology Development
  5008. Responsible Innovation 1
  5009. Responsible Management
  5010. Responsible Tourism and CSR
  5011. REST: Advanced Research Topics and Practical Applications
  5012. Restoration and Development of the Degraded Loess Plateau, China
  5013. Resuscitation
  5014. Retail Branding and Store Loyalty
  5015. Retail Food Safety
  5016. Retail Internationalization
  5017. Retail Marketing and Sales Performance
  5018. Rethinking Engineering Education
  5019. Rethinking Food Systems
  5020. Rethinking the Individualism-Holism Debate
  5021. Retinal Degenerative Diseases
  5022. Reversible Computation
  5023. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
  5024. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology volume
  5025. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Volume 228
  5026. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Volume 232
  5027. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Volume 227
  5028. Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology 166
  5029. Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Vol. 167
  5030. Revision ACL Reconstruction
  5031. Rewriting and Typed Lambda Calculi
  5032. Rewriting Logic and Its Applications
  5033. RHEED Transmission Mode and Pole Figures
  5034. Rheological and Seismic Properties of Solid-Melt Systems
  5035. Rheology and Non-Newtonian Fluids
  5036. Rheology of Fluid, Semisolid, and Solid Foods
  5037. Rheophysics
  5038. Rhetorical Perspectives on Argumentation
  5039. Richard J. Bernstein and the Pragmatist Turn in Contemporary Philosophy
  5040. Rights Before Courts
  5041. Rigidity and Symmetry
  5042. Rigidly Framed Earth Retaining Structures
  5043. Risk - A Multidisciplinary Introduction
  5044. Risk Assessment and Risk-Driven Testing
  5045. Risk Management for Engineering Projects
  5046. Risk Theory and Reinsurance
  5047. Risk-Informed Management of European River Basins
  5048. River Control in India
  5049. Road Vehicle Automation
  5050. Roadmap to Sustainable Textiles and Clothing - Eco-friendly Raw Materials, Technologies, and Processing Methods
  5051. Roadmap to Sustainable Textiles and Clothing - Environmental and Social Aspects of Textiles and Clothing Supply Chain
  5052. RoboCup 2013: Robot World Cup XVII
  5053. Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications 2
  5054. ROBOT2013: First Iberian Robotics Conference - Advances in Robotics, Vol. 1
  5055. ROBOT2013: First Iberian Robotics Conference - Advances in Robotics, Vol.2
  5056. Robotic Cardiac Surgery
  5057. Robotic Donor Nephrectomy
  5058. Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design 2014
  5059. Robotic Sailing 2013
  5060. Robotic Surgery
  5061. Robotic Surgery of the Bladder
  5062. Robotics in General Surgery
  5063. Robust and Optimal Control
  5064. Robust Control for Grid Voltage Stability: High Penetration of Renewable Energy
  5065. Robust Control of Uncertain Dynamic Systems
  5066. Robust Filtering for Uncertain Systems
  5067. Robust Output Feedback H-infinity Control and Filtering for Uncertain Linear Systems
  5068. Robust Output LQ Optimal Control via Integral Sliding Modes
  5069. Robust Power System Frequency Control
  5070. Robust Recognition via Information Theoretic Learning
  5071. Robust Speaker Recognition in Noisy Environments
  5072. Robust Subspace Estimation Using Low-Rank Optimization
  5073. Rock and Pop Venues
  5074. Rock Art and Sacred Landscapes
  5075. Role of Proteases in Cellular Dysfunction
  5076. Root Engineering
  5077. Rough Sets and Current Trends in Computing
  5078. Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems Paradigms
  5079. Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology
  5080. Routing Algorithms in Networks-on-Chip
  5081. Ruby Quick Syntax Reference
  5082. Rules on the Web. From Theory to Applications
  5083. Running Mainframe z on Distributed Platforms
  5084. Runtime Verification
  5085. Rural Labor Migration, Discrimination, and the New Dual Labor Market in China
  5086. Ruthenium in Catalysis
  5087. Sabkha Ecosystems: Volume IV: Cash Crop Halophyte and Biodiversity Conservation
  5088. Safe and Secure Cities
  5089. Safety Factor Profile Control in a Tokamak
  5090. SAGA – Advances in ShApes, Geometry, and Algebra
  5091. Sales Hunting
  5092. Sales Negotiations in Professional Service Firms
  5093. Salinity and Drainage in San Joaquin Valley, California
  5094. Salts of Amino Acids
  5095. Same-Sex Couples before National, Supranational and International Jurisdictions
  5096. Samii's Essentials in Neurosurgery
  5097. Samir Amin
  5098. Sample Efficient Multiagent Learning in the Presence of Markovian Agents
  5099. Sampled-Data Models for Linear and Nonlinear Systems
  5100. Sand Mining
  5101. SAP ABAP
  5102. Satellite Network Robust QoS-aware Routing
  5103. S-BPM ONE - Application Studies and Work in Progress
  5104. S-BPM ONE - Scientific Research
  5105. Scalable and Near-Optimal Design Space Exploration for Embedded Systems
  5106. Scalable Pattern Recognition Algorithms
  5107. Scalable Uncertainty Management
  5108. Scars
  5109. Scattering Amplitudes and Wilson Loops in Twistor Space
  5110. Scattering Amplitudes in Gauge Theories
  5111. SCF and APC E3 Ubiquitin Ligases in Tumorigenesis
  5112. Scheduling and Congestion Control for Wireless Internet
  5113. Scheduling of Power Generation
  5114. Scheduling Real-Time Streaming Applications onto an Embedded Multiprocessor
  5115. Schizophrenia
  5116. School Boards in the Governance Process
  5117. School Size Effects Revisited
  5118. Schooling for Sustainable Development Across the Pacific
  5119. School-Parent Collaborations in Indigenous Communities
  5120. Schumann Resonance for Tyros
  5121. Schutzian Phenomenology and Hermeneutic Traditions
  5122. Schwann Cell Development and Pathology
  5123. Science Gateways for Distributed Computing Infrastructures
  5124. Science Teacher Educators as K-12 Teachers
  5125. Science Teachers’ Use of Visual Representations
  5126. Science, Policy and Politics of Modern Agricultural System
  5127. Science, Technology and Innovation Policies for Development
  5128. Scientific Computing - An Introduction using Maple and MATLAB
  5129. Scientific Computing with MATLAB and Octave
  5130. Scientific Objectivity and Its Contexts
  5131. Scientific Sources and Teaching Contexts Throughout History: Problems and Perspectives
  5132. Scientific Visualization
  5133. Scientific Writing and Communication in Agriculture and Natural Resources
  5134. Scripting in Java
  5135. Sea Floor Exploration
  5136. Seafood Processing By-Products
  5137. Seamless and Secure Communications over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
  5138. Search Methodologies
  5139. Search-Based Software Engineering
  5140. Searches for CP Violation in Charmed Meson Decays
  5141. Searching for the Long-Duration Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitor
  5142. Seasonality and Microcredit
  5143. Secularisations and Their Debates
  5144. Secularism and Religion in Multi-faith Societies
  5145. Secure and Trustworthy Service Composition
  5146. Secure Cloud Computing
  5147. Secure Data Management
  5148. Secure Information Management Using Linguistic Threshold Approach
  5149. Secure IT Systems
  5150. Secure Smart Embedded Devices, Platforms and Applications
  5151. Securing Water and Wastewater Systems
  5152. Security and Cryptography for Networks
  5153. Security and Privacy for Implantable Medical Devices
  5154. Security and Trust Management
  5155. Security for Cloud Storage Systems
  5156. Security for Multi-hop Wireless Networks
  5157. Security in Computing and Communications
  5158. Security Protocols XVIII
  5159. Security Protocols XXII
  5160. Security Standardisation Research
  5161. Security, Privacy and Trust in Cloud Systems
  5162. Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering
  5163. Security-aware Cooperation in Cognitive Radio Networks
  5164. See You at the Crossroads: Hip Hop Scholarship at the Intersections
  5165. Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities
  5166. Seismic Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Structures
  5167. Seismic Events in Glaciers
  5168. Selected Areas in Cryptography -- SAC 2013
  5169. Selected Areas in Cryptography -- SAC 2014
  5170. Selected References in Trauma and Orthopaedics
  5171. Selected Themes in African Development Studies
  5172. Selected Themes in African Political Studies
  5173. Selected Works of Peter J. Bickel
  5174. Selective Catalysis for Renewable Feedstocks and Chemicals
  5175. Selectivity in the Synthesis of Cyclic Sulfonamides
  5176. Self-Determination & Constitution Making in Nepal
  5177. Self-Organized Quantum Dots for Memories
  5178. Self-Organizing Systems
  5179. Self-Reported Population Health: An International Perspective based on EQ-5D
  5180. Self-Study in Physical Education Teacher Education
  5181. Selling Out Education
  5182. Semantic Acquisition Games
  5183. Semantic Technology
  5184. Semantic Web Evaluation Challenge
  5185. Semantic Web Technologies and Legal Scholarly Publishing
  5186. Semantics of Probabilistic Processes
  5187. Semi-bounded Partial Differential Operators
  5188. Semiconductor Technologies in the Era of Electronics
  5189. Semigroup Methods for Evolution Equations on Networks
  5190. Semigroups, Boundary Value Problems and Markov Processes
