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  1. Rabbits Health, Husbandry and Diseases
  2. Race – Are We So Different?
  3. Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations
  4. Race, Ethnicity and Applied Bioanthropology
  5. Race, Housing and Community – Perspectives on Policy & Practice
  6. Radar Signals (Online Version)
  7. Radiating Nonuniform Transmission-Lines and the Partial Element Equivalent Circuit Method
  8. Radiation Belts: Models and Standards, Geophysical Monograph 97
  9. Radiation Oncology in Palliative Cancer Care
  10. Radiation Processing of Polymer Materials and its Industrial Applications
  11. Radiation Safety: Protection and Management for Homeland Security and Emergency Response
  12. Radiative Processes in Astrophysics
  13. Radiative Processes in Atomic Physics
  14. Radical and Radical Ion Reactivity in Nucleic Acid Chemistry
  15. Radical Christian Writings – A Reader
  16. Radicals in Organic Synthesis
  17. Radio Access Networks for UMTS – Principles and Practice
  18. Radio Astronomy at Long Wavelengths, Geophysical Monograph 119
  19. Radio Engineering: From Software Radio to Cognitive Radio
  20. Radio Frequency Circuit Design, Second Edition
  21. Radio Frequency Identification and Sensors: From R FID to Chipless RFID
  22. Radio Network Planning and Optimisation for UMTS2e
  23. Radio over Fiber for Wireless Communications – From Fundamentals to Advanced Topics
  24. Radio Propagation and Adaptive Antennas for Wireless Communication Links, Second Edition
  25. Radio Propagation and Adaptive Antennas for Wireless Communication Links: Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Ionospheric
  26. Radio Propagation Measurement and Channel Modelling
  27. Radio Protocols for LTE and LTE-Advanced
  28. Radio Receiver Technology – Principles, Architectures and Applications
  29. Radio Resource Allocation and Dynamic Spectrum Access
  30. Radio Resource Management in Multi-Tier Cellular Wireless Networks
  31. Radio Resource Management Strategies in UMTS
  32. Radio System Design for Telecommunications, Third Edition
  33. Radio Technologies and Concepts for IMT-Advanced
  34. Radio Wave Propagation in the Marine Boundary Layer
  35. Radioaktivit?t in Lebensmitteln
  36. Radiobiology of Medical Imaging
  37. Radiochemical Syntheses, Volume 1: Radiopharmaceuticals for Positron Emission Tomography
  38. Radiochemical Syntheses, Volume 2: Further Radiopharmaceuticals for Positron Emission Tomography and New Strategies for Their Production
