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  1. M&A Information Technology Best Practices + Website
  2. M2M Communications – A Systems Approach
  3. Mac Security Bible
  4. Machinability of Advanced Materials
  5. Machine Learning in Bioinformatics
  6. Machine Learning in Image Steganalysis
  7. Machinery Prognostics and Prognosis Oriented Maintenance Management
  8. Machinery Vibration and Rotordynamics
  9. Macro- to Microscale Heat Transfer – The Lagging Behavior, 2e
  10. MacRoberts on Scottish Construction Contracts 3e
  11. Macrocycles – Construction, Chemistry and Nanotechnology Applications
  12. Macroeconomics for Managers
  13. Macrofinancial Risk Analysis
  14. Macromolecular Engineering – Precise Synthesis, Materials Properties, Applications
  15. Macromolecular Symposia 248 – Radical Polymerization – Kinetics and Mechanism
  16. Macromolecules – Applications of Polymers V4
  17. Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements, Volume 10: Photophysics and Photochemistryof Metal-Containing Polymers
  18. Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements, Volume 1
  19. Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements, Volume 8
  20. Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements, Volume 9: Supramolecular and Self-Assembled Metal-Containing Materials
  21. Macromolecules Properties
  22. Macromolecules Syntheses
  23. Macromolecules Volume 2 – Industrial Polymers and Syntheses
  24. Magic in the Ancient Greek World
  25. Magma to Microbe: Modeling Hydrothermal Processesat Oceanic Spreading Centers, Geophysical Monograph 178
  26. Magnesium Alloys and Technologies
  27. Magnesium Technology 2000
  28. Magnesium Technology 2001
  29. Magnesium Technology 2011
  30. Magnesium Technology 2012
  31. Magnesium Technology 2013
  32. Magnesium Technology 2014 (with CD)
  33. Magnesium Technology 2015
  34. Magnesium, Magnesium Alloys, and Magnesium Composites
  35. Magnetic Actuators and Sensors, Second Edition
  36. Magnetic Actuators and Sensors
  37. Magnetic Fields – A Comprehensive Theoretical Treatise for Practical Use
  38. Magnetic Helicity in Space and Laboratory Plasmas
  39. Magnetic Nanoparticles
  40. Magnetic Processes in Astrophysics – Geophysicaland Astrophysical Dynamo Theory
  41. Magnetic Properties of Antiferromagnetic Oxide Materials – Surfaces, Interfaces, and Thin Films
  42. Magnetic Reconnection in Space and Laboratory Plasmas
  43. Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Groundwater
  44. Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Physical Principles and Sequence Design
  45. Magnetic Resonance Microscopy
  46. Magnetic Storms, Geophysical Monograph 98
  47. Magnetism – Molecules to Materials 5 Volume Set
  48. Magnetism – Molecules to Materials V
  49. Magnetism in Medicine – A Handbook 2e
  50. Magnetism: Molecules to Materials – Models and Experiments
  51. Magnetism: Molecules to Materials II – Molecule Based Materials
  52. Magnetism: Molecules to Materials III – Nanosized Magnetic Materials
  53. Magnetism: Molecules to Materials IV
  54. Magnetohydrodynamic Stability of Tokamaks
  55. Magnetoseismology
  56. Magnetospheric Current Systems
  57. Magnetospheric Currents
  58. Magnetospheric Substorms, Geophysical Monograph 64
  59. Magnetospheric ULF Waves: Synthesis and New Directions, Geophysical Monograph 169
  60. Magnetotails in the Solar System
  61. Magnolia
  62. Maimonides
  63. Main Group Metals in
  64. Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment, Online Version
  65. Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment, Second Edition
  66. Majestic Lights: The Aurora in Science, History, and the Arts
  67. Major Gift Essentials: Everything You Need to Know to Secure Big Gifts
  68. Major Incident Medical Management and Support – The Practical Approach at the Scene Command 3e
  69. Major Incident Medical Management and Support – The Practical Approach in the Hospital
  70. Majoring in Psychology
  71. MAK- und BAT-Werte-Liste 2012 – Maximale Arbeitsplatzkonzentrationen und Biologische Arbeitsstofftoleranzwerte.
  72. MAK- und BAT-Werte-Liste 2013 – Maximale Arbeitsplatzkonzentrationen und Biologische Arbeitsstofftoleranzwerte. Senatskommission zur ,
  73. MAK- und BAT-Werte-Liste 2014 – Maximale Arbeitsplatzkonzentrationen und Biologische Arbeitsstofftoleranzwerte. Senatskommission ,
  74. Making Chemistry Relevant: Strategies for Including All Students in a Learner-Sensitive Classroom Environment
  75. Making Crystals by Design – Methods, Techniquesand Applications
  76. Making Effective Business Decisions Using Microsoft Project
  77. Making EHS an Integral Part of Process Design
  78. Making Knowledge
  79. Making RTI Work: Education through Schoolwide Response-to-Intervention
  80. Making Sense of Agile Project Management: Balancing Control and Agility
  81. Making Sense of Construction
  82. Making Sense of Data I: A Practical Guide to Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining, Second Edition
  83. Making Sense of Data II: A Practical Guide to Data Visualization, Advanced Data Mining Methods, and Applications
  84. Making Sense of Data III: A Practical Guide to Designing Interactive Data Visualizations
  85. Making Sense of Data: A Practical Guide to Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining
  86. Making Telecoms Work – From Technical Innovationto Commercial Success
  87. Making the Ask: 149 Tips for Soliciting Major Gifts
  88. Making the Time – An Expert Guide to Cross Country Riding
  89. Makromolek?le Band 1
  90. Makromolek?le Band 2
  91. Makromolek?le Band 3
  92. Makromolek?le Band 4
  93. Makromolekule
  94. MALDI Mass Spectrometry for Synthetic Polymer Analysis
  95. Maldi MS – Methods and Application
  96. MALDI MS 2e – A Practical Guide to Instrumentation, Methods and Applications
  97. Male Infertility – A Guide for the Clinician
  98. Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  99. Malignant Hematology a Pract Guide
  100. Malignant Liver Tumors
  101. Mammalian Alkaline Phosphatases – From Biology to Applications in Medicine and Biotechnology
  102. Mammalian Toxicology
  103. Managed Futures for Institutional Investors: Analysis and Portfolio Construction
  104. Management & Ecology of Lake & Reservoir Fisheries
  105. Management and Ecology of River Fisheries
  106. Management and Engineering Innovation
  107. Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes
  108. Management of Chemical and Biological Samples for Screening Applications
  109. Management of Cleft Lip and Palate in the Developing World
  110. Management of Common Problems in Obstretics and Gynecology 5e
  111. Management of Complex Cardiovascular Problems – The Evidence-Based Medicine Approach
  112. Management of Complications in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  113. Management of Data in Clinical Trials, Second Edition
  114. Management of Food Allergens
  115. Management of Genetic Syndromes, Third Edition
  116. Management of Heart Failure
  117. Management of High-Risk Pregnancy – An Evidence-Based Approach 5e
  118. Management of Pregnant and Neonatal Dogs, Cats, and Exotic Pets
  119. Management of Privatised Social Housing – International Policies and Practice
  120. Management of Shared Fish Stocks
  121. Management of Unintended and Abnormal Pregnancy – Comprehensive Abortion Care
  122. Management Principles of Sustainable Industrial Chemistry – Theories, Concepts and Industrial Examples for Achieving Sustainable Chemical Produc
  123. Management Strategies in Antithrombotic Therapy
  124. Management, Control and Evolution of IP Networks
  125. Managerial Logic
  126. Managing and Designing Landscapes for Conservation – Moving from Perspectives to Principles
  127. Managing and Leading Software Projects
  128. Managing Built Heritage
  129. Managing Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetes
  130. Managing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  131. Managing Clinical Problems in Diabetes
  132. Managing CO2 Emissions in the Chemical Industry
  133. Managing Complex Projects and Programs: How to Improve Leadership of Complex Initiatives Using a Third-Generation Approach
  134. Managing Complex Projects
  135. Managing Complex Systems: Thinking Outside the Box (Online Version)
  136. Managing Complexity of Information Systems: The value of simplicity
  137. Managing Corporate Social Responsibility – A Communication Approach
  138. Managing Credit Risk, Second Edition: The Great Challenge for Global Financial Markets
  139. Managing Energy Risk 2e – A Practical Guide for Risk Management in Power, Gas and Other Energy Markets
  140. Managing Food Industry Waste
  141. Managing for World Class Safety
  142. Managing Foundations and Charitable Trusts: Essential Knowledge, Tools, and Techniques for Donors and Advisors
  143. Managing Health and Safety in the Dental Practice- A Practical Guide
  144. Managing Hedge Fund Managers:alitative Performance Measures
  146. Managing Indirect Spend: Enhancing Profitability through Strategic Sourcing
  147. Managing IP Networks: Challenges and Opportunities
  148. Managing Minor Musculoskeletal Injuries and Conditions
  149. Managing Mobile Services – Technologies and Business Practices
  150. Managing Osteoarthritis in Primary Care
  151. Managing Pain in Children – A Clinical Guide
  152. Managing Performance in Construction
  153. Managing Power Electronics: VLSI and DSP-Driven Computer Systems
  154. Managing Project Stakeholders: Building a Foundation to Achieve Project Goals
  155. Managing Projects in Telecommunication Services
  156. Managing Research, Development, and Innovation; Managing the Unmanageable, Third Edition
  157. Managing Risk – The Human Element
  158. Managing Risk and Performance: A Guide for Government Decision Makers
  159. Managing Safety – A Guide for Executives
  160. Managing Science – Management for R&D Laboratories
  161. Managing Scientists: Leadership Strategies in Scientific Research, Second Edition
  162. Managing Service Level Quality Across Wireless and Fixed Networks
  163. Managing Social Service Staff for Excellence: Five
  164. Managing TCP/IP Networks – Techniques, Tools and Security Considerations
  165. Managing Technological Innovation: Competitive Advantage from Change, Third Edition
  166. Managing Technology-Based Projects: Tools, Techniques, People and Business Processes
  167. Managing the Diabetic Foot 2e
  168. Managing the Diabetic Foot
  169. Managing the Documentation Maze:ions You Didn’t Even Know to Ask
  170. Managing the Ocean Resources of the United States: The Role of the Federal Marine Sanctuaries Program
  171. Managing the Professional Practice
  172. Managing the Profitable Construction Business: The Contractor’s Guide to Success and Survival Strategies
  173. Managing the Transition to IFRS-Based Financial Reporting: A Practical Guide to Planning and Implementing a Transition to IFRS or National GAAP
  174. Managing the Unknown: A New Approach to Managing High Uncertainty and Risk in Projects, Online Version
  175. Managing to the New Regulatory Reality: Doing Business Under the Dodd-Frank Act
  176. Managing Your Firm’s 401(k) Plan: A Complete Roadmap to Managing Today’s Retirement Plans