  5191. Séminaire de Probabilités XLVI
  5192. Sensing Technologies For Precision Irrigation
  5193. Sensing Technology: Current Status and Future Trends I
  5194. Sensing Technology: Current Status and Future Trends II
  5195. Sensors - Proceedings of the First National Conference on Sensors, Rome 15-17 February, 2012
  5196. Sensors and Microsystems
  5197. Separable Type Representations of Matrices and Fast Algorithms - Volume 1 Basics. Completion Problems. Multiplication and Inversion Algorithms
  5198. Separable Type Representations of Matrices and Fast Algorithms - Volume 2 Eigenvalue Method
  5199. Separated Representations and PGD-Based Model Reduction
  5200. Sequence Spaces and Measures of Noncompactness with Applications to Differential and Integral Equations
  5201. Sequences and Their Applications - SETA 2014
  5202. Serialization and Persistent Objects
  5203. Serious Games Development and Applications
  5204. Service Orientation in Holonic and Multi-Agent Manufacturing and Robotics
  5205. Service Research and Innovation
  5206. Service Science and Knowledge Innovation
  5207. Service Systems
  5208. Serviceology for Services
  5209. Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing
  5210. Service-Oriented Computing
  5211. Service-Oriented Computing – ICSOC 2013 Workshops
  5212. Services in Wireless Sensor Networks
  5213. Servitization in Industry
  5214. Servo Motors and Industrial Control Theory
  5215. Set Theory
  5216. Set Theory
  5217. Seven Modern Plagues
  5218. Severe Skin Diseases in Children
  5219. Sexting
  5220. Sexual Reproduction in Animals and Plants
  5221. Shanghai Urbanism at the Medium Scale
  5222. Shape Analysis in Medical Image Analysis
  5223. Ship Design
  5224. Shipbreaking: Hazards and Liabilities
  5225. Shoulder Arthroscopy
  5226. Signal and Image Processing for Biometrics
  5227. Signal Processing and Information Technology
  5228. Signal Processing Approaches to Secure Physical Layer Communications in Multi-Antenna Wireless Systems
  5229. Silicon Carbide Nanostructures
  5230. Silicon Containing Copolymers
  5231. Silicon Nano-biotechnology
  5232. Similarity and Symmetry Methods
  5233. Similarity Search and Applications
  5234. Simplicial Global Optimization
  5235. Simulated Evolution and Learning
  5236. Simulating Knowledge Dynamics in Innovation Networks
  5237. Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications
  5238. Simulation of Fresh Concrete Flow
  5239. Simulation of ODE/PDE Models with MATLAB®, OCTAVE and SCILAB
  5240. Simulation of Urban Mobility
  5241. Simulation Studies of Recombination Kinetics and Spin Dynamics in Radiation Chemistry
  5242. Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots
  5243. Simulations, Serious Games and Their Applications
  5244. Simultaneous Multi-Pollutants Removal in Flue Gas by Ozone
  5245. Simultaneous Statistical Inference
  5246. Sine Syndromes in Rheumatology
  5247. Single Incision Laparoscopic and Transanal Colorectal Surgery
  5248. Single-Access Laparoscopic Surgery
  5249. Singular Perturbations
  5250. Singular Phenomena and Scaling in Mathematical Models
  5251. Site Design for Multifamily Housing
  5252. Situational Method Engineering
  5253. Size Effects in Nanostructures
  5254. Sjögren’s Syndrome in Clinical Practice
  5255. Skin Cancer
  5256. Skin Color
  5257. Skin Diseases in the Immunocompromised
  5258. Skin Manifestations in Rheumatic Disease
  5259. Sleep Deprivation and Disease
  5260. Sleepiness and Human Impact Assessment
  5261. Sliding Mode Control and Observation
  5262. Slope-Channel Coupling as a Factor in the Evolution of Mountains
  5263. Slow Viscous Flow
  5264. Small Doses of the Future
  5265. Small Molecules in Oncology
  5266. Small Satellites and Their Regulation
  5267. Small-Scale Robotics. From Nano-to-Millimeter-Sized Robotic Systems and Applications
  5268. Smart Biomaterials
  5269. Smart Card Research and Advanced Applications
  5270. Smart City
  5271. Smart Device to Smart Device Communication
  5272. Smart Graphics
  5273. Smart Grid Applications and Developments
  5274. Smart Grid Security
  5275. Smart Grids – Fundamentals and Technologies in Electricity Networks
  5276. Smart Health
  5277. Smart Metering Design and Applications
  5278. Smart Mobile In-Vehicle Systems
  5279. Smart Multicore Embedded Systems
  5280. Smart Organizations and Smart Artifacts
  5281. Smart Rotor Modeling
  5282. Smart Rules for Smart Cities
  5283. Smart-ECO Buildings towards 2020/2030
  5284. SmartParticipation
  5285. Smooth Manifolds
  5286. SOA Maturity Model
  5287. Social and Emotional Education in Primary School
  5288. Social Business
  5289. Social Capital and its Impact on Born Transnational Firms
  5290. Social Collective Intelligence
  5291. Social Computing and Social Media
  5292. Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling and Prediction
  5293. Social Entrepreneurship
  5294. Social Goal-Objective Formation, Democracy and National Interest
  5295. Social Group Utility Maximization
  5296. Social Informatics
  5297. Social Informatics
  5298. Social Innovation for Business Success
  5299. Social Interaction, Globalization and Computer-Aided Analysis
  5300. Social Issues in China
  5301. Social Issues in Sustainable Fisheries Management
  5302. Social Justice in Practice
  5303. Social Market Economy
  5304. Social Media
  5305. Social Media and Emerging Economies
  5306. Social Media e Sentiment Analysis
  5307. Social Media Generation in Urban China
  5308. Social Media in Politics
  5309. Social Media Processing
  5310. Social Network Analysis - Community Detection and Evolution
  5311. Social Networking
  5312. Social Networks and the Economics of Sports
  5313. Social Networks in the History of Innovation and Invention
  5314. Social Networks: A Framework of Computational Intelligence
  5315. Social Networks: Analysis and Case Studies
  5316. Social Protection and Social Development
  5317. Social Robotics
  5318. Social Systems and Design
  5319. Social-Ecological Restoration in Paddy-Dominated Landscapes
  5320. Social-Ecological Systems in Transition
  5321. Socio-Economic Considerations in Biotechnology Regulation
  5322. Socio-Economic Impacts of Bioenergy Production
  5323. Socioinformatics - The Social Impact of Interactions between Humans and IT
  5324. Sociology of Mental Health
  5325. Sociomaterial-Design
  5326. Socio-technical Design of Ubiquitous Computing Systems
  5327. SOFSEM 2014: Theory and Practice of Computer Science
  5328. Soft Actuators
  5329. Soft City Culture and Technology
  5330. Soft Computing for Business Intelligence
  5331. Soft Computing in Advanced Robotics
  5332. Soft Computing in Artificial Intelligence
  5333. Soft Computing in Big Data Processing
  5334. Soft Computing in Industrial Applications
  5335. Soft Computing in Intelligent Control
  5336. Soft Computing in Machine Learning
  5337. Soft Computing Techniques in Engineering Applications
  5338. Soft Solids
  5339. Software Architecture
  5340. Software Business. Towards Continuous Value Delivery
  5341. Software Engineering
  5342. Software Engineering and Formal Methods - 12th International Conference, SEFM 2014, Grenoble, France, September 1-5, 2014. Proceedings
  5343. Software Engineering and Formal Methods - SEFM 2013 Collocated Workshops: BEAT2, WS-FMDS, FM-RAIL-Bok, MoKMaSD, and OpenCert, Madrid, Spain, September 23-24, 2013, Revised Selected Papers
  5344. Software Engineering Education for a Global E-Service Economy
  5345. Software Engineering for Resilient Systems
  5346. Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications
  5347. Software Engineering Techniques Applied to Agricultural Systems
  5348. Software Language Engineering
  5349. Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination
  5350. Software Project Effort Estimation
  5351. Software Project Management in a Changing World
  5352. Software Quality. Model-Based Approaches for Advanced Software and Systems Engineering
  5353. Software Reliability Modeling
  5354. Software Reuse for Dynamic Systems in the Cloud and Beyond
  5355. Software Systems for Astronomy
  5356. Software Technologies
  5357. Soil as World Heritage
  5358. Soil Carbon
  5359. Soil Degradation, Conservation and Remediation
  5360. Soil Geography of the USA
  5361. Soil Security for Ecosystem Management
  5362. Soil: Reflections on the Basis of our Existence
  5363. Solar Cells Based on Colloidal Nanocrystals
  5364. Solar Dynamics and Magnetism from the Interior to the Atmosphere
  5365. Solar Origins of Space Weather and Space Climate
  5366. Solar System Astrophysics: Background Science and the Inner Solar System
  5367. Solar System Astrophysics: Planetary Atmospheres and the Outer Solar System
  5368. Solar System Maps
  5369. Solder Joint Reliability Assessment
  5370. Sol-Gel Nanocomposites
  5371. Solid-Liquid Separation in the Mining Industry
  5372. Solid-State Electronic Devices
  5373. Solution Business
  5374. Solution Precursor Plasma Spray System
  5375. Solving Computationally Expensive Engineering Problems
  5376. Solving Non-standard Packing Problems by Global Optimization and Heuristics
  5377. Solving the Dynamic Complexity Dilemma
  5378. Solving the Powertrain Puzzle
  5379. Some Topics in Algebra
  5380. Soulful Corporations
  5381. Sound, Music, and Motion
  5382. Soundscape Ecology