  39. Radio-Frequency and Microwave Communication Circuits: Analysis and Design, Second Edition
  40. Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering
  41. Radioisotope Gauges for Industrial Process Measurements
  42. Radiometric Tracking Techniques for Deep-Space Navigation
  43. Radiowaves and Polaritons in Anisotropic Media
  44. Rainfall: State of the Science, Geophysical Monograph 191
  45. Rainfall-Runoff Modelling – The Primer 2e
  46. Raising Kids in the 21st Century – Seven Measuresfor Healthy Outcomes
  47. Raising Venture Capital
  48. Raman Spectroscopy and its Application in Nanostructures
  49. Raman Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis
  50. Raman Spectroscopy for Soft Matter Applications
  51. Raman Spectroscopy in Graphene Related Systems
  52. Raman, Infrared, and Near-Infrared Chemical Imaging
  53. Ranci?re, Education and the Taming of Democracy
  54. Random Data: Analysis and Measurement Procedures, Fourth Edition
  55. Random Graphs for Statistical Pattern Recognition
  56. Random Graphs
  57. Randomization in Clinical Trials: Theory and Practice
  58. Randomized Clinical Trials – Design, Applicationand Reporting
  59. Randomized Controlled Trials – Questions, Answersand Musings 2e
  60. Range and Richness of Vascular Land Plants: The Role of Variable Light
  61. Rapid Chemical and Biological Techniques for Water Monitoring
  62. Rapid Manufacturing – An Industrial Revolution for the Digital Age
  63. Rapid Prototyping Software for Avionics Systems: Model-oriented Approaches for Complex Systems Certification
  64. RapidIO – The Embedded System Interconnect
  66. Rare Event Simulation using Monte Carlo Methods
  67. Rare Metal Technology 2014
  68. Rare Metal Technology 2015
  69. Rasch Related Models and Methods for Health Science
  70. Rate Constant Calculation for Thermal Reactions: Methods and Applications
  71. Rational Choice and Judgment: Decision Analysis for the Decider
  72. Rationality and the Pursuit of Happiness – The Legacy of Albert Ellis
  73. Rationality Through Reasoning
  74. Raw Materials for Refractories Conference: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 4, Issue 1/2
  75. Rawls’s Law of Peoples – A Realistic Utopia?
  76. REACH Compliance – he Great Challenge for Globally Acting Enterprises
  77. Reaction Mechanisms in Organic Synthesis
  78. Reactions at Solid Surfaces
  79. Reactive Distillation – Directions
  80. Reactive Distillation Design and Control
  81. Reactive Drug Metabolites
  82. Reactive Intermediate Chemistry
  83. Reactive Intermediates – MS Investigations in Solution
  84. Reactive Power Compensation – A Practical Guide
  85. Reactivity in Molecular Crystals
  86. Reading Assessment: Linking Language, Literacy, and Cognition
  87. Reading Economic Geography
  88. Reading Modernist Poetry
  89. Reading Paradise Lost
  90. Reading Postwar British and Irish Poetry
  91. Reading R. S. Peters Today – Analysis, Ethics, and the Aims of Education
  92. Reading Romantic Poetry
  93. Reading Sixteenth-Century Poetry
  94. Reading the American Novel 1780-1865
  95. Reading the American Novel 1865-1914
  96. Reading the American Novel 1920-2010
  97. Reading the Contemporary Irish Novel 1987-2007
  98. Reading the European Novel to 1900
  99. Reading the Modern British and Irish Novel1890-1930
  100. Reading the Novel in English 1950-2000
  101. Reading Victorian Poetry
  102. Readings in Economic Sociology
  103. Reagents for Transition Metal Complex and Organometallic Syntheses: Inorganic Syntheses Volume Twenty Eight
  104. Reaktionen der organischen Chemie
  105. Reaktionen und Synthesen im organisch-chemischen Praktikum und Forschungslaboratorium
  106. Real Analysis: A Constructive Approach
  107. Real Analysis: A Historical Approach, Second Edition
  108. Real Estate and Globalisation
  109. Real Estate and the New Economy
  110. Real Estate Development and Investment: A Comprehensive Approach
  111. Real Estate Finance in the New Economy
  112. Real Time 3D Transthoracic Echocardiography
  113. Real Time Leadership Development
  114. Real Time Optimization by Extremum-Seeking Control
  115. Real-Time Digital Signal Processing – Implementations and Applications 2e
  116. Real-Time Stability Assessment in Modern Power System Control Centers
  117. Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis, 3ed