  177. Managing your Patients’ data in the Neonatal and Pediatric ICU – An Introduction to Databases and Statistical Analysis
  178. Man-Machine Dialogue: Design and Challenges
  179. Man-Made Lakes: Their Problems and Environmental Effects, Geophysical Monograph 17
  180. Mann’s Pharmacovigilance
  181. Mantle Dynamics – Plates or Plumes
  182. Mantle Dynamics and Plate Interactions in East Asia, Geodynamics Series Volume 27
  183. Mantle Flow and Melt Generation at Mid-Ocean Ridges
  184. Manual for Treatment and Control of Lameness in Cattle
  185. Manual of Diagnostic Cytology of the Dog and Cat
  186. Manual of Equine Anesthesia and Analgesia
  187. Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for the General Dentist
  188. Manual of Parrot Behavior, Online Book Version
  189. Manual of Perioperative Care – An Essential Guide
  190. Manual Of Perioperative Care In Adult Cardiac Surgery, 5e
  191. Manual of Pesticide Residue Analysis V 1
  192. Manual of Pesticide Residue Analysis V 2
  193. Manual of Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  194. Manual of Research Techniques in Cardiovascular Medicine
  195. Manual of Sheep Diseases, Second Edition
  196. Manual of Smoking Cessation – A Guide for Counsellors and Practitioners
  197. Manual of Surgical Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
  198. Manual of Trauma Management of the Dog and Cat
  199. Manufacturing Best Practices: Optimizing Productivity and Product Quality
  200. Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Proteins – From Technology to Economy 2e
  201. Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Proteins
  202. Manufacturing Yogurt and Fermented Milks, Online Book Version
  203. Manufacturing Yogurt and Fermented Milks
  204. Mapping – A Critical Introduction to Cartographyand GIS
  205. Mapping the Chemical Environment of Urban Areas
  206. Mapping the New World Order
  207. Marble, Granite and Slate Industries of Vermont: Isle LaMotte to Graniteville, Vermont, Field Trip Guidebook T362
  208. March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure, 6th edition
  209. Marine Algae Extracts – Processes, Products, Applications
  210. Marine Coastal and Water Pollutions
  211. Marine Geochemistry 3e
  212. Marine Geological and Geophysical Atlas of the Circum-Antarctic to 30?S, Antarctic Research Series 54, 7 large rolled maps with booklet and microfich
  213. Marine Microbiology Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnological Applications
  214. Marine Ornamental Species: Collection, Culture & Conservation
  215. Marine Particles: Analysis and Characterization, Geophysical Monograph 63
  216. Marine Phytoplankton and Productivity
  217. Marine Proteins and Peptides – Biological Activities and Applications
  218. Marine Renewable Energy Handbook
  219. Mark Twain – A Short Introduction
  220. Markers in Cardiology
  221. Market Microstructure – Confronting Many Viewpoints
  222. Market Microstructure in Emerging and Developed Markets
  223. Market Operations in Electric Power Systems
  224. Marketing & Sales in the Chemical Industry 2e
  225. Marketing 3.0: From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit
  226. Marketing for the Mental Health Professional: An Innovative Guide for Practitioners
  227. Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business, 2nd Edition
  228. Market-Oriented Grid and Utility Computing
  229. MarketPsych: How to Manage Fear and Build Your Investor Identity
  230. Markets and Institutions in Real Estate and Construction
  231. Markets for Managers – A Managerial Economics Primer
  232. Markov Chains – Analytic and Monte Carlo Computations
  233. Markov Chains: Theory and Applications
  234. Markov Decision Processes & Artificial Intelligence
  235. Markov Decision Processes: Discrete Stochastic Dynamic Programming
  236. Markov Processes and Applications – Algorithms, Networks, Genome and Finance
  237. Markov Processes: Characterization and Convergence
  238. Marx After Marxism – The Philosophy of Karl Marx
  239. Marx and Modernity – Key Readings and Commentary
  240. Maschineller Tunnelbau im Schildvortrieb 2e
  241. Maschinentechnik in der Abwasserreinigung
  242. Masculinities in Theory
  243. Mass Spectrometry for Drug Discovery and Drug Development
  244. Mass Spectrometry for Microbial Proteomics
  245. Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Pesticide Residues and their Metabolites
  246. Mass Spectrometry Handbook
  247. Mass Spectrometry in Biophysics: Conformation and Dynamics of Biomolecules
  248. Mass Spectrometry in Drug Metabolism and Disposition: Basic Principles and Applications
  249. Mass Spectrometry in Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
  250. Mass Spectrometry in Grape and Wine Chemistry
  251. Mass Spectrometry in Medicinal Chemistry – Applications in Drug Discovery
  252. Mass Spectrometry in Polymer Chemistry
  253. Mass Spectrometry in Sports Drug Testing: Characterization of Prohibited Substances and Doping Control Analytical Assays
  254. Mass Spectrometry in Structural Biology and Biophysics: Architecture, Dynamics,and Interaction of Biomolecules, Second Edition
  255. Mass Spectrometry of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds – Tools – Techniques – Tips
  256. Mass Spectrometry of Protein Interactions
  257. Mass Spectrometry: Instrumentation, Interpretation, and Applications
  258. Mass Transfer – From Fundamentals to Modern Industrial Applications
  259. Mass Transfer Operations for the Practicing Engineer
  260. Massage for Therapists – A guide to soft tissuetherapy 3e
  261. Massebestimmung
  262. Master Data Management in Practice: Achieving True Customer MDM
  263. Mastering Corporate Finance Essentials: The Critical Quantitative Methods and Tools in Finance
  264. Mastering Elliott Wave Principle: Elementary Concepts, Wave Patterns, and Practice Exercises
  265. Mastering Financial Accounting Essentials: The Critical Nuts and Bolts
  266. Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1
  267. Mastering Microsoft Virtualization
  268. Mastering Microsoft Windows 7 Administration
  269. Mastering Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008
  270. Mastering Mobile Learning: Tips and Techniques for Success
  271. Mastering SQL Server 2008
  272. Mastering Strategic Risk: A Framework for Leadingand Transforming Organizations
  273. Mastering System Identification in 100 Exercises
  274. Mastering the Complex Sale : How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High! Second Edition
  275. Mastering Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2
  276. Material Identities
  277. Material Politics – Disputes Along the Pipeline
  278. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares Manufacturing: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume14, Issue 1/2
  279. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares/Manufacturing: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume15, Issue 1
  280. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares/Refractory Ceramics/Basic Science: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 16, Issue 1
  281. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares/Structural Clay: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 4, Issue 11/12
  282. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 1, Issue 9/10
  283. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 10, Issue 1/2
  284. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 11, Issue 3/4
  285. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 12, Issue 1/2
  286. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 13, Issue 1/2
  287. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 17, Issue 1
  288. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 18, Issue 2
  289. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 19, Issue 2
  290. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 20, Issue 2
  291. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 21, Issue 2
  292. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 22, Issue 2
  293. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 23, Issue 2
  294. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 5, Issue 11/12
  295. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 6, Issue 11/12
  296. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 7, Issue 11/12
  297. Materials & Equipment/Whitewares: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 8, Issue 11/12
  298. Materials and Acoustics Handbook
  299. Materials and Skills for Historic Building Conservation
  300. Materials and Structures under Shock and Impact
  301. Materials and Surface Engineering in Tribology
  302. Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy II: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 239
  303. Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy: Ceramic Transactions Volume 224
  305. Materials Characterization – Introduction to Microscopic and Spectroscopic Methods 2e
  306. Materials for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage – Ceramic Transactions Volume 127
  307. Materials for High-Temperature Fuel Cells
  308. Materials for Low-Temperature Fuel Cells
  309. Materials Handling Handbook, 2nd Edition
  310. Materials in Energy Conversion, Harvesting, and Storage
  311. Materials Innovations in an Emerging Hydrogen Economy: Ceramic Transactions Volume 202
  312. Materials Lifetime Science and Engineering
  313. Materials Processing and Texture: Ceramic Transactions Volume 200
  314. Materials Processing During Casting
  315. Materials Processing Fundamentals
  316. Materials Science of Membranes for Gas and Vapor Separation
  317. Materials Thermodynamics
  318. Materials under Extreme Loadings: Application to Penetration and Impact
  319. Materials with Rheological Properties
  320. Materials-Chirality: A Special Volume in the Topics in Stereochemistry Series, Online Version
  321. Math Refresher for Scientists and Engineers, Third Edition
  322. Mathe f?r Biologen
  323. Mathematical Analysis of Evolution, Information,and Complexity
  324. Mathematical Analysis: A Concise Introduction
  325. Mathematical and Computational Methods in Biomechanics of Human Skeletal Systems: An Introduction
  326. Mathematical and Computational Modeling: With Applications in the Natural and Social Sciences, Engineering, and the Arts
  327. Mathematical and Statistical Methods in Food Science and Technology
  328. Mathematical Asset Management
  329. Mathematical Finance: Theory, Modeling, Implementation, Online Version
  330. Mathematical Finance
  331. Mathematical Finance
  332. Mathematical Foundations of Image Processing and Analysis Volume 1
  333. Mathematical Foundations of Image Processing and Analysis Volume 2
  334. Mathematical Journeys
  335. Mathematical Logic
  336. Mathematical Methods for Finance: Tools for Assetand Risk Management
  337. Mathematical Methods for Physical and Analytical Chemistry
  338. Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering
  339. Mathematical Methods in Survival Analysis, Reliability and Quality of Life
  340. Mathematical Modeling and Simulation
  341. Mathematical Modeling in Science and Engineering: An Axiomatic Approach
