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ScienceDirect : e-Books : N

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  1. Nano and Bio Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
  2. Nano Optoelectronic Sensors and Devices
  3. Nano- and Microfabrication for Industrial and Biomedical Applications (Second Edition)
  4. Nano-Glass Ceramics
  5. Nanoalloys
  6. Nanoarchitectonics for Smart Delivery and Drug Targeting
  7. Nanobiomaterials
  8. Nanobiomaterials in Antimicrobial Therapy
  9. Nanobiomaterials in Cancer Therapy
  10. Nanobiomaterials in Clinical Dentistry
  11. Nanobiomaterials in Dentistry
  12. Nanobiomaterials in Drug Delivery
  13. Nanobiomaterials in Galenic Formulations and Cosmetics
  14. Nanobiomaterials in Hard Tissue Engineering
  15. Nanobiomaterials in Medical Imaging
  16. Nanobiomaterials in Soft Tissue Engineering
  17. Nanobiomaterials Science, Development and Evaluation
  18. Nanobiosensors
  19. Nanocharacterization Techniques
  20. Nanochemistry (Second Edition)
  21. Nanocolloids
  22. Nanocomposites for Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration
  23. Nanocrystalline Materials (Second Edition)
  24. Nanodiamonds
  25. Nanoemulsions
  26. Nanoencapsulation of Food Bioactive Ingredients
  27. Nanoencapsulation Technologies for the Food and Nutraceutical Industries
  28. Nanoengineering
  29. Nanofiber Composites for Biomedical Applications
  30. Nanofluidics and Microfluidics
  31. Nanolayer Research
  32. Nanolithography
  33. Nanomagnetism and Spintronics (Second Edition)
  34. Nanomaterial and Polymer Membranes
  35. Nanomaterials and Devices
  36. Nanomaterials for Biosensors
  37. Nanomaterials for Food Packaging
  38. Nanomaterials for Green Energy
  39. Nanomaterials for Medical Applications
  40. Nanomaterials for Wastewater Remediation
  41. Nanomaterials in Plants, Algae, and Microorganisms
  42. Nanomaterials in Tissue Engineering
  43. Nanomedicine
  44. Nanopapers
  45. Nanoparticle Technology Handbook (Second Edition)
  46. Nanoparticle Technology Handbook (Third Edition)
  47. Nanoparticles and the Immune System
  48. Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery
  49. Nanoscale Fabrication, Optimization, Scale-Up and Biological Aspects of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
  50. Nanoscience and its Applications
  51. Nanoscience in Dermatology
  52. Nanosensors for Chemical and Biological Applications
  53. Nanostructured Polymer Blends
  54. Nanostructured Semiconductor Oxides for the Next Generation of Electronics and Functional Devices
  55. Nanostructured Semiconductors (Second Edition)
  56. Nanostructures
  57. Nanostructures for Antimicrobial Therapy
  58. Nanostructures for Cancer Therapy
  59. Nanostructures for Drug Delivery
  60. Nanostructures for Novel Therapy
  61. Nanostructures for Oral Medicine
  62. Nanostructures for the Engineering of Cells, Tissues and Organs
  63. Nanotechnologies in Preventive and Regenerative Medicine
  64. Nanotechnology (Second Edition)
  65. Nanotechnology and Functional Materials for Engineers
  66. Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials in the Treatment of Life-threatening Diseases
  67. Nanotechnology Applications for Clean Water (Second Edition)
  68. Nanotechnology Applications for Tissue Engineering
  69. Nanotechnology Applications in Food
  70. Nanotechnology Cookbook
  71. Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety (Second Edition)
  72. Nanotechnology in Cancer
  73. Nanotechnology in Diagnosis, Treatment and Prophylaxis of Infectious Diseases
  74. Nanotechnology in Eco-Efficient Construction
  75. Nanotechnology in the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industries
  76. Nanotechnology Methods for Neurological Diseases and Brain Tumors
  77. Nanotechnology Safety
  78. Nanotechnology-Based Approaches for Targeting and Delivery of Drugs and Genes
  79. Nanotechnology-Based Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for Brain Tumors
  80. Nanotechnology-Enhanced Orthopedic Materials
  81. Nanotube Superfiber Materials
  82. Natech Risk Assessment and Management
  83. Nathan Zuntz
  84. Natural and Artificial Flavoring Agents and Food Dyes
  85. Natural and Synthetic Biomedical Polymers
  86. Natural Dyes for Textiles
  87. Natural Fiber-Reinforced Biodegradable and Bioresorbable Polymer Composites
  88. Natural Fibre Composites
  89. Natural Food Additives, Ingredients and Flavourings
  90. Natural Gas Engineering Handbook (Second Edition)
  91. Natural Gas Hydrates (Third Edition)
  92. Natural Gas Processing
  93. Natural Hosts of SIV
  94. Natural Killer Cells
  95. Natural Organic Matter in Water
  96. Natural Products and Drug Discovery
  97. Natural Resource Administration
  98. Natural Resources in Afghanistan
  99. Nature Based Strategies for Urban and Building Sustainability
  100. Nature’s Machines
  101. Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms
  102. Navelbine® and Taxotere®
  103. Navigating Academia
  104. Navigating the Business Loan