  5383. Sourcebook for the History of the Philosophy of Mind
  5384. Source-Synchronous Networks-On-Chip
  5385. Space Weather and Coronal Mass Ejections
  5386. Space,Time and Memory in the Hippocampal Formation
  5387. Space-Time Foliation in Quantum Gravity
  5388. Spanish Regional Unemployment
  5389. Sparse Grids and Applications - Munich 2012
  5390. Spatial Cognition IX
  5391. Spatial Database for GPS Wildlife Tracking Data
  5392. Spatial Econometrics
  5393. Spatial Fleming-Viot Models with Selection and Mutation
  5394. Spatial Temporal Patterns for Action-Oriented Perception in Roving Robots II
  5395. Spatio-Temporal Data Analytics for Wind Energy Integration
  5396. Spatio-temporal Intertwining
  5397. Speaking of Learning…
  5398. Special Functions, Partial Differential Equations, and Harmonic Analysis
  5399. Special Topics in Structural Dynamics, Volume 6
  5400. Specialization in Online Innovation Communities
  5401. Species Diversity and Community Structure
  5402. Specific Intermolecular Interactions of Nitrogenated and Bioorganic Compounds
  5403. Specification, Algebra, and Software
  5404. Specifying Big Data Benchmarks
  5405. Spectral and High Order Methods for Partial Differential Equations - ICOSAHOM 2012
  5406. Spectral Mapping Theorems
  5407. Spectral Methods for Non-Standard Eigenvalue Problems
  5408. Spectroscopic and Mechanistic Studies of Dinuclear Metallohydrolases and Their Biomimetic Complexes
  5409. Speech and Computer
  5410. Speech Processing in Mobile Environments
  5411. Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Signaling in Immunology and Infectious Diseases
  5412. Spin Spirals and Charge Textures in Transition-Metal-Oxide Heterostructures
  5413. Spinal Injuries and Conditions in Young Athletes
  5414. Spine Surgery Basics
  5415. Spline and Spline Wavelet Methods with Applications to Signal and Image Processing
  5416. Sports Hernia and Athletic Pubalgia
  5417. Sports Injuries in Children and Adolescents
  5418. Sports Injuries of the Foot
  5419. Spring Recipes
  5420. Springer Handbook of Acoustics
  5421. Springer Handbook of Bio-/Neuroinformatics
  5422. Springer Handbook of Spacetime
  5423. SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns
  5424. SQL Server Query Performance Tuning
  5425. Sri Aurobindo's Vision of Integral Human Development
  5426. ß-barrel Channel Proteins as Tools in Nanotechnology
  5427. Stability of Neutral Functional Differential Equations
  5428. Stability of Non-Linear Constitutive Formulations for Viscoelastic Fluids
  5429. Stability of the Turnpike Phenomenon in Discrete-Time Optimal Control Problems
  5430. Stabilization of Switched Nonlinear Systems with Unstable Modes
  5431. Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Systems
  5432. Standard Model Measurements with the ATLAS Detector
  5433. Starting to Read ECGs
  5434. State of the Art Applications of Social Network Analysis
  5435. State of the World 2014
  5436. State Space Consistency and Differentiability
  5437. State-to-State Dynamical Research in the F+H2 Reaction System
  5438. Static Analysis
  5439. Statistical Analysis of Financial Data in R
  5440. Statistical Analysis of Management Data
  5441. Statistical Analysis of Natural Disasters and Related Losses
  5442. Statistical Analysis of Network Data with R
  5443. Statistical Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing Data
  5444. Statistical Approaches to Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders Research
  5445. Statistical Atlases and Computational Models of the Heart. Imaging and Modelling Challenges
  5446. Statistical Decision Problems
  5447. Statistical Inference for Financial Engineering
  5448. Statistical Inference on Residual Life
  5449. Statistical Language and Speech Processing
  5450. Statistical Literacy for Clinical Practitioners
  5451. Statistical Methods and Applications from a Historical Perspective
  5452. Statistical Methods for Astronomical Data Analysis
  5453. Statistical Methods for Ranking Data
  5454. Statistical Modeling and Computation
  5455. Statistical Modelling in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
  5456. Statistical Theory and Inference
  5457. Statistical Treatment of Turbulent Polydisperse Particle Systems
  5458. Statistics and Scaling in Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
  5459. Statistics in Criminal Justice
  5460. Steam Microturbines in Distributed Cogeneration
  5461. Stem Cell Banking
  5462. Stem Cell Engineering
  5463. Stem Cell Therapy for Organ Failure
  5464. Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 11
  5465. Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 12
  5466. Stem Cells and Cell Therapy
  5467. Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures
  5468. Stem Cells in Animal Species: From Pre-clinic to Biodiversity
  5469. Stem Cells in Cancer: Should We Believe or Not?
  5470. Stereoselective Formation of Amines
  5471. Stereoselective Syntheses of Tetrahydropyrans
  5472. Stereotaxic Neurosurgery in Laboratory Rodent
  5473. Stochastic Analysis and Applications 2014
  5474. Stochastic Chemical Kinetics
  5475. Stochastic Differential Equations, Backward SDEs, Partial Differential Equations
  5476. Stochastic Foundations in Movement Ecology
  5477. Stochastic Methods in Fluid Mechanics
  5478. Stochastic Model Checking. Rigorous Dependability Analysis Using Model Checking Techniques for Stochastic Systems
  5479. Stochastic Optimization in Insurance
  5480. Stochastic Process Variation in Deep-Submicron CMOS
  5481. Stochastic Processes - Inference Theory
  5482. Stochastic Processes and Applications
  5483. Stochastic Processes in Cell Biology
  5484. Stochastic Reactive Distributed Robotic Systems
  5485. Stone Cladding Engineering
  5486. Stone in Architecture
  5487. Stories of Transformative Learning
  5488. Storing and Transmitting Data
  5489. Storminess and Environmental Change
  5490. Strategic Business Decisions
  5491. Strategic Facilitation of Complex Decision-Making
  5492. Strategic Management of Global Manufacturing Networks
  5493. Strategic Urban Health Communication
  5494. Strategies for Urban Development in Leipzig, Germany
  5495. Strategies in E-Business
  5496. Strategies of Multinational Corporations and Social Regulations
  5497. Strategies to Ameliorate Oxidative Stress During Assisted Reproduction
  5498. Strategy, Control and Competitive Advantage
  5499. STRATI 2013
  5500. Stratonauts
  5501. Street Children and Homeless Youth
  5502. Stress and Orality
  5503. Strike the Rock and There Shall Come Water
  5504. String Processing and Information Retrieval
  5505. Strong and Weak Approximation of Semilinear Stochastic Evolution Equations
  5506. Strongly Nonlinear Oscillators
  5507. Structural and Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Indigenisation
  5508. Structural Dynamics
  5509. Structural Health Monitoring, Volume 5
  5510. Structural Information and Communication Complexity
  5511. Structural Motion Engineering
  5512. Structural Properties of Porous Materials and Powders Used in Different Fields of Science and Technology
  5513. Structural Rehabilitation of Old Buildings
  5514. Structural Shell Analysis
  5515. Structural Synthesis of Parallel Robots
  5516. Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition
  5517. Structure, Bonding and Reactivity of Heterocyclic Compounds
  5518. Structured Object-Oriented Formal Language and Method
  5519. Structures and Interactions of Ionic Liquids
  5520. Student Entrepreneurship in the Social Knowledge Economy
  5521. Student Voice, Teacher Action Research and Classroom Improvement
  5522. Students with Intellectual Disabilities
  5523. Studies in Diabetes
  5524. Studies of ID Practices
  5525. Studies of Pluripotency in Embryonic Stem Cells and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
  5526. Studies on "Perfect" Hyperbranched Chains Free in Solution and Confined in a Cylindrical Pore
  5527. Studies on Pediatric Disorders
  5528. Studies on Periodontal Disease
  5529. Studies on Respiratory Disorders
  5530. Studies on the 2011 Off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake
  5531. Study on Heterotrophic-Autotrophic Denitrification Permeable Reactive Barriers (HAD PRBs) for In Situ Groundwater Remediation
  5532. Studying Complex Surface Dynamical Systems Using Helium-3 Spin-Echo Spectroscopy
  5533. Studying Second Language Acquisition from a Qualitative Perspective
  5534. Studying Vibrational Communication
  5535. Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences
  5536. Suborbital
  5537. Sub-Riemannian Geometry and Optimal Transport
  5538. Subsecond Annealing of Advanced Materials
  5539. Subspace Methods for Pattern Recognition in Intelligent Environment
  5540. Subtelomeres
  5541. Success in Academic Surgery: Basic Science
  5542. Success in Academic Surgery: Clinical Trials
  5543. Success in Academic Surgery: Health Services Research
  5544. Successful Case-based Reasoning Applications-2
  5545. Successful Teacher Education
  5546. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  5547. Suicide: Phenomenology and Neurobiology
  5548. Summus Mathematicus et Omnis Humanitatis Pater
  5549. Sunlight, Vitamin D and Skin Cancer
  5550. Supercomputing
  5551. Superconcentration and Related Topics
  5552. Superconductivity in Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes
  5553. Supercritical-Pressure Light Water Cooled Reactors
  5554. Supersymmetry After the Higgs Discovery
  5555. Supine Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy and ECIRS
  5556. Supplier relationship management
  5557. Supply Chain Management and Optimization in Manufacturing
  5558. Supply Chain Management Under Fuzziness
  5559. Supply Chain Strategies, Issues and Models
  5560. Supply Chain Transformation
  5561. Support Vector Machines and Evolutionary Algorithms for Classification
  5562. Support Vector Machines Applications
  5563. Supporting Families Experiencing Homelessness
  5564. Surface Active Monomers
  5565. Surface Analysis and Techniques in Biology
  5566. Surface Flute Waves in Plasmas
  5567. Surface Microscopy with Low Energy Electrons
  5568. Surgery
  5569. Surgery of the Knee
  5570. Surgical Anatomy and Technique
  5571. Surgical Innovations in Glaucoma
  5572. Surgical Management of Benign Esophageal Disorders
  5573. Surgical Metabolism
  5574. Survival of the Fittest
  5575. Sustainability and Evidence-Based Design in the Healthcare Estate
  5576. Sustainability and Human Resource Management
  5577. Sustainability in Supply Chains
  5578. Sustainability of Indian Microfinance Institutions
  5579. Sustainable Agriculture Reviews
  5580. Sustainable Agriculture Reviews 14
  5581. Sustainable Automotive Technologies 2013
  5582. Sustainable Cities and Military Installations
  5583. Sustainable Communities: A Framework for Planning
  5584. Sustainable Development of Biofuels in Latin America and the Caribbean
  5585. Sustainable Energy in the Built Environment - Steps Towards nZEB
  5586. Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  5587. Sustainable Food Production Includes Human and Environmental Health
  5588. Sustainable Horticultural Systems
  5589. Sustainable Living with Environmental Risks
  5590. Sustainable Operations Strategies
  5591. Sustainable Phosphorus Management
  5592. Sustainable Product-Service Systems
  5593. Sustainable Social, Economic and Environmental Revitalization in Multan City
  5594. Sustainable Urban Logistics: Concepts, Methods and Information Systems
  5595. Swarm Intelligence
  5596. Swarm Intelligence Based Optimization
  5597. Swarm Planning
  5598. Swift Quick Syntax Reference
  5599. Symbiotic Interaction
  5600. Symbol Correspondences for Spin Systems
  5601. Symbols that Bind, Symbols that Divide
  5602. Symmetric Cryptographic Protocols
  5603. Symmetric Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for 1-D Waves
  5604. Symmetric Spaces and the Kashiwara-Vergne Method
  5605. Symmetries and Dynamics of Star Clusters
  5606. Symmetries in Fundamental Physics
  5607. Symmetries in Fundamental Physics
  5608. Symmetry and Economic Invariance
  5609. Symmetry and Physical Properties of Crystals
  5610. Symmetry: Representation Theory and Its Applications
  5611. Synaptic Stress and Pathogenesis of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
  5612. Synbio and Human Health
  5613. Synchronized Factories
  5614. SYNER-G: Systemic Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Assessment of Complex Urban, Utility, Lifeline Systems and Critical Facilities
  5615. SYNER-G: Typology Definition and Fragility Functions for Physical Elements at Seismic Risk
  5616. Synopsis of Pathophysiology in Nuclear Medicine
  5617. Synthesis and Modifications of Porphyrinoids
  5618. Synthesis and Optimization of FPGA-Based Systems
  5619. Synthesis of Saturated Oxygenated Heterocycles I
  5620. Synthesis of Saturated Oxygenated Heterocycles II
  5621. Synthesis of Zinc Oxide by Sol–Gel Method for Photoelectrochemical Cells
  5622. Synthesizable VHDL Design for FPGAs
  5623. Synthetic Biology
  5624. Synthetic Worlds
  5625. Syringomyelia
  5626. System Analysis and Modeling: Models and Reusability
  5627. System Dynamics
  5628. System Engineering Applied to Fuenmayor Karst Aquifer (San Julián de Banzo, Huesca) and Collins Glacier (King George Island, Antarctica)
  5629. System Identification and Adaptive Control
  5630. System Level ESD Protection
  5631. System Modeling and Optimization
  5632. Systematic Approaches to Argument by Analogy
  5633. Systematics and Evolution
  5634. SystemC and SystemC-AMS in Practice
  5635. Systemic Ethics and Non-Anthropocentric Stewardship
  5636. Systemic Thinking
  5637. System-Level Design Methodologies for Telecommunication
  5638. Systems Analysis of Chromatin-Related Protein Complexes in Cancer
  5639. Systems Analysis of Human Multigene Disorders
  5640. Systems and Software Quality
  5641. Systems Biology
  5642. Systems Biology of Free Radicals and Antioxidants
  5643. Systems Biology of Metabolic and Signaling Networks
  5644. Systems Biology of RNA Binding Proteins
  5645. Systems Design for Remote Healthcare
  5646. Systems Engineering, Systems Thinking, and Learning
  5647. Systems, Software and Services Process Improvement
  5648. SystemVerilog Assertions and Functional Coverage
  5649. T Helper Cell Differentiation and Their Function
  5650. T Lymphocytes as Tools in Diagnostics and Immunotoxicology
  5651. Tackling the Inverse Problem for Non-Autonomous Systems
  5652. Tactile Score
  5653. Talar Osteochondral Defects
  5654. Talent Relationship Management
  5655. Tales from School
  5656. Tamed Village “Democracy”
  5657. Targeted Cancer Treatment in Silico
  5658. Targeted Delivery of Pesticides Using Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles
  5659. Targeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy in Oncology
  5660. Tautological Control Systems
  5662. Taxation of Income from Domestic and Cross-border Collective Investment
  5663. Teachers' Perspectives on Finnish School Education
  5664. Teachers’ Professional Development
  5665. Teaching and Learning in a Community of Thinking
  5666. Teaching and Learning of Energy in K – 12 Education
  5667. Teaching and Learning the European Union
  5668. Teaching and Measuring Cognitive Readiness
  5669. Teaching and Research in Contemporary Higher Education
  5670. Teaching Compassion: Humane Education in Early Childhood
  5671. Teaching Fractions through Situations: A Fundamental Experiment
  5672. Teaching Race and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America
  5673. Teaching Science and Investigating Environmental Issues with Geospatial Technology
  5674. Teaching Singing in the 21st Century
  5675. Teaching to the Math Common Core State Standards
  5676. Teaching towards Democracy with Postmodern and Popular Culture Texts
  5677. Techniques and Methodological Approaches in Breast Cancer Research
  5678. Techniques for Nanoencapsulation of Food Ingredients
  5679. Techniques in Cartilage Repair Surgery
  5680. Technological Innovation for Collective Awareness Systems
  5681. Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence
  5682. Technologies for Sustainable Development
  5683. Technologies of Inclusive Well-Being
  5684. Technology and Industrial Parks in Emerging Countries
  5685. Technology and Manufacturing Process Selection
  5686. Technology Development
  5687. Technopolis
  5688. Telematics - Support for Transport
  5689. Telemedicine for Children's Health
  5690. Telephone and Helpdesk Skills
  5691. Temporary Shelters and Surrounding Communities
  5692. Temporary Skeletal Anchorage Devices
  5693. Tensor Analysis and Elementary Differential Geometry for Physicists and Engineers
  5694. Tensorial Methods and Renormalization in Group Field Theories
  5695. Terahertz and Mid Infrared Radiation: Detection of Explosives and CBRN (Using Terahertz)
  5696. Terahertz Planar Antennas for Next Generation Communication
  5697. Terawatt Solar Photovoltaics
  5698. Ternary Networks
  5699. Terricolous Lichens in India - Volume 1: Diversity Patterns and Distribution Ecology
  5700. Terricolous Lichens in India - Volume 2: Morphotaxonomic Studies
  5701. Territoriality and Migration in the E.U. Neighbourhood
  5702. Test Equating, Scaling, and Linking
  5703. Testbeds and Research Infrastructure: Development of Networks and Communities
  5704. Testing Software and Systems
  5705. Tests and Proofs
  5706. Tewkesbury Walks
  5707. Text Analysis with R for Students of Literature
  5708. Text Mining
  5709. Text, Speech and Dialogue
  5710. Textbook of Cardiovascular Intervention
  5711. Textbook of Hand Eczema
  5712. The ’Ndrangheta and Sacra Corona Unita
  5713. The 11th IFToMM International Symposium on Science of Mechanisms and Machines
  5714. The 12 Magic Slides
  5715. The 15th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering
  5716. The 2nd International Symposium on Rail Transit Comprehensive Development (ISRTCD) Proceedings
  5717. The 2nd International Workshop on Learning Technology for Education in Cloud
  5718. The 8th International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations
  5719. The 8th International Conference on Robotic, Vision, Signal Processing & Power Applications
  5720. The Abel Prize 2008-2012
  5721. The Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills for Taskwork and Teamwork to Control Complex Technical Systems
  5722. The Action Research Planner
  5723. The Active Female
  5724. The Affordable Care Act as a National Experiment
  5725. The Agglomeration of the Animation Industry in East Asia
  5726. The Analysis of Diffuse Triple Junction Zones in Plate Tectonics and the Pirate Model of Western Caribbean Tectonics