  342. Mathematical Modeling with Multidisciplinary Applications
  343. Mathematical Modelling of Estuarine Physics: Proceedings of an International Symposium Held at the German Hydrographic Institute Hamburg, August 24-2
  344. Mathematical Modelling of Tides and Estuarine Circulation: The Coastal Seas of Southern British Columbia and Washington State
  345. Mathematical Models for Speech Technology
  346. Mathematical Models of Beams and Cables
  347. Mathematical Models of Fluid Dynamics
  348. Mathematical Models of Fluiddynamics – Modelling, Theory, Basic Numerical Facts – An Introduction
  349. Mathematical Morphology
  350. Mathematical Physics – Applied Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers
  351. Mathematical Programming Solver Based on Local Search
  352. Mathematical Statistics and Stochastic Processes
  353. Mathematical Tools for Physicists
  354. Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Risk Management, Second Edition
  355. Mathematics for Engineers
  356. Mathematics for Informatics and Computer Science
  357. Mathematics of Bioinformatics: Theory, Practice, and Applications
  358. Mathematics of Chance
  359. Mathematics of Hysteretic Phenomena – The T(x) Model for the Description of Hysteresis
  360. Mathematics of Shape Description: A Morphological Approach to Image Processing and Computer Graphics
  361. Mathematics of the Financial Markets – Financial Instruments and Derivatives Modeling, Valuationand Risk Issues
  362. Mathematik – f?r Physiker und Mathematiker Band 1- Reelle Analysis und Lineare Algebra 2a
  363. Mathematik – f?r Physiker und Mathematiker Band 2- Analysis im Mehrdimensionalen und Einf?hrungen in
  364. Matrix Metalloproteinase Biology
  365. Matrix Proteases in Health and Disease
  366. Mauerwerk – Bemessung nach DIN 1053-100
  367. Mauerwerk-Kalender 2007
  368. Mauerwerk-Kalender 2008
  369. Mauerwerk-Kalender 2009
  370. Mauerwerk-Kalender 2010 – Schwerpunkt – Normen fur Bemessung und Ausfuhrung
  371. Mauerwerk-Kalender 2011 – Schwerpunkt – Nachhaltige Bauprodukte und Konstruktionen
  372. Mauerwerk-Kalender 2012 – Schwerpunkt – Eurocode 6
  373. Mauerwerk-Kalender 2013 – Bauen im Bestand
  374. Mauerwerk-Kalender 2014 – Bemessen, Bewehren, Befestigen
  375. Mauna Loa Revealed: Structure, Composition, History, and Hazards
  376. MAX Phases – Properties of Machinable Ternary Carbides and Nitrides
  377. Max Weber – Readings And Commentary On Modernity
  378. Maxima and Minima with Applications: Practical Optimization and Duality
  379. Maximising the Benefits of Psychotherapy – A Practice-based Evidence Approach
  380. Maximizing the Value of Consulting: A Guide for Internal and External Consultants
  381. Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Inference – With Examples in R, SAS and ADMB
  382. Maxwell’s Equations
  383. McDowell and His Critics
  384. MDI and TDI: Safety, Health and the Environment – A Source Book and Practical Guide
  385. Meaning and Mystery
  386. Means of Escape from Fire
  387. Measure and Integration: A Concise Introduction to Real Analysis
  388. Measurement and Prediction
  389. Measurement Error Models
  390. Measurement Errors in Surveys
  391. Measurement Techniques in Space Plasmas: Fields
  392. Measurement Techniques in Space Plasmas: Particles
  393. Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Signal Analysis, Optimization and Design
  394. Measurements for Terrestrial Vegetation 2e
  395. Measurements using Optic and RF Waves
  396. Measuring and Managing Liquidity Risk
  397. Measuring Colour 4e
  398. Measuring Market Risk 2e
  399. Measuring ROI in Environment, Health, and Safety
  400. Measuring the Real World – A Textbook of Applied Statistical Methods
  401. Meat Inspection and Control in the Slaughterhouse
  402. Meat Preservation: Preventing Losses and Assuring Safety
  403. Mechanical Behavior of Concrete
  404. Mechanical Behavior of Crustal Rocks
  405. Mechanical Catalysis: Methods of Enzymatic, Homogeneous, and Heterogeneous Catalysis
  406. Mechanical Characterization of Materials and Wave Dispersion, Volume 2
  407. Mechanical Engineering Education
  408. Mechanical Instability
  409. Mechanical Measurements 2e
  410. Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites III
  411. Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites IV
  412. Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites IX: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 35 Issue 2
  413. Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites VI: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 32 Issue 2
  414. Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites VII: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 33 Issue 2
  415. Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites VIII: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 34 Issue 2
  416. Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 26, Number 2
  417. Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 27, Issue 2
  418. Mechanical Properties and Processing of Ceramic Binary, Ternary, and Composite Systems: Volume 29, Issue 2
  419. Mechanical Properties of Ceramics, Second Edition
  420. Mechanical Properties of Solid Polymers 3e
  421. Mechanical Stress on the Nanoscale – Simulation, Materials Systems and Characterization Techniques
  422. Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, 3rd Edition, Volume 1, Sinusoidal Vibration
  423. Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, 3rd Edition, Volume 2, Mechanical Shock
  424. Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, 3rd Edition, Volume 3, Random Vibration
  425. Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, 3rd Edition, Volume 4, Fatigue Damage
  426. Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, 3rd Edition, Volume 5, Specification Development
  427. Mechanical Vibrations: Active and Passive Control
  428. Mechanics and Physics of Porous Solids
  429. Mechanics and Uncertainty
  430. Mechanics of Fluid Flow
  431. Mechanics of Optimal Structural Design – Minimum Weight Structures
  432. Mechanics of Rubber Bearings for Seismic and Vibration Isolation
  433. Mechanics of Solid Interfaces
  434. Mechanics of Unsaturated Geomaterials
  435. Mechanics of viscoelastic materials and wave dispersion
  436. Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik
  437. Mechanised Shield Tunnelling 2e
  438. Mechanisms in Homogeneous Catalysis – A Spectroscopic Approach
  439. Mechanisms of Global Climate Change at Millennial Time Scales
  440. Mechatronic Systems – Modelling and Simulationwith HDLs
  441. Mechatronics
  442. Medaka
  443. Media and Youth – A Developmental Perspective
  444. Media Literacies – A Critical Introduction
  445. Media Production, Delivery and Interaction for Platform Independent Systems – Format-Agnostic Media
  446. Media Relations for Nonprofits: 115 Winning Ideasto Improve Your Media Relations Efforts
  447. Medical Biofilms – Detection, Prevention and Control V 2
  448. Medical Biostatistics for Complex Diseases
  449. Medical Care of the Liver Transplant Patient 4e
  450. Medical Care of the Liver Transplant Patient,3E Total Pre, Intra and Post-Operative Management
  451. Medical Decision Making
  452. Medical Device Epidemiology and Surveillance
  453. Medical Disorders in Obstetric Practice
  454. Medical Disorders in Pregnancy
  455. Medical Ethics Today – The BMA’s Handbook of Ethics and Law 3e
  456. Medical Genomics, Second Edition
  457. Medical Image Analysis, Second Edition
  458. Medical Imagery
  459. Medical Imaging Based on Magnetic Fields and Ultrasounds
  460. Medical Imaging Physics, Fourth Edition
  461. Medical Imaging: Essentials for Physicians
  462. Medical Imaging: Principles, Detectors, and Electronics
  463. Medical Microbiology for the New Curriculum: A Case-Based Approach
  464. Medical Mycology – Cellular and Molecular Techniques
  465. Medical Product Regulatory Affairs
  466. Medical Robotics
  467. Medical Statistics – A Guide to Data Analysis and Critical Appraisal
  468. Medical Terminology For Dummies
  469. Medical Toxicology of Drug Abuse: Synthesized Chemicals and Psychoactive Plants
  470. Medical Toxicology of Natural Substances: Foods, Fungi, Medicinal Herbs, Plants, and Venomous Animals
  471. Medication Management in Care of Older People
  472. Medicinal Chemistry Approaches to Personalized Medicine
  473. Medicinal Chemistry of Bioactive Natural Products
  474. Medicinal Chemistry of Nucleic Acids
  475. Medicinal Natural Products – A Biosynthetic Approach 3e
  476. Medicinal Plant Biotechnology – From Basic Research to Industrial Applications
  477. Medicine and Surgery of Camelids
  478. Medicine and Surgery of Tortoises and Turtles
  479. Medicines from Animal Cell Culture
  480. Medicines Management in Mental Health Care
  481. Medicines Management
  482. Medico-Philosophical Treatise on Mental Alienation – Entirely Reworked and Extensively Expanded (1809)
  483. Medieval Lyric
  484. Meditation and Yoga in Psychotherapy: Techniques for Clinical Practice
  485. Mediterranean Mountain Environments
  486. Meeresforschung im n?chsten Jahrzehnt
  487. Meeting the Psychoeducational Needs of Minority Students: Evidence-Based Guidelines for School Psychologists and Other School Personnel
  488. Megaproject Management: Lessons on Risk and Project Management from the Big Dig
  489. Mehrproduktanlagen
  490. Melanins and Melanosomes – Biosynthesis, Biogenesis, Physiological and Pathological Functions
  491. Melanoma – Critical Debates
  492. Melt Chemistry, Relaxation, and Solidification Kinetics of Glasses: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 170
  493. Member Benefits: 96 Benefits and Services That Attract and Retain Members
  494. Member Management Essentials for Chambers of Commerce
  495. Membrane Gas Separation
  496. Membrane Operations
  497. Membrane Process Design Using Residue Curve Maps
  498. Membrane Processing – Dairy and Beverage Applications
  499. Membrane Reactors – Distributing Reactants to Improve Selectivity and Yield
  500. Membrane Technology – In the Chemical Industry
  501. Membrane Technology – Membranes for Food Applications V3
  502. Membrane Technology – Membranes for Life Sciences V1
  503. Membrane Technology – Membranes for Water Treatment V4
  504. Membrane Technology and Applications 2e
  505. Membrane Technology and Applications Third Edition
  506. Membrane Technology in the Chemical Industry
  507. Membrane Technology V 2 – Membranes for Energy Conversion
  508. Membranen – Grundlagen, Verfahren und industrielle Anwendungen
  509. Membranes Dissipative Structures & Evolution (V29 Advances in Chemical Physics)
  510. Membranes for Membrane Reactors – Preparation, Optimization and Selection
  511. Meme Media and Meme Market Architectures: Knowledge Media for Editing, Distributing, and Managing Intellectual Resources
  512. Memorial & In-tribute Gifts: 49 Ideas for Increasing Memorial and In-tribute Gift Support
  513. Memory Allocation Problems in Embedded Systems / Optimization Methods
  514. Memory and Emotion-Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  515. Memory and the Computational Brain – How Cognitive Science will Transform NeuroscienceoBook
