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Find ejournals

How to find a journal

about journals

The library subscribes to thousands of print and online journals. Journals include magazines, newspapers. Journals are sometimes called serials or periodicals. If you are looking for a specific issue of a journal you will need the date, volume and issue number.

Printed Journals

Use the journal list-printed to search for a journal title in printed format. The directory lists all the library's printed journals including available library codes.

e-Journal by A-Z

Use the e-journal by A-Z to search for a journal title in electronic format. The directory lists most of the library's online journals, including journals available in full text databases.

Search the MULINET library catalog

The catalog lists most of the library's printed and online journals. Go to the MULINET library catalog and search for the journal title and then limit your search by materials type for periodical from the browse screen. If the journal is in the library catalog, you will need to check that it is the volume, issue and date you are looking for. Some journals in the catalog are in print. Write down the details and then locate the journal to find the article you want. Some journals are online. Write down the journal URL from the catalog, or click the catalog link to go to the online journal. If you can't find the journal, search other libraries catalog or use journal link.


update : october 29, 2010