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  1. QoS – Measurement and Evaluation of Telecommunications Quality of Service
  2. QoS and QoE Management in UMTS Cellular Systems
  3. QoS Over Heterogeneous Networks
  4. QOS-Enabled Networks – Tools and Foundations
  5. QSAR: Hansch Analysis and Related Approaches
  6. Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry, Second Edition
  7. Qualit?t im analytischen Labor
  8. Qualitative Research in Health Care 3e
  9. Qualitative Research Methods in Mental Health and Psychotherapy – A Guide for Students and Practitioners
  10. Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
  11. Qualitatssicherung in der Analytischen Chemie
  12. Quality Assurance for Water Analysis
  13. Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry – Applications in Environmental, Food and Materials Analysis, Biotechnology and Medical Engineering 2e
  14. Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry
  15. Quality Assurance in Environmental Monitoring – Instrumental Methods
  16. Quality Assurance in Environmental Monitoring – Sampling and Sample Pretreatment
  17. Quality by Design for Biopharmaceuticals: Principles and Case Studies
  18. Quality in Laboratory Hemostasis and Thrombosis
  19. Quality in Laboratory Hemostasis and Thrombosis
  20. Quality of Experience Engineering for Customer Added Value Services: From Evaluation to Monitoring
  21. Quality of Life – Assessment, Analysis & Interpretation
  22. Quality of Life – The Assessment, Analysis and Interpretation of Patient-Reported Outcomes 2e
  23. Quality of Life Outcomes in Clinical Trials and Health-Care Evaluation – A Practical Guide to Analysis and interpretation
  24. Quality of Service Control in High-Speed Networks(Online Version)
  25. Quality of Service in Optical Packet Switched Networks
  26. Quality of Service Mechanisms in Next Generation Heterogeneous Networks
  27. Quality Systems and Controls for Pharmaceuticals
  28. Quality-of-Experience for Multimedia
  29. Quantile Regression – Theory and Applications
  30. Quantitative Analysis in Archaeology
  31. Quantitative Applications of Mass Spectrometry
  32. Quantitative Assessments of Distributed Systems: Methodologies and Techniques
  33. Quantitative Conservation of Vertebrates
  34. Quantitative Environmental Risk Analysis for Human Health
  35. Quantitative Finance: Its Development, Mathematical Foundations, and Current Scope
  36. Quantitative Financial Risk Management: Theory and Practice
  37. Quantitative Methods for Health Research – A Practical Interactive Guide to Epodemiology and Statistics
  38. Quantitative Methods in Population Health: Extensions of Ordinary Regression
  39. Quantitative Methods: An Introduction for Business Management
  40. Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment, Second Edition
  41. Quantitative Modeling in Toxicology
  42. Quantitative Modeling of Magnetospheric Processes, Geophysical Monograph 21
  43. Quantitative MRI of the Brain – Measuring Changes Caused by Disease
  44. Quantitative Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces
  45. Quantitative Sensory Analysis – Psychophysics, Models and Intelligent Design
  46. Quantitative Skill Assessment for Coastal Ocean Models, Coastal and Estuarine Studies Volume 47
  47. Quantum Approach to Informatics
  48. Quantum Biochemistry
  49. Quantum Computing – A short Course from Theory toexperiment
  50. Quantum Computing – Where Do We Want it to Go Tomorrow?
  51. Quantum Computing and Communications – An Engineering Approach
  52. Quantum Computing Explained
  53. Quantum Control of Molecular Processes 2e
  54. Quantum Control of Multi-Wave Mixing
  55. Quantum Dynamics for Classical Systems: With Applications of the Number Operator
  56. Quantum Field Theory – From Operators to Path Integrals
  57. Quantum Information Processing 2e
  58. Quantum Measurement of a Single System
  59. Quantum Mechanics – Fundamentals and Applicationsto Technology
  60. Quantum Mechanics for Electrical Engineers
  61. Quantum Mechanics II – A Second Course in Quantum Theory
  62. Quantum Mechanics: A Conceptual Approach
  63. Quantum Medicinal Chemistry
  64. Quantum Monte-Carlo Programming for Atoms, Molecules, Clusters, and Solids
  65. Quantum Networking
  66. Quantum Non-Locality and Relativity – Metaphysical Intimations of Modern Physics 2e
  67. Quantum Non-Locality and Relativity 3e
  68. Quantum Optics 3e
  69. Quantum Optics in Phase Space
  70. Quantum Oscillators
  71. Quantum Paradoxes – Quantum Theory for the Perplexed
  72. Quantum Physics for Scientists and Technologists: Fundamental Principles and Applications for Biologists, Chemists, Computer Scientists, and Nanotech
  73. Quantum Teleportation and Entanglement – A Hybrid Approach to Optical Quantum Information Processing
  74. Quantum Theory of Optical Coherence – Selected Papers and Lectures
  75. Quantum Wells, Wires and Dots – Theoretical and Computational Physics of Semiconductor Nanostructures 2e
  76. Quartz Cementation in Sandstones (SP 29)
  77. Quasicrystals – Structure and Physical Properties
  78. Quaternary Carbonate and Evaporite Sedimentary Facies and Their Ancient Analogues – A Tribute to Douglas James Shearman (IAS SP 43)
  79. Quaternary Environmental Change in the Tropics
  80. Quaternary Geochronology: Methods and Applications
  81. Quaternary Geology and Permafrost Along the Richardson and Glen Highways Between Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska, Field Trip Guidebook T102
  82. Quaternary Geology and Sedimentology of the Barrier Island and Marshy Coast, West-Central Florida, U.S.A.: Mullet Key, Pinellas County to Crystal Riv
  83. Quaternary Geology of the Great Basin: Inglewood, California to Salt Lake City, Utah June 27-July 8, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T117
  84. Quaternary Stereocenters – Challenges and Solutions for Organic Synthesis
  85. Quaternary Volcanism of Long Valley Caldera and Mono-Inyo Craters, Eastern California Long Valley Caldera, California July 20?27, 1989
  86. Quaternion Fourier Transforms for Signal and Image Processing
  87. Queenan’s Management of High-Risk Pregnancy – An Evidence-Based Approach 6e
  88. Queer Visibilities – Space, Identity and Interaction in Cape Town
  89. Question Evaluation Methods: Contributing to the Science of Data Quality
  90. Questions of Faith – A Skeptical Affirmation of Christianity
  91. Questions of Method in Cultural Studies
  92. Queueing Modelling Fundamentals – with Applications in Communication Networks 2e
  93. Queueing Networks and Markov Chains, 2nd Edition, Online Version
  94. Quick Selection Guide to Chemical Protective Clothing Fourth Edition
  95. Quinone Methides
  96. Quinoxalines: Supplement II, Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Volume 61
  97. Quo Vadimus: Geophysics for the Next Generation
  98. Quotatives: New Trends and Sociolinguistic Implications
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