  516. Memory Function Approaches to Stochastic Problemsin Condensed Mattersics)
  517. Men Talk
  518. Men’s Health – The Practice Nurse’s Handbook
  519. Mensch und Natur in Westafrika
  520. Menschen und ihre Materialien – Von der Steinzeitbis heute
  521. Mental Health and Social Space – Towards Inclusionary Geographies?
  522. Mental Health and Well-Being in Animals
  523. Mental Health Care in the College Community
  524. Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities and the Aging Process
  525. Mental Illness, Discrimination and the Law – Fighting for Social Justice
  526. Mentorship in Academic Medicine
  527. Mentorship in Community Nursing – Challenges and Opportunities
  528. Mercury Cadmium Telluride – Growth, Properties and Applications
  529. Mercury Control – for Coal-Derived Gas Streams
  530. Merger Arbitrage – A Fundamental Approach to Event-Driven Investing
  531. Merger Arbitrage: How to Profit from Event-Driven Arbitrage
  532. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructurings, Fifth Edition
  533. Mesh Generation, 2nd edition
  534. Mesocrystals and Nonclassical Crystallization
  535. Mesoscale Meteorology in Midlatitudes
  536. Mesoscopic Electronics in Solid State Nanostructures
  537. Mesoscopic Systems – Fundamentals and Applications
  538. Mesozoic and Cenozoic Oceans
  539. Mesozoic and Cenozoic Siliceous Sediments of California: San Francisco to Los Angeles, California, July 3?7, 1989
  540. Mesozoic/Cenozoic Vertebrate Paleontology: Classic Localities, Contemporary Approaches. Salt Lake City, Utah to Billings, Montana, July 19?27, 1989
  541. Me?unsicherheit und Me?datenauswertung
  542. Meta Analysis – A Guide to Calibrating and Combining Statistical Evidence
  543. Meta-Algorithmics: Patterns for Robust, Low Cost, High Quality Systems
  544. Meta-Analysis – A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
  545. Meta-analysis in Medical Research – The handbookfor the understanding and practice ofmeta-analysis
  546. Meta-Analysis of Controlled Clinical Trials
  547. Metabasalts and Related Rocks of the Blue Ridge Province: Traces of Proterozoic Rifting in Eastern North America, Field Trip Guidebook T203
  548. Metabolic Ecology – A Scaling Approach
  549. Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Disease
  550. Metabolic Syndrome and Neurological Disorders
  551. Metabolic Syndrome: Underlying Mechanisms and Drug Therapies
  552. Metabolism of Drugs and Other Xenobiotics
  553. Metabolome Analysis: An Introduction
  554. Metabolomics by In Vivo NMR
  555. Metabolomics in Practice – Successful Strategiesto Generate and Analyze Metabolic Data
  556. Metaheuristic Optimization for the Design of Automatic Control Laws
  557. Metaheuristics for Production Scheduling
  558. Metaheuristics: From Design to Implementation
  559. Metal Amide Chemistry
  560. Metal Based Thin Films for Electronics
  561. Metal Carbenes in Organic Synthesis
  562. Metal Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions and More
  563. Metal Chalcogenide Nanostructures for Renewable Energy Applications
  564. Metal Clusters in Chemistry
  565. Metal Complex-DNA Interactions
  566. Metal Complexes and Metals in Macromolecules – Synthesis, Structure and Properties
  567. Metal Contamination of Food – Its Significance for Food Quality and Human Health 3e
  568. Metal Failures: Mechanisms, Analysis, Prevention, Second Edition
  569. Metal Matrix Composites -for Automotive and Aerospace Engineering
  570. Metal Nanopowders – Production, Characterizationand Energetic Applications
  571. Metal Oxide Catalysis
  572. Metal Vinylidenes and Allenylidenes in Catalysis
  573. Metal-Based Neurodegeneration – From Molecular Mechanisms To Therapeutic Strategies 2e
  574. Metal-based Neurodegeneration – From Molecular Mechanisms to Therapeutic Strategies
  575. Metal-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions – Second Edition
  576. Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water
  577. Metal-Coordination Polymers; Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements, Volume 5ine Version)
  578. Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence
  579. Metal-Fluorocarbon Based Energetic Materials
  580. Metallic Biomaterial Interfaces
  581. Metallocenes – Sythesis – Reactivity – Applications
  582. Metallofoldamers – Supramolecular Architecturesfrom Helicates to Biomimetics
  583. Metallomesogens – Synthesis, Properties and Applications
  584. Metalloproteomics
  585. Metallotherapeutic Drugs and Metal-Based Diagnostic Agents – The Use of Metals in Medicine
  586. Metallurgy and Corrosion Control in Oil and Gas Production
  587. Metallurgy and Mechanics of Welding
  588. Metal-Organic Frameworks – Applications from Catalysis to Gas Storage
  589. Metal-Organic Frameworks: Design and Application
  590. Metal-Polymer Nanocomposites
  591. Metals and Ligand Reactivity – An Introduction tothe Organic Chemistry of Metal Complexes
  592. Metals in Medicine
  593. Metamaterials and Wave Control
  594. Metamaterials with Negative Parameters:Theory, Design and Microwave Applications
  595. Metamaterials: Critique and Alternatives
  596. Metamaterials: Physics and Engineering Explorations
  597. Metamorphic Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths
  598. Metamorphic Rocks of the Potomac Terrane in the Potomac Valley of Virginia and Maryland: The Piedmont of Fairfax County, Virginia, July 13 and 18, 19
  599. Metathesis in Natural Product Synthesis Strategies, Substrates and Catalysts
  600. Meteorological Measurements and Instrumentation
  601. Meteorological Studies at Plateau Station, Antarctica
  602. Methane Hydrates in Quaternary Climate Change: The Clathrate Gun Hypothesis
  603. Method of Moments for 2D Scattering Problems: Basic Concepts and Applications
  604. Method Validation in Pharmaceutical Analysis – A Guide to Best Practice
  605. Method Validation in Pharmaceutical Analysis 2e A Guide to Best Practice
  606. Methodology and Technology for Power System Grounding
  607. Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys
  608. Methods and Applications of Cycloaddition Reactions in Organic Syntheses
  609. Methods and Applications of Linear Models: Regression and the Analysis of Variance, Second Edition(Online Version)
  610. Methods and Applications of Statistics in Clinical Trials, Volume 1:and Designs
  611. Methods and Applications of Statistics in Clinical Trials, Volume 2:ntial Methods
  612. Methods and Reagents for Green Chemistry: An Introduction
  613. Methods for Environmental Trace Analysis
  614. Methods for Statistical Data Analysis of Multivariate Observations, Second Edition
  615. Methods for Study of Marine Benthos 3e
  616. Methods for Study of Marine Benthos 4e
  617. Methods for Testing and Evaluating Survey Questionnaires
  618. Methods in Animal Proteomics
  619. Methods in Clinical Phonetics
  620. Methods in Physical Chemistry
  621. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume 21
  622. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Eighteen
  623. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Eight
  624. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Eleven
  625. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Fifteen
  626. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Five
  627. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Four
  628. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Fourteen
  629. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Nine
  630. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Ninteen
  631. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume One
  632. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Seven
  633. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Seventeen
  634. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Six
  635. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Sixteen
  636. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Ten
  637. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Thirteen
  638. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Thirty-Five: Protein Structure Determination
  639. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Thirty-Four: Biomedical Applications
  640. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Thirty
  641. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Thirty-One
  642. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Thirty-Seven
  643. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Thirty-Six: Bioanalytical Analysis of Enzymes
  644. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Thirty-Three
  645. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Thirty-Two
  646. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Three
  647. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Twelve
  648. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Twenty-Eight
  649. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Twenty-Five
  650. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Twenty-Four
  651. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Twenty
  652. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Twenty-Nine
  653. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Twenty-Seven
  654. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Twenty-Six
  655. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Twenty-Three
  656. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Twenty-Two
  657. Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume Two
  658. Methods of Geometry
  659. Methods of Mathematical Physics V 1
  660. Methods of Mathematical Physics V 2
  661. Methods of Measuring Environmental Parameters
  662. Methods of Molecular Quantum Mechanics – An Introduction to Electronic Molecular Structure
  663. Methods of Multivariate Analysis, Third Edition
  664. Methods of Multivariate Analysis, Volume 1: Basic Applications, Second Edition
  665. Methods of Seawater Analysis
  666. Metrics Green Chemical Technology – Measuring and Monitoring Sustainable Processes
  667. Metrology in Industry: The Key for Quality