  118. Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis: Tools for the Practitioner, Fourth Edition
  119. Real-time Systems Scheduling Volume 1
  120. Real-time Systems Scheduling Volume 2
  121. Real-Time Systems: Scheduling, Analysis, and Verification
  122. Rebels in Groups
  123. Rebuilding Shattered Lives: Treating Complex PTSDand Dissociative Disorders, second edition
  124. Rebuilding Trust in Banks: The Role of Leadershipand Governance (O-book)
  125. Recent Advances and New Species in Aquaculture
  126. Recent Advances in Polyphenol Research V3
  127. Recent Advances in Polyphenol Research Vol 2
  128. Recent Advances in Polyphenol Research Volume 4
  129. Recent Advances in Polyphenol Research
  130. Recent Advances in Quantitative Methods in Cancerand Human Health Risk Assessment
  131. Recent Antarctic and Subantarctic Brachiopods
  132. Recent Developments in Electronic Materials and Devices – Ceramic Transactions Volume 131
  133. Recent Dynamics of the Mediterranean Vegetationand Landscapes
  134. Recent Plate Movements and Deformation
  135. Recession, Recovery, and Renewal: Long-Term Nonprofit Strategies for Rapid Economic Change
  136. Reclamation of Contaminated Land
  137. Recognizing Catastrophic Incident Warning Signs in the Process Industries
  138. Recommendations for Design and Analysis of Earth – Structures using Geosynthetic Reinforcements – EBGEO
  139. Recommendations of the Committee for Waterfront Structures – Harbours and Waterways (EAU 2004) 8e
  140. Recommendations on Excavations 3e
  141. Recommendations on Excavations
  142. Recommendations on Piling (EA Pf?hle)
  143. Recommender Systems
  144. Reconciliation of Geometry and Perception in Radiation Physics
  145. Reconfigurable Mobile Radio Systems: A Snapshot of Key Aspects Related to Reconfigurability in Wireless Systems
  146. Reconfigurable Radio Systems – Network Architectures and Standards
  147. Reconnecting the City – The Historic Urban Landscape Approach and the Future of Urban Heritage
  148. Reconstituting the Curriculum
  149. Reconstructing Project Management
  150. Reconstructive Conundrums in Dermatologic Surgery- The Nose
  151. Reconstructive Plastic Surgical Nursing – Clinical Management and Wound Care
  152. Records
  153. Recoverable and Recyclable Catalysts
  154. Recovered Memories – Seeking the Middle Ground
  155. Recovery from Eating Disorders – A Guide for Clinicians and Their Clients
  156. Recovery in Mental Health – Reshaping Scientificand Clinical Responsibilities
  157. Recreational Fisheries – Ecological, Economic and Social Evaluation
  158. Recreational Hunting Conservation and Rural Livelihoods
  159. Recurrent Magnetic Storms: Corotating Solar Wind Streams
  160. Recurrent Neural Networks for Prediction – Learning Algorithms, Architectures and Stability
  161. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
  162. Recycling of Electronic Waste II: Proceedings of the Second Symposium
  163. Redox Biocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications
  164. Redox Biochemistry
  165. Redox Proteomics: From Protein Modifications to Cellular Dysfunction and Diseases
  166. Redox Signaling and Regulation in Biology and Medicine
  167. Reducing Crime – The Effectiveness of Criminal Justice Interventions
  168. Redundant Masculinities? Employment change and White Working Class Youth
  169. Reefs and Carbonate Platforms in the Pacific and Indian Oceans – Special Publication 25 of the IASoBook
  170. Reefs of Florida and the Dry Tortugas: Miami to Key West, Florida July 2-7, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T176
  171. Reference Materials for Chemical Analysis – Certification, Availability, and Proper Usage
  172. Refinery Engineering – Integrated Process Modeling and Optimization
  173. Reflectarray Antennas
  174. Reflection Seismology: A Global Perspective
  175. Reflection Seismology: The Continental Crust
  176. Reflections in Hydrology: Science and Practice
  177. Reflections in Personal Construct Theory
  178. Reflections on Spirituality and Health
  179. Reflective Interpersonal Therapy for Children and Parents – Mind That Child! A New Way of Helping Parents and Children With Extreme Conduct Disorder
  180. Reflective Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions
  181. Reflexivity – A Practical Guide for Researchers in Health and Social Sciences
  182. Reformation in Germany
  183. Reforming Long Term Care in Europe
  184. Reforming the Bismarckian Welfare Systems
  185. Refractories: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 2, Issue 11/12
  186. Refractory Organic Substances in the Environment
  187. Refrigeration Systems and Applications 2e
  188. Regenerative Energietr?ger
  189. Regional Nerve Blocks And Infiltration Therapy – Textbook and Color Atlas 3e
  190. Register-based Statistics – Administrative Datafor Statistical Purposes
  191. Register-based Statistics: Statistical Methods for Administrative Data, 2e
  192. Regression Analysis by Example, Fourth Edition
  193. Regression Diagnostics: Identifying Influential Data and Sources of Collinearity
  194. Regression Graphics: Ideas For Studying Regressions Through Graphics
  195. Regression Methods for Medical Research
  196. Regression Models for Time Series Analysis
  197. Regression With Social Data: Modeling Continuous and Limited Response Variables
  198. Regularization and Bayesian Methods for Inverse Problems in Signal and Image Processing
  199. Regulated Bioanalytical Laboratories: Technical and Regulatory Aspects from Global Perspectives
  200. Regulating Emotions
  201. Regulating Wall Street: The Dodd-Frank Act and the New Architecture of Global Finance
  202. Regulation of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals: A Global Perspective
  203. Regulation of Transcription in Plants – Annual Plant Reviews, V29
  204. Rehabilitating and Resettling Offenders in the Community
  205. Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries: Scientific Basis
  206. Re-Imagining Relationships In Education – Ethics, Politics And Practices
  207. Reinforced Concrete Beams, Columns and Frames / Mechanics and Design
  208. Reinforced Concrete Beams, Columns and Frames: Mechanics and ULS Design
  209. Reinforced Concrete Structures
  210. Reinforcement and Systemic Machine Learning for Decision Making
  211. Reinforcement Learning and Approximate Dynamic Programming for Feedback Control
  212. Reintroduction Biology: Integrating Science and Management
  213. Reintroduction of Top-Order Predators
  214. Reinventing the Entrepreneur: Turning Your Dream Business into a Reality
  215. Relating Geophysical Structures and Processes: The Jeffreys Volume
  216. Relational Database Index Design and the Optimizer (Online Version)
  217. Relativistic Celestial Mechanics of the Solar System
  218. Relativistic Jets from Active Galactic Nuclei
  219. Relativistic Quantum Chemistry 2e Theory of Molecular Science
  220. Relativistic Quantum Chemistry
  221. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory
  222. Relaxation Phenomena in Condensed Matterances in Chemical Physics)
  223. RELEASE: A Model with Data to Predict Aerosol Rainout in Accidental Releases
  224. Reliability and Availability of Cloud Computing
  225. Reliability and Risk – A Bayesian Perspective
  226. Reliability and Risk Models – Setting Reliability Requirements
  227. Reliability Engineering
  228. Reliability of Computer Systems and Networks: Fault Tolerance, Analysis, and Design
  229. Reliability of MEMS – Testing of Materials and Devices
  230. Reliability of Safety-Critical Systems: Theory and Applications
  231. Reliability Technology – Principles and Practiceof Failure Prevention in Electronic Systems
  232. Reliability Wearout Mechanisms in Advanced CMOS Technologies
  233. Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability: Best Practices for Systems Engineers
  234. Reliability, Survivability and Quality of Large Scale Telecommunication Systems – Case Study: Olympic Games
  235. Reliability: Modeling, Prediction, and Optimization
  236. Religion and Psychiatry – Beyond Boundaries
  237. Religion and the Human Future – An Essay in Theological Humanism
  238. Religion in American History
  239. Remote Assessment of Ocean Color for Interpretation of Satellite Visible Imagery: A Review
  240. Remote Sensing and Actuation Using Unmanned Vehicles
  241. Remote Sensing and Global Environmental Change
  242. Remote Sensing Imagery
  243. Remote Sensing in Exploration Geology: Golden, Colorado to Washington, D.C., June 30-July 8, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T182
