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Sage Knowledge : ebooks : A

Sage Knowledge : ebooks : A

List of e-Books subscribed : SAGE Knowledge

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  1. 10 Winning Strategies for Leaders in the Classroom
  2. 100 Americans Making Constitutional History
  3. 100 Commonly Asked Questions in Math Class
  4. 100 Methods for Total Quality Management
  5. 14-19 Education
  6. 200 Science Investigations for Young Students
  7. 21st Century Anthropology: A Reference Handbook
  8. 21st Century Communication: A Reference Handbook
  9. 21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook
  10. 21st Century Economics: A Reference Handbook
  11. 21st Century Education: A Reference Handbook
  12. 21st Century Geography: A Reference Handbook
  13. 21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook
  14. 21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook
  15. 21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook
  16. 21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook
  17. 40 Ways to Support Struggling Readers in Content Classrooms, Grades 6-12
  18. 401 Practical Adaptations for Every Classroom
  19. 50 Key Concepts in Gender Studies
  20. 50 Literacy Strategies for Culturally Responsive Teaching, K-8
  21. 50 Ways to Close the Achievement Gap
  22. A Beginner’s Guide to Social Theory
  23. A Beginner’s Guide to Training in Counselling & Psychotherapy
  24. A Brief Primer of Helping Skills
  25. A Comprehensive RTI Model
  26. A Concise Introduction to Existential Counselling
  27. A Culturally Proficient Response to LGBT Communities
  28. A Developmental Approach to Educating Young Children
  29. A Future for Religion?
  30. A General Theory of Competition
  31. A Guide to Mathematics Coaching
  32. A Guide to Mathematics Leadership
  33. A Guide to Qualitative Field Research
  34. A Guide to Sociological Thinking
  35. A Handbook for Social Science Field Research
  36. A History and Theory of the Social Sciences
  37. A History of Modern American Criminal Justice
  38. A Passage to Infinity
  39. A Practical Approach to Trauma
  40. A Practical Guide for New School Leaders
  41. A Practical Guide to Pre-school Inclusion
  42. A Practical Guide to Teaching Reading in the Early Years
  43. A Psychodynamic Approach to Brief Therapy
  44. A Quick Guide to Behaviour Management in the Early Years
  45. A Resilient Asia Amidst Global Financial Crisis
  46. A Short History of Cultural Studies
  47. A Short Introduction to Clinical Psychology
  48. A Short Introduction to Counselling Psychology
  49. A Short Introduction to Psychiatry
  50. A Short Introduction to Psychoanalysis
  51. A Short Introduction to Psychotherapy
  52. A Sociology of Health
  53. A Team Approach to Behaviour Management
  54. A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Coaching and Mentoring
  55. A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about International Business
  56. A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Management
  57. A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Criminology
  58. A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Studying Marketing
  59. Ability Grouping in Education
  60. Academic Instruction for Students With Moderate and Severe Intellectual Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms
  61. Academic Outlaws
  62. Academic Writing
  63. Accelerating Student and Staff Learning
  64. Accessing the General Curriculum
  65. Accounting for the Environment
  66. Accumulation by Dispossession
  67. Achieving Outstanding on your Teaching Placement
  68. Achieving Positive Outcomes for Children in Care
  69. Achieving Success for New and Aspiring Superintendents
  70. Achieving Success with your Leadership Project
  71. Action and Self-Development
  72. Action Research for Business, Nonprofit, and Public Administration
  73. Action Research in Healthcare
  74. Action Research in Nursing and Healthcare
  75. Activist Scholar
  76. Acute Illness Management
  77. Acute Mental Health Nursing
  78. Ad Critique
  79. Addiction Recovery Tools
  80. Addiction Treatment
  81. Addressing Cultural Issues in Organizations
  82. Administrative Law
  83. Adolescent Diversity in Ethnic, Economic, and Cultural Contexts
  84. Adolescent Health
  85. Adorno, Culture and Feminism
  86. Adult Attachment
  87. Adult Friendship
  88. Adult Personality Development (december 31, 2012)
  89. Adult Personality Development (june 19, 2012)
  90. Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse
  91. Advanced Design in Nursing Research
  92. Advanced Generalist Social Work Practice
  93. Advanced Practice Nursing in the Community
  94. Advances in Cognitive Science, Volume 2
  95. Advances in Social Network Analysis
  96. Advancing Family Theories