  668. Metropolitan Water Management, Water Resources Monograph 6
  669. Mexican Immigration to the United States
  670. Mezzanine Financing: Tools, Applications and Total Performance
  671. Miami Vice
  672. Micro and Nanostructured Epoxy/Rubber Blends
  673. Micro and Nanotechnologies in Engineering Stem Cells and Tissues
  674. Micro Energy Harvesting
  675. Micro Instrumentation – For High Throughput Experimentation and Process Intensification
  676. Micro Markets Workbook: A Market Structure Approach to Microeconomic Analysis
  677. Micro Markets: A Market Structure Approach to Microeconomic Analysis
  678. Micro Process Engineering – A Comprehensive Handbook
  679. Micro Process Engineering – Fundamentals, Devices, Fabrication, and Applications
  680. Micro, Nanosystems & Systems on Chips: Modeling, Control, and Estimation
  681. Micro/Nano Replication: Processes and Applications
  682. Microarray Quality Control
  683. Microbes: Concepts and Applications
  684. Microbial Diversity – Form and Function in Prokaryotes
  685. Microbial Ecology of the Oceans 2e
  686. Microbial Ecology
  687. Microbial Food Safety in Animal Agriculture: Current Topics
  688. Microbial Fuel Cells
  689. Microbial Functional Genomics
  690. Microbial Fundamentals of Biotechnology
  691. Microbial Hazard Identification in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Online Version
  692. Microbial Physiology, Fourth Edition
  693. Microbial Proteomics: Functional Biology of Whole Organisms
  694. Microbial Safety of Fresh Produce
  695. Microbial Transport Systems
  696. Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion
  697. Microbiologically Safe Foods
  698. Microbiology and Technology of Fermented Foods, Online Book Version
  699. Microbiology of Drinking Water Production and Distribution
  700. Microcalorimetry of Macromolecules: The Physical Basis of Biological Structures
  701. Microcellular Injection Molding
  702. Microcharacterization of Proteins 2e
  703. Microchemical Engineering in Practice
  704. Microcirculation Imaging
  705. Microcontroller Based Applied Digital Control
  706. Micro-Cutting – Fundamentals and Applications
  707. Microelectronic Applications of Chemical Mechanical Planarization
  708. Microemulsions
  709. Microengineering of Metals and Ceramics Part 1 – Design, Tooling, and Injection Molding
  710. Microengineering of Metals and Ceramics Part 2 – Special Replication Techniques, Automation, and Properties
  711. Microfabricated Power Generation Devices
  712. Microfluidic Devices in Nanotechnology: Applications
  713. Microfluidic Devices in Nanotechnology: Fundamental Concepts
  714. Microfluidic Reactors for Polymer Particles
  715. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics: Theory and Selected Applications
  716. Microfluidics
  717. Microfossils 2e
  718. Microgel Suspensions – Fundamentals and Applications
  719. Microgrids – Architectures and Control
  720. Micro-Manufacturing: Design and Manufacturing of Micro-Products
  721. Micromechanics of Granular Materials
  722. Microneedle-mediated Transdermal and Intradermal Drug Delivery
  723. Microoptics 2e
  724. Microporomechanics
  725. Microprocessor Theory and Applications with 68000/68020 and Pentium
  726. Microreactors – New Technology for Modern Chemistry
  727. Microreactors in Organic Chemistry and Catalysis2e
  728. Microreactors in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis
  729. Microreactors in Preparative Chemistry – Practical Aspects in Bioprocessing, Nanotechnology Catalysis and more
  730. MicroRNAs in Medicine
  731. microRNAs in Toxicology and Medicine
  732. Microrobotics for Micromanipulation
  733. Microscopic Techniques in Biotechnology
  734. Microsensors, MEMS & Smart Devices
  735. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Administration Instant Reference
  736. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Bible
  737. Microsporidia: Pathogens of Opportunity
  738. Microstrip and Printed Antennas – New Trends, Techniques and Applications
  739. Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications, Second Edition
  740. Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications
  741. Microstructural Characterization of Materials 2e
  742. Microstructural Design of Advanced Engineering Materials
  743. Microstructured Devices for Chemical Processing
  744. Microsystem Engineering of Lab-on-a-Chip Devices
  745. Microsystem Technology
  746. Microtunneling and Horizontal Drilling: French National Project “Microtunneling” Recommendations
  747. Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits and Systems – Emerging Design, Technologies and Applications
  748. Microwave and RF Engineering
  749. Microwave and Wireless Synthesizers: Theory and Design
  750. Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis
  751. Microwave Bandpass Filters for Wideband Communications
  752. Microwave Circuit Design Using Linear and Nonlinear Techniques, Second Edition
  753. Microwave Devices, Circuits and Subsystems for Communications Engineering
  754. Microwave Electronics – Measurement and Materials Characterisation
  755. Microwave Engineering: Land & Space Radiocommunications
  756. Microwave Imaging
  757. Microwave Line of Sight Link Engineering
  758. Microwave Noncontact Motion Sensing and Analysis
  759. Microwave Photonics – Devices and Applications
  760. Microwave Remote Sensing of Sea Ice
  761. Microwave Ring Circuits and Related Structures, Second Edition
  762. Microwave-Enhanced Polymer Chemistry and Technology
  764. Microwaves in Nanoparticle Synthesis – Fundamentals and Applications
  765. Microwaves in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry 2e
  766. Microwaves in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
  767. Microwaves in Organic Synthesis 2e
  768. Microwaves in Organic Synthesis 3e
  769. Microwaves Photonic Links: Components and Circuits
  770. MIDAS Technical Analysis: A VWAP Approach to Trading and Investing in Today’s Markets
  771. Middle English Literature – A Guide to Criticism
  772. Middle English Literature: A Historical Sourcebook
  773. Middle Proterozoic Belt Supergroup, Western Montana: Great Falls, Montana to Spokane, Washington, July 20-28, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T334
  774. Middleware for Communications
  775. Midlatitude Ionospheric Dynamics and Disturbances, Geophysical Monograph 181
  776. Mid-Ocean Ridges: Hydrothermal Interactions Between the Lithosphere and Oceans
  777. Migration in European History Allison Brown)
  778. Migration of Freshwater Fishes
  779. Military Avionics Systems
  780. Military Geographies
  781. Military Laser Technology for Defense: Technologyfor Revolutionizing 21st Century Warfare
  782. Milk and Dairy Products as Functional Foods
  783. Milk and Dairy Products in Human Nutrition – Production, Composition and Health
  784. Milk Processing and Quality Management
  785. Mill
  786. Millikan and her Critics
  787. Millimeter Wave Communication Systems
  788. Millimetre Wave Antennas for Gigabit Wireless Communications – A Practical Guide to Designand Analysis in a System Context
  789. Millionaire Migrants – Trans-Pacific Life Lines
  790. MIMO Radar Signal Processing
  791. MIMO-OFDM for LTE, WiFi and WiMAX – Coherentversus Non-coherent and Cooperative Turbo-Transceivers
  793. Mind Games – 31 Days to Rediscover Your Brain
  794. Mindfulness and Schema Therapy – A Practical Guide
  795. Mindfulness for Therapists – Understanding Mindfulness for Professional Effectiveness and Personal Well-Being
  796. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer – Gently Turning Towards
  797. Mindfulness-integrated CBT – Principles and Practice
  798. Mindfulness-integrated CBT for Well-being and Personal Growth – Four Steps to Enhance Inner Calm, Self-Confidence and Relationships
  799. Minds and Machines
  800. Mineral and Rock Deformation: Laboratory Studies
  801. Mineral Deposits and Geology of Central Colorado: Red Rocks Park to Cripple Creek, Colorado July 2?8, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T129
  802. Mineral Physics & Crystallography: A Handbook of Physical Constants
  803. Mineral Resources Potential of Antarctica
  804. Mineral Trioxide Aggregate: Properties and Clinical Applications
  805. Mineralization in Silicic Calderas: Questa, New Mexico and the San Juan Mountains, Colorado. Taos, New Mexico to Lake City, Colorado, July 20?July 25
  806. Mineralized Tissues in Oral and Craniofacial Science: Biological Principles and Clinical Correlates
  807. Minerva’s Night Out – Philosophy, Pop Culture, and Moving Pictures
  808. Miniaturization of Analytical Systems – Principles, Designs and Applications
  809. Minicircle and Miniplasmid DNA Vectors – The Future of Non-Viral and Viral Gene Transfer
  810. Miniemulsion Polymerization Technology
  811. Minimalist Syntax
  812. Minimally Invasive Periodontal Therapy: Clinical Techniques and Visualization Technology
  813. Mining Graph Data
  814. Mining Law & Regulatory Practice in Indonesia: A Primary Reference Source
  815. Miniplant-Technik – in der Prozessindustrie
  816. Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology: Developing Cognitive Control Processes: Mechanisms, Implications, and Interventions, Volume 37
  817. Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology: The Origins and Organization of Adaptation and Maladaptation, Volume 36
  818. Mirror-Image Asymmetry:igin and Consequences of Chirality
  819. Mirrors to One Another – Emotion and Value in Jane Austen and David Hume
  820. Mischen und R?hren – Grundlagen und moderne Verfahren
  821. Misconceptions of Risk
  822. Misplaced Talent: A Guide to Better People Decisions
  823. Missing Data in Clinical Studies
  824. Mission-Based Marketing, Third Edition: Positioning Your Not-for-Profit in an Increasingly Competitive World
  825. Mississippi River Depositional System: Baton Rouge to New Orleans, Louisiana July 3-7, 1989 and New New Mexico: Salt Lake City, Utah to Albuquerque
  826. Mistreatment in the Workplace – Prevention and Resolution for Managers and Organizations