  244. Remote Sensing in Northern Hydrology: Measuring Environmental Change, Geophysical Monograph 163
  245. Remote Sensing of Active Volcanism, Geophysical Monograph 116
  246. Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere
  247. Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Water Cycle
  248. Remote Sensing with Polarimetric Radar
  249. Renaissance and Reformations – An Introduction to Early Modern English Literature
  250. Renal and Urinary Proteomics
  251. Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems
  252. Renewable Energy and Climate Change
  253. Renewable Energy Storage – Its Role in Renewableand Future Electricity Markets
  254. Renewable Energy Technologies
  255. Renewable Energy
  256. Renewable Polymers: Synthesis, Processing, and Technology
  257. Renewable Raw Materials – New Feedstocks for the Chemical Industry
  258. Renewables-Based Technology – Sustainability Assessment
  259. Renin Angiotensin System and the Heart
  260. Repeated Measurements and Cross-Over Designs
  261. Replacing Animal Models – A Practical Guide to Creating and Using Culture-based Biomimetic Alternatives
  262. Reproduction in Cattle 3e
  263. Reproductive Biology of Teleost Fishes
  264. Reproductive Genomics in Domestic Animals
  265. Reproductive Health Psychology
  266. Requirements Engineering for Computer Integrated Environments in Construction
  267. Re-reading Popular Culture
  268. Re-Scripting Walt Whitman – An Introduction to His Life and Work
  269. Rescuing the Bible
  270. Research and Development in Clinical Nursing Practice
  271. Research and Development in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
  272. Research and Development Management in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
  273. Research and Development of Vaccines and Pharmaceutical form Biotechnology – A Guide to Effective Project Management, Patenting
  274. Research Ethics for Scientists – A Companion for Students
  275. Research Methods in Child Language – A Practical Guide
  276. Research Methods in Clinical Psychology – An Introduction for Students and Practioners 2e
  277. Research Methods in Community Medicine – Surveys, Epidemiological Research, Programme Evaluation, Clinical Trials 6e
  278. Research Methods in Language Policy and Planning: A Practical Guide
  279. Research Methods in Second Language Acquisition – A Practical Guide
  280. Research Methods in Sign Language Studies: A Practical Guide
  281. Researching Education Through Actor-Network Theory
  282. Residential Landscape Sustainability – A Checklist Tool
  283. Residual Currents and Long-Term Transport
  284. Resistance Space and Political Identities
  285. Resistant Starch: Sources, Applications and Health Benefits
  286. Resisting Corporate Corruption: Cases in Practical Ethics From Enron Through The Financial Crisis, Second Edition
  287. Resolving Difficult Clinical Syndromes: A Personalized Psychotherapy Approach
  288. Resolving Erroneous Reports in Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: A Comprehensive Guide
  289. Resource Allocation in Uplink OFDMA Wireless Systems: Optimal Solutions and Practical Implementation
  290. Resource Optimization and Security for Cloud Services
  291. Resource Service Management in Manufacturing Grid System
  292. Resource-constrained Project Scheduling
  293. Response Surfaces, Mixtures, and Ridge Analyses, Second Edition
  294. Responsible Innovation – Managing the Responsible Emergence of Science and Innovation in Society
  295. Responsive Materials and Methods: State-of-the-Art Stimuli-Responsive Materials and Their Applications
  296. Responsive Membranes and Materials
  297. Ressourceneffizienz und Wirtschaftlichkeit in der Chemidurch systematische Materiale -, Kosten- und Wertflussanalysen
  298. Restoration Comedy – Introduced by Duncan Wu withtexts taken from Restoration Drama: An Anthology
  299. Restoration Ecology – The New Frontier 2e
  300. Restoration: England in the 1660’s
  301. Restoring Civil Societies: The Psychology of Intervention and Engagement Following Crisis
  302. Restoring Financial Stability: How to Repair a Failed System
  303. Restructured Electric Power Systems: Analysis of Electricity Markets with Equilibrium Models
  304. Results That Last: Hardwiring Behaviors That Will Take Your Company to the Top (Special Amazon Large Print Edition)