  5727. The Ankle in Football
  5728. The Application of Biofluid Mechanics
  5729. The Arab Spring
  5730. The Aral Sea
  5731. The Archaean: Geological and Geochemical Windows into the Early Earth
  5732. The Art of Progressive Censoring
  5733. The Art of Science
  5734. The Art of Software Thermal Management for Embedded Systems
  5735. The Art of Wireless Sensor Networks - Volume 1: Fundamentals
  5736. The Art of Wireless Sensor Networks - Volume 2: Advanced Topics and Applications
  5737. The ARTEMIS Mission
  5738. The Arts of Transitional Justice
  5739. The ASCRS Manual of Colon and Rectal Surgery
  5740. The ASMBS Textbook of Bariatric Surgery
  5741. The Assessment and Treatment of Children Who Abuse Animals
  5742. The Atmosphere and Ionosphere
  5743. The Basic Environmental History
  5744. The Beginning and the End
  5745. The Behavioral Consequences of Stroke
  5746. The Bioarchaeology of Artificial Cranial Modifications
  5747. The Bioarchaeology of Space and Place
  5748. The Biochemistry of Retinoic Acid Receptors I: Structure, Activation, and Function at the Molecular Level
  5749. The Biogeochemical Impacts of Forests and the Implications for Climate Change Mitigation
  5750. The Biology of Reaction Wood
  5751. The Biophysics of Photosynthesis
  5752. The B−L Phase Transition
  5753. The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)
  5754. The Bologna Process in Central and Eastern Europe
  5755. The Bubble Theory
  5756. The Business of iOS App Development
  5757. The Carnivore Way
  5758. The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change
  5759. The Catalyzing Mind
  5760. The Challenge of Reframing Engineering Education
  5761. The Challenges of Mental Health Caregiving
  5762. The Chemistry of Superheavy Elements
  5763. The Church of England - Charity Law and Human Rights
  5764. The Circulation of Agency in E-Justice
  5765. The Cleveland Clinic Manual of Headache Therapy
  5766. The Clinician's Guide to Swallowing Fluoroscopy
  5767. The Coagulation Consult
  5768. The Coder's Path to Wealth and Independence
  5769. The Cognitive Neuroscience of Metacognition
  5770. The Collective Spirit of Aging Across Cultures
  5771. The Common Good: Chinese and American Perspectives
  5772. The complete works of Gabrio Piola: Volume I
  5773. The Complexity of Social Norms
  5774. The Compressed Word Problem for Groups
  5775. The Computing Dendrite
  5776. The Concept of a Real-Time Enterprise in Manufacturing
  5777. The Concept of Argument
  5778. The Concept of Reduction
  5779. The Concept of Stability in Numerical Mathematics
  5780. The Conceptual Structure of Reality
  5781. The Concise Manual of Apheresis Therapy
  5782. The Contribution of Young Researchers to Bayesian Statistics
  5783. The Corona Problem
  5784. The Coronas-F Space Mission
  5785. The Creative Turn
  5786. The Crime of Aggression in International Criminal Law
  5787. The Crime of Conspiracy in International Criminal Law
  5788. The Death Penalty in Japan
  5789. The Definitive Guide to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
  5790. The Dental Pulp
  5791. The Design Charrette
  5792. The Design, Experience and Practice of Networked Learning
  5793. The Development of a 2D Ultrasonic Array Inspection for Single Crystal Turbine Blades
  5794. The Development of an Integrated Planning and Decision Support System (IPDSS) for Land Consolidation
  5795. The Driving Forces of Change in Environmental Indicators
  5796. The Early Solov’ëv and His Quest for Metaphysics
  5797. The Earth's Hydrological Cycle
  5798. The Ecological Design and Planning Reader
  5799. The Economics of the Monetary Union and the Eurozone Crisis
  5800. The Effect of Shareholder Taxation on Corporate Ownership Structures
  5801. The Eight International Conference "Bridges in Danube Basin"
  5802. The Electronic Nose: Artificial Olfaction Technology
  5803. The Elements of Knowledge Organization
  5804. The Emergence of Digital Libraries – Research and Practices
  5805. The Emergence of Personal Data Protection as a Fundamental Right of the EU
  5806. The Energy-Climate Continuum
  5807. The Engineering Capstone Course
  5808. The Environment in Economics and Development
  5809. The Essence of Turbulence as a Physical Phenomenon
  5810. The Ethics of Information Warfare
  5811. The EU after Lisbon
  5812. The EU Services Directive: Law or Simply Policy?
  5813. The Euro and International Financial Stability
  5814. The European Stability Mechanism Before the Court of Justice of the European Union
  5815. The Euroschool on Exotic Beams, Vol. IV
  5816. The Evaporation Mechanism in the Wick of Copper Heat Pipes
  5817. The Evolution of Global Internet Governance
  5818. The Evolution of Mammalian Sociality in an Ecological Perspective
  5819. The Evolution of Social Communication in Primates
  5820. The Evolution of Violence
  5821. The Family and Social Change in Chinese Societies
  5822. The FDA for Doctors
  5823. The Fed at One Hundred
  5824. The Flexible Enterprise
  5825. The Forefront of International Higher Education
  5826. The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind
  5827. The Fundamental Concept of Crime in International Criminal Law
  5828. The Fundamentals of Human Factors Design for Volunteered Geographic Information
  5829. The Future of Civil Litigation
  5830. The Future of Dynamic Structural Science
  5831. The Future of Educational Research
  5832. The Future of the Post-Massified University at the Crossroads
  5833. The Galapagos Marine Reserve
  5834. The Gastrointestinal System
  5835. The Genetics of Obesity
  5836. The Gentianaceae - Volume 1: Characterization and Ecology
  5837. The Geochemistry of Stable Chlorine and Bromine Isotopes
  5838. The Geography of Beer
  5839. The Geopolitics of Intervention
  5840. The German Prosecution Service
  5841. The Glaucomas
  5842. The Global Politics of Science and Technology - Vol. 1
  5843. The Global Politics of Science and Technology - Vol. 2
  5844. The Global Water System in the Anthropocene
  5845. The Globesity Challenge to General Surgery
  5846. The Good Society
  5847. The Google Model
  5848. The Grape Entomology
  5849. The Great Awakening and Southern Backcountry Revolutionaries
  5850. The Great East Japan Earthquake and Its Impact on German Firms
  5851. The Great Globe and All Who It Inherit
  5852. The Hand and the Brain
  5853. The Handbook of Civil Society in Africa
  5854. The Handbook of Graphene Electrochemistry
  5855. The Handbook of Plant Biosecurity
  5856. The Hard Ticks of the World
  5857. The Hash Function BLAKE
  5858. The Hatfield SCT Lunar Atlas
  5859. The Hazard Called Education by Joseph Agassi
  5860. The Heart and Circulation
  5861. The Helmholtz Legacy in Physiological Acoustics
  5862. The Hidden Rules of Successful Negotiation and Communication
  5863. The Highway Capacity Manual: A Conceptual and Research History
  5864. The History and Science of the Manhattan Project
  5865. The History of Physics in Cuba
  5866. The History of Theoretical, Material and Computational Mechanics - Mathematics Meets Mechanics and Engineering
  5867. The Hope of the Country with a Large Population
  5868. The Human Hand as an Inspiration for Robot Hand Development
  5869. The Hunter
  5870. The Impact of Applications on Mathematics
  5871. The Impact of Displaced People’s Temporary Shelters on their Surrounding Environment
  5872. The Impact of ICT on Quality of Working Life
  5873. The Impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on Private International Law
  5874. The Impact of WTO SPS Law on EU Food Regulations
  5875. The Impacts of Biofuels on the Economy, Environment, and Poverty
  5876. The Importance of Packaging Design for the Chemistry of Food Products
  5877. The Influence of Chemistry on New Foods and Traditional Products
  5878. The Influence of Demographic Stochasticity on Population Dynamics
  5879. The Influence of the Type of Dominant Party on Democracy
  5880. The InfoSec Handbook
  5881. The Institution of Science and the Science of Institutions
  5882. The Interaction Between Flexible Plates and Fluid in Two-dimensional Flow
  5883. The Internal Structure of U. S. Consumption Expenditures
  5884. The International Conference on Health Informatics
  5885. The International Court of Justice
  5886. The International Handbook of Space Technology
  5887. The Internationalization of the Academy
  5888. The Internet and Democracy in Global Perspective
  5889. The Interrelation of Phenomenology, Social Sciences and the Arts
  5890. The Interrelationship Between Financial and Energy Markets
  5891. The Intervertebral Disc
  5892. The Invasive Cytopathologist
  5893. The ITU and Managing Satellite Orbital and Spectrum Resources in the 21st Century
  5894. The Korean Government and Public Policies in a Development Nexus, Volume 1
  5895. The Labyrinth of Star Formation
  5896. The Land/Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone of West and Central Africa
  5897. The Language of Science Education
  5898. The Large Dam Dilemma
  5899. The Large Scale Structures
  5900. The Lateral Line System
  5901. The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg, Oskar Lange and Michał Kalecki
  5902. The Legal Doctrines of the Rule of Law and the Legal State (Rechtsstaat)
  5903. The Liber mahameleth
  5904. The Life and Work of Leon Henkin
  5905. The Liquid Crystal Display Story
  5906. The Lithium Air Battery
  5907. The Localization Problem in Index Theory of Elliptic Operators
  5908. The Logic of Logistics
  5909. The Lotus japonicus Genome
  5910. The Luxury Market in Brazil
  5911. The Machines of Sex Research
  5912. The Magic Ring
  5913. The Management Of Cultural World Heritage Sites and Development In Africa
  5914. The Management of Industrial Forest Plantations
  5915. The Manager’s Guide to Web Application Security:
  5916. The Mass Retrofitting of an Energy Efficient—Low Carbon Zone
  5917. The Massachusetts General Hospital Textbook on Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity in Mental Health
  5918. The MassGeneral Hospital for Children Handbook of Pediatric Global Health
  5919. The Materials and Craft of Early Iconographers
  5920. The Mathematics of Elections and Voting
  5921. The Mathematics Teacher in the Digital Era
  5922. The Mediterranean Sea
  5923. The Merits of Regional Cooperation
  5924. The Metal-Driven Biogeochemistry of Gaseous Compounds in the Environment
  5925. The Microbiological Safety of Low Water Activity Foods and Spices
  5926. The Microeconomic Growth
  5927. The Mimetic Finite Difference Method for Elliptic Problems
  5928. The Modelling and Analysis of the Mechanics of Ropes
  5929. The Molecular Chaperones Interaction Networks in Protein Folding and Degradation
  5930. The Moral Status of Technical Artefacts
  5931. The Motor Car
  5932. The Multidimensionality of Hermeneutic Phenomenology
  5933. The Multiple Therapeutic Targets of A20
  5934. The Myth of Executive Functioning
  5935. The National Clean Energy Fund of India
  5936. The Nature of Classification
  5937. The Nature of Language
  5938. The Nature of Motive Force
  5939. The Near-Surface Layer of the Ocean
  5940. The Neurobiology of Childhood
