Information for travellers


Thailand is a warm and rather humid tropical country with monsoonal climate. Temperatures are highest in March and April with average temperature of 28 – 38°C and humidity averaging between 82.8 – 73 %.  June to October is the rainy season.  December is the winter but the weather is not so cool.  Cotton clothes are best suited for the climate in Thailand.


Foreign Currency Declaration

The unit of Thai currency is Thai Baht (THB).  You can change USD or any international accepted currency notes to Thai Baht at exchange counters or Banks upon your arrival at the Suvarnabhumi Airport or any bank or money changers near your programme venue later on.

Under Thai law, any person who brings or takes an aggregate amount of foreign currency exceeding 20,000 United States dollars or its equivalent into or out of the Kingdom of Thailand shall declare the amount of foreign currency to a Customs Officer.  Failure to make such a declaration or making any false declaration to a Customs Officer is a criminal offence.



The Country Code for Thailand is +66

The City Code for Bangkok is +66(0)2

Area Codes in Thailand are referred to as STD codes.  STD codes for some cities are:  Bangkok: (0)2

Dialing Thailand: Landline

International access code (00 or +) followed by 66, then STD CODE followed by Landline no.

e.g. +66 2 XXXXXXXX

Dialing Thailand: Mobile

International access code (00 or +) followed by 66 and the 9‐digit Mobile no. e.g. +66 XXXXXXXX.


Travel Insurance

You are reminded that it is advisable to obtain travel insurance.  Such insurance should cover payment for your medical care in the case of hospitalization as well as the cost of repatriation to your home country if that should become necessary.  The host institute does not take responsibility for any individual, medical, travel or personal insurance.  You are advised to secure you own insurance policies as necessary.



The time in Bangkok is 7 hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +7).


Electric Plug and Socket

The electric power in Thailand is 220V running at 50Hz and the plug types used are either type A, type B, or type C*.  A hybrid socket is almost universally found which accepts a combination of the above plug types.  Fellows are strongly encouraged to carry their own adapters for use with laptops and other electrical appliances as the host institute will not be able to provide these.  In case of need, adapters can be purchased from shops in the city dealing in electronic and electrical items.