  305. Resynchronization and Defibrillation For Heart Failure – A Practical Approach
  306. Rethinking Christian Identity: Doctrine and Discipleship
  307. Rethinking Human Security
  308. Rethinking Pragmatism: From William James to Contemporary Philosophy
  309. Re-Thinking Renaissance Objects – Design, Functionand Meaning
  310. Retirement Portfolios Workbook: Theory, Construction, and Management
  311. Retirement Portfolios: Theory, Construction, and Management
  312. Retrofitting of the Built Environment
  313. Retrometabolic Drug Design and Targeting
  314. Return on Impact: Leadership Strategies for the Age of Connected Relationships
  315. Revalidating Process Hazard Analysesept Book)
  316. Revelation – The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ
  317. Reverse Engineering Deals on Wall Street with Microsoft Excel + CD: A Step-by-Step Guide
  318. Reverse Engineering in Control Design
  319. Reverse Genetics of RNA Viruses: Applications and Perspectives
  320. Reverse Mortgages and Linked Securities: The Complete Guide to Risk, Pricing, and Regulation
  321. Reverse Osmosis: Design, Processes, and Applications for Engineers
  322. Reverse Osmosis: Industrial Processes and Applications, Second Edition
  323. Reversible Computing – Fundamentals, Quantum Computing and Applications
  324. Review of Extraction, Processing, Properties & Applications of Reactive Metals (1999 TMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, February 28-March 15, 1999)
  325. Review Questions for MRI 2e
  326. Reviewing Research Evidence for Nursing Practice – Systematic Reviews
  327. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 10
  328. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 11
  329. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 12
  330. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 13
  331. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 1
  332. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 2
  333. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 4
  334. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 5
  335. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 6
  336. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 7
  337. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 8
  338. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 14
  339. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 15
  340. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 16
  341. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 17
  342. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 18
  343. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 19
  344. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 20
  345. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 21
  346. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 22
  347. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 23
  348. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 24
  349. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 25
  350. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 26
  351. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 27
  352. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 28
  353. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 3
  354. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 9
  355. Reviews in Modern Astronomy – Deciphering the Universe Through Spectroscopy V22
  356. Reviews in Modern Astronomy – From Cosmological Structures to the Milky Way V10
  357. Reviews in Modern Astronomy – Zooming in – The Cosmos at High Resolution V23
  358. Reviews in Modern Astronomy V 19 – The Many Facets of the Universe – revelations by New Instruments
  359. Reviews in Modern Astronomy V16 – The Cosmic Circuit of Matter
  360. Reviews in Modern Astronomy
  361. Reviews of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity – Volume 3
  362. Reviews of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity Volume 1
  363. Reviews of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity Volume 2
  364. Reviews of Reactive Intermediate Chemistry
  365. Revised Form 990: A Line-by-Line Preparation Guide
  366. Revisiting Cardiac Anatomy
  367. REWAS 2013 Enabling Materials Resource Sustainability
  368. Rewritten Theology – Aquinas After His Readers