  5941. The Neuropsychology of Attention
  5942. The New Development of Technology Enhanced Learning
  5943. The New International Telecommunication Regulations and the Internet
  5944. The New Martians
  5945. The Non-Equilibrium Green's Function Method for Nanoscale Device Simulation
  5946. The Nordic Education Model
  5947. The Nurturing of New Educational Researchers
  5948. The Observer's Guide to Planetary Motion
  5949. The Olfactory System
  5950. The Organization of Critical Care
  5951. The Origin of the Galaxy and Local Group
  5952. The Pacific Arctic Region
  5953. The Parasite-Stress Theory of Values and Sociality
  5954. The Patellofemoral Joint
  5955. The Patellofemoral Joint in the Athlete
  5956. The Pedagogy of English as an International Language
  5957. The Pelvis
  5958. The Personality of Henry Cavendish - A Great Scientist with Extraordinary Peculiarities
  5959. The Phantoms of Medical and Health Physics
  5960. The Philosophy of Information Quality
  5961. The Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic in the 1920s and 1930s in Poland
  5962. The Physics and Chemistry of Inorganic Clathrates
  5963. The Physics of Galaxy Formation
  5964. The Physiology of Characean Cells
  5965. The Political Discourse of Spatial Disparities
  5966. The Political Economy of Asian Regionalism
  5967. The Politics of Panem
  5968. The Politics of Reparations and Apologies
  5969. The Practice of Enterprise Modeling
  5970. The Practice of Research on Migration and Mobilities
  5971. The Practice of Teachers’ Professional Development
  5972. The Pre-Kernel as a Tractable Solution for Cooperative Games
  5973. The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto
  5974. The Problem of Catalan
  5975. The Problem of the Motion of Bodies
  5976. The Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems
  5977. The Professional Teacher Educator
  5978. The Prokaryotes: Actinobacteria
  5979. The Prokaryotes: Alphaproteobacteria and Betaproteobacteria
  5980. The Prokaryotes: Deltaproteobacteria and Epsilonproteobacteria
  5981. The Prokaryotes: Firmicutes and Tenericutes
  5982. The Prokaryotes: Gammaproteobacteria
  5983. The Prokaryotes: Other Major Lineages of Bacteria and The Archaea
  5984. The Proper Generalized Decomposition for Advanced Numerical Simulations
  5985. The Protos Mandate
  5986. The Psychological Science of Money
  5987. The Psychology of Human Leadership
  5988. The Psychology of Social Status
  5989. The Pursuit of Happiness and the Traditions of Wisdom
  5990. The Python Quick Syntax Reference
  5991. The Python Workbook
  5992. The Quality of Growth and Poverty Reduction in China
  5993. The Quest for Aqua Vitae
  5994. The Quintessence of Marketing
  5995. The Realization Problem for Positive and Fractional Systems
  5996. The Relationship Between FDI and the Natural Environment
  5997. The Relevant PhD
  5998. The Research Report on Application of Low-carbon Technology in Expo 2010 Shanghai
  5999. The Restoration of the Jews: Early Modern Hermeneutics, Eschatology, and National Identity in the Works of Thomas Brightman
  6000. The Retina and Circadian Rhythms
  6001. The Right Heart
  6002. The Right to Health
  6003. The Right(s) to Water
  6004. The Risks of Nuclear Energy Technology
  6005. The Road to a Modern IT Factory
  6006. The Road to Privatization of Higher Education in China
  6007. The Robotics Divide
  6008. The Role of Microbes in Common Non-Infectious Diseases
  6009. The Role of Science Teachers’ Beliefs in International Classrooms
  6010. The Roles of Law and Politics in China's Development
  6011. The Run to the Pennant
  6012. The Science of Vehicle Dynamics
  6013. The Security of Water, Food, Energy and Liveability of Cities
  6014. The Semantic Web – ISWC 2014, Part I
  6015. The Semantic Web – ISWC 2014, Part II
  6016. The Semantic Web and Web Science
  6017. The Semantic Web: ESWC 2014 Satellite Events
  6018. The Semantic Web: Trends and Challenges
  6019. The Significance Test Controversy Revisited
  6020. The Silent Experiences of Young Bilingual Learners
  6021. The sine-Gordon Model and its Applications
  6022. The Slit Lamp
  6023. The Social Metabolism
  6024. The Social Web in the Hotel Industry
  6025. The Socially Just School
  6026. The Socioecological Educator
  6027. The Socio-Economic Impact of Migration Flows
  6028. The Sociology of Caregiving
  6029. The Soils of Bulgaria
  6030. The Soils of the Philippines
  6031. The Special Theory of Relativity
  6032. The Speed of Human and Task Integration in Mergers and Acquisitions
  6033. The Sports Doping Market
  6034. The SSCI Syndrome in Higher Education
  6035. The Stars of Galileo Galilei and the Universal Knowledge of Athanasius Kircher
  6036. The Structural Basis of Biological Energy Generation
  6037. The Structure of Ionic Liquids
  6038. The Structure of Scientific Examination Questions
  6039. The Sudoku Effect: Universities in the Vicious Circle of Bureaucracy
  6040. The Systems Model of Creativity
  6041. The Teacher Monologues
  6042. The Teacher, Literature and the Mediterranean
  6043. The Teleoscopic Polity
  6044. The Theory of the Top. Volume IV
  6045. The Therapeutic Use of Ayahuasca
  6046. The Thermoballistic Transport Model
  6047. The Thermodynamics of Linear Fluids and Fluid Mixtures
  6048. The Thika Highway Improvement Project
  6049. The Torture of Children During Armed Conflicts
  6050. The Tradition and Modern Transition of Chinese Law
  6051. The Transcervical Approach in Thoracic Surgery
  6052. The Transitory Nature of Parent, Sibling and Romantic Partner Relationships in Emerging Adulthood
  6053. The Tree of Knowledge
  6054. The Tricuspid Valve in Congenital Heart Disease
  6055. The Truth About HTML5
  6056. The Turkmen Lake Altyn Asyr and Water Resources in Turkmenistan
  6057. The UN System and Cities in Global Governance
  6058. The Unacknowledged Disaster
  6059. The UNC-53-mediated Interactome
  6060. The Unions’ Response to Globalization
  6061. The Van Allen Probes Mission
  6062. The Vertebrate Integument Volume 1
  6063. The War Crime of Child Soldier Recruitment
  6064. The Weight of the Vacuum
  6065. The Welsh Language in the Digital Age
  6066. The Wondrous Story of Anesthesia
  6067. The Woolly Monkey
  6068. The Work of Art in a Digital Age: Art, Technology and Globalisation
  6069. The Work of Raymond J. Carroll
  6070. The World’s Challenge
  6071. The World’s Water
  6072. The Yale Swallow Protocol
  6073. The Young Adult Hip in Sport
  6074. The Yuanpei Program in Peking University
  6075. Their Members’ Voice
  6076. Thematic Cartography for the Society
  6077. Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Non-Fourier Heat Conduction Based on Thermomass Theory
  6078. Theoretical Aspects of Computing – ICTAC 2014
  6079. Theoretical Chemistry in Belgium
  6080. Theoretical Computer Science
  6081. Theoretical Concepts of X-Ray Nanoscale Analysis
  6082. Theories and Simulations of Complex Social Systems
  6083. Theories of Information, Communication and Knowledge
  6084. Theory and Applications of Difference Equations and Discrete Dynamical Systems
  6085. Theory and Applications of Formal Argumentation
  6086. Theory and Applications of Models of Computation
  6087. Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing – SAT 2014
  6088. Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries -- TPDL 2013 Selected Workshops
  6089. Theory and Practice of Model Transformations
  6090. Theory and Practice of Natural Computing
  6091. Theory and Principled Methods for the Design of Metaheuristics
  6092. Theory is History
  6093. Theory of Cryptography
  6094. Theory of Electroelasticity
  6095. Theory of Fuzzy Computation
  6096. Theory of Hematopoiesis Control
  6097. Theory of Innovation
  6098. Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication, and Cryptography
  6099. Theory of Semiconductor Lasers
  6100. Theory of Third-Order Differential Equations
  6101. Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine
  6102. Therapeutics of Digestive Endoscopic Tunnel Technique
  6103. Thermal and Mineral Waters
  6104. Thermal Comfort and Energy-Efficient Cooling of Nonresidential Buildings
  6105. Thermal Contact Conductance
  6106. Thermal Energy Harvesting for Application at MEMS Scale
  6107. Thermal Management for LED Applications
  6108. Thermal Properties of Solids at Room and Cryogenic Temperatures
  6109. Thermal Quantum Field Theory and Perturbative Non-Equilibrium Dynamics
  6110. Thermal Spray Fundamentals
  6111. Thermodynamics
  6112. Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion
  6113. Thermodynamics, Diffusion and the Kirkendall Effect in Solids
  6114. Thermo-Magnetic Systems for Space Nuclear Reactors
  6115. Thermophilic Carboxydotrophs and their Applications in Biotechnology
  6116. Think Tanks
  6117. Thinking about Higher Education
  6118. Thinking in LINQ
  6119. Thinking in Physics
  6120. Third generation SUSY and t¯t +Z production
  6121. Third-Party Reproduction
  6122. Thoracoscopy for Pulmonologists
  6123. Thought-Evoking Approaches in Engineering Problems
  6124. Three decades of research using IGISOL technique at the University of Jyväskylä
  6125. Three Dimensional Creativity
  6126. Three-Dimensional Attached Viscous Flow
  6127. Three-Dimensional Digital Tomosynthesis
  6128. Thymic Development and Selection of T Lymphocytes
  6129. THz and Security Applications
  6130. Time and Money
  6131. Time Division Multiple Access For Vehicular Communications
  6132. Time-Dependent CP Violation Measurements
  6133. Time-Domain Ultra-Wideband Radar, Sensor and Components
  6134. Time-Varying Vector Fields and Their Flows
  6135. Tips and Tricks in Endocrine Surgery
  6136. Tissue Engineering
  6137. tmux Taster
  6138. To Build a Harmonious World
  6139. To Orbit and Back Again
  6140. Tokamak Engineering Mechanics
  6141. Tomography of the Earth’s Crust: From Geophysical Sounding to Real-Time Monitoring
  6142. Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems
  6143. Tools for High Performance Computing 2013
  6144. Top Down Innovation
  6145. Top Quark Pair Production
  6146. Topical Directions of Informatics
  6147. Topical Drug Bioavailability, Bioequivalence, and Penetration
  6148. Topics and Trends in Current Science Education
  6149. Topics from Australian Conferences on Teaching Statistics
  6150. Topics in Cryptology – CT-RSA 2014
  6151. Topics in Experimental Dynamic Substructuring, Volume 2
  6152. Topics in Fixed Point Theory
  6153. Topics in Mathematical Analysis and Applications
  6154. Topics in Matroid Theory
  6155. Topics in Modal Analysis I, Volume 7
  6156. Topics in Modal Analysis II, Volume 8
  6157. Topics in Modal Analysis, Volume 7
  6158. Topics in Nonparametric Statistics
  6159. Topics in Percolative and Disordered Systems
  6160. Topics in Statistical Simulation
  6161. Topologia
  6162. Topological and Variational Methods with Applications to Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems
  6163. Topological Galois Theory
  6164. Topological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization III
  6165. Topological Methods in the Study of Boundary Value Problems
  6166. Topological Signal Processing
  6167. Topology of Digital Images
