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Borrowing Rules

Borrowing Rules

Loan Rules

  • You can borrow books by contacting library.
  • The number of books to loan and the loan periods depend on categories of membership.
  • Reference books, journals, and newspapers could not be borrowed. (Library Use Only)
  • You can use your student ID card or staff ID card for borrowing items.

Applying for membership

You can apply for library membership at the library where you belong to by using document are as follows;
  • Mahidol students - a Student ID card
  • Mahidol staff - a Staff ID card and a copy of employment contract.
Table 1 : The number of books to loan and loan period
Categories of Membership The number of books to loan Loan period (Days)
General books Reserve books Theses
1. Academic Staff 20 20 1 - 7 ** 1 - 20 **
2. Supporting Staff
3. Residents 15 15
4. Graduate students
5. Undergraduate students 10 10
6. Temporary staff 10 10
7. Associate members Type 1* 5 5
* Associate members Type 1 are ex-staff and alumni of Mahidol University.
** Loan period depends on each Mahidol library branch.

Library fines

  • Library fines would be for returning books after the due date.
  • If you have unpaid fines exceeded 100 Baht, you cannot borrow books.
  • You must pay all unpaid fines before the membership renewal.
Library Fines (baht / book / day)
General books Reserve books
1. Mahidol University Library 5 30
2. International College Library 10

Lost or damaged books

  • You must buy a new book for compensation to the library.
  • You must pay 200 processing fees per one book.

How to avoid the library fines

  • You should return books according to the due date.
  • You can renew items by telephone, or on the website You can renew items on the day before the due date, or the due date.
  • If borrowing via SelfCheck, you need to keep the notice of due date firmly.
The manual of self-borrowing, self-renewing items, and self-reserving online.
How to self-borrowing via SelfCheck.
  • Bring books to SelfCheck and follow the steps of borrowing.
  • You must use the unexpired membership card.
  • When there are borrowing problems or the screen showed the message which made you not continue borrowing, please contact librarians at the circulation counter.
  • When finishing steps, you will always get the notice of the due date.

Renewing books

You can renew books by methods are as follows;
  1. Self-renewing books online on website
  2. Renewing books at SelfCheck.
  3. Phoning librarians at the circulation counter of library where lent the book.
  4. Bringing books for self-borrowing at the circulation counter.

Sending the request of book reservation

You can search a library resource list online and send the request for reserving;
  • Books which other users borrowed
  • Books from libraries of other campuses

Mahidol Book Delivery

  • Mahidol Book Delivery is the lending service between Mahidol library network which is the service for all library members in every faculty/ institute.
  • you can send the request of book reservation from other libraries.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is the lending service between libraries of public universities in Thailand.
  • You can take this service for document copies from libraries both within and outside the country.
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