  369. RF Analog Impairments Modeling for Communication Systems Simulation – Application to OFDM-based Transceivers
  370. RF and Microwave Electromagnetism
  371. RF and Microwave Transistor Oscillator Design
  372. RF and Microwave Transmitter Design
  373. RF and Microwave Wireless Systems
  374. RF Circuit Design, Second Edition
  375. RF Circuit Design
  376. RF Linear Accelerators 2e
  377. RF Measurements for Cellular Phones and Wireless D Ata Systems
  378. RF MEMS and their Applications
  379. RF MEMS: Theory, Design, and Technology
  380. RF Power Amplifiers 2e
  381. RF Superconductivity – Science, Technology, and Applications
  382. RF Technologies for Low Power Wireless Communications
  383. RF/Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Applications
  384. RF/Microwave Interaction with Biological Tissues
  385. RFID and Contactless Smart Card Applications
  386. RFID and the Internet of Things
  387. RFID Applied
  388. RFID at Ultra and Super High Frequencies – Theoryand Applications
  389. RFID for the Optimization of Business Processes
  390. RFID Handbook – Fundamentals and Applications in Contactless Smart Cards, Radio Frequency Identification and Near-Field Communication 3e
  391. RFID Systems – Research Trends and Challenges
  392. Rheokinetics – Rheological Transformations in Synthesis and Reactions of Oligomers and Polymers
  393. Rheology of Dispersions Applications
  394. Rheometry of Pastes, Suspensions and Granular Materials: Applications in Industry and Environment Online Version)
  395. Rhetoric – An Historical Introduction
  396. Rheumatology Board Review
  397. Ribosome-inactivating Proteins: Ricin and Related Proteins
  398. Right to Buy-Analysis and Evaluation of a Housing Policy
  399. Right-Time Experiences: Driving Revenue with Mobile and Big Data
  400. Rigid Body Mechanics – Mathematics, Physicsand Application
  401. Rio Grande Rift: El Paso, Texas to Denver, Colorado, July 20-30, 1989, Field Trip Guidebook T318
  402. Rio Grande Rift: Tectonics and Magmatism
  403. Riparian Vegetation and Fluvial Geomorphology
  404. Risk Analysis – Assessing Uncertainties Beyond Expected Values and Probabilities
  405. Risk Analysis of Water Pollution
  406. Risk Analysis: Socio-technical and Industrial Systems
  407. Risk and Crisis Communications: Methods and Messages
  408. Risk and Financial Management – Mathematical and Computational Methods
  409. Risk and Safety Analysis of Nuclear Systems
  410. Risk Assessment and Management in Mental Health Nursing
  411. Risk Assessment and Oral Diagnostics in Clinical Dentistry
  412. Risk Assessment for Chemicals in Drinking Water
  413. Risk Assessment for Power Systems:s, and Applications
  414. Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering
  415. Risk Assessment in People With Learning Disabilities 2e
  416. Risk Assessment of Phytochemicals in Food – Novel Approaches
  417. Risk Assessment of Power Systems: Models, Methods, and Applications, Second Edition
  418. Risk Assessment: Theory, Methods, and Applications
  419. Risk Assessment: Tools, Techniques, and Their Applications
  420. Risk Centric Threat Modeling: Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis
  421. Risk Communication: A Handbook for Communicating Environmental, Safety, and Health Risks, Fifth Edition
  422. Risk Communication: A Handbook for Communicating Environmental, Safety, and Health Risks, Fourth Edition
  423. Risk Finance and Asset Pricing: Value, Measurements, and Markets
  424. Risk Management Applications in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
  425. Risk Management for Design & Construction
  426. Risk Management in Commodity Markets – From Shipping to Agriculturals and Energy
  428. Risk Management in Life Critical Systems
  429. Risk Management in Trading: Techniques to Drive Profitability of Hedge Funds and Trading Desks
  430. Risk Management under UCITS III/IV
  431. Risk Modeling, Assessment, and Management, Third Edition
  432. Risk Pricing Strategies for Public-Private Partnership Projects
  433. Risk Propagation Assessment for Network Security: Application to Airport Communication Network Design
  434. Risk-Adjusted Lending Conditions – An Option Pricing Approach
  435. Risk-Reduction Methods for Occupational Safety and Health
  436. Rivals! – Twelve Great American Sports Rivalriesobook
