Vision, Mission, and Strategies of Mahidol University Library and Knowledge Center
(Last updated: 6 August 2018)

Mahidol UniversityMahidol University Library and Knowledge Center
Motto :Motto :
Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.Green & intelligent libraries – We Mahidol.
Philosophy :Philosophy :
True success is not in the learning, but in its application to the benefit of mankind.The book is a knowledge savings bank. This is what makes human progress.
Determination Statement :Determination Statement :
Wisdom of the LandLearning resources for Wisdom of the Land.
Vision :Vision :
Mahidol University is determined to be a world class university.Committed to be the leading library and learning resources driving Mahidol University to world class.
Mission :Mission :
To excel in health, sciences, arts, and innovation with integrity for the betterment of Thai society and the benefit of mankind.To develop reliable learning/information resources and To deliver high-quality services
Core Values / Organizational Culture :Core Values / Organizational Culture :
M Mastery
A Altruism
H Harmony
I  Integrity
D Determination
O Originality
L Leadership
M Minded
U Utilization
L Learning
K Knowledge
C Customer
Strategies :Strategies :
  1. Global Research and Innovation
  2. Academic and Entrepreneurial Education
  3. Policy Advocacy and Leaders in Professional / Academic Services
  4. Management for Self-Sufficiency and Sustainable Organization
  1. COLLECTIONS of Knowledge
  2. High Quality of SERVICES
  4. Sustainable ORGANIZATION


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