  6168. Topology Optimization in Structural and Continuum Mechanics
  6169. Topology: An Introduction
  6170. Total Synthesis of (±)-Maoecrystal V
  6171. Touchless Palmprint Recognition Systems
  6172. Tourist Destination Images and Local Culture
  6173. Tourists in Space
  6174. Toward A More Balanced Approach: Rethinking and Readjusting Copyright Systems in the Digital Network Era
  6175. Toward a Socially Responsible Psychology for a Global Era
  6176. Toward Post Ageing
  6177. Toward Scientific Medicine
  6178. Toward Structural Mechanics Through Wooden Bridges in France (1716-1841)
  6179. Towards a Compact Thin-Disk-Based Femtosecond XUV Source
  6180. Towards a Psychosomatic Conception of Hypochondria
  6181. Towards a Territorial Multi-Disaster Buildings’ Resistance Certification
  6182. Towards a Unified Fatigue Life Prediction Method for Marine Structures
  6183. Towards an Intelligent Learning Management System Under Blended Learning
  6184. Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems
  6185. Towards Autonomous Soft Matter Systems
  6186. Towards Mesoscience
  6187. Towards Safe Robots
  6188. Towards Sustainable Livelihoods and Ecosystems in Mountain Regions
  6189. Towards the Internet of Services: The THESEUS Research Program
  6190. Towards the Mathematics of Quantum Field Theory
  6191. Towards the Multilingual Semantic Web
  6192. Towards the Pragmatic Core of English for European Communication
  6193. Towards the Re-Industrialization of Europe
  6194. Toxic Effects of Mercury
  6195. Toxic Trauma
  6196. Toxicants in Food Packaging and Household Plastics
  6197. Trace-Based Post-Silicon Validation for VLSI Circuits
  6198. Traces and Emergence of Nonlinear Programming
  6199. Tracking and Sensor Data Fusion
  6200. Trade Marks and Free Trade
  6201. Trade, Globalization and Development
  6202. Trade, the WTO and Energy Security
  6203. Traditional Wisdom and Modern Knowledge for the Earth’s Future
  6204. Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
  6205. Transaction Cost Management
  6206. Transaction Processing
  6207. Transactions on Aspect-Oriented Software Development XI
  6208. Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence XIV
  6209. Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence XV
  6210. Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence XVI
  6211. Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence XVII
  6212. Transactions on Computational Intelligence XIII
  6213. Transactions on Computational Science XXII
  6214. Transactions on Computational Science XXIII
  6215. Transactions on Computational Science XXIV
  6216. Transactions on Data Hiding and Multimedia Security IX
  6217. Transactions on Engineering Technologies: International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2013
  6218. Transactions on Engineering Technologies: Special Issue of the World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science 2013
  6219. Transactions on Engineering Technologies: Special Volume of the World Congress on Engineering 2013
  6220. Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems XIII
  6221. Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems XIV
  6222. Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems XV
  6223. Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems XVI
  6224. Transactions on Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency IX
  6225. Transactions on Rough Sets XVII
  6226. Transactions on Rough Sets XVIII
  6227. Transcendental Numbers
  6228. Transcriptional and Epigenetic Mechanisms Regulating Normal and Aberrant Blood Cell Development
  6229. Transcriptional Control of Lineage Differentiation in Immune Cells
  6230. Transcriptomics in Health and Disease
  6231. Transesophageal Echocardiography for Congenital Heart Disease
  6232. Transfer of Learning in Organizations
  6233. Transformation - A Fundamental Idea of Mathematics Education
  6234. Transformation and Utilization of Carbon Dioxide
  6235. Transformation Electromagnetics and Metamaterials
  6236. Transformation from Wall Street to Wellbeing
  6237. Transforming Mathematics Instruction
  6238. Transforming Postsecondary Foreign Language Teaching in the United States
  6239. Transforming the School-to-Prison Pipeline
  6240. Transforming Through Processes
  6241. Transforming Urban Education
  6242. Transition to Parenthood
  6243. Transitioning to Swift
  6244. Transitions to School - International Research, Policy and Practice
  6245. Translation and Its Regulation in Cancer Biology and Medicine
  6246. Translational Criminology and Counterterrorism
  6247. Translational Recurrences
  6248. Translational Research in Environmental and Occupational Stress
  6249. Transmission Electron Microscopy Characterization of Nanomaterials
  6250. Transnational Activities and Immigrant Integration in Germany
  6251. Transnational Evidence and Multicultural Inquiries in Europe
  6252. Transport and Reactivity of Solutions in Confined Hydrosystems
  6253. Transport of Energetic Electrons in Solids
  6254. Transport Phenomena and Drying of Solids and Particulate Materials
  6255. Transport Phenomena in Newtonian Fluids - A Concise Primer
  6256. Transport Processes in Space Physics and Astrophysics
  6257. Transport Properties in Non-Equilibrium and Anomalous Systems
  6258. Transportation Management with SAP TM 9.0
  6259. Trap Magmatism and Ore Formation in the Siberian Noril'sk Region - Volume 1. Trap Petrology
  6260. Trap Magmatism and Ore Formation in the Siberian Noril'sk Region - Volume 2. Atlas of Magmatic Rocks
  6261. Trapping and the Detection, Control, and Regulation of Tephritid Fruit Flies
  6262. Trauma Biomechanics
  6263. Trauma Surgery - Volume 1: Trauma Management, Trauma Critical Care, Orthopaedic Trauma and Neuro-Trauma
  6264. Trauma Surgery - Volume 2: Thoracic and Abdominal Trauma
  6265. Trayvon Martin, Race, and American Justice
  6266. Treatment and Management of Maladaptive Schemas
  6267. Treatment of Human Parasitosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  6268. Treatment of Postoperative Complications After Digestive Surgery
  6269. Treatment of the Obese Patient
  6270. Treatment–Refractory Schizophrenia
  6271. Trees in a Changing Environment
  6272. Trees: Propagation and Conservation
  6273. Trends and Applications in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  6274. Trends and Applications of Serious Gaming and Social Media
  6275. Trends and Challenges in Digital Business Innovation
  6276. Trends and Factors in Japan's Long-Term Care Insurance System
  6277. Trends in Contemporary Mathematics
  6278. Trends in Functional Programming
  6279. Trends in Nanoscale Mechanics
  6280. Trends in Neurovascular Interventions
  6281. Trends in PDE Constrained Optimization
  6282. Trends in Practical Applications of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems. The PAAMS Collection
  6283. Tribology in Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
  6284. Trichloroethylene: Toxicity and Health Risks
  6285. Tricologia ambulatoriale
  6286. Tropical Agroforestry
  6287. Tropical Natural Fibre Composites
  6288. Troubleshooting Oracle Performance
  6289. Truncated Predictor Feedback for Time-Delay Systems
  6290. Trust and School Life
  6291. Trust and Trustworthy Computing
  6292. Trust Management in Cloud Services
  6293. Trust Management VIII
  6294. Trust, Privacy, and Security in Digital Business
  6295. Trusted Cloud Computing
  6296. Trusted Computing Platforms
  6297. Trustworthy Computing and Services
  6298. Trustworthy Execution on Mobile Devices
  6299. Trustworthy Global Computing - 8th International Symposium, TGC 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 30-31, 2013, Revised Selected Papers
  6300. Trustworthy Global Computing - 9th International Symposium, TGC 2014, Rome, Italy, September 5-6, 2014. Revised Selected Papers
  6301. Trustworthy Reconfigurable Systems
  6302. Trypanosomes and Trypanosomiasis
  6303. Tsunami
  6304. Tsunami Events and Lessons Learned
  6305. Tumor Dormancy, Quiescence, and Senescence, Vol. 3
  6306. Tumor Dormancy, Quiescence, and Senescence, Volume 2
  6307. Tumor Metabolome Targeting and Drug Development
  6308. Tumor Microenvironment and Cellular Stress
  6309. Tumor-Induced Immune Suppression
  6310. Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 11
  6311. Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 12
  6312. Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 13
  6313. Turbo Decoder Architecture for Beyond-4G Applications
  6314. Turbulence and Interactions
  6315. Turnpike Phenomenon and Infinite Horizon Optimal Control
  6316. Twisted Teichmüller Curves
  6317. Twitter Data Analytics
  6318. Two-Person Zero-Sum Games
  6319. Two-Phase Flow in Refrigeration Systems
  6320. Tychastic Measure of Viability Risk
  6321. Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Networks and Their Applications
  6322. Typhoon Impact and Crisis Management
  6323. Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence. Personalisation and User Adapted Services
  6324. Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications
  6325. Ubiquitous Music
  6326. Ulrich Beck
  6327. Ultra and Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields
  6328. Ultra Wideband Wireless Body Area Networks
  6329. Ultrafast Phenomena in Molecular Sciences
  6330. Ultra-High Temperature Materials I
  6331. Ultra-Low Power Integrated Circuit Design
  6332. Ultrasonography of the Upper Extremity
  6333. Ultrasound Imaging in Reproductive Medicine
  6334. Ultrasound of the Gastrointestinal Tract
  6335. Ultrasound-Guided Liver Surgery
  6336. Ultra-Wideband and 60 GHz Communications for Biomedical Applications
  6337. Ultra-Wideband, Short-Pulse Electromagnetics 10
  6338. Umbilical Cord Blood Banking and Transplantation
  6339. Unboxing Android USB
  6340. Uncertainty and Graphing in Discovery Work
  6341. Uncertainty Modeling for Data Mining
  6342. Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web III
  6343. Uncommon Diseases in the ICU
  6344. Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation
  6345. Undecided Nation
  6346. Understanding an Orogenic Belt
  6347. Understanding and Managing Vaccine Concerns
  6348. Understanding Chinese Firms from Multiple Perspectives
  6349. Understanding Complex Urban Systems: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Modeling
  6350. Understanding Evidence-Based Rheumatology
  6351. Understanding Liver Cancer
  6352. Understanding Military Workforce Productivity
  6353. Understanding Policy Decisions
  6354. Understanding Society and Natural Resources
  6355. Understanding the Myth of High Growth Firms
  6356. Understanding Theology and Homosexuality in African American Communities
  6357. Underwater Robots
  6358. Underwater Seascapes
  6359. Uniform Across-the-Board Promotions
  6360. Unifying Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering
  6361. Uniparental Disomy (UPD) in Clinical Genetics
  6362. United Arab Emirates Keys to Soil Taxonomy
  6363. Unity for Absolute Beginners
  6364. Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Aging and Assistive Environments