  827. Mites (Acari) for Pest Control
  828. Mitochondria Second Edition
  829. Mixed Lubrication in Hydrodynamic Bearings
  830. Mixed Methods Research for Nursing and the Health Sciences
  831. Mixed Models: Theory and Applications with R, Second Edition
  832. Mixed Models: Theory and Applications
  833. Mixing in Estuaries and Coastal Seas
  834. Mixtecs, Zapotecs, and Chatinos – Ancient Peoplesof Southern Mexico
  835. Mixtures – Estimation and Applications
  836. MMS – Technologies, Usage and Business Models
  837. MMSE-Based Algorithm for Joint Signal Detection, Channel and Noise Variance Estimation for OFDM Systems
  839. Mobile Access Safety
  840. Mobile Ad Hoc Networking, Online Version
  841. Mobile Ad Hoc Networking: Cutting Edge Directions, Second Edition
  842. Mobile Agents in Networking and Distributed Computing
  843. Mobile and Personal Communication Services and Systems
  844. Mobile and Pervasive Computing in Construction
  845. Mobile and Wireless Communications for IMT-Advanced and Beyond
  846. Mobile Backhaul
  847. Mobile Clouds – Exploiting Distributed Resourcesin Wireless, Mobile and Social Networks
  848. Mobile Communication Systems and Security
  849. Mobile Communications Design Fund 2E O-Bk
  850. Mobile Database Systems
  851. Mobile Display – Technology and Applications
  852. Mobile Disruption: The Technologies and Applications Driving the Mobile Internet
  853. Mobile Fading Channels
  855. Mobile Intelligence
  856. Mobile Inter-networking with IPv6: Concepts, Principles and Practices
  857. Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Developers, Educators, and Learners
  858. Mobile Media and Applications, From Concept to Cash – Successful Service Creation and Launch +WS
  859. Mobile Messaging Technologies and Services – SMS, EMS and MMS 2e
  860. Mobile Middleware – Architecture, Patterns and Practice
  861. Mobile Networks Architecture
  862. Mobile Peer to Peer (P2P) – A Tutorial Guide
  863. Mobile Positioning and Tracking – From Conventional to Cooperative Solutions
  864. Mobile Radio Channels 2e
  865. Mobile Radio Network Design in the VHF and UHF Bands – A Practical Approach
  866. Mobile Radio Networks – Networking and Protocols
  867. Mobile Radio Propagation Channel 2e
  868. Mobile Robots: Navigation, Control and Remote Sensing
  869. Mobile Satellite Communication
  870. Mobile Satellite Communications – Principles and Trends 2e
  871. Mobile Satellite Communications Handbook, Second Edition
  872. Mobile Video with Mobile IPv6
  873. Mobile Web Services – Architecture and Implementation
  874. Mobile WiMAX
  875. Mobile Work, Mobile Lives?Cultural Accounts of Lived Experiences
  876. Mobile, Wireless and Sensor Networks: Technology, Applications and Future Directions
  877. Mobility Models for Next Generation Wireless Networks – Ad Hoc, Vehicular and Mesh Networks
  878. Mobility Protocols and Handover Optimization – Design, Evaluation and Application
  879. Model Based Control – Case Studies in Process Engineering
  880. Model Based Systems Engineering: Fundamentals and Methods
  881. Model Driven Engineering for Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems
  882. Model Organisms in Drug Discovery
  883. Model Organisms in Spinal Cord Regeneration
  884. Model-Based Signal Processing
  885. Model-based Visual Tracking: the OpenTL Framework
  886. Model-Driven and Software Product Line Engineering
  887. Modeling and Analysis of Compositional Data
  888. Modeling and Analysis of Telecommunication Networks
  889. Modeling and Control of Engines and Drivelines
  890. Modeling and Convexity
  891. Modeling and Design Techniques for RF Power Amplifiers
  892. Modeling and Dimensioning of Mobile Networks- From GSM to LTE
  893. Modeling and Dimensioning of Structures:An Introduction
  894. Modeling and Forecasting Electricity Loads and Prices – A Statistical Approach +Website
  895. Modeling and Optimization of Air Traffic
  896. Modeling and Optimization of LCD Optical Performance
  897. Modeling and Simulation – The Computer Science of Illusion
  898. Modeling and Simulation for Analyzing Global Events
  899. Modeling and Simulation for Microelectronic Packaging Assembly: Manufacturing, Reliability and Testing
  900. Modeling and Simulation Fundamentals: Theoretical Underpinnings and Practical Domains
  901. Modeling and Simulation in Polymers
  902. Modeling and Simulation in the Medical and Health Sciences
  903. Modeling and Simulation of Catalytic Reactors for Petroleum Refining
  904. Modeling and Simulation of Discrete-Event Systems
  905. Modeling and Simulation of Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions – From the Molecular Process to the Technical System
  906. Modeling and Simulation of Turbulent Flows
  907. Modeling and Simulation Support for System of Systems Engineering Applications
  908. Modeling and Verification of Real-time Systems
  909. Modeling Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Flow: Insights from Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Simulations
  910. Modeling for Insight: A Master Class for Business Analysts
  911. Modeling Living Systems: From Cell to Ecosystem
  912. Modeling Magnetospheric Plasma Processes, Geophysical Mongraph 62
  913. Modeling Magnetospheric Plasma
  914. Modeling of Complex Systems / Application to aeronautical dynamics
  915. Modeling of Digital Communication Systems Using SI MULINK
  916. Modeling of Molecular Properties
  917. Modeling of Oil Product and Gas Pipeline Transportation
  918. Modeling of Process Intensification
  919. Modeling Online Auctions
  920. Modeling Solvent Environments – Applications to Simulations of Biomolecules
  921. Modeling the Effect of Damage in Composite Structures – Simplified Approaches
  922. Modeling the Internet and the Web – Probabilistic Methods & Algorithms
  923. Modeling the Ionosphere-Thermosphere
  924. Modeling Uncertainty in the Earth Sciences
  925. Modeling Urban Dynamics
  926. Modeling, Analysis and Optimization of Process and Energy Systems
  927. Modeling, Estimation and Optimal Filtration in Signal Processing
  928. Modelling 1H NMR Spectra of Organic Compounds – Theory Applications and NMR Prediction SoftwareoBook
  929. Modelling and Managing Airport Performance
  930. Modelling Methods for Energy in Buildings
  931. Modelling Photovoltaic Systems Using Pspice
  932. Modelling the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources
  933. Modelling the Wireless Propagation Channel – A Simulation Approach with Matlab
  934. Modelling Transport 4e
  935. Modelling Under Risk and Uncertainty – An Introduction to Statistical, Phenomenological and Computational Methods
  936. Modelling, Design, and Optimization of Net-Zero Energy Buildings
  937. Modelling, Simulation and Control of Two-Wheeled Vehicles
  938. Models and Analysis for Distributed Systems
  939. Models for Bonding in Chemistry
  940. Models for Investors in Real World Markets
  941. Models for Probability and Statistical Inference: Theory and Applications
  942. Models in Spatial Analysis
  943. Moderating Severe Personality Disorders: A Personalized Psychotherapy Approach
  944. Modern Accident Investigation and Analysis, 2nd Edition
  945. Modern Acetylene Chemistry
  946. Modern Aldol Reactions
  947. Modern Algebra with Applications, Second Edition
  948. Modern Alkyne Chemistry – Catalytic and Aton-Economic Transformations
  949. Modern Allene Chemistry
  950. Modern Amination Methods
  951. Modern Analog Filter Analysis and Design – A Practical Approach
  952. Modern Analysis of Customer Surveys with Applications using R
  953. Modern Antenna Design, Second Edition
  954. Modern Antenna Handbook
  955. Modern Applied U-Statistics
  956. Modern Arene Chemistry – Concepts, Synthesis, and Applications
  957. Modern Arylation Methods
  958. Modern Biocatalysis Environmentally Friendly Reactions
  959. Modern Biooxidation – Enzymes, Reactions and Applications
  960. Modern Biopharmaceuticals – Design, Developmentand Optimization
  961. Modern Biopharmaceuticals
  962. Modern Biophysical Chemistry 2e – Detection and Analysis of Biomolecules
  963. Modern Biotechnology: Connecting Innovations in Microbiology and Biochemistry to Engineering Fundamentals
  964. Modern Carbonyl Chemistry
  965. Modern Carbonyl Olefination – Methods and Applications
  966. Modern Carbonylation Methods
  967. Modern Chlor-Alkali Technology V 8
  968. Modern Clastic Depositional Environments, South Carolina: Charleston to Columbia, South Carolina, July 20?25, 1989
  969. Modern Clastic Depositional Systems of South-Central Alaska: Anchorage to Cordova, Alaska June 29?July 7, 1989
  970. Modern Concepts in Biomedical Vibrational Spectroscopy
  971. Modern Critical Thought-An Anthology of Theorists Writing on Theorists
  972. Modern Crop Protection Compounds 2e
  973. Modern Crop Protection Compounds
  974. Modern Cyclophane Chemistry
  975. Modern Diffraction Methods
  976. Modern Drug Synthesis
  977. Modern Drying Technology – 5 Volume Set
  978. Modern Drying Technology – Computational Tools at Different Scales V1
  979. Modern Drying Technology – Energy Savings V4
  980. Modern Drying Technology – Experimental Techniques V2
  981. Modern Drying Technology – Process Intensification V5
  982. Modern Drying Technology – Volume 3: Product Quality and Formulation
  983. Modern Electroplating, Fifth Edition
  984. Modern Engineering Statistics
  985. Modern Environments and Human Health: Revisiting the Second Epidemiologic Transition
  986. Modern Experimental Design
  987. Modern Experimental Stress Analysis – Completingthe Solution of Partially Specified Problems
  988. Modern Financial Systems: Theory and Applications
  989. Modern Fluoroorganic Chemistry – Synthesis, Reactivity, Applications
  990. Modern Fluoroorganic Chemistry 2e Reactivity, Applications
  991. Modern Gold Catalyzed Synthesis
  992. Modern Greece
  993. Modern Grinding Techniques
  994. Modern Groundwater Exploration, Drilling, Testingand Integrated Water Resources Management Methods