  97. Advancing the Three-Minute Walk-Through
  98. Adventures in Criminal Justice Research
  99. Advertising
  100. Advertising and Promotion
  101. Advertising Cultures
  102. Advertising in Modern and Postmodern Times
  103. Advertising Organizations and Publications
  104. Advertising to Children
  105. Affect and Emotion
  106. Affirmative Psychotherapy and Counseling for Lesbians and Gay Men
  107. African American Children
  108. African American Families
  109. Afrocentric Visions
  110. Ageing in Society
  111. Agenda-Setting
  112. Aging (2012)
  113. Aging (2013)
  114. Aging Social Policies
  115. Aging, Social Inequality, and Public Policy
  116. AIDS, Identity, and Community
  117. Aiming High
  118. Albert Ellis Live!
  119. Alchemies of Violence
  120. Alcohol Use Among Adolescents
  121. Aligning Your Curriculum to the Common Core State Standards
  122. All Systems Go
  123. Alternative Economic Spaces
  124. Alternative Journalism
  125. Alternative Media
  126. Alternative Schooling and School Choice
  127. Alternatives to Exclusion from School
  128. Alternatives to Violence
  129. America Votes 30
  130. American Educational History
  131. American Foreign Policy and Political Ambition
  132. American Government and Politics
  133. American Masculinities: A Historical Encyclopedia
  134. American Political Leaders 1789-2009
  135. American Political Parties
  136. American Public Opinion and Health Care
  137. Americans View Crime and Justice
  138. America’s Foreign Policy Toolkit
  139. America’s Youth in Crisis
  140. An Integrative Approach to Counseling
  141. An Interpersonal Approach to Classroom Management
  142. An Introduction to Coaching
  143. An Introduction to Critical Social Psychology
  144. An Introduction to Dramatherapy
  145. An Introduction to Game Studies
  146. An Introduction to Gestalt
  147. An Introduction to Modern Financial Reporting Theory
  148. An Introduction to Politics, State and Society
  149. An Introduction to Psychological Assessment and Psychometrics
  150. An Introduction to Scientific Research Methods in Geography
  151. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Management
  152. An Introduction to Theories of Human Development
  153. An Invitation to Ethnomethodology
  154. Analysing Popular Music
  155. Analyzing and Reporting Focus Group Results
  156. Analyzing Crime Patterns
  157. Analyzing Everyday Texts
  158. Anger Management
  159. Animals and Modern Cultures
  160. Anthony Giddens and Modern Social Theory
  161. Anthropologists Inside Organisations
  162. Anti-Oppressive Practice in Health and Social Care
  163. Anti-Oppressive Social Work
  164. Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology
  165. Applied Developmental Science
  166. Applied Human Resource Management
  167. Applied Psychometry
  168. Applied Social Psychology
  169. Applied Social Science for Early Years
  170. Applying for Research Funding
  171. Applying the Strategic Perspective
  172. Approaches to Human Geography
  173. Approaches to Positive Youth Development
  174. Arguing for a General Framework for Mass Media Scholarship
  175. Argumentative and Aggressive Communication
  176. Arms Control
  177. Art Therapy, Research and Evidence-based Practice
  178. Arts and Humanities
  179. Arts Based Research
  180. Asia 2050
  181. Asian American Ethnicity and Communication
  182. Asian American Society
  183. Asian Americans
  184. Aspects of Asperger’s
  185. Assess for Success
  186. Assessing Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Preschool Children
  187. Assessing and Addressing Literacy Needs
  188. Assessing and Treating Culturally Diverse Clients
  189. Assessing and Treating Physically Abused Children and Their Families
  190. Assessing Educational Leaders
  191. Assessing Woman Battering in Mental Health Services
  192. Assessment and Learning
  193. Assessment for Learning and Teaching in Secondary Schools
  194. Assessment for Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage
  195. Assessment of Learning
  196. Assessment Strategies for Self-Directed Learning
  197. Assessment-Powered Teaching
  198. Assistive Technology and Science
  199. Assumptions about Human Nature
  200. Athletes and Acquaintance Rape
  201. Attention
  202. Attention Deficits and Hyperactivity in Children
  203. Attention Seeking
  204. Attitudes and Related Psychosocial Constructs
  205. Attracting Equity Investors
  206. Audience Analysis
  207. Audience-Citizens
  208. Audiences
  209. Autism
  210. Autism and Early Years Practice
  211. Autism and Understanding
  212. Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the Early Years
  213. Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the Secondary School
  214. Automobilities
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