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Use the libraries


Using the library

  • All currently enrolled students and staff of Mahidol University who accept these conditions of use
  • Members of the public, including past students and staff are welcome to read or to use the facilities, provided that they too accept the conditions of use

Borrowing from the library

  • Mahidol University's students and staff who apply for MULINET's member card

Loan conditions

  • Loans are available only on presentation of a valid library member card
  • Cards are not transferable, i.e. they cannot be used by another person
  • Lost cards must be reported and replaced immediately
  • Materials borrowed must be returned on or before the due date and time indicated on the loan receipt slip
  • Users must accept personal responsibility for the care of all items borrowed, and for their return in good condition
  • All items must be borrowed at the appropriate circulation desk before you leave the library
  • Library materials, such as reference materials, journals and newspapers must be used within the library
  • Items borrowed should normally be returned through the appropriate circulation desk
  • Overdue items should be renewed to the appropriate circulation desk inside the library so that you may pay any fine that is owing
  • If an item is lost or damaged you must report this to the circulation desk immediately. You will be responsible for either the replacement cost plus a processing fee Bt 200, or for the cost of repair
  • Mahidol University staff must obtain a library clearance before leaving employment with Mahidol to show that all outstanding material has been returned and all penalties resolved

Penalties for breaches of loan conditions

  • You will not be able to borrow while you still have an item out that is overdue. (more than 3 weeks)
  • You will not be able to borrow while you have outstanding fines or other charges. (more than Bt.100)
  • Borrowing privileges may be suspended for other breaches of loan conditions
  • Exam results will be withheld and students will be ineligible to apply for any award from the university while any item is still overdue or replacement costs or other charges are still outstanding
  • Any item that is not returned within three weeks of the due date, or by the end of the academic year in which it was borrowed, whichever occurs sooner, will be considered as lost. The borrower will then be liable for the cost of its replacement plus a processing fee of Bt.200 plus

Use of other libraries

  • Current Mahidol University students and staff may be authorized to borrow at other academic libraries in the country

Use of open access workstations and electronic resources

  • Electronic workstations (except for catalog workstations) may be used only by current Mahidol University students and staff and other authorized users
  • All workstation users must comply with relevant legislation and university policies which govern the use of workstations in the library
  • Users must comply with all local procedures including booking requirements and time restrictions

Use of mobile phones

  • Use of mobile phones is permitted in designated areas of libraries designated areas to be those where use will have a limited impact on other library users
  • The use is conditional on good mobile phone manners, including quiet or silent ringing, quiet talking and short conversations
  • Mobile phone users must comply with instructions given to them by staff, such as instructions to make the call somewhere else, leave the library, or speak more quietly

General conduct

  • The library, including the computer areas, is a place for quiet, independent study. All users should behave in a manner that is not disruptive to others
  • Discussion is permitted only in designated areas
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the reading room
  • Smoking and playing games are not permitted in the library
  • It is a condition of entry to the library that bags and cases may be inspected on leaving
  • You must present your library member card or borrower card on request

Breaches of library regulations

In the event of non-compliance with library regulations and conditions of use, or with university regulations, one or more of the following may apply :

  • Penalties for breaches of loan conditions
  • Library staff may request a user to produce their ID card or library member card
  • Library staff may exclude from the library, any person who fails to observe library rules, or damages library property, or behaves in a disruptive manner
  • Ongoing or serious acts of misconduct, including damage to property will be subject to disciplinary action under university regulation

Borrowing and access

Books that circulated are charged out at each library's circulation desk based on the library's borrowing periods. Library materials, such as reference materials, journals and newspapers must be used within the library. A valid library member card is required to borrow library materials.


Users can apply for MULINET's membership at their own libraries. MULINET membership application form

Borrowing periods

MEMBER TOTAL Loan period (days) Overdue fines (baht : day)
General books Reserve books Thesis General books Reserve books/
Faculty 20 20 1 - 7* 1 - 20* 5 30
University staff
Resident/Fellow 15 15
Graduate student
Undergraduate student 10 10
Temporary staff 10 10 -
Associate members 5 5

* up to the library

Library fines and penalties

  • Users should return all items borrowed by the due date.
  • There are fines for late return of loans. Users will not be able to borrow from the library if unpaid fines/charges more than Bt.100. Fines vary depending on the borrowing periods of the item.
  • If an item is lost or damaged user must report this to the circulation desk immediately and will be responsible for either the replacement cost plus a processing fee of Bt. 200, or for the cost of repair.

How to avoid fines

  • Return items on time.
  • Renew items on or before the due date by telephone or through http://www.li.mahidol.ac.th
  • Make a note of due dates in a diary or keep date receipts in a safe place.
  • Check the view your record to see when your loans are due back.
  • Don't lend your card to anyone else and don't borrow for others. If you do you will be responsible for their fines.
  • Report lost ID cards to the library immediately.

You can do it! self-service guide.  Guide to self service loans, renewals, holds...

How to borrow self-service loans

  • Take books you wish to borrow to automated borrowing machine.  Follow the directions on the machine to borrow the material.
  • Mahidol borrowers must use a valid library member card.
  • If you have difficulty using the automated borrowing machine or the screen displays a message which prevents you from continuing, go to the circulation desk for assistance.
  • You will get a receipt telling you when the items are due back.


You can renew your loans by
  • through http://www.li.mahidol.ac.th
  • using the automated borrowing machine in some campus libraries.
  • calling to any campus libraries circulation desk.
  • coming in to any campus libraries circulation desk.

Holds and intercampus requests

You can use the library OPAC to place a hold on
  • an item that is checked out on loan.
  • an item that is located at another campus.

Mahidol library book delivery service

An extra service for Mahidol University’s library members. Convenient to borrow library materials from other libraries in case of inconvenience to borrow by yourselves. Free service! Place a request
  1. To receive library materials from Book Delivery Service from Central Library and library faculties, library users can contact circulation counter of every libraries available this service or use the e-form via internet.
  2. Some libraries don’t take part in this service (Please check the name of libraries in e-form before using this service). If the users want to borrow the library materials from the libraries in Salaya, they will receive the materials in the next day after sending the forms as same as the materials from others campus.
  3. The total of the items which the users want to borrow are as following in each type of the library members (As Mahidol University Library and Knowledge Center’ Announcement).
  4. To return the library materials, the users can return them at the libraries in the Book Delivery Service Network.
  5. Some materials that can be borrowed in the short period, special materials and the accompany materials are inconvenient

Mahidol EDDS

Mahidol EDDS, or Mahidol Library Electronic Document Delivery Service is another value added library service provided for Mahidol members. Document requested can be sent to any request library within 3 hours by using the Ariel, an electronic data transmission software. Place a request

Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan request forms are provided for borrowing materials from other academic libraries in the country. A valid MULINET's member card must be presented. Photocopy requests from Thai libraries and oversea libraries are offered. Contact the librarian or ILL staff for more details concerning the service

update : november 13, 2013