  437. River Confluences, Tributaries and the Fluvial Network
  438. River Conservation and Management
  439. River Meandering
  440. River Restoration – Managing the Uncertainty in Restoring Physical Habitat
  441. Rivers Handbook – Hydrological and Ecological Principles V2
  442. Rivers Over Rock: Fluvial Processes in Bedrock Channels, Geophysical Monograph 107
  443. RNA and DNA Editing: Molecular Mechanisms and Their Integration into Biological Systems
  444. RNA Interference in Practice – Principles, Basics, and Methods for Gene Silencing in C.elegans, Drosophila and Mammals
  445. RNA Interference: Application to Drug Discovery and Challenges to Pharmaceutical Development
  446. RNA Purification and Analysis
  447. Road Cycling
  448. Road to Relevance: 5 Strategies for Competitive Associations
  449. Robot Brains – Circuits and Systems for Conscious Machines
  450. Robot Grippers
  451. Robot Manipulators: Modeling, Performance Analysis and Control
  452. Robot Vision – Video-based Indoor Exploration with Autonomous and Mobile Robots
  453. Robotic Microassembly
  454. Robotics and Microprocessors: Ceramic Engineeringand Science Proceedings, Volume 5, Issue 9/10
  455. Robust Adaptive Beamforming (Online Version)
  456. Robust Communications Software – Extreme Availability, Reliability and Scalability for Carrier-Grade Systems
  457. Robust Control Design – An Optimal Control Approach
  458. Robust Design Methodology for Reliability O Book – Exploring the Effects of Variation and Uncertainty
  459. Robust Estimation and Testing
  460. Robust Industrial Control Systems – Optimal Design Approach for Polynomial Systems
  461. Robust Methods in Biostatistics
  462. Robust Regression and Outlier Detection
  463. Robust Statistics – Theory and Methods
  464. Robust Statistics, Second Edition
  465. Robust Statistics: The Approach Based on Influence Functions
  466. Rock Magnetic Cyclostratigraphy
  467. Rock Mechanics Based on an Anisotropic Jointed Rock Model (AJRM)
  468. Rock Physics & Phase Relations: A Handbook of Physical Constants
  469. Rockfall Engineering
  470. Rohrvortrieb
  471. Role Emerging Practice in Occupational Therapy
  472. Role of Lipid Excipients in Modifying Oral and Parenteral Drug Delivery: Basic Principles and Biological Examples
  473. Rolling Contacts
  474. Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Deposition of Barrier Coatings
  475. Roman Calendar from Numa to Constantine
  476. Roman Empire in Context – Historical and Comparative Perspectives
  477. Roman Satire
  478. Romans in the Age of Augustus
  479. Romanticism – Keywords
  480. Rome Enters the Greek East – From Anarchy to Hierarchy in the Hellenistic Mediterranean,130-146 BC
  481. Rome Season One – History Makes Television
  482. Roof Construction and Loft Conversion 4e
  483. Roofing Ready Reckoner – Metric and Imperial Dimensions for Timber Roofs of any Span and Pitch3e Revised
  484. Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology 8e
  485. Root Development
  486. Root Genomics and Soil Interactions
  487. Rossi’s Principles of Transfusion Medicine 4e
  488. Rotating Electrical Machines
  489. Rotating Thermal Flows in Natural and Industrial Processes
  490. Roth Collection of Natural Products Data – Concise Descriptions and Spectra
  491. Rough-Fuzzy Pattern Recognition: Applications in Bioinformatics and Medical Imaging
  492. Route Maps in Gene Technology
  493. Rowing – Olympic Handbook of Sports Medicine oBook
  494. Royal Entomological Society Book of British Insects
  495. RTL Hardware Design Using VHDL: Coding for Efficiency, Portability, and Scalability
  496. Rubber as a Construction Material for Corrosion Protection: A Comprehensive Guide for Process Equipment Designers
  498. Rubber-Clay Nanocomposites: Science, Technology, and Applications
  499. Rules of Thumb in Engineering Practice
  500. Ruling Distributed Dynamic Worlds
  501. Running an Agile Software Development Project
  502. Running an Effective Investor Relations Department: A Comprehensive Guide
  503. Running
  504. Runs and Scans with Applications
  505. Russell, Hugo & Ayliffe’s Principles and Practiceof Disinfection, Preservation & Sterilization Fourth Edition
  506. Ruthenium in Organic Synthesis
  507. Rutters Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 5e
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