  6365. Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Design and Development Methods for Universal Access
  6366. Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Design for All and Accessibility Practice
  6367. Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Universal Access to Information and Knowledge
  6368. Universe of Scales: From Nanotechnology to Cosmology
  6369. University Rankings
  6370. Unshackled
  6371. Unsteady Computational Fluid Dynamics in Aeronautics
  6372. Unsuited
  6373. Upper Abdominal Surgery
  6374. Upper and Lower Bounds for Stochastic Processes
  6375. Upscaling of Bio-Nano-Processes
  6376. Urban Acupuncture
  6377. Urban Bikeway Design Guide
  6378. Urban China in the New Era
  6379. Urban Wildlife conservation
  6380. Urbanisation, unlimited
  6381. Urbanization in Asia
  6382. Urea Transporters
  6383. Urea-SCR Technology for deNOx After Treatment of Diesel Exhausts
  6384. Urogenital Tuberculosis: Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Therapy
  6385. Urolithiasis
  6386. Urology at a Glance
  6387. USDA Forest Service Experimental Forests and Ranges
  6388. Use of Biocidal Surfaces for Reduction of Healthcare Acquired Infections
  6389. Use of Microbes for the Alleviation of Soil Stresses
  6390. Use of Microbes for the Alleviation of Soil Stresses, Volume 1
  6391. Use, Operation and Maintenance of Renewable Energy Systems
  6392. User Guides, Manuals, and Technical Writing
  6393. User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization
  6394. User-Centred Engineering
  6395. User-Centric Networking
  6396. User-centric Social Multimedia Computing
  6397. User-Centric Technology Design for Nonprofit and Civic Engagements
  6398. User-Generated Content and its Impact on Branding
  6399. Using and Improving OpenMP for Devices, Tasks, and More
  6400. Using Blended Learning
  6401. Using Commercial Amateur Astronomical Spectrographs
  6402. Using Data to Improve Higher Education
  6403. Using Galaxy Tab
  6404. Using Kindle Fire HD
  6405. Using Mac OS X Mavericks
  6406. Using Microsoft Office 2013
  6407. Using Modeling to Predict and Prevent Victimization
  6408. Using Office 365
  6409. Using R for Statistics
  6410. Using Research Evidence in Education
  6411. Using Windows 8.1
  6412. Vacuum Drying for Extending Food Shelf-Life
  6413. Vague Objects and Vague Identity
  6414. Validity and Validation in Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences
  6415. Value Theory
  6416. Value-Oriented Risk Management of Insurance Companies
  6417. Valuing and Selling Your Business
  6418. Valuing Intellectual Capital
  6419. Valutazione e gestione della violenza
  6420. Variable Lebesgue Spaces and Hyperbolic Systems
  6421. Variable Ordering Structures in Vector Optimization
  6422. Variational Inequalities and Frictional Contact Problems
  6423. Variational Methods in Nonlinear Field Equations
  6424. Variational Regularization of 3D Data
  6425. Variceal Hemorrhage
  6426. Varieties of European Economic Law and Regulation
  6427. Vascular Mechanisms in CNS Trauma
  6428. Vehicle Dynamics: Modeling and Simulation
  6429. Vehicle Dynamics: Theory and Application
  6430. Vehicle-Manipulator Systems
  6431. Ventricular Assist Devices in Advanced-Stage Heart Failure
  6432. Verification of Business Rules Programs
  6433. Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation
  6434. Verified Software: Theories, Tools and Experiments
  6435. Verified Software: Theories, Tools, Experiments
  6436. Vertebrate Photoreceptors
  6437. Vertigo and Balance Disorders in Children
  6438. Vertigo Rehabilitation Protocols
  6439. Vestibular Migraine and Related Syndromes
  6440. Vibrational Properties of Defective Oxides and 2D Nanolattices
  6441. Vibro-Acoustics of Lightweight Sandwich Structures
  6442. Video Analytics for Audience Measurement
  6443. Video Capsule Endoscopy
  6444. Video coding standards
  6445. Video over Cognitive Radio Networks
  6446. Video Surveillance for Sensor Platforms
  6447. Video Text Detection
  6448. Vietnam Tax Guide
  6449. Viral Infections of Humans
  6450. Virtual Reality for Physical and Motor Rehabilitation
  6451. Virtual Reality Technology and Applications
  6452. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality
  6453. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Designing and Developing Virtual and Augmented Environments
  6454. Virtual, Augmented Reality and Serious Games for Healthcare 1
  6455. Virtualization Techniques for Mobile Systems
  6456. Virtue Epistemology Naturalized
  6457. Viruses and Human Cancer
  6458. Viruses and Human Cancer: From Basic Science to Clinical Prevention
  6459. Viruses and Man: A History of Interactions
  6460. Viruses and the Lung
  6461. Viscometry for Liquids
  6462. Vision-based Pedestrian Protection Systems for Intelligent Vehicles
  6463. Visual Computing
  6464. Visual Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots
  6465. Visual Cryptography for Image Processing and Security
  6466. Visual Development
  6467. Visual Methodologies and Digital Tools for Researching with Young Children
  6468. Visual Saliency Computation
  6469. Visual Studio Condensed
  6470. Visualization and Processing of Tensors and Higher Order Descriptors for Multi-Valued Data
  6471. Visualization and Simulation of Complex Flows in Biomedical Engineering
  6472. Visualizing the Data City
  6473. Vitreous
  6474. Vladimir I. Arnold - Collected Works
  6475. Volcanic Tourist Destinations
  6476. Voltage Gated Sodium Channels
  6477. Voluntary Standard Systems
  6478. Volunteer Police in the United States
  6479. Voting Power and Procedures
  6480. Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Bangladesh
  6481. Vulnerability of Agriculture, Water and Fisheries to Climate Change
  6482. Wake-up Receiver Based Ultra-Low-Power WBAN
  6483. Walter Gautschi, Volume 1
  6484. Walter Gautschi, Volume 2
  6485. Walter Gautschi, Volume 3
  6486. War, Community, and Social Change
  6487. Waste Energy Harvesting
  6488. Water and Health
  6489. Water and the Future of Humanity
  6490. Water Management in Italy
  6491. Water Markets for the 21st Century
  6492. Water Pollution and Abatement Policy in India
  6493. Water Resources and Food Security in the Vietnam Mekong Delta
  6494. Water Resources Management Sustaining Socio-Economic Welfare
  6495. Water Resources Research in Northwest China
  6496. Wave Propagation in Solid and Porous Half-Space Media
  6497. Wavelet Applications in Economics and Finance
  6498. Waves in Neural Media
  6499. Ways of Knowing in HCI
  6500. Weakly Wandering Sequences in Ergodic Theory
  6501. Wealth, Income Inequalities, and Demography
  6502. Weather Matters for Energy
  6503. Weathering and the Riverine Denudation of Continents
  6504. Web and Internet Economics
  6505. Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems
  6506. Web Engineering
  6507. Web Information Systems and Technologies
  6508. Web Information Systems Engineering – WISE 2013 Workshops
  6509. Web Information Systems Engineering – WISE 2014, Part I
  6510. Web Information Systems Engineering – WISE 2014, Part II
  6511. Web Reasoning and Rule Systems
  6512. Web Services and Formal Methods
  6513. Web Services Foundations
  6514. Web Standards
  6515. Web Technologies and Applications - 16th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, APWeb 2014, Changsha, China, September 5-7, 2014. Proceedings
  6516. Web Technologies and Applications - APWeb 2014 Workshops, SNA, NIS, and IoTS, Changsha, China, September 5, 2014. Proceedings
  6517. Web-Age Information Management - 15th International Conference, WAIM 2014, Macau, China, June 16-18, 2014. Proceedings
  6518. Web-Age Information Management - WAIM 2014 International Workshops: BigEM, HardBD, DaNoS, HRSUNE, BIDASYS, Macau, China, June 16-18, 2014, Revised Selected Papers
  6519. Welfare State at Risk
  6520. Well-Being, Resilience and Quality of Life from Children’s Perspectives
  6521. Wetland Restoration
  6522. What are the Stars?
  6523. What Is Computer Science?
  6524. Wheat Diseases and Their Management
  6525. When Luxury Meets Art
  6526. When Sovereigns Go Bankrupt
  6527. Where is the Gödel-point hiding: Gentzen’s Consistency Proof of 1936 and His Representation of Constructive Ordinals
  6528. Whiplash Injuries
  6529. White Matter Injury in Stroke and CNS Disease
  6530. White Rust of Crucifers: Biology, Ecology and Management
  6531. Who is Who in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
  6532. Whole-Body FDG PET Imaging in Oncology
  6533. Whole-body MRI Screening
  6534. Why Bank Panics Matter
  6535. Why Life Matters
  6536. Wide Area 2D/3D Imaging
  6537. Wide Area Surveillance
  6538. Wild Salmonids in the Urbanizing Pacific Northwest
  6539. William and Caroline Herschel
  6540. Wind Energy - Impact of Turbulence
  6541. Wind Energy Deployment and the Relevance of Rare Earths
  6542. Wind Power Electric Systems
  6543. Wind Towers
  6544. Wind Turbine Control and Monitoring
  6545. Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Revealed
  6546. Wired/Wireless Internet Communications
  6547. Wireless Algorithms, Systems, and Applications
  6548. Wireless Communication Electronics by Example
  6549. Wireless Communications Networks for the Smart Grid
  6550. Wireless Coordinated Multicell Systems
  6551. Wireless Networking for Moving Objects
  6552. Wireless Next Generation Networks
  6553. Wireless Sensor Networks: 11th European Conference, EWSN 2014, Oxford, UK, February 17-19, 2014, Proceedings
  6554. Wireless Sensor Networks: Distributed Consensus Estimation
  6555. Wireless Sensor Networks: Principles, Design and Applications
  6556. Wireless Sensors in Heterogeneous Networked Systems
  6557. Wireless Sensors in Industrial Time-Critical Environments
  6558. Women in Kolkata’s IT Sector
  6559. Women's Reproductive Mental Health Across the Lifespan
  6560. Words as Social Tools: An Embodied View on Abstract Concepts
  6561. Work Organization and Human Resource Management
  6562. Work–Family Interface in Sub-Saharan Africa
  6563. Workforce Development: Perspectives and Issues
  6564. Workforce Development: Strategies and Practices
  6565. Working Cross-culturally
  6566. Workplace Learning in Teacher Education
  6567. World Class Initiatives and Practices in Early Education
  6568. Wounded Writers Ask
  6569. Writing and Publishing Science Research Papers in English
  6570. Writing for Computer Science
  6571. XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2013
  6572. XML and Web Technologies for Data Sciences with R
  6573. X-Ray Lasers 2012
  6574. Yearbook of Corpus Linguistics and Pragmatics 2014
  6575. Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law Volume 15, 2012
  6576. Yearbook on Space Policy 2011/2012
  6577. Yin Yang and Organizational Performance
  6578. Young Audiences, Theatre and the Cultural Conversation
  6579. Young Children's Play and Environmental Education in Early Childhood Education
  6580. Young-Type Interferences with Electrons
  6581. Youths Trapped in Prejudice
  6582. Zinc Signals in Cellular Functions and Disorders
  6583. ZnO Nanocrystals and Allied Materials
  6584. Zoom Gastroscopy
  6585. π-Stacked Polymers and Molecules
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