  105. Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer across Nanometer Vacuum Gaps
  106. Negative Affective States and Cognitive Impairments in Nicotine Dependence
  107. Negotiating in the Leadership Zone
  108. Nerve Agents Poisoning and its Treatment in Schematic Figures and Tables
  109. Nerves and Nerve Injuries: Vol 1: History, Embryology, Anatomy, Imaging, and Diagnostics
  110. Nerves and Nerve Injuries: Vol 2: Pain, Treatment, Injury, Disease and Future Directions
  111. Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB)
  112. Network and System Security (Second Edition)
  113. Network Convergence
  114. Network Function Virtualization
  115. Network Functions and Plasticity
  116. Network Intrusion Analysis
  117. Network Neuroscience
  118. Network Performance and Security
  119. Network Routing (Second Edition)
  120. Network Storage
  121. Networks-on-Chip
  122. Neural Circuit Development and Function in the Brain
  123. Neural Crest Cells
  124. Neural Data Science
  125. Neural Regeneration
  126. Neural Surface Antigens
  127. Neuroanatomy of Language Regions of the Human Brain
  128. Neurobiological Background of Exploration Geosciences
  129. Neurobiology of Abnormal Emotion and Motivated Behaviors
  130. Neurobiology of Alcohol Dependence
  131. Neurobiology of Brain Disorders
  132. Neurobiology of Disease
  133. Neurobiology of Language
  134. Neurobiology of Social Behavior
  135. Neurobiology of the Parental Brain
  136. Neurochemical Aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease
  137. Neuroeconomics
  138. Neuroeconomics (Second Edition)
  139. Neuroeconomics of Prosocial Behavior
  140. Neuroepidemiology in Tropical Health
  141. Neurofeedback
  142. Neuroimaging Personality, Social Cognition, and Character
  143. Neuromodulation
  144. Neuromodulation (Second Edition)
  145. Neuromonitoring Techniques
  146. Neuromuscular Disorders of Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence (Second Edition)
  147. Neuronal and Synaptic Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability
  148. Neuronal Correlates of Empathy
  149. Neuronal Networks in Brain Function, CNS Disorders, and Therapeutics
  150. Neuropathology of Drug Addictions and Substance Misuse: Volume 2
  151. Neuropathology of Drug Addictions and Substance Misuse: Volume 1
  152. Neuropathology of Drug Addictions and Substance Misuse: Volume 3
  153. Neuroprotection in Alzheimer’s Disease
  154. Neuropsychiatric Disorders and Epigenetics
  155. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
  156. Neuropsychology of Space
  157. Neuroscience of Pain, Stress, and Emotion
  158. Neurotoxicity of Nanomaterials and Nanomedicine
  159. Neutron and X-ray Optics
  160. New Advances in Intelligence and Security Informatics
  161. New Analytical Approaches for Verifying the Origin of Food
  162. New and Future Developments in Catalysis: Activation of Carbon Dioxide
  163. New and Future Developments in Catalysis: Batteries, Hydrogen Storage and Fuel Cells
  164. New and Future Developments in Catalysis: Catalysis by Nanoparticles
  165. New and Future Developments in Catalysis: Catalysis for Remediation and Environmental Concerns
  166. New and Future Developments in Catalysis: Catalytic Biomass Conversion
  167. New and Future Developments in Catalysis: Hybrid Materials, Composites, and Organocatalysts
  168. New and Future Developments in Catalysis: Solar Photocatalysis
  169. New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Microbial Cellulase System Properties and Applications
  170. New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Aspergillus System Properties and Applications
  171. New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Penicillum System Properties and Applications
  172. New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Actinobacteria: Diversity and Biotechnological Applications
  173. New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Crop Improvement Through Microbial Biotechnology
  174. New Approaches of Protein Function Prediction from Protein Interaction Networks
  175. New Approaches to Aortic Diseases from Valve to Abdominal Bifurcation
  176. New Approaches to Image Processing Based Failure Analysis of Nano-Scale ULSI Devices
  177. New Aspects of Meat Quality
  178. New Fluorinated Carbons: Fundamentals and Applications
  179. New Functional Biomaterials for Medicine and Healthcare
  180. New Health Systems
  181. New Insights to Neuroimmune Biology
  182. New Materials for Catalytic Applications
  183. New Pesticides and Soil Sensors
  184. New Polymer Nanocomposites for Environmental Remediation
  185. New Product Development in Textiles
  186. New Technologies in Aquaculture
  187. New Therapeutics for Traumatic Brain Injury
  188. Next Generation Knowledge Machines
  189. Next Generation of International Chemical Additives
  190. Next Generation Red Teaming
  191. Nickel Sulfide Ores and Impact Melts
  192. Nicotine and Other Tobacco Compounds in Neurodegenerative and Psychiatric Diseases
