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List of e-Journals subscribed : Nature

Bone Marrow Transplantation British Dental Journal British Journal of Cancer European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  1. Bone Marrow Transplantation (1997-present)
  2. British Dental Journal (1970-present)
  3. British Journal of Cancer (1947-present)
  4. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1997-present)
  5. Evidence Based Dentistry (1998-present)
  6. Eye (1987-present)
  7. International Journal of Obesity (1997-present)
  8. Journal of Human Genetics (1977-present)
  9. Journal of Perinatology (1999-present)
  10. Laboratory Investigation (2000-present)
  11. Leukemia (1997-present)
  12. Nature (1869-present)
  13. Nature Biotechnology (1998-present)
  14. Nature Cell Biology (1999-present)
  15. Nature Chemical Biology (2005-present)
  16. Nature Chemistry (2009-present)
  17. Nature Genetics (1998-present)
  18. Nature Immunology (2000-present)
  19. Nature Materials (2002-present)
  20. Nature Medicine (1998-present)
  21. Nature Nanotechnology (2006-present)
  22. Nature Neuroscience (1998-present)
  23. Nature Physics (2005-present)
  24. Nature Protocols (2007-present)
  25. Nature Reviews Cancer (2001-present)
  26. Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology (2004-2018)
  27. Nature Reviews Disease Primers (2015-present)
  28. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery (2002-present)
  29. Nature Reviews Endocrinology (2005-present)
  30. Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology (2012-present)
  31. Nature Reviews Genetics (2000-present)
  32. Nature Reviews Immunology (2001-present)
  33. Nature Reviews Microbiology (2003-present)
  34. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology (2000-present)
  35. Nature Reviews Nephrology (2005-present)
  36. Nature Reviews Neurology (2014-present)
  37. Nature Reviews Neuroscience (2000-present)
  38. Nature Reviews Rheumatology (2014-present)
  39. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (1998-present)
  40. Pediatric Research (1967-present)
  41. Spinal Cord (1963-present)

update : November 24, 2020
content : Serials & Eletronic Resources Division

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