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You may search for Mahidol Theses using the following :
ท่านสามารถสืบค้นวิทยานิพนธ์ของมหาวิทยาลัยมหิดลตามวิธีการข้างล่างนี้ :
1. Click the Subject tab
2. Click in the box and type "thesis" or "Mahidol University Dissertations"
3. Click "Submit Search"

You will find the whole available e-theses of Mahidol University.

Subject Search

Click in the box, type thesis, press ENTER or SUBMIT:

To search for theses by Author, by Title or by Subject (disciplinary)
You may search as following :

You can also type in the name, name of advisor or faculty for example
for example
  • Nathsuda Pumijumnong
  • Mahidol University. Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies

Type "Title of Thesis or Thematic Paper” for example
  • Aboveground carbon content in mixed deciduous forest and teak plantations
  • ปริมาณคาร์บอนเหนือพื้นดินในป่าเบญจพรรณและสวนป่าสัก

Type as much or as little of the SUBJECT as you want
for example
  • (by faculty) - Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies. Dissertations
  • (by curriculum) - Technology of Environmental Management
  • (by สาขาวิชา) M.Sc. (2009), Ph.D. (2009)

The WORDS you type may be from the title, contents notes, organization name, etc.
You may type AND, OR, NOT if you want, and indicate you want words that begin with what you type, and use "Boolean Expressions"
for example
  • cultural dimensions
  • cultural dimensions and AIDS
  • cultural dimensions and ( AIDS or anemia )

Local Call number
Type as much of LOCAL Call Number as you know for example
  • TH K92c 2008
  • Thesis A136r 2005
  • TP R365t 2007
  • วพ ป542ส 2551

Type as much of ISBN Number as you know
for example
  • 0-89006-778-3
  • 974-89291-6-7 or 974-89291 or 9748929167
updated : november 21, 2011