  995. Modern Heterocyclic Chemistry
  996. Modern Heterogeneous Oxidation Catalysis
  997. Modern Heuristic Optimization Techniques: Theory and Applications to Power Systems
  998. Modern HPLC: A Guide for Practicing Scientists
  999. Modern Hydrology and Sustainable Water Development
  1000. Modern Industrial Automation Software Design
  1001. Modern Industrial Statistics – With applicationsin R, MINITAB and JMP, 2e
  1002. Modern Islamist Movements: History, Religion,and Politics
  1003. Modern Lens Antennas for Communications Engineering
  1004. Modern Literary Theory and Ancient Texts – An Introduction
  1005. Modern Machine Learning Techniques and their Applications in Cartoon Animation Research
  1006. Modern Mechanical Surface Treatment – States, Stability, Effects
  1007. Modern Methods for Analysing Archaeological and Historical Glass
  1008. Modern Methods in Crop Protection Research
  1009. Modern Methods in Stereoselective Aldol Reactions
  1010. Modern Methods of Crystal Structure Prediction
  1011. Modern Microbial Genetics, Second Edition
  1012. Modern Multidisciplinary Applied Microbiology – Exploiting Microbes and Their Interactions
  1013. Modern Multithreading: Implementing, Testing, and Debugging Multithreaded Java and C++/Pthreads/Win32 Programs
  1014. Modern Nonlinear Optics, Part 1, Second Edition(Volume 119-1 Advances in Chemical Physics)
  1015. Modern Nonlinear Optics, Part 2, Second Edition ( Volume 119-2
  1016. Modern Nonlinear Optics, Part 3, Second Edition ( Volume 119-3 Advances in Chemical Physics)
  1017. Modern Nonlinear Optics, Pt 1
  1018. Modern Nonlinear Optics, Pt 2
  1019. Modern Nuclear Chemistry
  1020. Modern Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution
  1021. Modern Organonickel Chemistry
  1022. Modern Oxidation Methods 2e
  1023. Modern Parasitology – A Textbook of Parasitology2e
  1024. Modern Physics for Engineers
  1025. Modern Phytomedicine – Turning Medicinal Plantsinto Drugs
  1026. Modern Polyesters – Chemistry and Technology of Polyesters and Copolymers
  1027. Modern Polymer Spectroscopy
  1028. Modern Portfolio Management: Active Long/Short 130/30 Equity Strategies
  1029. Modern Practice of Gas Chromatography, Fourth Edition
  1030. Modern Raman Spectroscopy – A Practical Approach
  1031. Modern Real and Complex Analysis
  1032. Modern Receiver Front-Ends: Systems, Circuits and Integration
  1033. Modern Reduction Methods
  1034. Modern Rhodium-Catalyzed Organic Reactions
  1035. Modern Sensors Handbook
  1036. Modern Size-Exclusion Liquid Chromatography, Second Edition
  1037. Modern Standardization: Case Studies at the Crossroads of Technology, Economics, and Politics
  1038. Modern Styrenic Polymers – Polystyrenes and Styrenic Copolymers
  1039. Modern Supramolecular Chemistry
  1040. Modern Supramolecular Gold Chemistry
  1041. Modern Surface Organometallic Chemistry
  1042. Modern Surface Technology
  1043. Modern Synthetic Methods in Carbohydrate Chemistry- From Monosaccharides to Complex Glycoconjugates
  1044. Modern Techniques for Pathogen Detection
  1045. Modern Terpyridine Chemistry
  1046. Modern Thermodynamics – From Heat Engines to Dissipative Structures. 2e
  1047. Modern Tools for the Synthesis of Complex Bioactive Molecules
  1048. Moderne Abwassertechnik – Erhebung, Modellabsicherung, Scale-Up, Planung
  1049. Modernism – A Short Introduction
  1050. Modernism Keywords
  1051. Modernism
  1052. Modernist Literature – Challenging Fictions
  1053. Modernizing Insurance Regulation
  1054. Modes of Parametric Statistical Inference (Online Version)
  1055. Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh-Cut Fruitsand Vegetables
  1056. Modified Atmospheric Processing and Packaging of Fish: Filtered Smokes, Carbon Monoxide, and Reduced
  1057. Modified Nucleosides
  1058. Modular Protein Domains
  1059. Modulation and Coding Techniques in Wireless Communications
  1060. Molchtechnik
  1061. Molecular Analysis and Genome Discovery 2e
  1062. Molecular Analysis and Genome Discovery
  1063. Molecular and Biochemical Toxicology, Fourth Edition
  1064. Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics
  1065. Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Human Traits
  1066. Molecular and Supramolecular Information Processing – From Molecular Switches to Logic Systems
  1067. Molecular Aspects of Aging: Understanding Lung Aging
  1068. Molecular Aspects of Enzyme Catalysis
  1069. Molecular Aspects of Plant Disease ResistanceoBook
  1070. Molecular Assembly of Biomimetic Systems
  1071. Molecular Basis of Oxidative Stress: Chemistry, Mechanisms, and Disease Pathogenesis
  1072. Molecular Beams (V10 Advances in Chemical Physics)
  1073. Molecular Biological and Immunological Techniquesand Applications for Food Chemists
  1074. Molecular Biology in Cellular Pathology
  1075. Molecular Biology in Medicinal Chemistry
  1076. Molecular Biology of Circadian Rhythms
  1077. Molecular Biology Problem Solver: A Laboratory Guide
  1078. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics: Strategies for Drug Discovery and Development
  1079. Molecular Catalysts – Structure and Functional Design
  1080. Molecular Catenanes, Rotaxanes and Knots – A Journey Through the World of Molecular Topology
  1081. Molecular Chemistry of Sol-Gel Derived Nanomaterials
  1082. Molecular Clusters of the Main Group Elements
  1083. Molecular Descriptors for Chemoinformatics 2e – Volume I – Alphabetical Listing / Volume II – Appendices, References
  1084. Molecular Devices and Machines – Concepts and Perspectives for the Nanoworld 2e
  1085. Molecular Ecology 2e
  1086. Molecular Ecology of Rhizosphere Microorganisms – Biotechnology and the Release of GMOs
  1087. Molecular Electronics – From Principles to Practice
  1088. Molecular Electronic-Structure Theory
  1089. Molecular Encapsulation – Organic Reactions in Constrained Systems
  1090. Molecular Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases
  1091. Molecular Excitation Dynamics and Relaxation – Quantun Theory and Spectroscopy
  1092. Molecular Farming – Plant-made Pharmaceuticals and Technical Proteins
  1093. Molecular Fluorescence – An Introduction
  1094. Molecular Fluorescence 2e – Principles and Applications
  1095. Molecular Hematology 3e
  1096. Molecular Heterogeneous Catalysis – A Conceptualand Computational Approach
  1097. Molecular Imaging in Nano MRI
  1098. Molecular Immunotoxicology
  1099. Molecular Imprinting – From Fundamentals to Applications
  1100. Molecular Interaction Fields – Applications in Drug Discover and ADME Prediction
  1101. Molecular Markers in Plants
  1102. Molecular Materials
  1103. Molecular Mechanisms in Plant Adaptation
  1104. Molecular Mechanisms of Photosynthesis
  1105. Molecular Metal-Metal Bonds – Compounds, Synthesis, Properties
  1106. Molecular Microbial Ecology of the Rhizosphere
  1107. Molecular Modeling – Applications
  1108. Molecular Modeling of Corrosion Processes: Scientific Development and Engineering Applications
  1109. Molecular Modeling of Inorganic Compounds 3e
  1110. Molecular Motors
  1111. Molecular Movements & Chemical Reactivity as Conditioned by Membranes, Enzymes & Other Macromolecules XVIth
  1112. Molecular Nano Dynamics Methods and Nanostructures
  1113. Molecular Nutrition and Genomics
  1114. Molecular Orbitals and Organic Chemical Reactions- Reference Edition
  1115. Molecular Orbitals and Organic Chemical Reactions- Student Edition
  1116. Molecular Pathology in Drug Discovery and Development
  1117. Molecular Pharmacology – From DNA to Drug Design
  1118. Molecular Photonics – Fundamentals and Practical Aspects
  1119. Molecular Physics – Theoretical Principles and Experimental Methods
  1120. Molecular Plant Immunity
  1121. Molecular Plasmonics
  1122. Molecular Quantum Electrodynamics: Long-Range Intermolecular Interactions
  1123. Molecular Recognition and Polymers: Control of Polymer Structure and Self-Assembly
  1124. Molecular Research in Aquaculture
  1125. Molecular Scattering: Physical & Chemical Applications
  1126. Molecular Spectroscopy of Oxide Catalyst Surfaces
  1127. Molecular Structure: Understanding Steric and Electronic Effects from Molecular Mechanics
  1128. Molecular Switches (E-Book)
  1129. Molecular Switches 2e
  1130. Molecular Symmetry
  1131. Molecular Techniques for the Study of Hospital Acquired Infection
  1132. Molecular Water Oxidation Catalysis – A Key Topicfor New Sustainable Energy Conversion Schemes
  1133. Molecule Surface Interactionsal Physics V76)
  1134. Molecules at Work – Selfassembly, Nanomaterials, Molecular Machinery
  1136. Mollison’s Blood Transfusion in Clinical Medicine 12e
  1137. Mollison’s Blood Transfusion in Clinical Medicine11e
  1138. Molluscan Shellfish Farming
  1139. Molluscan Systematics and Biostratigraphy: Lower Tertiary La Meseta Formation, Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
  1140. Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells – Modeling, Analysis, Simulation and Control
  1141. Molten Salts and Ionic Liquids: Never the Twain? O-BK
  1142. Molten Salts Chemistry and Technology
  1143. Moments and Moment Invariants in Pattern Recognition
  1144. Monitoring and Control of Information-Poor Systems- An Approach based on Fuzzy Relational Models
  1145. Monitoring and Modeling the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: A Record Breaking Enterprise, Geophysical Monograph 195
  1146. Monitoring and Visualizing Membrane-Based Processes
  1147. Monitoring Exchange Server 2007 with System Center Operations Manager
  1148. Monitoring for Health Hazards at Work 4e
  1149. Monitoring Polymerization Reactions:ntals to Applications
  1150. Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient 3e
  1151. Monoclonal Antibody and Peptide-Targeted Radiotherapy of Cancer
  1152. Monolithic Silicas in Separation Science – Concepts, Syntheses, Characterization, Modelingand Applications
  1153. Montagegerechte Anlagenplanung
  1154. Montana High Potassimn Igneous Province: Crazy Mountains to Jordan, Montana, Field Trip Guidebook T346
  1155. Monte Carlo Methods 2e