  193. Nine Practices of the Successful Security Leader
  194. Nitric Oxide (Donor/Induced) in Chemosensitizing
  195. Nitric Oxide (Second Edition)
  196. Nitric Oxide (Third Edition)
  197. Nitric Oxide Donors
  198. Nitride Semiconductor Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  199. Nitride Semiconductor Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) (Second Edition)
  200. Nitrogen in the Environment (Second Edition)
  201. Nitrogen in the Marine Environment (Second Edition)
  202. NMR Case Studies
  203. NMR Metabolomics in Cancer Research
  204. NMR of Paramagnetic Molecules (Second Edition)
  205. NMR Spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical Analysis
  206. Noise and the Brain
  207. Non-Bovine Milk and Milk Products
  208. Non-Chemical Weed Control
  209. Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Polymer Matrix Composites
  210. Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation of Civil Engineering Structures
  211. Non-Equilibrium States and Glass Transitions in Foods
  212. Non-Exhaust Emissions
  213. Non-Metallic Biomaterials for Tooth Repair and Replacement
  214. Nonclinical Assessment of Abuse Potential for New Pharmaceuticals
  215. Nonclinical Development of Novel Biologics, Biosimilars, Vaccines and Specialty Biologics
  216. Nonclinical Study Contracting and Monitoring
  217. Nonconventional and Vernacular Construction Materials
  218. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics (Third Edition)
  219. Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research (Second Edition), Volume 1
  220. Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research (Second Edition), Volume 2
  221. Nonlinear Differential Problems with Smooth and Nonsmooth Constraints
  222. Nonlinear Dynamics of Financial Crises
  223. Nonlinear Fiber Optics (Fifth Edition)
  224. Nonlinear Optimization of Vehicle Safety Structures
  225. Nonlinear Systems in Heat Transfer
  226. Nonlinear Theory of Elastic Plates
  227. Nonlocal Astrophysics
  228. Nonsense Mutation Correction in Human Diseases
  229. Noradrenergic Signaling and Astroglia
  230. Notes in the Category of C
  231. Nothing but the Tooth
  232. Novel Approaches and Strategies for Biologics, Vaccines and Cancer Therapies
  233. Novel Approaches of Nanotechnology in Food
  234. Novel Carbon Adsorbents
  235. Novel Catalytic and Separation Processes Based on Ionic Liquids
  236. Novel Designs of Early Phase Trials for Cancer Therapeutics
  237. Novel Fire Retardant Polymers and Composite Materials
  238. Novel Materials for Carbon Dioxide Mitigation Technology
  239. Novel Psychoactive Substances
  240. Novel Thermal and Non-Thermal Technologies for Fluid Foods
  241. Nuclear and Radiochemistry
  242. Nuclear and Radiochemistry (Second Edition)
  243. Nuclear Architecture and Dynamics
  244. Nuclear Corrosion Science and Engineering
  245. Nuclear Decommissioning
  246. Nuclear Energy (Seventh Edition)
  247. Nuclear Facilities
  248. Nuclear Fuel Cycle Science and Engineering
  249. Nuclear Power
  250. Nuclear Power Plant Safety and Mechanical Integrity
  251. Nucleation and Growth of Metals
  252. Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
  253. Numerical Methods (Third Edition)
  254. Numerical Methods and Advanced Simulation in Biomechanics and Biological Processes
  255. Numerical Modelling of Failure in Advanced Composite Materials
  256. Numerical Modelling of Wave Energy Converters
  257. Numerical Models for Submerged Breakwaters
  258. Numerical Simulation of Multiphase Reactors with Continuous Liquid Phase
  259. Numerical Solutions of Three Classes of Nonlinear Parabolic Integro-Differential Equations
  260. Nutraceutical and Functional Food Components
  261. Nutraceutical and Functional Food Regulations in the United States and Around the World (Second Edition)
  262. Nutraceuticals: Efficacy, Safety and Toxicity
  263. Nutraceuticals: Nanotechnology in the Agri-Food Industry Volume 4
  264. Nutrient Delivery
  265. Nutrient Metabolism (Second Edition)
  266. Nutrients in Dairy and Their Implications for Health and Disease
  267. Nutrigenetics
  268. Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance
  269. Nutrition and Functional Foods for Healthy Aging
  270. Nutrition and Lifestyle in Neurological Autoimmune Diseases
  271. Nutrition Economics
  272. Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity
  273. Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
  274. Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease (Fourth Edition)
  275. Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease (Third Edition)
  276. Nutritional and Therapeutic Interventions for Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
  277. Nutritional Composition of Fruit Cultivars
  278. Nutritional Management of Renal Disease
  279. Nutritional Modulators of Pain in the Aging Population
  280. Nutritional Pathophysiology of Obesity and its Comorbidities

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