ASTM e-Books (American Society of Testing Materials)

ASTM e-Books (American Society of Testing Materials)

List of e-books subscribed : ASTM e-Books (American Society of Testing Materials)

  1. A Guide to the safe handling of hazardous materials accidents
  2. A manual for the chemical analysis of metals
  3. An introduction to the development and use of the master curve method
  4. Asbestos Control:Surveys, Removal, and Management-Second Edition
  5. Aviation fuel quality control procedures
  6. Basic Rubber Testing: Selecting Methods for a Rubber Test Program
  7. Bone graft substitutes
  8. Characterization and properties of petroleum fractions
  9. Corrosion Tests and Standards: Application and Interpretation-Second Edition
  10. Electrical insulating liquids
  11. Fracture and Fatigue Control in Structures: Applications of Fracture Mechanics
  12. Fuel and fuel system microbiology– fundamentals, diagnosis, and contamination control
  13. Fuels and Lubricants Handbook: Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing
  14. Guide to ASTM test methods for the analysis of petroleum products and lubricants
  15. Handbook of comparative world steel standards
  16. Handbook of reference data for nondestructive testing
  17. High-chromium ferritic and martensitic steels for nuclear applications
  18. Innovations in controlled low-strength material (flowable fill)
  19. International Consumer Product Testing Across Cultures and Countries
  20. Lead hazard evaluation and control in buildings
  21. Manual on chlorosilane emergency response guidelines
  22. Manual on coating and lining methods for cooling water systems in power plants
  23. Manual on descriptive analysis testing for sensory evaluation
  24. Manual on Drilling,Sampling, and Analysis of Coal
  25. Manual on elastic-plastic fracture
  26. Manual on Flash Point Standards and Their Use: Methods and Regulations
  27. Manual on hydrocarbon analysis
  28. Manual on Maintenance Coatings for Nuclear Power Plants, Eight Edition, Compiled by ASTM SubCommittee D33.10 on Protective Coatings Maintenance Work For Power Generation Facilities
  29. Manual on presentation of data and control chart analysis
  30. Manual on selection and use of engine coolants and cooling system chemicals
  32. Manual on the building of materials databases
  33. Manual on the use of thermocouples in temperature measurement
  34. Manual on vapor degreasing
  35. Metallographic and materialographic specimen preparation, light microscopy, image analysis, and hardness testing
  36. MODERN STONE CLADDING Design and Installation of Exterior Dimension Stone Systems
  37. Moisture analysis and condensation control in building envelopes
  38. Moisture Control in Buildings
  39. Monograph 4 Investigation and Interpretation of Black Box Data in Automobiles: A Guide to the Concepts and Formats of Computer Data in Vehicle Safety and Control Systems
  40. Oil spill response performance review of skimmers
  41. Paint and Coating Testing Manual Fourteenth Edition of the Gardner-Sward Handbook
  42. Preparing and delivering technical presentations
  43. Progress of Superpave (Superior Performing Asphalt Pavement): Evaluation and Implementation
  44. Radiation curing of coatings
  45. Radon:Prevalence,Measurements,Health Risks and Control
  46. RCRA Waste Management: Planning, Implementation, and Assessment of Sampling Activities
  47. Relating consumer, descriptive, and laboratory data to better understand consumer responses
  48. Routine Coal and Coke Analysis: Collection, Interpretation, and Use of Analytical Data
  49. Safe Use of Oxygen and Oxygen Systems: Guidelines for Oxygen System Design, Materials Selection, Operations, Storage, and Transportation
  50. Sensory testing methods
  51. Significance of tests and properties of concrete and concrete-making materials
  52. Significance of tests for petroleum products
  53. Steel Forgings: Design, Production, Selection, Testing, and Application
  54. Technical Aspects of Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments
  55. Technical Aspects of Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments: 2nd Edition
  56. The Basics of Testing Plastics: Mechanical Properties, Flame Exposure, and General Guidelines
  57. The Role of sensory analysis in quality control
  58. Thermal oxidation stability of aviation turbine fuels
  59. Total Quality Management:Guiding Principles for Application
  60. User’s guide to ASTM specification C94 on ready-mixed concrete

content : Ms.Saikaew Duangmanee, Collection Development Section
update : December ,2017

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