  1156. Monte Carlo Methods in Chemical Physics Advances in Chemical Physics)
  1157. MOOCs: Design, Use and Business Models
  1158. Mood Disorders – A Handbook of Science and Practice
  1159. Mood Disorders
  1160. Moral Panics
  1161. Moral Realism as a Moral Doctrine
  1162. Moral Struggle in and Religious Ethics: On the Person as Classic in Comparative Theological Contexts
  1163. Morality Matters
  1164. More Dead Ends and Detours En Route to Successful Total Synthesis
  1165. More Kinds of Being
  1166. More Practical Problem Solving in HPLC
  1167. Morphing Aerospace Vehicles and Structures
  1168. Morphology of Blood Disorders 2e
  1169. Morphotropic Phase Boundary Perovskites, High Strain Piezoelectrics, and Dielectric Ceramics: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 136
  1170. Morson and Dawson’s Gastrointestinal Pathology 4e
  1171. Morson and Dawson’s Gastrointestinal Pathology
  1172. Mortgage Markets Worldwide
  1173. M?ssbauer Effect in Lattice Dynamics – Experimental Techniques and Applications
  1174. Mossbauer Spectroscopy: Applications in Chemistry, Biology, and Nanotechnology
  1175. Motherhood and Philosophy
  1176. Motion Control Systems
  1177. Motivating Offenders to Change – A Guide to Enhancing Engagement in Therapy
  1178. Motivating Volunteers: 109 Techniques to Maximize Volunteer Involvement & Productivity
  1179. Mount Sinai Expert Guides – Gastroenterology
  1180. Mount Sinai Expert Guides – Hepatology
  1181. Mountain Building in the Uralides: Pangea to the Present, Geophysical Monograph 132
  1182. Mountain Rivers Revisited
  1183. Mountain Rivers
  1184. Movable Bridge Engineering
  1185. MPEG-4 Facial Animation – The Standard, Implementation and Application
  1186. MPEG-7 Audio and Beyond – Audio Content Indexingand Retrieval
  1187. MPLS-Enabled Applications – Emerging Developmentsand New Technologies 3e
  1188. m-Profits – Making Money from 3G Services
  1189. MRCOG II Short Essay Questions
  1190. MRI Techniques
  1191. MRI: Basic Principles and Applications, Third Edition
  1192. Mt. Etna: Volcano Laboratoryh 143
  1193. Mucoadhesive Materials and Drug Delivery Systems
  1194. Mullite
  1195. Multi Length-Scale Characterisation – Inorganic Materials Series
  1196. Multi-Agent Machine Learning: A Reinforcement Approach
  1197. Multi-antenna Transceiver Techniques for 3G and Beyond
  1198. Multi-armed Bandit Allocation Indices 2e
  1199. Multibody Dynamics with Unilateral Contacts
  1200. Multi-Carrier and Spread Spectrum Systems – From OFDM and MC-CDMA to LTE and WiMAX, 2e
  1201. Multicarrier Communication
  1202. Multicast in Third-Generation Networks – Services, Mechanisms and Performance
  1203. Multicatalyst System in Asymmetric Catalysis
  1204. Multicomponent Reactions in Organic Synthesis
  1205. Multicomponent Reactions: Concepts and Applications for Design and Synthesis
  1206. Multicomponent Reactions
  1207. Multicriteria Decision Aid and Artificial Intelligence – Links, Theory and Applications
  1208. Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis: Methods and Software
  1209. Multiculturalism and Diversity – A Social Psychological Perspective
  1210. Multiculturalism in a Global Society
  1211. Multidesign Optimization in Computational Mechanics
  1212. Multidimensional Chromatography
  1213. Multi-dimensional Imaging
  1214. Multidimensional Liquid Chromatography: Theory and Applications in Industrial Chemistry and the Life Sciences
  1215. Multidimensional Quantum Dynamics
  1216. Multidisciplinary Handbook of Social Exclusion Research
  1217. Multi-factor Models and Signal Processing Techniques
  1218. Multi-Family Millions: How Anyone Can Reposition Apartments for Big Profits
  1219. Multiforms, Dyadics, and Electromagnetic Media
  1220. Multifrequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance – Data and Techniques
  1221. Multifrequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance – Theory and Applications
  1222. Multi-Gigabit Transmission over Multimode Optical Fibre – Theory and Design Methods for 10GbE Systems
  1223. Multigrid Finite Element Method for Electromagnetic Field Modeling, Online Version
  1224. Multihop Wireless Networks – Opportunistic Routing
  1225. Multilayer Thin Films – Sequential Assembly of Nanocomposite Materials
  1226. Multilayer Thin Films 2e – Sequential Assembly of Nanocomposite Materials
  1227. Multilevel Statistical Models 4e
  1228. Multilingualism in the English-Speaking World – Pedigree of Nations
  1229. Multimedia Broadcasting and Multicasting in Mobile Networks
  1230. Multimedia Content and the Semantic Web – Standards, Methods and Tools
  1231. Multimedia Engineering – A Practical Guide for Internet Implementation
  1232. Multimedia Group Communication – Push-to-Talk Over Cellular, Presence and List Management Concepts and Applications
  1233. Multimedia Information Extraction: Advances in Video, Audio, and Imagery Analysis for Search, Data Mining, Surveillance and Authoring
  1234. Multimedia Messaging Service – An Engineering Approach to MMS
  1235. Multimedia Multicast on the Internet
  1236. Multimedia Semantics – Metadata, Analysis and Interaction
  1237. Multimedia Services in Wireless Internet – Modeling and Analysis
  1238. Multimedia Signal Processing – Theory and Applications in Speech, Music and Communications
  1239. Multimedia Storage and Retrieval – An Algorithmic Approach
  1240. Multimetallic Catalysts in Organic Synthesis
  1241. Multimodal Transport Systems
  1242. Multi-Mode/Multi-Band RF Transceivers for Wireless Communications: Advanced Techniques, Architectures and Trends
  1243. Multi-Objective Optimization in Chemical Engineering – Developments and Applications
  1244. Multiobjective Water Resource Planning
  1245. Multi-Parametric Model-Based Control – Theory and Applications V2
  1246. Multiphase Homogeneous Catalysis
  1247. Multi-Plant Safety and Security Management in the Chemical and Process Industries
  1248. Multiple Access Protocols for Mobile Communications – GPRS, UMTS & Beyond
  1249. Multiple Comparison Procedures
  1250. Multiple Emulsions: Technology and Applications
  1251. Multiple Imputation and its Application
  1252. Multiple Imputation for Nonresponse in Surveys
  1253. Multiple Models Approach in Automation: Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems
  1254. Multiple Sclerosis – Diagnosis and Therapy
  1255. Multiple Sclerosis and CNS Inflammatory Disorders
  1256. Multiple Time Series
  1257. Multiple User Interfaces – Cross-Platform Applications and Context-Aware Interfaces
  1258. Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Channel Models: Theory and Practice
  1259. Multiple-point Geostatistics – Stochastic Modelingwith Training Images
  1260. Multiplexed Networks for Embedded Systems – CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Safe-by-Wire …
  1261. Multiproduct Plants
  1262. Multi-protagonist Film
  1263. Multiscale Analysis and Nonlinear Dynamics – From Genes to the Brain
  1264. Multiscale Analysis of Complex Time Series: Integration of Chaos and Random Fractal Theory, and Beyond
  1265. Multiscale Analysis of Deformation and Failure of Materials
  1266. Multiscale Modeling of Heterogenous Materials: From Microstructure to Macro-Scale Properties
  1267. Multiscale Modeling of Particle Interactions: Applications in Biology and Nanotechnology
  1268. Multiscale Simulation Methods for Nanomaterials
  1269. Multiscale Simulations and Mechanics of Biological Materials
  1270. Multiscales Geomechanics: From Soil to Engineering Projects
  1271. Multisensor Instrumentation 6o Design: Defined Accuracy Computer Integrated Measurement Systems
  1272. Multi-Site Pig Production
  1273. Multistate Systems Reliability Theory With Applications
  1274. Multi-Step Enzyme Catalysis
  1275. Multi-storey Precast Concrete Framed Structures
  1276. Multi-terminal Direct-Current Grids: Modeling, Analysis, and Control
  1277. Multivariable Model – Building – A Pragmatic Approach to Regression Anaylsis based on Fractional Polynomials for Modelling Continuous
  1278. Multivariate Analysis for the Biobehavioral and Social Sciences: A Graphical Approach
  1279. Multivariate and Probabilistic Analyses of Sensory Science Problems, Online Book Version
  1280. Multivariate Data Analysis in Sensory and Consumer Science
  1281. Multivariate Datenanalyse – f?r die Pharma-, Bio- und Prozessanalytik
  1282. Multivariate Density Estimation: Theory Practice and Visualization
  1283. Multivariate Density Estimation: Theory, Practice, and Visualization, Second Edition
  1284. Multivariate Methods in Chromatography – A Practical Guide
  1285. Multivariate Observations
  1286. Multivariate Statistical Simulation
  1287. Multivariate Statistics: High-Dimensional and Large-Sample Approximations
  1288. Multi-Voltage CMOS Circuit Design
  1289. Multiwavelength Optical LANs
  1290. Multi-way Analysis – Applications in the Chemical Sciences
  1291. Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Conversion Processes; Economic, Technical, and Renewable Comparisons
  1292. Murder and Society
  1293. Muscle Aging, Inclusion-Body Myositis and Myopathies
  1294. Muscle Disease – Pathology and Genetics
  1295. Musculoskeletal Aspects of Haemophilia
  1296. Museum and the Public Sphere
  1297. Museums After Modernism
  1298. Mushrooms as Functional Foods
  1299. Music and Acoustics: From Instrument to Computer
  1300. Music and Dyslexia – a Positive Approach
  1301. Music Navigation with Symbols and Layers: Toward Content Browsing with IEEE 1599 XML Encoding
  1302. Musical Rhetoric: Foundations and Annotation Schemes
  1303. Mutual Funds: Portfolio Structures, Analysis, Management, and Stewardship
  1304. MWH’s Water Treatment:rd Edition
  1305. Mycobacteria – Molecular Biology and VirulenceoBook
  1306. Mycoremediation: Fungal Bioremediation
  1307. Mycotoxin Reduction in Grain Chains
  1308. Myocardial Imaging – Tissue Doppler and Speckle Tracking +CD
  1309. Myocardial Laser Revascularization
  1310. Myocardial Protection
  1311. Myths for the Masses
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