A Star in the east : a short history of HITAP


ชื่อเรื่อง :  A Star in the east : a short history of HITAP
ปีที่พิมพ์ : 2016
บรรณาธิการ : Anthony J. Culyer, Chai Podhisita, Benjarin Santatiwongchai
เลขหมู่หนังสือ : WA540.JT3 S795 2016

Fortunately no one yet has thought of hurling such charges at HITAP – Thailand’s Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program – though the time will surely come when it happens – and in public. At that time, it will be of evident importance that a proper understanding of HITAP and its work, both its current and its possible future work, be had by everyone, from the most senior ministers in government, through the chief executive officers of major private companies supplying the health care services of the country, to professionals of all kinds, especially clinicians and managers, and of course patients and the public – the clients of health care and their families and informal carers.

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